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English Pale Ale

1.044287  pm08/05/16Bruh Matt Ford
1.057339  ag11/19/14X KOBB
1.0523612  ag05/13/14Alt Beer/Amber Ale Jason Rudkin
1.057369  e04/06/14Cooper's Sparkling clone ifr33
1.0563837  ag03/09/14Cairish Wred MadInstincts
1.063329  e03/06/14Cooper's Sparkling clone ifr33
1.051327  eg03/04/14Pail Ale ifr33
1.0543812  eg02/20/14'Small Critters' Pale Ale ifr33
1.043277  ag01/14/14Arsenal Ale Ales of Anarchy
1.0534212  eg11/15/13Hooligan BBQ Bob
1.0453420  ag09/25/13xicuc pale ale jourahan
1.0531914  ag05/13/13hidalgo pale jourahan
1.062456  ag05/06/13Old Fashioned Pale Ale jim massa
1.0643312  ag04/11/13Two Brothers EPA Gifflar Brewers
1.049398  eg02/08/13Poppinjay Pale Schuylkill River Brewing Co.
1.0616010  ag12/10/12Lucky Cat Ale Jim Massa
1.056265  ag08/29/12Return to Forever Pale Ale Gord
1.056265  ag06/08/12Return to Forever Pale Ale Gord
1.0533617  ag05/18/12Irish Red Ale john mcdonald
1.039287  ag03/11/12Styrlicius Bobgod
1.069439  ag03/04/12R's Pale Ringle
1.0675311  pm02/27/12Pale Hell Soylent
1.062428  ag12/03/11Pale Ale jim massa
1.062456  ag11/21/11Old Fashioned Pale Ale jim massa
1.0603611  eg05/13/11Redhook ESB Clone TP
1.0493513  eg04/07/11Red Yeti English Pale Ale Buzzerj
1.042316  eg03/26/11Little Stephen's Blonde Ale Alf
1.052319  ag03/24/11EPA WTH
1.052319  ag03/24/11EPA WTH
1.0543112  ag03/06/11EPA Poidog & Rooz
1.0493513  eg02/26/11Red Yeti English Pale Ale Buzzerj
1.056419  ag02/17/11Pale Ale jim massa
1.0565912  ag02/01/11Choka BobO
1.036249  ag12/20/10SessionAle Gus
1.069385  ag11/30/10USP Monmoth
1.050239  ag11/18/10Tiny Tim Chris Ungvarsky
1.044188  ag11/03/1003112010 Bern
1.050405  ag10/26/10Old Speckled Hen clone Tinman
1.0542110  eg07/23/10English Sedan Ale Gal & Omer
1.044218  eg06/10/10Classic English Pale Ale Felix Stoddeay's
1.0374513  ag05/28/10dark bramling bitter III glyn nelson
1.048209  eg05/06/10English Honey Ale - 25ltr Gal & Omer
1.046488  eg03/28/10Old Bull Pale Ale Red Barn Brewery
1.0603813  ag03/26/10Cascadian Pale Ale
1.0552312  eg02/24/10English Ale - 2nd Strike Gal & Omer
1.0522410  eg12/15/09English Ale - Test (23ltr) Gal & Omer
1.052229  eg12/10/09English Ale - Test Gal & Omer
1.0582110  ag11/15/09Little Dragon ESB Ferrari
1.0654211  eg10/21/09Irish Ale jim massa
1.0563520  ag09/22/09Amber Ale Noc
1.0543611  e06/20/09Chug-A-Lug Not-So-Pale Ale Schuylkill River Brewing Co.
1.049306  ag05/11/09FWH or Not Summer Ale Christo
1.061167  pm04/27/09The Commonwealth Extra Pale Ale CAN-AM Kitchen Craft Zymurgy
1.0574510  ag04/12/09Pale Ale jim massa
1.0595710  ag04/06/09Barrington Pale ale Chris McMath
1.0561414  ag03/29/09Molly, Queen of Scots Chris Ungvarsky
1.0583213  e02/23/09Sterling's Pale Ale Sterling
1.055297  pm01/27/09The Commonwealth Extra Pale Ale CAN-AM Kitchen Craft Zymurgy
1.0552510  ag01/16/09Crass Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.054367  ag01/10/09Bips Bass Clone Bips Brewing
1.0512521  pm12/12/08Red-Headed Stepchild Wayne
1.060407  eg10/19/08Margeret Thatcher DaveofSherwood
1.053306  e09/14/08Sterling's Pale Ale Sterling
1.051288  eg06/21/08EPA (8-4) DA Brewing
1.0483712  ag06/11/08Amber Ale Michael Butchard
1.062445  eg05/26/08Extract EPA timbrewer
1.068388  pm05/16/08Extract EPA timbrewer
1.050203  ag03/14/08ale peter
1.058336  ag02/28/08SMaSH Maris Otter and Fuggles Lucky Bastard Brewing Co.
1.048324  ag01/14/08Blonde d'ete fleurie 2BG
1.044329  eg12/10/07Joe's Ale Stephen Spinogatti
1.047304  ag12/01/07pale2 thornp
1.044387  ag11/30/07P-P (Phils Pale) thornp
1.046228  pm11/14/07Your Name Here Beer!! Three Guys Discount Brewing
1.042264  eg11/02/07Ringneck Session Ale (Extract Version) Ringneck Brewery
1.041244  ag11/02/07Ringneck Session Ale Ringneck Brewery
1.063378  ag10/12/07English Pale Ale timbrewer
1.056369  eg07/25/07Potter's Pale BBQ Bob
1.048218  ag07/25/07English Pale Ale Matt
1.050227  ag07/12/07English Pale Ale Matt
1.062399  ag06/28/07Par-Shooter's Pale Ale Matt Ayers
1.0825414  e04/23/07#2 ScAle of Justice ver 3 BLBC
1.082285  pm03/30/07Strong American Pale Ale Tip Back Brewer
1.060419  eg03/05/07Uncle Petes English Pale Ale magnumice
1.054295  ag02/06/07Extra Ball Pub Ale West Wind
1.077209  eg01/21/07Heavy Pale Honey Ale Mike Burgiel
1.046367  ag12/11/06Matts EPA Matt Williams
1.058335  ag12/10/06Pale ale Orfy
1.050163  ag12/03/06dew drop ale doug
1.048456  e10/16/06Promenade Pale Biff Brew
1.062399  ag08/11/06Par-Shooter's Pale Ale Matt Ayers
1.056297  eg07/09/06Dude's Dancin Summer Ale Dancing Dude
1.0542410  ag06/01/06BritLiteBrownAle Bob
1.0483314  ag05/20/06Blackstrap Mild Dierksenkougan
1.055268  ag04/02/06Goldfinger Ale McKinney Brothers
1.046343  ag04/02/06Ale abricots, Brassin 59 2B & G
1.0535510  ag03/26/06Black Bear Pale Ale BrewAskew
1.0753019  eg03/22/06Carmen's Old Ale Christo
1.058307  ag02/25/06Head in a Basket McKinney Brothers
1.056811  eg01/29/06Mill Creek British Ale Greg Griffin
1.056219  eg01/15/06SNPA inspired West Side Brewing
1.058247  eg01/14/06Mesa Moonlight Ale The Tuckers
1.0691718  ag12/31/05New Years Eve Ale Cptsparkle
1.0615011  eg12/28/05English IPA ChriSto
1.053187  eg11/02/05Coopers Sparklin Ale Clone Beau's Badass Brews
1.0553611  e10/25/05Bass Clone South Boston Brewers
1.068911  pm09/20/05Pumpkin Head Ale Muzzlehead
1.0503610  pm08/20/05Colorado Pale Ale Mckinley House Brewing Co.
1.061349  ag05/21/05La cervesa Catalana it's a good one, and brewed in Catalonia
1.0551211  eg05/07/05Some Kind of Bass CMC Brewing
1.0551211  eg05/07/05Some Kind of Bass CMC Brewing
1.0463510  ag02/13/05Boardwalk Pale Ale Cameron Dougall
1.0463510  ag02/09/05Boardwalk Pale Ale Cameron Dougall
1.0693611  eg01/15/05Vintage Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.048358  ag12/29/04DammetJanett IPA JackAss Brewing Corp,
1.064327  eg12/06/04B3SQADEPA Axis714
1.057419  ag11/24/04Knee Biter Bitter Joel Plutchak
1.050368  eg11/21/04Session Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.041547  ag11/15/04BB (Bill's Bitter) Bill Sommers
1.0562512  eg11/08/04bass ale chuck
1.053307  ag09/10/04Top Notch English Pale Brian Cooper
1.0492510  ag09/07/04Good ole Ale Pete Strunk
1.054528  ag08/04/04Charlotte Pale DogLog
1.050484  ag08/03/04All Grain Pale Ale 4.0 West Side Brewing
1.064339  eg04/29/04B3 ( B cubed) or The BBC Soapbox Brewery (Mikey Darden)
1.0706023  ag04/25/04Charlotte Pale DogLog
1.0532115  pm04/22/04Smittick's Two Bastards
1.046235  pm04/21/04Not-for-sale Pale Geoff Saunders
1.054569  ag04/21/04English Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.052369  ag04/09/04Burton Style Pale Ale Scorched House
1.057249  eg03/24/04Ishi pale ale too Rathole
1.049298  ag03/22/04British Pale Ale John Tossberg
1.049319  ag03/21/04Simple Bitter P Hoey
1.0576712  ag02/27/04SPA Charlie Gray
1.0541812  eg02/19/04Mountain Woman English Pale Mauro
1.047256  ag01/20/04Homie's Pale Ale 11 Charlie Gray
1.053219  eg01/10/04Ass Bale Ganjaman
1.048299  eg12/30/03Classic English Pale Ale
1.0524010  ag12/04/03Three Dart Pale Brewer Brian
1.054335  ag11/01/03Amazing Framboise, Brassin # 36 Philippe Bonneau, Jacques Bonneau et Tony Gaudette
1.052329  ag10/29/03Standard Pale ale Bill Bunning
1.043244  ag10/19/03Harvestberry Amber clanton goldman f.b.b.
1.052268  eg10/18/03Ishi pale ale Rathole
1.01633  e10/09/03#3 Cascade pale ale - light Mark V
1.048327  ag10/05/03Homie's Pale Ale 9 Charlie Gray
1.058410  e07/17/03Nut Bag Ale Matt & Steve
1.047278  ag07/12/03Homie's Pale Ale 7 Charlie Gray
1.048269  ag06/20/03Homie's Pale Ale 6 Charlie Gray
1.039259  eg05/15/03Paler Ale West Side Brewing
1.0553311  eg04/28/03Hank's Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.053378  ag04/01/03Two Blonde Cocker Pale Ale Peter L. Berghold
1.0694212  ag01/15/03Par-Shooter's Pale Ale Matt Ayers
1.048209  ag12/09/02Homie's Pale III Charlie Gray
1.053774  ag11/25/02Golden Centennial Mat Jolly
1.0572722  eg11/24/02Oak Frost Irish Red Brian Schoolcraft
1.0643710  ag09/26/02Garland Garage Pale Ale Steve Huddle
1.0584311  pm09/22/02English Pale Ale (3) Mike Atkins
1.0502410  eg09/13/02ODDS ON FAVE Glyn
1.0563411  eg09/12/02Bass Variation #1 Josh Johnson
1.048355  ag09/03/02paleface ale rob and rob
1.0563910  ag09/01/02Back to School Pale Ale Steve Huddle
1.057337  eg06/12/02Monk's Pale Ale FunkyMonk
1.0582710  ag06/10/02Homie's True PaleAle Charlie Gray
1.053479  eg06/05/02Mr. Eliot's ESB Matt Benzing
1.0623834  pm05/24/02Honeymoon Irish (no. 10) Paul Trunfio
1.0582212  eg05/19/02English Pale Ale #7 Fred Flippen
1.046237  ag05/12/02Poppy's Pale Ale Nathan Shackelford
1.061248  ag03/22/02Homie's Glory Days Ale Charlie Gray
1.0442116  eg03/09/02Wonderbeer Mark and Dave
1.047429  ag03/08/02Pale Ale Colby Fry
1.0553312  pm02/16/02Oatmeal Savage Irish Ale Coon Bottom Brewery
1.052297  ag12/17/01Justmadeitup Pale Ale Bersh
1.050368  ag12/01/01Homie's Holiday Ale Charlie Gray
1.0513111  ag11/16/01Small Mouth Ale The Sloth
1.0554611  ag10/21/01Brew #35 Charlie Gray
1.0564115  pm10/12/01Ext exp Jim Johnson
1.060139  eg09/15/01Mightbe English Ale Brian
1.0621821  ag09/04/01Kickin' Kilkenny (Smithwick's Irish Ale Clone) Paul Trunfio
1.049259  eg08/28/01Sunday Pale Ale Colby Fry
1.0502118  eg08/28/01Honeymoon Irish Ale (Smithwick's Clone) Paul Trunfio
1.0554112  ag08/24/01Grasshopper Ale Charlie Gray
1.055388  ag08/05/01Garlic 2001 Slip
1.0582412  ag07/29/01Honey Pale Ale II Jeff Waller
1.0585610  eg07/25/01Leapin Lizards Australian Ale Big Daddy T
1.0712713  eg07/18/01Bass-alike Rick Rogan
1.0503310  pm07/14/01Trout Ale Newbrew
1.041354  ag06/27/01Pale Ale Hawkeye
1.044228  ag06/05/01Stars & Stripes Ale Shawn Miller
1.075458  ag06/03/01spring valley pale ale rob and rob
1.059327  ag05/21/01Small Mouth Ale The Sloth
1.052319  eg05/11/01Cotswold Lion Ale John Markert
1.045239  eg05/05/01Brewers Best Classic English Pale Ale Fred S.
1.0577710  eg05/04/01Made you ask why Stinger
1.054327  eg05/02/01O Canada! Folkeye
1.052388  ag04/12/01Pale Your Ale Charlie Gray
1.0687616  ag04/03/01Dead Dog IPA Chuck Noll
1.0504612  ag04/01/01Numero uno Jim Johnson
1.052289  eg03/28/01Red Bettle Brew Chris Chow
1.052297  ag03/12/01Herf'n Pale Ale Dan Johnson
1.0412811  eg02/04/01Old Pale Ale Alan McLeod
1.041388  ag01/31/01Adkins Ale House Best Bitter David Adkins
1.061287  pm01/12/01Monk Ale Drunk Monk
1.053488  ag01/07/01Adkins Ale House ESB David Adkins
1.052358  ag12/30/00Charle's Pale ale Pascal Desbiens
1.053258  eg12/08/00Hump's Atlanta Pale Ale Joshua Humphries
1.0823623  ag09/27/00Scotch Ale Brew Dad
1.049378  ag09/22/00G's Best Bitter GD
1.0583013  e09/13/00One Bitter ESB McConnell
1.0564910  eg08/30/00No Name Pale Ale Big Shot Breweries
1.049434  ag08/28/00esp(emma's special pale) bob in san diego
1.049407  ag08/20/00kpa(katie's pale ale) bob in san diego
1.052274  ag08/04/00English Lawnmower Tom Forgey
1.0553311  ag07/17/00Cavan Swamp Ale Chris Storey
1.0582912  ag07/16/00Red Randy's Irish Ale Randy Champagne
1.0786310  eg05/30/00Bosley's Black Dog IPA Michigan Braumeister
1.051313  e04/20/00Toddius Adams Todd Coleman
1.006576  e03/31/00Shipyard Clone Todd Coleman
1.041196  eg03/03/00Honey White Beaker
1.063612  e02/20/00Sc-Ale Of Justice Batch #1 mike edwards
1.066508  ag11/30/99Big Bitter Shoot Gahm
1.063867  eg10/10/99Bodacious Ale Dean Salvadore
1.046337  eg05/23/99Pale #2 William Solomon
1.051319  eg05/09/99Burton Pale Ale Greg Henley
1.062298  eg05/03/99Orange Coriander Pale ale Keith Dallmer
1.042268  pm04/11/99Partial Pale Ale Doug Gould
1.048347  ag03/18/99Renton Pride VII Alex Gross
1.045187  eg03/02/99Procrastination Ale Jeff Bryant
1.057428  ag02/11/99Balladine Ale Ben Jones
1.055198  ag01/19/99English Pale Ale Jeff Waller
1.051507  ag12/11/98German Pale Ale Andrew Ager
1.0581912  ag10/29/98Irish Red Ale Jeff Waller
1.0442613  ag09/21/98Kiljohan Robert Lundblad
1.0493414  ag08/13/98Grizzly Beer Pale Ale Jay Pemberton
1.048477  eg06/29/98Adnams Suffolk Strong Clone Mat Farrington
1.040199  ag06/08/98VF (Not enough)-Red Ale Robert Lundblad
1.0551112  e06/04/98Bass Lake Ale AL
1.0613011  ag05/06/98lesh ale jonathan
1.0483110  eg04/24/98Fat Elvis' Pale Ale Hans Peterson & Mike Sixel
1.055304  eg03/27/98The Great B.O.C.K. Pale Ale Experiment I Brewers Of Central Kentucky
1.055297  ag03/27/98The Great B.O.C.K. Pale Ale Experiment I Brewers Of Central Kentucky
1.0473413  ag03/21/98Waltermark EPA G Walter Connors and C Mark Patterson
1.0543612  ag03/15/98Kalamazoo Bass "Sir" David McCommons
1.048358  e03/09/98ESB John Alden
1.043478  ag03/02/98DJ Bitter III Dan Johnson
1.0513210  e02/21/98Hog Town ESB John Alden
1.049509  ag02/01/98DJ Bitter Dan Johnson
1.0514410  ag12/29/97National Shag Ale Dan Johnson
1.051337  ag10/03/97Pale Fall Ale Dan Johnson
1.048347  eg09/02/97summertime ale oleyale
1.0625815  ag08/29/97Simple all grain IPA Frank Sweigart
1.066209  eg08/26/97Bass Ale Clone Jim Bunch
1.055387  ag08/09/97Pale Ale Dan Johnson
1.0612610  eg07/25/97English Cream Ale Trevor Bernier

India Pale Ale

1.0525012  eg11/03/16Bill and Jim's excellent beer adventure Bill and Jim
1.0691156  ag10/10/16Columbus Day IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.0645314  ag10/09/16Red IPA Tom Healy
1.0767310  ag09/29/16Gingercrotch Ale 15 Steve Ripple
1.0688310  ag09/23/16Shallow Bay IPA Poverty Bay Brewing
1.058738  eg09/16/16Oro Sunset ARM
1.071628  ag08/25/16Ichabod's Oatmeal NEPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.0556439  eg08/21/16Munchen IPA ARM
1.067635  ag08/19/16Citrass Down and Drink This Chris Ungvarsky
1.058738  eg08/10/16Oro Sunset ARM
1.045557  ag07/11/16Panty Dropper Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0731067  ag06/12/16Juicy Lucy Chris Ungvarsky
1.0597241  eg06/09/16Midnight IPA ARM
1.08010113  ag05/30/16Blood Orange Double IPA Peetem (alias)
1.0901279  ag04/16/16Gossamer Mandarin DIPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.072939  ag03/30/16Green Garden IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.064595  ag03/26/16Azacca Attack OleOneEyeBrewery
1.068728  pm03/25/16CyClone of Liberty Ale MadInstinct
1.071706  ag02/07/16Blood Orange IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.090586  ag01/25/16Hop Slam Clone Rick Rogan
1.069907  ag01/23/16IPA Matthew R.
1.069987  ag01/21/16IPA Matthew R.
1.069957  ag01/20/16IPA Matthew R.
1.05607  ag01/19/16IPA Matthew R.
1.076927  ag01/17/16Game Day IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.081608  ag01/02/164 Way IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.075017  ag11/23/15Red IPA Matthew R.
1.0928910  ag11/22/15Warbird Double IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.074020  ag11/20/15Red IPA Matthew R.
1.064759  ag11/08/15Singletrack IPA V9.0 - Farmhouse Chris Ungvarsky
1.068709  ag11/08/15Singletrack IPA V9.0 - Famrhouse Chris Ungvarsky
1.09412735  ag10/11/15Hopthulu - The Dark Old One Chris Ungvarsky
1.067635  ag08/31/15Citrass Down and Drink This Chris Ungvarsky
1.0607011  eg08/30/15Bavarian IPA ARM
1.068789  eg08/28/15Pineapple Mango IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.061958  eg08/16/15Hipster Hillsey IPA Fab/Grant
1.061779  ag08/08/15Singletrack IPA - v8.0 - EXP 6277 Chris Ungvarsky
1.068756  ag07/18/15Experimental IPA #1 Keyhole Valley Brewing
1.0696510  ag07/14/15Antimatter IPA Matthew R.
1.0691228  ag07/13/15Bitter Harvest Chris Ungvarsky
1.073967  ag06/28/15Tiny the Welder Chris Ungvarsky
1.067635  ag05/22/15Citrass Down and Drink This Chris Ungvarsky
1.062886  ag05/21/15C-S-C-O Grand IPA OleOneEyeBrewery
1.0648411  ag05/08/15Swiftsure IPA Poverty Bay Brewing
1.076666  ag04/27/15Hawai'IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.041455  ag04/14/15Summer Sunshine Session Chris Ungvarsky
1.0839310  ag04/03/15Little Big DIPA Rick Rogan
1.08413010  ag03/29/15Over The Top Double IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.0731068  ag03/16/15Green Flash IPA Clone Ray (Recipe bt Amahl Turczyn Scheppach)
1.079527  eg03/14/15Newark 1180 IPA Bos&Pupi
1.067869  eg02/26/15Fatboy IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.069859  ag02/19/15Fatboy IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.072446  ag02/18/15JIIPA Matthew R.
1.0919812  eg02/15/15Pilon-Seeya Double IPA Carleton Brewing Company
1.06310913  ag02/12/15IMPERIAL IPA natural joe
1.0607410  ag01/12/15India Pale Lager Barry Tingleff
1.068839  ag01/08/15Singletrack IPA - v7.0 - El Dorado Chris Ungvarsky
1.062508  ag12/28/14Not Quite a Goose Island IPA Clone Zach Hogan
1.0751069  eg12/26/14New Year IPA Nichols
1.0748416  ag12/15/14I2PA cyril
1.095889  ag11/15/14DIPA 2.1 KOBB
1.067567  ag11/11/14Warrior IPA KOBB
1.067527  ag11/11/14Galaxy IPA KOBB
1.066636  ag11/06/14APA 5 KOBB
1.064646  ag11/04/14APA 5 KOBB
1.090879  ag10/27/14DIPA 2 KOBB
1.0644425  ag10/24/14Black Rye IPA Brant Ross
1.0644425  ag10/24/14Black Rye IPA Brant Ross
1.0696411  ag10/20/14Holiday KOBB
1.064896  ag10/14/14APA 4 KOBB
1.090879  ag10/11/14DIPA 2 KOBB
1.095759  ag10/10/14DIPA 2 KOBB
1.095819  ag10/09/14DIPA 2 KOBB
1.095849  ag10/08/14DIPA 2 KOBB
1.095869  ag10/08/14DIPA 2 KOBB
1.0941077  ag10/07/14DIPA 2 KOBB
1.064626  ag10/06/14APA 4 KOBB
1.088998  ag10/06/14DIPA 1 KOBB
1.088998  ag09/28/14DIPA 1 KOBB
1.064626  ag09/20/14APA 4 KOBB
1.063626  ag09/20/14APA 4 KOBB
1.064736  ag09/18/14APA 3 KOBB
1.061557  ag09/18/14APA 2 KOBB
1.061636  ag09/15/14APA 4 KOBB
1.061557  ag09/12/14APA 2 KOBB
1.077969  eg09/12/14Skull Sniper Chris Ungvarsky
1.0515116  ag09/12/14Head High KOBB
1.061557  ag09/11/14APA 2 KOBB
1.0677413  ag09/11/14IBU-PROFENE cyril
1.061689  ag09/10/14Ichabod's Oatmeal IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.061557  ag09/06/14APA 2 KOBB
1.057619  ag09/01/14IudPA KOBB
1.061657  ag08/30/14APA 2 KOBB
1.059556  ag08/29/14APA 2 KOBB
1.0657610  ag08/29/14IBU-PROFENE cyril
1.086869  ag08/24/14Dwagun Thwayuh KOBB
1.0515116  ag08/17/14Head High KOBB
1.0665717  ag08/17/14Head High KOBB
1.0685618  ag08/16/14Head High KOBB
1.067677  ag08/14/14Head High KOBB
1.057619  ag08/14/14IudPA KOBB
1.067719  ag08/08/14Head High KOBB
1.057619  ag08/06/14IudPA KOBB
1.057619  ag08/05/14IudPA KOBB
1.08613114  eg08/02/14Smoked Triple IPA Fab
1.0779030  ag08/01/14Chocolate Hopshake Nitro Double Black IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.057619  ag07/23/14IudPA KOBB
1.06511010  ag07/22/14Copper IPA @LS
1.078849  ag07/14/14J&V's IIPA.2 Matthew R.
1.07811616  ag07/07/14J&V's Imperial Crimson Matthew R.
1.0665714  ag07/04/14BIPA cyril
1.0621135  ag06/27/14Melton Beclouded Eye Brewing
1.078869  ag06/20/14J&V's IIPA Matthew R.
1.07810814  ag06/20/14J&V's Imperial Crimson Matthew R.
1.0748112  ag05/06/14Zythotic Episode Chris Ungvarsky
1.069728  ag04/21/14Mr. B's Hoppyum Mike B
1.0669514  ag04/18/14Tree Peeker IBA Chris Ungvarsky
1.075010  ag04/09/14Jojo and Yaya's IIPA Matthew R.
1.075839  ag03/30/14Leg Raiser IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.0761008  ag03/16/14Yet another IIPA Matthew R.
1.0688220  ag03/04/14Screamin' Eagle - India Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0567615  ag03/02/14Black IPA Jonas
1.0591905  ag02/10/14IIIPA Beclouded Eye Brewing
1.0667935  ag02/08/14Hops n' Robbaz Chris Ungvarsky
1.0648411  ag01/17/14The Separation is in the Preparation Poverty Bay Brewing
1.068818  ag01/04/14Perihelion Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.070799  ag11/26/1330th Birthday Chinook IPA Matthew R.
1.082496  eg11/23/13Heady Topper Clone CorradoVT
1.068749  ag11/20/13Singletrack IPA - v7.0 - Mosaic Chris Ungvarsky
1.0801435  ag11/16/131800 IPA Rick Rogan
1.077777  eg11/13/13Double BS IPA Bob Fiehweg
1.07711612  ag11/05/13Angry Goatface Hopf*ck Double IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.0605911  ag11/03/13house IPA Jack Rodgers
1.07711612  ag10/20/13Angry Goatface Hopf*ck Double IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.0669010  ag10/11/13Hopper in the Rye Poverty Bay
1.066417  ag10/10/13English IPA SleepingSaguaro
1.0626010  ag10/04/13¡Epa! ¡Epa! ¡IPA! Far Knuckle Bill
1.0728215  ag09/15/13India Red Ale Rooz
1.069538  eg09/11/13Peach Plantation Pale Shaun McKendry
1.11011611  ag09/09/13Jaded Mango Double IPA Simba Dog
1.0655617  ag09/07/13Red IPA Joe
1.062906  ag09/05/13IPA LStaff
1.0646112  eg09/04/13Copper Special Vig
1.0766419  ag08/26/13Red rye IIPA Matthew R.
1.0625817  ag08/25/13Red IPA Joe
1.0769111  ag08/22/13Hulk SMaSH Chris Ungvarsky
1.068526  ag08/07/13IPA Beclouded Eye Brewing
1.06711019  ag07/27/13Columbus Bastard Scott Schluter (Two If By Sea Brewing Co.)
1.0686417  ag07/22/13Red IPA Matthew R.
1.066647  ag07/16/13The Pursuit of Hoppiness Chris Ungvarsky
1.059484  ag07/14/13I P A mincio Mincio
1.0545014  eg07/02/13Bjørkelien Pale Ale Bjare Kill
1.068849  ag06/23/13Singletrack IPA - v6.0 - Falconer's Flight Chris Ungvarsky
1.056685  ag06/09/13Ipa # 5 Jonas
1.0831549  ag05/21/13Monongahela Monster Chris Ungvarsky
1.0677113  ag05/10/13Wednesday Night Ryed Chris Ungvarsky
1.068829  ag05/05/13Singletrack IPA - v5.0 - Columbus Chris Ungvarsky
1.0576413  eg04/21/13No Neck IPA Grant/Fab/TIm
1.060827  ag04/19/13#4 Jonas
1.060777  ag04/12/13IPA #1 Knuts øl
1.1015925  pm04/09/13Imperial Red Ale Greg
1.0581417  ag04/06/13#3 Jonas
1.060918  ag04/05/13#2 Skyggebrygg
1.067667  ag04/01/132 of Hearts HighAltBruin
1.0667512  ag03/29/13Hop Sidious Poverty Bay
1.059567  ag03/28/13Pale Down Under Maple City Brewing
1.055746  ag03/27/13#1 Skyggebrygg
1.0551026  ag03/25/13#1 Skyggebrygg
1.061906  ag03/23/13Smash #1 Jonas
1.0677410  ag03/21/13When the Cat's Away IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.0794513  eg03/18/13Imperial Pale Ale Sabeerski
1.0675710  ag03/10/13Antipodal IPA John Albert
1.056756  ag03/05/13Vienna ipa Jonas
1.0806840  ag03/04/13>>> Belgian Rye Black IIPA!!! Matthew R.
1.0567612  pm03/03/13old toby ipa zach
1.050706  ag03/03/13Pucker Extra Pale Josh
1.0695810  ag03/03/13Oak IPA TK
1.070041  ag02/28/13India Black Ale Matthew R.
1.0667512  ag02/22/13Final Nirvana Poverty Bay
1.056896  ag02/15/13The BEST IPA you'll ever taste Huxley brewhaus, Prov RI
1.060429  eg02/13/13Big Horn Basin B.S. IPA Big Horn Basin Brew Supply
1.063645  eg02/08/13HOP(e) for All of Us Witchdoktor Brewing
1.0667512  ag02/01/13Hop Bowl Poverty Bay
1.0808927  ag01/25/13Bastardo Bizzarro Chris Ungvarsky
1.0598913  ag01/18/13Sea Hawk SB XLVII IPA Poverty Bay
1.0565212  pm01/18/13old toby ipa zach
1.0565212  pm01/18/13old toby ipa zach
1.0739110  ag01/15/13Skull Seeker IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.068759  ag01/15/13Singletrack IPA - v4.0 - Nelson Sauvin Chris Ungvarsky
1.0811818  ag01/13/13Zythos IPA JJ
1.0598913  ag01/08/13Sea Hawk SB XLVII IPA Poverty Bay
1.0616114  pm12/31/12Panama Red IPA Buzzerj
1.0756811  ag12/28/12Proving Ground IIPA Matthew R.
1.0919610  ag12/09/12Slop Ham Chris Ungvarsky
1.0849010  eg12/06/12Pliny Renegadepaul
1.0789413  ag12/06/12incredible IPA jupiter brew crew
1.068679  ag11/25/12Singletrack IPA - v3.0 - Simcoe Chris Ungvarsky
1.072828  pm11/13/12Mama's Favorite IPA Buzzerj
1.08215611  ag10/28/12Crazy Horse - Oak Aged Double IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.0674812  eg10/27/12October Ferst Tree Top Brewery
1.066578  pm10/20/12Bell's Two Fisted IPA Buzzerj
1.059589  eg10/18/12Goose Clone Buzzerj
1.0676513  ag10/18/12Red Arrow Rye Chris Ungvarsky
1.067449  eg10/16/12taste o' 6th St. frizzyrick
1.0704410  ag10/08/12Celebration KOBB
1.058568  ag10/04/12Viva Nevada Gary
1.06610710  ag10/04/12Harvest Ipa Poverty Bay
1.06610710  ag10/04/12Harvest Ipa Poverty Bay
1.079678  ag09/24/12Got It Right Ringle
1.1041176  ag09/16/12Dome Soylent
1.068739  ag09/15/12Singletrack IPA - v2.0 - Citra Chris Ungvarsky
1.063878  ag09/15/12Ipa #9 Jonas
1.068618  pm09/13/12Trippin Billie IPA Jacob Pyle
1.067597  pm09/13/12American Phalanx IPA Jacob Pyle
1.069456  ag09/02/12Bitches Brew Miles Davis
1.054677  ag09/02/12Emporer's BrewHAha IPA Herbie Hancock
1.065598  ag08/14/12Late summer IPA Långmons bryggeri
1.0657716  ag07/19/12Jake's Gettin' Wed Imperial Red Matthew R.
1.0687618  ag07/17/12Jake's Gettin' Wed Imperial Red Matthew R.
1.055808  eg07/10/12Extract IPA me
1.068729  ag07/06/12Singletrack IPA - v1.0 - Amarillo Chris Ungvarsky
1.067636  ag07/01/12sculpin clone marcel miranda
1.067836  ag07/01/12sculpin clone marcel miranda
1.067836  ag07/01/12sculpin clone marcel miranda
1.0824423  e06/25/12Tapezco IPA La Troja Cervecera
1.0814418  e06/24/12Tapezco IPA La Troja Cervecera
1.0659013  ag06/18/12Knucklehead IPA v2.0 Chris Ungvarsky
1.0581179  ag06/18/12Ipa Jonas
1.0576011  ag06/17/12Triple c Jonas
1.054607  ag05/26/12Bravo IPA james Massa
1.067876  ag05/25/12Izzy's IPA S_an_M
1.0626710  eg05/24/12HoppyJuice Andy Greider
1.0626710  pm05/24/12Hop Hurricane Blue Agave IPA M M
1.069568  ag05/23/12ip man pale aaron
1.0651887  ag05/19/12Xxl hop goodness homebrew Jonas
1.0919312  ag05/12/12Hell's Half Acre Double IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.070538  ag05/10/12B A L L AN T I N E CherrVallian
1.062738  ag05/06/12Bells Clone Scott Oberlin
1.0536310  ag04/19/12Bravo IPA james Massa
1.059875  ag04/18/12Andrimne Style IPA Jonas
1.059875  ag04/18/12Andrimne Style IPA Jonas
1.070617  ag04/16/12Electric Slide Soylent
1.067937  ag04/15/12Chinook IPA Mike
1.050539  ag04/11/12Cyprus Point IPA james Massa
1.0645212  eg03/29/12Wolfhead IPA The Wolf
1.059308  eg03/25/12NC IPA Andrew C
1.0551149  ag03/17/12Soviet Imperial Pale MaltMasher
1.074379  pm03/13/12Sweep and Zone IPA Artillery Hell
1.057897  eg03/11/12CC's IPA Andrew C
1.069897  eg03/10/12Loxley IPA Nick
1.0635111  eg03/03/12Sexy Sadie Treetop Brewery
1.0657511  ag03/02/12Yellow Creek Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0576211  ag02/22/12Clean Out the Fridge IPA Gary
1.069668  pm02/22/12IPA re-malt Soylent
1.100889  ag02/17/12Double IPA John R
1.057798  ag02/14/12DeathTongue tinman
1.0751636  ag02/12/12Ruined Nation v2.0 Chris Ungvarsky
1.0741196  ag02/12/12Double "J" IPA JJ
1.1214515  ag02/12/12Cali-Belge Trippel Wit IPA Donald G.
1.1072311  eg02/11/12Scotty-Do's Imperial IPA Scott B of Murrieta, CA
1.0716912  ag02/03/12SB XLVI Poverty Bay
1.074518  eg01/29/12IPA experiment GBINGA
1.070529  eg01/23/12Lemon Drop ThaI PA BorderPatrol
1.0597132  pm01/23/12IPA orange st
1.0667014  ag01/13/12Honey Malt IPA jojoHED brewing
1.054378  ag01/12/12Humungous Humulus Pale Ale Brewmeister Mandigo
1.070549  ag01/08/12Marinus IPA Gifflar Brewers
1.0919817  ag01/06/12Jake's Imperial Crimson, Batch 2 Matthew R.
1.064678  ag01/06/122011 Hop Harvest Ale Matthew R.
1.064758  ag01/05/122011 Hop Harvest Ale Matthew R.
1.0666414  ag01/02/12New Dawn Poverty Bay
1.0666414  ag01/02/12New Dawn Poverty Bay
1.0628213  ag12/25/11Knucklehead IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.061697  ag12/23/11Scott's MO Cascade IPA ss
1.0659433  ag12/21/11ASIBA Jonasgab
1.0881028  ag12/08/11Caligularoo I Simba Dog
1.09111121  eg12/04/11Blut Bergen 601 Mark Stolberg
1.09110621  eg12/03/11Blut Bergen 601 Mark Stolberg
1.064868  ag12/03/11Smokey Oak IPA Jupiter Brew Crew
1.064868  ag11/29/11Smokey Oak IPA Jupiter Brew Crew
1.0697210  eg11/18/11Hop Experiment 2 Mark Stolberg
1.0001200  ag11/16/11Gunners IPA monkey butt breweing
1.0696010  eg11/13/11Hop Experiment 2 Mark Stolberg
1.0648240  eg11/10/11Black Panther (Black IPA) Carl Hansen
1.053918  e11/05/11IPA Jonas
1.0662015  ag10/30/11CB30 Bart Ball
1.063428  eg10/25/11Nooky 1 Renegadepaul
1.0679642  ag10/24/11Mountaineer Slayer Black India Ale
1.062237  ag10/19/11West Coast Strong Ale Tom Healy
1.073745  ag10/04/11Nelson IPA Greg
1.068659  ag09/26/11Ichabod's Oatmeal Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.07610322  e09/19/11Cascadian Black ale Jonas
1.0624512  eg09/14/11Simcoe IPA Cassie Sitnik
1.066856  ag09/05/11organic grain IPA cannon m
1.0735813  eg09/03/11HOP HEADS Cassie Sitnik
1.072749  ag09/03/11Belgian IPA - RB Clone Virgin Islands Brewing
1.072629  ag09/03/11Belgian IPA - RB Clone Virgin Islands Brewing
1.061649  ag09/03/11Labor Day IPA Poverty Bay
1.062 -5  ag08/31/11HopZombie Tinman
1.0657632  ag08/13/11India Black Ale Matthew R.
1.070818  ag08/13/11Oldworld IPA John
1.074987  ag08/03/11Howie's DIPA Matthew R.
1.0778910  e07/28/11ipa Jonas
1.0775910  e07/28/11IPA NR 2 Jonas
- --ag07/24/11Lillhult Pale Ale Mike Björklind
1.065849  ag07/22/11Garage Hop Poverty Bay
1.09410212  ag07/16/11Maharaja Imperial IPA Clone (from Avery) Patrick
1.045578  eg07/06/11Wolf Pussy IPA Brian Dilley
1.0713919  e07/06/11Ipa madness Jonas
1.0667010  ag07/05/11The Mind's Eye PA Chris Ungvarsky
1.050636  eg06/30/11Quinoa Sorghum India Pale Ale CorradoVT
1.06510810  eg06/21/11Big BOOM IPA Skinner/ Ladwig
1.06310910  eg06/12/11Big BOOM IPA Skinner/ Ladwig
1.070826  ag06/11/11effed up ipa 2011 justio
1.070506  ag06/02/11rook ipa snake mountain
1.0778617  ag05/27/11Jake's Imperial Crimson Matthew R.
1.068697  ag05/24/11Bi-Centenial KOBB
1.057579  ag05/21/11Christine's Trascendental IPA Christine Krekow
1.0906911  pm05/14/11Hop It Up Timmons
1.0711159  eg05/10/11Stone R Clone Superchizz
1.069627  ag05/04/11Three Hearted Ale Three Amigos
1.0706612  eg05/04/11Test batch #1 - Citra John Albert
1.0706612  eg05/04/11Test batch #2 - Nelson Sauvin John Albert
1.0706612  eg05/04/11Test batch #3 - Simcoe John Albert
1.0706612  eg05/04/11Test batch #4 - Pacifica John Albert
1.0706712  eg05/04/11Test batch #5 - Ahtanum John Albert
1.061359  pm05/02/11P-Diddy IPA Chris Johnson
1.0497711  ag04/26/11ipa #4 jojoHED
1.063726  ag04/26/11Strongarm IPA Don
1.063608  ag04/17/11Angus IPA II Doug Kraus
1.1043219  eg04/15/11Hop RedHead Brandon scott
1.063608  ag04/02/11Angus IPA II Doug Kraus
1.0625012  pm04/01/11#12 BobO
1.054696  ag04/01/11Late Charge IPA 23.2.33 Hofferbeerbrewing
1.0734713  pm04/01/11Hop Rod Rye Hofferbeerbrewing
1.0734713  pm04/01/11Hop Rod Rye Hofferbeerbrewing
1.087729  ag03/29/11A Woman's Scorn KOBB
1.085468  e03/27/11Triple Nipple IPA Arty Party
1.062487  eg03/20/11India Pale Ale 3 Omer Tal & Gal Cohen
1.04615823  ag03/18/11Fig IPA Kent Mosher
1.0727611  ag03/16/11late hop IPA mike
1.0706211  pm03/13/11Early Springa BobO
1.08010310  ag03/13/11Scotty's Strong Malt Ale George
1.0707113  eg03/11/11Last Day IPA cannon m
1.0718713  ag03/11/11Hopta Beer Gone Poverty Bay
1.1004626  ag03/06/11DIPA RVAringer
1.0919911  eg03/05/11Hop It Up Timmons
1.064838  ag02/26/11Single Hop IPA base Matthew R.
1.0769116  ag02/26/11Imp IPA DJL
1.075 -6  ag02/26/11Sarah's Sublime IIPA Matthew R.
1.0752386  ag02/26/11Sarar the Elder Matthew R.
1.0696911  ag02/25/11turtle power IPA Mike
1.06310010  ag02/23/11Rye/Wheat IPA Matt
1.0676111  ag02/23/11IPApricot Chris Ungvarsky
1.066519  eg02/23/11Dank Bridge Boys Brewery
1.050839  eg02/17/11Three Swallows Hoptastic kromond
1.088767  ag02/11/11Imperial Repower Poverty Bay
1.0625113  eg02/05/11Mothra Red Ale East Genoa Brewing
1.0858211  ag02/05/11Dog Catcher Double IPA Colby Frantz
1.071848  pm02/04/11Piper Imperial IPA Dan
1.073999  eg02/03/11Kiwishiwi Double IPA Jason Femrite
1.0605214  eg02/01/11Drinka BobO
1.0635412  pm02/01/11Gifta BobO
1.0695016  eg02/01/11Chawbert IPA BobO
1.0685111  eg01/29/113 Swallows Extra Special Bitter kromond
1.085999  pm01/28/11Hops Gone Wild Gilbert Brothers Brewing
1.0623518  ag01/27/11Jalapeno Rauch Chris Graham
1.0766525  ag01/25/11BIPA (Black India Pumpernickel Ale) ChriSto
1.091997  ag01/21/11O'Neill's Double IPA justio
1.0475118  ag01/20/11dark ipa jojohed
1.0747111  ag01/17/11Ryet Gear! Joe Sumrall & John Albert
1.0646428  ag01/16/11cascadia take one slipetzky
1.084937  ag01/15/11Back in business IPA JJ
1.061419  e01/11/11Burke's IPA Renegadepaul
1.0858145  eg01/08/11black eye P a eric moser
1.0929814  ag01/07/11Hoptimus Prime Double IPA Russell Carpenter
1.0768310  ag01/05/11California Uber Alles BBQ Bob
1.0655811  ag01/02/11Initial Purchase Authority DJL
1.0819327  ag01/02/11IPA big Jupiter Brew Crew
1.057656  ag01/02/11Hophead IPA 2 Jupiter Brew Crew
1.073897  ag01/01/11Hophead IPA Jupiter Brew Crew
1.0748510  eg12/31/10Rye Not?! Jameson Auten
1.080799  eg12/31/10CrookedEyePA cannon
1.0811357  ag12/30/10The Ass kicker Tuba Tony
1.091997  ag12/28/10O'Neill's Double IPA justio
1.072728  ag12/28/10IPA Beclouded Eye Brewing
1.0881017  ag12/24/10O'Neill's Double IPA justio
1.0665536  eg12/22/10Black Panther (American style India Black Ale) Carl Hansen
1.06410810  eg12/22/10Bread'n'Butter Leland Michaels
1.0636011  eg12/22/1060 IBU Perle Mize
1.0618112  ag12/16/10IPA KOBB
1.0688911  ag12/13/10IPA KOBB
1.0546710  ag12/13/10My Hops Rye KOBB
1.0546710  ag12/12/10My Hops Rye KOBB
1.071975  ag12/12/10Citra IPA Jeff Schoellerman
1.071975  ag12/12/10Citra IPA Jeff Schoellerman
1.0635110  ag12/08/10My Hops Rye KOBB
1.062598  eg12/08/10Cold Stone ARM
1.056458  ag12/07/10The Barking Chicken Tinman
1.0624310  ag12/07/10My Hops Rye KOBB
1.071569  ag12/04/10Kent Goldings IPA Greg Grosklos
1.0735212  ag12/03/10My Hops Rye KOBB
1.056458  ag12/02/10The Barking Chicken Tinman
1.069385  ag11/30/10USP Monmoth
1.0566810  eg11/29/10Total Assumpion IPA andrd287
1.0726611  ag11/29/10My Hops Rye KOBB
1.0687936  ag11/28/10Black IPA Hoppapalooza Rooz
1.058558  ag11/23/10Cool (1st) Runnings KOBB
1.07420920  ag11/22/10Dubbel IPA Matthew R.
1.0881017  ag11/19/10O'Neill's Double IPA justio
1.071975  ag11/13/10Citra IPA Jeff Schoellerman
1.0811037  ag11/12/10Summit IPA JJ
1.0688512  ag11/10/10Nirvana Poverty Bay
1.0624410  ag10/28/10IPA#3 Chris Graham
1.0636019  ag10/26/10India Brown Carl Heinz and Cooper Pond
1.080837  ag10/16/10Sumit IPA JJ
1.0677010  ag10/12/10Nirvana Poverty Bay
1.065866  ag10/10/10Harvest IPA Poidog
1.068858  eg10/09/10IP, eh?! (ver2) Dan
1.064669  ag09/29/10British American IPA Chris McMath
1.071867  eg09/28/10IP, eh?! Dan
1.055439  ag09/28/10west coast i.p.a. st-james
1.077597  ag09/26/10Power House IPA Beer King
1.06612538  eg09/11/10Black Dahlia Black IPA Greathead
1.0576012  eg09/11/10Staple AJP
1.07311516  eg09/04/10IPA #2 Zach Smith
1.0585510  eg09/04/10IPA Zion (Extract)A Amir
1.0595610  eg08/31/10IPA Zion (Extract)2 Amir
1.0526510  eg08/29/10BatCave IPA jojohed
1.048599  ag08/29/10BatCave IPA jojohed
1.0575411  eg08/29/10sinergetic brew #1 oded bahar
1.0868511  ag08/25/10Crazy Horse - Oak Aged Double IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.057579  ag08/22/10IPA Zion Noam - Modiin
1.056689  ag08/20/10Copper Hopper Matt
1.072669  eg08/14/10Baby's rye pale ale jameson auten
1.0998511  eg08/01/10Scotty's Strong Ale George
1.0584211  ag07/30/10Hophead ESB Chris Ungvarsky
1.0669313  ag07/18/10Surly Furious Clone - 90min Mash Rusty Kettle Brewing
1.0677010  ag07/16/10Nirvana Poverty Bay
1.058558  ag07/15/10Cool (1st) Runnings KOBB
1.0801077  pm07/14/10Ship of Fools Stolen Face Brewery
1.1059912  ag07/10/10Pink Belly Tripel Slap Imperial IPA M.Ayers
1.06210317  ag07/09/10C&C Prenup Poverty Bay
1.065589  pm07/07/10EXIT 154 PETE ZILWAUKEE
1.0657112  eg07/07/10Pale Face Ale noideawhatIamdoing
1.058558  ag07/05/10Cool (1st) Runnings KOBB
1.10510112  ag07/04/10Pink Belly Tripel Slap Imperial IPA M.Ayers
1.0734510  ag06/30/10IPA hadibim (38) - AG dagan
1.0733910  ag06/30/10IPA hadibim (37) - AG dagan
1.0639510  ag06/27/10Downtown IPA The1DG
1.070 -8  ag06/24/10Piney the Eldest Matthew R.
1.0808711  eg06/21/10West Coast IPA 2 Timmons
1.0626914  eg06/20/10Double Oat & Oak IPA Hair of the Dog homebrewery
1.058558  ag06/20/10Cool (1st) Runnings KOBB
1.069708  ag06/17/10Cool (1st) Runnings KOBB
1.0896911  eg06/15/10Bullmoose Strong Ale Mark II George With John and Andrew
1.0747010  eg06/15/10West Coast IPA 3 Timmons
1.065556  pm06/13/10Stone Clone Bryan Dore
1.0684611  ag06/11/10Falls Church Pale Ale Greg Grosklos
1.066719  ag06/10/10Over the Hill Poverty Bay
1.07610810  eg06/09/10Imp Warrior Art
1.067579  eg05/13/10Cascade IPA Bean
1.056557  ag05/10/10Kerbled IPA John Albert
1.0759213  ag05/09/10Mayday! Jeff Schoellerman
1.0651049  eg05/07/10Blurry Vision 2.0 Tuba Tony
1.066589  eg05/07/10Quicky IPA Bean
1.0759213  ag05/03/10Mayday! Jeff Schoellerman
1.076889  ag05/01/10Sarah Palin
1.08810213  ag05/01/10Mayday! Jeff Schoellerman
1.0714112  ag04/28/10English IPA - öéåï Noam, Oded, Eran
1.0735212  eg04/24/10INDIRA Apr-2010 dagan
1.0685312  eg04/24/10The Blues Imperial IPA Steve Stark
1.072729  eg04/23/10Okie-Dokie IPA Captain Cyde Creations
1.0625111  ag04/22/10I pee, eh? Chris Graham
1.062389  eg04/09/10IPA. (work from it) Omer Tal
1.08414710  pm04/07/10Imperial E. Gray
1.074719  pm04/05/10Sunset IPA G. Sumner Hayes
1.0658322  ag04/04/10Homegrown Dark IPA Buzzerj
1.046488  eg03/28/10Old Bull Pale Ale Red Barn Brewery
1.049469  eg03/23/10Indiana Pale Ale ARM
1.0727110  eg03/20/10IX
1.052666  ag03/19/10Hop Dog March 2010 Barry Tingleff
1.056646  ag03/19/10Hop Dog March 2010 Barry Tingleff
1.0615311  pm03/18/10Brew City IPA Chris Johnson
1.055748  ag03/14/10Simcoe Single Hop IPA Matthew R.
1.0839610  ag03/14/10DEIPA (Double English IPA) Matthew R.
1.0701207  ag03/10/10Starrbrew IPA Starrbrew
1.0681207  ag03/08/10Canadian I Pee, Eh? boogs1860
1.0545413  eg02/28/10Pale Ale Sterling
1.0698810  ag02/23/10Sunny Sun (Saison) community brew Matt Ney, JC Freet, Tim Diener
1.068429  eg02/19/10IPA. Omer Tal
1.0711655  ag02/12/10OCIPA Bart Ball
1.07310418  ag02/11/10Red Man part Deux TheGagg
1.0755911  ag02/11/10ACB IPA Clone DJL
1.0808711  eg02/11/10West Coast IPA 2 Timmons
1.06811210  ag02/01/10RyeNot? TheGagg
1.0744412  eg01/26/10Bullmoose Strong Ale (Name changed to protect the innocent) George with John and Andrew
1.0636316  eg01/22/10Furious George extract West Side Brewing
1.0735410  ag01/22/10IPA hadibim (27) - AG dagan
1.077616  ag01/17/10Belgian IPA Chris McMath
1.0637231  ag01/11/10Blakthop Porter Chris Ungvarsky
1.066609  eg01/09/10Wild West IPA Timmons
1.0656411  ag01/07/10Red Rye IPA Jupiter Brew Crew
1.0828210  pm01/03/10ipa #5 jason
1.0581168  eg12/30/09III
1.061509  ag12/28/09EKG IPA Ben Schy
1.074748  ag12/27/09Big Pig Ben Schy
1.08310611  eg12/26/09IV
1.0645114  eg12/15/09IPA First Try (23 ltr) Omer Tal
1.0642314  eg12/15/09IPA FIRST TRY Omer Tal
1.08610311  eg12/13/09II
1.063628  pm12/07/09VIPA Vacation India Pale Ale DirtyBob
1.0841007  ag11/25/09High Flying IPA Brewmstick Brewing
1.0659025  eg11/19/09Black IPA (El Jefe) CorradoVT
1.079110  pm11/14/09THOR's Hop Hammer Jason / ODIN's BREW
1.06211110  eg11/10/09Sister Star EG Ben Schy
1.110989  ag10/28/09The Mad Hopper Brad Brew
1.0668210  pm10/27/09HopResin Ale E. Gray
1.0746113  eg10/17/09IPA hadibim (20) dagan
1.0766416  eg10/16/09Warrior IPA Scott Schluter
1.0785110  pm10/15/09Pining for Pliney Beltane Brewing
1.0501312  eg10/15/09Oaked IPA Joe Geiger
1.07412512  pm10/11/09Behemoth Beltane Brewing
1.0681207  ag10/10/09Canadian I Pee, Eh? boogs1860
1.07110110  ag10/07/09Rawkus Ruestow
1.066539  ag10/06/09Valley IPA JC
1.07112310  ag10/05/09Rawkus Ruestow
1.0799811  eg10/04/09Blurry Vision Tuba Tony
1.069747  ag10/02/09Thuggie IPA BBQ Bob
1.0666710  pm10/02/09ryePA ethan gray
1.0569610  eg09/26/09Total Assumption IPA andrd287
1.0767712  eg09/25/09Double IPA Brian Haubert
1.067527  ag09/25/09Our Sturdy Golden Bear Sean and Kimmy
1.064468  eg09/20/09A Special Nuptial IPA Uncle Ralph
1.0707210  pm09/13/09Torpedo clone E. Gray
1.0605243  eg09/12/09BLACK GINGER IPA Mr Wicked Awesome
1.051396  ag09/12/09Estate IPA Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.062668  ag08/31/09Smell's Who Farted Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.09710714  ag08/26/09IIPA Bart Ball
1.0745112  eg08/22/09IPA hadibim (13) dagan
1.0647810  ag08/06/09Barrington IPA Chris McMath
1.0597018  eg07/25/093 sheets to the wind IPA West Side Brewing
1.0836312  ag07/20/09Acid Tripel Chris Ungvarsky
1.0837213  ag07/19/09Naperville 471 KOBB
1.0655310  pm07/19/09Summertime IPA Social Experiment Brewing Co
1.084524  ag07/18/09Acid Trip Chris Ungvarsky
1.1004412  eg07/14/09Big Guy Imperial IPA Gregg
1.0696611  ag07/12/09Double IPA TheGagg
1.059519  e07/10/09IPA Sterling
1.072639  pm07/09/09Evening Star IPA SumnerH
1.0808211  eg07/01/09All Cent. IPA FRS
1.0777411  eg07/01/09All Cent. IPA FRS
1.1003410  eg06/29/09Imperial IPA Gregg
1.0645113  eg06/20/09IPA NUMBER 10 the Red Stoners
1.0667812  ag06/18/09Lord Stanley IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.0606010  eg06/17/09IPA II BE
1.059619  pm06/11/09Mother's Little Helper IPA D Gamble
1.0635011  eg06/06/09IPA Lot When I Drink Hairafiftid
1.07411612  eg05/31/09Belgian Dubbel IPA Ad Hominid
1.0718911  eg05/26/092 Gen IPA Tom Botting
1.0727213  pm05/25/09MonsterBolt Clamstalk Brewery (S.K. Murphy)
1.0611136  ag05/24/09Memorial IPA Matt - talking Seagull
1.066586  ag05/20/09Spring Time Jasmine IPA West Wind
1.070299  eg05/16/09tru brews: new double I.P.A-"Hops smuggling" Zodo
1.064367  eg05/13/09Ben, Stop Calling Me Paul_less hoppy Fangor
1.065469  eg05/09/09Bitter Bottled Blond Clamstalk Brewery (S.K. Murphy)
1.0532310  eg05/07/09Grand Slam IPA #2 Uncle Peter
1.059577  ag05/05/093-C IPA Fuzzdawg
1.0707724  ag04/26/09Red Man TheGagg
1.0625010  ag04/25/09brit IPA beer wolf
1.062536  ag04/23/09Catfish Head 60 minute Scott G.
1.064448  eg04/23/09tounge spliter martin
1.064448  eg04/23/09tounge spliter martin
1.0755711  eg04/22/09my first IPA dagan
1.0504811  eg04/22/09Neb's IPA Nebskram
1.0738413  ag04/21/09All Over Your IPA DWalker
1.0596017  ag04/20/09Aces Up Dark IPA Keith Forsgren
1.05616415  ag04/18/09Triple IPA Just Here For The Beer
1.038618  pm04/17/09Voyager IPA Templar Brewing
1.064497  eg04/16/09Ben, Stop Calling Me Paul Fangor
1.0776513  ag04/12/09Fudgett Nectar Shaggy T
1.067708  pm04/12/09HopFest IPA Ethan Gray
1.0687610  ag04/11/09Snake Byte IPA Viper
1.0885720  eg04/11/09Oak Aged Blueberry Blossom Honey Kumquat Double India Pale Ale Unicorn Brewing Co.
1.069687  eg04/08/09Clamstalk Slimy Toad S.K. Murphy
1.031736  pm04/06/09IPA #3 jason warnes
1.066419  eg04/06/09English IPA Lilipad Saloon
1.065366  ag04/03/09Easter IPA(2009) Mark Haislip
1.0684814  eg04/02/09IPA NUMBER 10 the Red Stoners
1.0666510  ag04/02/09White Man's Burden IPA John Albert
1.0788910  ag04/01/09Thor BBQ Bob
1.062725  ag03/31/09April IPA Matt
1.0666710  ag03/30/09White Man's Burden IPA John Albert
1.0771326  eg03/26/09Kodavista I.A.A. Zodo
1.071728  pm03/24/09HopFest IPA Ethan Gray
1.064579  ag03/22/09IPA_EIRAS eiras
1.049399  pm03/21/09my pale ale Jake Retter
1.0687610  ag03/19/09Snake Byte IPA Viper
1.058967  ag03/15/09Angry Bob's Amarillo IPA Angry Bob
1.0703010  eg03/07/09alabama fishhook spare room homebrew
1.0738618  eg03/06/09IPA 1 Tom Krump
1.0565610  eg03/01/09Steamboat IPA Doug Kraus
1.0565610  eg03/01/09Steamboat IPA Doug Kraus
1.0595911  ag03/01/09American Style IPA TheGagg
1.062377  ag02/26/09Party in my pants crackhead
1.069697  ag02/22/09ipa bone purple pidgion
1.0607510  ag02/22/09Palisade IPA Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0482129  eg02/21/09Snow Day George
1.0665612  eg02/17/09My Cousin is Gay IPA Last Bolton Brewery
1.07211711  ag02/15/09Atomic IPA v2.0 Chris Ungvarsky
1.06010910  ag02/15/09Palisade IPA Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.067568  pm02/14/09Grey Cat IPA Glenn Fedon
1.0741216  eg02/13/09Kodavista I.P.A Zodo
1.0838811  ag02/11/09IPA Malone Brew Man Group
1.0554420  eg02/10/09Q&A
1.0581015  ag02/10/096th Ring IPA Shaggy T
1.066628  eg02/09/09Reustonium IPA Ruestow
1.0821259  e02/05/09Enrique's Pale Ale Eric
1.0546328  eg02/01/09India Dark Ale West Side Brewing
1.062648  eg01/25/09Cat Pounce IPA Jim Mechtly
1.064874  ag01/25/09Summer Time IPA 2 West Wind
1.060546  ag01/22/09Stone Clone TalkingSeagull
1.081779  pm01/12/09Wildcat IPA Drew
1.051654  ag01/10/092009 APA Ben Schy
1.0721388  eg01/04/09Pop Top IPA Aaron Catt
1.0565610  eg01/04/09Steamboat IPA Doug Kraus
1.0747212  pm01/02/09hopheads delight jason warnes
1.0799710  pm01/02/09Glacier IPA Shaggy T
1.0915116  eg12/25/08Double I.P.A. Geoff
1.0644611  eg12/25/08Mighty Moose IPA CAN-AM Kitchen Craft Zymurgy
1.0655711  eg12/24/08Fire Up Chips Andy Strodtman
1.0601329  ag12/20/08Bitter Recession IPA TalkingSeagull (Matt)
1.0565810  eg12/13/08Steamboat IPA Doug Kraus
1.0675435  eg12/13/08Blackwater 100 West Side Brewing
1.065727  ag12/09/08Two Hearts A.L.e Rock Your World Brewing
1.0751077  ag12/08/08Wicked Awesome IPA MR Wicked Awesome
1.065737  eg12/04/08"Sweet Amnesia" IPA Bill Carleton
1.069447  ag12/01/08Furious George (countertop series) West Side Brewing
1.0706311  ag11/26/08Prateesh Patel's IPA (Please Come Again) Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Brewer
1.066736  ag11/23/08IPA Hoptastic Rooz
1.0635812  ag11/21/08Stunning IPA Beez Brewing
1.062338  eg11/15/08Good Life Pale Ale Jim Mechtly
1.07212611  ag11/15/08Atomic IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.059338  eg11/14/08Good Life Pale Ale Jim Mechtly
1.0757710  eg11/11/08Icculus' Hoppy-Friendly IPA Bill Carleton
1.056487  eg11/09/08D.I.P.A. Haw Creek Brews
1.06986>50  ag10/28/08O'bama IPA BBQ Bob & JB Collaboration Brew
1.11110117  ag10/09/08Rick's Brute Imperial IPA Rick Piccirilli
1.06316516  ag10/06/08Just Another IPA Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.062939  ag10/05/08Party IPA Rooz
1.0731269  ag09/30/08Ruined Nation Chris Ungvarsky
1.0735313  ag09/29/08Inferno IPA Rick Armstrong
1.0596210  ag09/27/08IPA purple
1.0726412  ag09/26/08Cascade Harvest IPA Don Blake
1.0524923  eg09/24/08West Coast IPA JHONNIEG
1.1089616  eg09/06/08Green Machine BBQ Bob
1.074695  ag09/02/08IPA Beclouded Eye Brewing
1.08114015  eg08/29/08Holden's Hop Soup Zach Smith
1.065655  ag08/19/08Pale IPA John Alden
1.066864  ag08/17/08Summer Time IPA West Wind
1.0648111  ag08/17/08Pete's I-do-PA Peter Holland
1.060788  eg07/27/08Northwest Pail IPA Buzzerj
1.079657  ag07/27/08I drink beer so IPA Poidog
1.0554514  eg07/23/08Escondido Pale Ale The Death Drinkers
1.047926  pm07/20/08Terrapin Reprise Chris Ungvarsky
1.0646510  ag07/13/08Summer IPA Chris McMath
1.0614810  eg07/11/08Hoppy Cascade IPA PotterWater
1.048758  eg07/04/08Sterling's IPA Sterling
1.058856  eg06/21/08Iraqi Pale Ale (8-3) DA Brewing
1.09918211  ag06/18/08Mr. Spock's Bitter Dregs BBQ Bob
1.0559710  ag06/13/08Hopburst Matt
1.0737220  ag06/01/08Smokin' Pale Ale Buck Run Brewery
1.1059111  ag05/16/08Imperial Double IPA Paul Holcombe
1.0768510  eg05/14/08IRAQ Bound IPA J. Reams
1.067475  ag05/13/08IPA Beclouded Eye Brewing
1.0727123  eg05/10/08Celebration Ale Clone Gary Slafka
1.0664810  eg05/08/08Yeaster Bunnay Ale Michael Cross
1.058577  ag05/07/08miPA Andrew Holm
1.07910318  ag05/01/08Reliable IPA Ira
1.073187  eg04/22/08Honeycomb IPA Burnside Brewery
1.075158  eg04/22/08Honeycomb IPA Burnside Brewery
1.0697914  eg04/20/08Hoppy Holly's IPA Buzzerj
1.050439  ag04/15/08Kelex IPA Kelsey and Alex
1.08211010  ag04/14/08Ghandi's Pissed IIPA Rock Your World Brewing
1.0899214  eg04/10/08Hopicide 187 BBQ Bob
1.055547  eg04/06/0830min IPA West Side Brewing
1.055547  eg04/06/0830min IPA West Side Brewing
1.064727  ag04/04/08Ressurector II IPA Andy Strodtman
1.083918  ag03/29/08M.O.A.B. aka Hop Bomb BBQ Bob
1.082998  eg03/28/08Matt's Bewildering IPA Matt Key
1.0454214  e03/14/08Rat bastard brown ale Bee
1.0626711  ag03/12/08Rye P.A. for Beer Quest Jim Anciaux
1.0655512  eg03/04/08Fly-P-A Nogero N. Swerb
1.0651166  ag02/26/08Hophead Chronic Tonic Brewing
1.0561238  ag02/25/08Resurrector IPA Andy Strodtman
1.060765  ag02/23/08Sloppy Time IPA Matt
1.07412611  pm02/23/08Ruined Nation Chris Ungvarsky
1.074 -6  ag02/22/08Tiny the Welder Chris Ungvarsky
1.0884212  eg02/18/08DIPA Social Experiment Brewing Co
1.056608  eg02/18/08Huh? Hoppy Honey Ale Social Experiment Brewing Co
1.052699  eg02/15/08Forza Beer Rob, Paul and Ian
1.0607613  eg02/13/08Terrapin Chris Ungvarsky
1.066269  eg02/12/08NBD IPA Jablonski
1.0737515  eg02/12/08Burnt Beans IPA Matt n Katie
1.060 -7  ag02/09/08Pliney the Middle Aged Lucky Bastard Brewing Co.
1.046546  ag02/03/08Little Giant IPA Lucky Bastard Brewing Co.
1.071697  ag01/21/08667 (the number after the beast) IPA kek-san
1.0616010  ag01/21/08Jim's IPA Jim Anciaux
1.0825410  eg01/21/08I Miss Your Cent kleban
1.054257  eg01/20/08Sea Shell Pale Ale 2 Jim Mechtly
1.056547  eg01/20/08Woodlawn Pale 13th Street Brew Crew
1.073727  ag01/19/08Hop Van Winkle BBQ Bob
1.0701179  pm01/14/08Jimmy's Deluxe IPA Tom & Scott & Dave
1.0625012  pm01/11/08Pale Male Ale Hegermann
1.0654619  eg01/03/08Winter IPA Dymon Brewing
1.072836  ag12/31/07Hoptopia Below Grade Brewing (Dean Wise)
1.0666511  ag12/27/077-11 IPA Jerry Dessert
1.0554911  eg12/21/07Hop Shortage IPA 2.0 West Side Brewing
1.0828316  eg12/12/07Grizz Fizz BBQ Bob
1.047689  ag12/01/07RyePA Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.066957  ag11/26/07Puttanesca IPA West Wind Brewery
1.0555411  eg11/23/07Hop Shortage IPA West Side Brewing
1.0536110  eg11/18/07Angus IPA Doug Kraus
1.08411010  eg11/15/07Mikes DIPA Mike
1.0646611  pm10/31/07FriPA the 14th River Bend Brewpub
1.09910514  ag10/25/07Maximus BBQ Bob
1.055548  eg10/24/07Traditional(ish) IPA Michael Cross
1.0566713  eg10/24/07Tenchiro's American Ale Michael Cross
1.068755  eg10/23/07Magnum Prospect Brewers
1.062397  ag10/17/07Georgia Style Second Street
1.08210012  eg10/17/07By Chinook or By Crook BBQ Bob
1.0685512  pm10/06/07Indian Creek I.P.A. Pete Strunk
1.0596015  eg10/06/07Flathead IPA Schuylkill River Brewing Co.
1.0577514  eg10/05/07SC IPA West Side Brewing
1.054607  ag09/19/07Worthington White Shield Clone F&J Brewery
1.12814921  eg09/16/07Bastard Son of Hop Kong BBQ Bob
1.094918  ag09/10/07Tomahawk Chop BBQ Bob
1.072807  ag08/28/07Straley Summet IPA Felton & Johnson
1.0623610  eg08/27/07Nathan's Infamous Smithereens Brewing
1.0665712  ag08/27/07Sweetwater IPA + Michael Bischoff
1.1209717  eg08/27/07golden nugget IPA doug dutton
1.0678110  pm08/25/07Prison Bitch IPA version2.0 West Side Brewing
1.050357  eg08/21/07N W ipa KTbeer
1.055879  eg08/12/07Prison Bitch IPA West Side Brewing
1.044639  ag07/25/07Lawnmower Lightweight Matt
1.0737412  eg07/21/07Baby Bitter Brett Burton
1.062588  ag07/20/07French IPA Bob
1.07610816  ag07/19/07Hoposaurus Rex BBQ Bob
1.0735610  eg07/16/07Pygmoelian Pale Ale Biff Brew
1.071559  pm07/07/07honey ipa 07/07/07 dave
1.060547  ag07/05/07Sweetwater IPA Clone BlazerBrewer
1.060547  ag07/04/07Sweetwater IPA Clone BlazerBrewer
1.0615110  eg06/25/07English IPA Ruestow
1.0646911  ag06/25/07Flat Fender IPA BruffDog
1.055609  eg06/24/07Another IPA West Side Brewing
1.0643915  eg06/03/07Chinook IPA + mdk
1.0686217  eg05/30/07Misty Mountian Hops Jason Shroyer
1.062608  eg05/26/07IPA Jim Mechtly
1.0556211  eg05/19/07Lint Licker IPA West Side Brewing
1.07014315  ag05/10/07Homie's "Cencas Ale" Charlie Gray
1.0628024  eg05/09/07Baru Brown Snilsen
1.0842549  eg05/02/07the Russian Wolf Amadeus Morningstar
1.0731129  eg04/20/07Devastation IPA Biff Brew
1.0556314  ag04/16/07Feather or Dot Alex Nichols
1.0585412  eg04/16/07Ahopcalypse JBrew
1.053387  eg04/14/07Jim's Sea Shell Pale Ale Jim Mechtly
1.055569  eg04/12/075x Centennial IPA West Side Brewing
1.0584814  eg04/09/07Quad Hopper Chris Ungvarsky
1.065964  ag04/05/075 Cent Rye IPA Pete
1.09210617  eg04/04/07Simon Has Gas DIPA Denis Hurley
1.064787  ag04/04/075 Cent Rye IPA Pete
1.0707411  eg03/29/07The Centennial Michael Parks
1.070765  ag03/18/07DFH 60 Min IPA Clone #3 Ninth Avenue Brewing
1.051629  pm03/18/07"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Macrobeer!" Derek Almashy/Patrick Crabtree
1.0805912  eg03/17/07Long Time on a Boat colin
1.0557010  eg03/17/07Quit Buggin Me IPA West Side Brewing
1.056929  ag03/15/07Mad Zymurgists IPA Brian Cooper
1.06312412  ag03/14/07Strong IPA Jeremiah & J dizzle dizzle
1.0535910  eg03/13/07Ivoryton IPA #1 Rory
1.075369  eg03/09/07bullhead ale buster william
1.0731485  ag03/07/07Russell's Mad March Monster IPA Russell
1.0536110  eg03/06/07Angus IPA Doug Kraus
1.0746511  eg03/04/07Bumpy Butt IPA Patrick Crabtree
1.079638  eg02/27/07Shawn's Double IPA Shawn
1.0848010  ag02/25/07Hopalanche BBQ Bob
1.060529  ag02/01/07Will Never Make it to India Pale Ale Art Shipley
1.0664611  ag02/01/07IPA 739 Pete H.
1.071646  eg01/27/07Magnum P.A. Biff Brew
1.086 -9  ag01/22/07Definition of a Double IPA Definition
1.0828413  eg01/19/07Hopacalypse BBQ Bob
1.0638310  eg01/05/07Anchors Away IPA Michael Parks
1.0911058  eg01/01/07Mad Hops Double IPA Gunther Brewery
1.0724110  eg12/17/06IPA Scott Beavers
1.0688410  eg12/16/06Double Dawg IPA Brown Dawg
1.0919426  ag12/15/06Hopsidious BBQ Bob
1.0818110  ag12/12/06Hopalicious BBQ Bob
1.068526  ag12/08/06Walker's Ale Doug Cox
1.0544110  ag12/04/06Orfy Pale Ale Orfy
1.067638  ag12/01/06Celebration Clone Bachelor Brews
1.060457  e11/25/06India Pale Ale Take 1 Brian Connon
1.072628  eg11/21/06Rainbow Warrior Biff Brew
1.0911058  eg11/20/06Mad Hops Double IPA Gunther Brewery
1.07412923  ag11/18/06Homie's Holiday Ale Charlie Gray
1.0573116  eg11/12/06Darker Shade of IPA the Red Stoners
1.055816  ag11/11/06Beginning to Hop - RAF
1.0627315  pm10/30/06Slippin' Away IPA Rick Rogan
1.08510910  eg10/14/06III (Identity Imperial India) - PA Matt Dalius
1.0725712  eg10/10/06FriPA the 13th River Bend Brewpub
1.07815122  ag10/04/06Lone Coyote Amber IPA kdf
1.0533912  eg09/30/06Vociferous IPA HamiV
1.09410015  ag09/22/06Hoptopia BBQ Bob
1.074538  ag09/20/06The New Harmin' Killa' Brew Li'l Eddie Huerta
1.0655311  eg09/13/06hopguy pale ale Butch Ramsey
1.09610914  eg09/09/06The Skipper IIPA Glenn Mason
1.0672810  eg08/20/06Gadgets Amber Ale Grey Cat Brewery
1.056657  ag08/15/06Ayers IPA Matt Ayers
1.0717114  ag08/13/06Razorback #1 IPA McKinney Brothers
1.075489  ag08/05/06Lionator 2, The Return of Pedro 22nd PT Clan
1.064314  ag07/31/06Dirty minded blonde ale mc C's
1.0681188  ag07/27/06DP Ale (almost air tight) Mike
1.080867  ag07/25/06Big rainy day I.P.A. Jim Johnson
1.071928  ag07/25/06ipa Jim Johnson
1.0709021  ag07/17/06Kosmo IPA West Wind
1.063587  e07/04/06Katy IPA Matt Herrold
1.06813612  eg06/30/06Hill Billy IPA Scmick
1.0603711  eg06/27/06jabb brewer shawn (walton ales) NE.
1.0871277  ag06/19/06Charlene IPA MJKelly
1.0707214  eg06/19/06Full Metal Jacket IPA McKinney Brothers
1.08711713  eg06/18/06The Captain IIPA Denis Hurley
1.055567  ag06/16/06IPA on the Boss' Deck Peter 'the kid' Roman
1.063587  e06/04/06Katy IPA Matt Herrold
1.0546014  eg06/03/06Splinter in the Ass IPA West Side Brewing
1.0777012  eg05/19/06Dr. Don's IPA McKinney Brothers
1.0636210  ag05/13/06Rye I Ought'a... oldmouldyhead
1.0707111  ag05/09/06Mic's IPA McKinney Brothers
1.055477  eg04/19/06Rye PA ChriSto
1.078217  eg04/16/06Thick 'n Round Buster William
1.0581077  ag04/10/06Northwest IPA JNBrewing
1.11918714  ag04/02/06Hop Hulk McKinney Brothers
1.06710410  ag03/25/06Veterans' Day IPA Triple B Brewery
1.066508  ag03/25/06G13 IPA Triple B
1.0858510  eg03/22/06I85PA ChriSto
1.065879  eg03/20/06Ghandi's Pissed IPA Rock Your World Brewing
1.061318  e03/16/06jungle juice IPA Chuck Giles
1.075607  ag03/08/06Henry's Brew Scott Oberlin & Tom Townsend
1.0756010  eg03/06/06Eat a Hop IPA Keith Mycek
1.0646013  eg03/05/06Amarillo IPA Ben's Brew Brewery
1.08517512  ag02/28/06Forest Street IPA Colin P
1.069 -18  ag02/25/06Homie's 3 C's Crazy 8's Charlie Gray
1.061288  e02/16/06jungle juice IPA Chuck Giles
1.0779317  ag02/12/06brain no more IPA Dave McCommons
1.09510211  eg02/11/06Shut Your Hop Hole!!!! McKinney Brothers
1.0762014  eg02/11/06Mike's BoDuRo Black & Gold Ale Steelers Super Bowl XL Victory Mike Prilla
1.0848911  eg02/10/06Hop Hog McKinney Brothers
1.0744311  eg02/03/06Drunken Doggio IPA PABBST
1.061579  pm01/29/06Anchors Away IPA Michael Parks
1.0829610  ag01/28/06.44 Magnum-"Double Tap" McKinney Brothers
1.054756  ag01/27/06Hudson Water Hop Lover
1.0586414  ag01/22/06RAC American Amber RAC
1.063528  pm01/16/06Anchors Away IPA Michael Parks
1.072738  ag01/08/06Gunga Dins "Private Stock" McKinney Brothers
1.053617  ag12/30/05Ed's Killabrew OldMouldyhead
1.0615011  eg12/28/05English IPA ChriSto
1.06111712  eg12/13/05American IPA Spencer Stubbs
1.053638  eg12/11/0545min IPA West Side Brewing
1.0517529  eg12/07/05Liquid Cascades IPA Tasty Boy Brewing Inc.
1.067548  pm12/02/05Sturgeon River IPA Don
1.0711729  eg12/01/05Tear Jerker IPA Noah
1.05710313  eg11/25/05Asheville Brewers Modified Ken
1.0606211  ag11/21/05Christmas Ale Trub Daddy
1.08016916  ag11/18/05DWBhoppy Gary Frankhouse
1.0738910  ag11/12/05Veterans' Day IPA Triple B Brewery
1.079567  ag11/02/05Imperial Fuggles Doug/Shawn
1.078335  ag11/02/05Three Floyds Dreadnought Clone RAF
1.0666311  ag11/02/05Soiree IPA (Celebration Clone) Rod & Les
1.0724413  pm10/29/05Alesner Gary Frankhouse
1.063568  ag10/22/05Celebration Clone Jeff York
1.064678  eg10/16/05Dogfish Head 60 min clone attempt Ninth Avenue
1.053468  eg10/03/05Kent IPA West Side Brewing
1.0733811  pm09/30/05Pith Helmet IPA Rowan Williams
1.052637  eg09/19/05Walker's Biting IPA Walker
1.0672059  ag09/16/05Homie's "Stand By Me IPA" Charlie Gray
1.052637  eg09/09/05Walker's Biting IPA Walker
1.07216912  ag09/08/05Homie's 4C's Ballet II Charlie Gray
1.0561917  eg09/08/05Hophead IPA Jimmer
1.0735011  pm09/07/05Walton's IPA shawn
1.0788612  eg09/06/05Poke You in the IPA TheSlug
1.07111911  eg09/01/05Hoppy Times Brown Dawg
1.0695310  eg08/31/05Lil' Urchin I.P.A. ESB
1.0745015  pm08/15/05Old Chap IPA Conrad
1.0655510  eg08/11/05Hip Ah Mickmike
1.050616  ag08/02/05W.M.C.(weapon of mass consumption) Rictank
1.0656712  eg08/01/05Double Dog's Ass IPA Rathole
1.0544810  eg07/30/05Hazed and Confused West Side Brewing
1.072489  pm07/24/05Desert IPA Gary Frankhouse
1.0666810  ag07/08/05Siren Voice Hop Lover
1.062464  ag06/30/05Hop Harvest Ale Ben Schy
1.0686817  ag06/30/05Red Fraggle Hopped Irish Ale Og's Grogg
1.07216912  ag06/24/05Homie's 4C's Ballet II Charlie Gray
1.044557  eg06/19/05IPA Initial Mash Function
1.0556810  eg06/12/05WFO-IPA West Side Brewing
1.045396  ag06/09/05Cascade IPA Beechwood Brewery
1.082789  eg06/04/05Bringing the Hops Back Home Bear
1.0675411  ag06/02/05India Pale Ale Jon G.
1.07215912  ag05/27/05Homie's 4C's Ballet Charlie Gray
1.062468  ag05/21/05Empress of India Walkers Fine Ales and Stouts
1.08410710  ag05/10/05Dread Natty Alton Brown - brewed on FoodTV show "Good Eats"
1.0859616  pm05/08/052005 Big Brew IPA Black Canyon Homebrewer's Association
1.0656712  eg05/02/05Unnamed Englishman Rathole
1.0713310  eg04/27/05Barrington IPA Derek
1.069637  ag04/16/05Valley of the Kings Brew Askew
1.07410312  eg04/15/05First Attempt IPA Ken
1.0587513  pm04/13/05albino indian boy polishprince
1.054449  e04/12/05Sal and Trevs Celebration IPA Nick Stubbs
1.046587  ag04/06/05JosephsonsIPA (G Wheelers thanks) Bilstonbetts
1.0558621  ag04/03/05Pialla Papille Hop Lover
1.0683512  eg04/03/051561 IPA ToneDawg
1.05923410  ag04/03/05Memorial IPA John
1.056558  ag04/01/05Amarillo IPA John Tossberg
1.0623813  eg03/28/05Buddy's IPA Thomas Mueller
1.072599  ag03/27/05Devils Cove IPA Shermbrew
1.0615212  eg03/26/05"Where's India?" pale ale Gnome's brew
1.0613411  eg03/23/05OKC Ginger PA Dave L
1.0871349  ag03/23/05Imperial IPA Joel Plutchak
1.063219  eg03/16/05Dallas IPA Sam Ellis
1.07218113  eg03/15/05Oscar's IIPA John
1.0625711  eg03/12/05crazy cat clair street brewing co.
1.0578215  eg03/10/05Hippity Hoppity IPA Brown Dawg
1.067787  ag03/02/05Homie's Identic-Ale 2 Charlie Gray
1.069977  ag02/28/05CHIPA Ben Schy
1.066787  ag02/10/05Homie's Identic-Ale 2 Charlie Gray
1.0605312  ag02/06/05Gandi's not well HBB
1.0607312  eg12/30/04IPA Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.07611211  eg12/30/04Hop King Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.057589  eg12/19/04Chinook IPA West Side Brewing
1.0757513  eg12/18/04Epic Divorce Pale Ale (the final eval) Rathole
1.0518914  ag12/13/04Alimony Ale (Buffalo Bill's Recipe) Brew Askew
1.0704713  ag12/11/04hoppy holiday brown ale Fred
1.066997  ag11/29/04Homie's Christmas Ballet Charlie Gray
1.071888  ag11/23/04Winter IPA Ben Schy
1.0744411  eg11/20/04Jack Straw Pale Ale Peyote
1.054666  eg11/16/04Estrella Pale Ale ArizFlash
1.058557  ag11/12/04House ale Trubb Daddy
1.0605010  ag11/10/04India Pale Ale John Tossberg & Bernie Ball
1.062567  eg11/06/04Rye P A West Side Brewing
1.065937  ag11/05/04Homie's Christmas Ballet Charlie Gray
1.0531118  ag11/02/04S.O.B. EXTREME ALE DAVE
1.0683310  eg10/29/04Pernicious Twaddle IPA Thurston Drinkmoore Brewing Concern
1.0605111  eg10/20/04India Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0746811  ag10/20/04hoppin rye Jim Johnson
1.064715  ag10/17/04Penny Ante Double IPA Sinko
1.0848222  pm10/10/04Rotten Bastard IPA (An Arrogant Bastard Clone) The Cheating Commissioner & The Warrior Monkey
1.0591088  ag09/30/04Rebirth IPA OldMouldyhead
1.0651158  eg09/24/04JC's Ruination Jeremy Collins
1.0918013  eg09/24/04JC's Two-hearted Ale Clone Jeremy Collins
1.067999  ag09/21/04Smell-a-Brayshun OldMouldyhead
1.068788  pm09/18/04Longshanks Green Gem
1.074679  ag09/09/04Out of Bounds IPA Hop Tone
1.0705810  ag09/04/04Crass Beer Style IPA Ben Van Dusen
1.059407  ag09/02/04Scuttle Butt I.P.A. Mike S.
1.053489  eg09/02/04Dry Hop IPA West Side Brewing
1.0607711  ag08/24/04Schy Rye Ben Schy
1.0616111  ag08/22/04Hodson's Horse IPA Bendersville Brewery
1.0627211  eg08/19/04Celebration IPA Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0584611  ag08/16/04AtmosFEAR IPA Rob Zamites
1.065635  ag08/14/04picnic brew lincoln laggers
1.0777313  pm08/09/04try rye ipa dave
1.063638  ag07/25/04Homie's "Born In The USA" IPA Charlie Gray
1.053639  eg07/21/04Another IPA West Side Brewing
1.0757513  eg07/17/04Epic Divorce Pale Ale Rathole
1.09013311  ag05/05/04Noggin Buster Imperial IPA Bad Ben
1.066477  ag05/04/04Pale ale andricos
1.0661045  ag05/02/04Centennial IPA Brian Cooper
1.066835  ag05/02/04Centennial IPA Brian Cooper
1.0645710  eg04/29/04walton's IPA shawn
1.06215316  ag04/29/04Homie's IPA ll Charlie Gray
1.057668  eg04/28/04EZ IPA Soapbox Brewery (Mikey Darden)
1.08511810  ag04/27/04Imperial IPA Joel Plutchak
1.0709512  ag04/18/04Jack Me Hopp conrad
1.063794  ag04/11/04Hitching Post IPA Brian Cooper
1.063894  ag04/09/04Hitching Post IPA Brian Cooper
1.050744  ag04/06/04West Side All Grain IPA West Side Brewing
1.0757513  eg03/27/04Epic Divorce Pale Ale Rathole
1.057349  eg03/09/04Irie Pale Ale BIrieMon
1.0789312  eg02/26/04Bastard Rye-PA Andy Bear Greider
1.059717  eg02/14/04Daisy's IPA Steve Jensen
1.056747  eg02/13/04Daisy's IPA Steve Jensen
1.0665513  ag02/12/04Götterdämmerung IPA Alex Baillieul
1.0595011  eg02/08/04Murali Kartik's Pie Chucker Ale Josh Lloyd
1.0557112  eg02/07/045 Hop IPA West Side Brewing
1.0556310  eg02/06/04Lost Drifters IPA Mauro
1.0634914  eg02/03/04Murali Kartik's Pie Chucker Ale Josh Lloyd
1.0452213  eg02/01/04Amber Lass MacPhisto
1.074806  ag01/31/04Wild Pale Ale Wild Card
1.065649  ag01/28/04Better IPA andricos
1.0708111  eg01/27/04Hop to it I. P.A. Mike Hobart
1.057679  ag01/20/04Homie's IPA Charlie Gray
1.064848  ag01/15/04Hoppy IPA B.A.B.K
1.0452213  eg01/14/04Amber Lass MacPhisto
1.047736  eg01/06/04Hank's High Hop IPA West Side Brewing
1.0781696  ag01/06/04Historical IPA Mat Jolly
1.079589  ag01/02/04Devil's Cove IPA #2 Sherm
1.0576510  eg12/17/03Satan's agenda IPA (update) Rathole
1.0757926  eg11/27/03Celebration Ale Gary Slafka
1.0575910  eg11/13/03Satan's agenda IPA Rathole
1.0651814  eg11/10/03Nugchugger Brew Labs
1.070769  ag11/07/03C-Hop IPA Josh Jensen
1.053377  eg10/23/03Mertz's Kemo Sabe' Ale Darren Mertz
1.0493110  eg10/20/03Hoppyness is a warm gun and a cold beer Rathole
1.0583613  eg10/15/03Smoke Da Oak Ale MacPhisto
1.0615410  eg10/14/03Hop Overload Dead Doug
1.0706610  ag10/13/03Misery Bay I.P.A. David Claus
1.0784911  eg10/11/03Imperial IPA West Side Brewing
1.060579  eg10/08/03Hop Harvest Ale Brian Gill
1.0655711  ag10/06/03Götterdämmerung IPA Alex Baillieul
1.0748923  eg09/25/03Celebration Ale Gary Slafka
1.0667329  eg09/12/03Arrogant Bastard Clone Hec the tec
1.0616211  ag09/01/03Hopped up IPA Cheesehead Mike
1.064398  ag08/19/03Annapolis India Pale Ale Marmot Ales...Cadillac Brewery
1.064398  ag08/19/03ipa wheeler
1.051418  pm08/17/0360-Minute Wet IPA Tony Homegrown
1.0769512  eg08/17/03Bastard Rye-PA Andy Bear Greider
1.0654110  ag08/12/03Blighty IPA Brew Askew / Eagle Talon
1.04812912  eg08/12/03Hoppy Together Andy Greider
1.0683913  eg08/02/03Beano IPA Low Carb Beer Trip Rice
1.059457  eg07/26/03Honey IPA West Side Brewing
1.0501311  eg07/24/03Grand Slam India Pale Ale Peter S
1.065556  ag06/23/03IPA John Tossberg and George Aux
1.065699  ag05/23/03Columbus IPA Josh Jensen
1.067709  ag05/23/03Chinook IPA Josh Jensen
1.0847912  eg05/13/03Red Moose Honey IPA Matthew Brown
1.055437  ag05/08/03Dr. pipers I.P.A. jimmy 'piper' litterio
1.04418612  ag05/06/03Super-hoppy II Jay Stanley
1.0926414  eg05/03/03The Road to Kashmir Dan Friedman
1.066629  ag05/03/03Canyon Dweller IPA John Stieben
1.0757411  eg04/09/03Fieldpointe IPA Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.062959  e04/09/03Over the Horizon IPA Brown Brook Brewing Co.
1.0891477  ag04/07/03Dubla I's P A Scott
1.086635  ag03/25/03Sinnful Shiva Imperial IPA River Bottom Nightmare Brewing
1.059415  ag03/17/03Very Bitter Ale Al
1.057309  ag03/16/03Afrikan Amber Clone Andrew S Webster
1.061509  eg03/10/03Wave Off IPA Ale FlightRisk
1.0595311  ag03/01/03Hopdog IPA Trubdaddy
1.074605  ag02/27/03Riley's IPA (Rye IPA) GreenCard Brewery
1.066617  eg02/25/03Leatherneck IPA Funky Monk
1.09310113  ag02/21/03Loco Double IPA Josh Jensen
1.071547  ag02/21/03ballentine clone Jim Johnson
1.061549  ag02/17/03Hopicide bearcat
1.0665915  ag02/08/03Devils Cove IPA Sherm
1.0714910  pm02/03/03Eye PA Tony Homegrown Simmons
1.0696114  eg01/26/03Celebration clone timmy o
1.117829  pm01/22/03Anti-clone Imperial IPA Matt Arsenault
1.066659  ag01/16/03Hooraay! IPA Steve Huddle
1.058818  eg01/11/03Hop Head IPA Glen
1.0597916  eg12/09/02Holy Cow India Pale Chris Reynolds
1.07119413  eg12/05/02Tribute to Stone Brewery Dave's Silly Ale
1.0616211  ag11/24/02Hopped up IPA Cheesehead Mike
1.0666110  pm11/16/02Rye PA Tony
1.085618  eg10/23/02Snakebite Imperial IPA Funky Monk
1.060655  ag10/22/02English IPA HEU Brewer
1.069408  ag10/22/02SS Celebration Ale John & Mark Sandusky
1.0575111  ag10/20/02Christmas ale II Trubdaddy
1.060655  ag10/18/02English IPA HEU Brewer
1.063467  ag10/15/02Bell's Two Hearted clone StoneHenj
1.0751078  ag09/28/02American RyePA John Fisher
1.0582526  eg09/12/02Brown Bear IPA hopped bear brewery
1.07114410  ag08/28/02S&M I.P.A. isarel morris and joe swalcy
1.072769  eg08/28/02Hi-Po IPA Adam L. Crawford
1.0698410  ag08/16/02Rayface IPA Marc Rehfuss
1.058468  eg08/08/02Hop Head IPA Glen
1.072605  ag08/02/02I-APA Colby Fry
1.060114  e07/14/02Strawbeery Honey Ale Trip Rice
1.082104  e07/14/02Lemon Drop Your Drawers Ale Trip Rice
1.060638  ag07/10/02Homie's Born In The USA Ale Charlie Gray
1.057459  eg06/25/027 C's IPA Doug Jones. Copyright 6-2002
1.0659111  ag06/14/02big bear beast beer gman
1.060549  pm06/10/02Closing Day IPA Kevin R. Gallagher
1.0748718  ag05/08/02Kingston Pale Ale padds
1.0676512  eg04/27/02Alpha King Clone bearcat
1.082104  e04/25/02Lemon Drop Your Drawers Ale Trip Rice
1.055359  eg04/24/02ZIGER IPA HUFFBRAU
1.060114  e04/18/02Strawbeery Honey Ale Trip Rice
1.0675815  pm04/06/02India Not Pale Ale Alex Wetmore
1.060238  eg03/29/02Two Hearted Ale Bell's
1.06512013  ag03/17/02Rasta's Jumping IPA padds
1.065489  ag03/05/02West Indies Pale Ale
1.0656212  eg03/03/02OTM IPA Al/Noreen Beers
1.059549  pm03/02/02Munich II Coly Moore
1.0625410  eg03/01/02OTM IPA Al/Noreen Beers
1.060639  eg02/28/02All Doped Up on Hops Newer Brewer
1.0523715  eg02/23/02Saturday IPA Steve Huddle
1.053516  eg02/22/02American Style Pale Ale Costa Mesa, CA
1.063847  ag02/22/0244 Magnum IPA HEU Brewer
1.0544912  eg02/20/02Uncle John's IPA Chris Evensen
1.0596710  pm02/19/02Munchy Coly Moore
1.0708010  ag02/19/02Santium Jim Johnson
1.09710812  ag02/08/02TWO TUN IMPERIAL IPA VICTOR & JOSH
1.0645910  eg02/07/02Tenderfoot IPA Thom Moore
1.068577  eg01/24/02Earth Day IPA funsoul
1.061598  ag01/23/02Best IPA Kelly
1.071729  ag01/12/02Rayface IPA II Marc Rehfuss
1.085618  eg01/06/02Snakebite IPA Funky Monk
1.0665212  eg12/31/01October IPA Greg
1.0618313  eg12/30/01Celebration Clone Al
1.0544912  eg12/27/01Uncle John's IPA Chris Evensen
1.0737716  pm12/26/01Giddie 'ap Celebration Ale John Aberle-Grasse
1.062803  ag12/17/01Broadside IPA Harry Grier
1.0597910  pm12/17/012nd Anniversary IPA Greg Beron
1.0697510  ag12/09/01Tanana Valley IPA (Intense Polar Ale) Spitdriver
1.0755310  eg12/09/01HeartLess IPA Newer Brewer
1.0704620  eg12/01/01Elden IPA McMillan Mesa Brewing
1.048578  ag11/26/01Longstaff's IPA Longstaff Brewing Co.
1.0664810  ag11/24/01Christmas Ale Trub Daddy
1.0618313  eg11/21/01Celebration Clone Al
1.066437  ag11/18/01Mike's Big Beer Mike Desautels
1.0664811  ag11/17/01Christmas Ale Trub Daddy
1.0687014  eg11/16/01Aye Carumba 4 IPA Gary Slafka
1.0787011  eg11/12/01Box Cars Ken Gray
1.0614113  eg11/03/01Celebration Clone Al
1.07413613  ag11/03/01The Hopfather I3PA Aaron
1.0554813  ag10/29/01Pale? Ale Charlie Gray
1.060518  pm10/24/01Larry's IPA Matt Walker
1.0704912  eg10/10/01First Try IPA Brian
1.0567612  pm10/07/01Sam Adams IPA clone Paul Trunfio
1.065567  ag09/29/01IPA LOT Dick Gregory
1.057627  ag09/21/01IPA nick
1.0567213  eg09/21/01Oh Molly! Paul Trunfio
1.0788311  eg09/19/01Box Cars Ken Gray
1.0826212  ag08/31/01Honey IPA of the Godz Chris Anderson
1.0748110  ag08/24/01Rayface IPA Marc Rehfuss
1.060638  ag08/08/01Double J IPA Jim Johnson
1.0615910  eg08/07/01Hop Head IPA Kevin Bower
1.0614413  eg08/06/01Don't Hurt Me Shawn Miller
1.0745813  ag08/05/01TIA's Mean IPA Joseph Eiras
1.0552810  ag08/02/01American IPA Mehdi Anvarian
1.07110910  pm07/26/01Flanuer Ale DRB
1.0615910  eg07/17/01Hop Head IPA Kevin Bower
1.066609  ag06/29/01Treeman IPA II Michael Joslin
1.084165>50  eg06/24/01Double Perle Shotgun DELACROIX BROTHERS
1.054569  ag06/08/01Ball Bustin' IPA Tom Daniels
1.075458  ag06/03/01spring valley pale ale rob and rob
1.0815113  e05/27/01Dirty Girl IPA Dave Walker
1.0497810  eg05/21/01Sweet Summer Ale Stinger
1.0705610  pm05/04/01Honey IPA 3-31 Dave Walker
1.0577710  eg05/04/01Made you ask why Stinger
1.0645114  ag04/25/01May Ipa Pascal Desbiens
1.064609  eg04/25/01Roxy IPA Colby Fry
1.0631059  eg04/24/01Brown Nugget APA DRB
1.0651518  ag04/12/01Sister Star of the Sun Just A Fan of This Beer
1.082130>50  eg04/11/01"Good To The Last Hop!" DELACROIX BROTHERS
1.0633210  eg04/07/01Caddo Pale Ale Andrew McMichael
1.059725  ag04/06/01Arlington IPA Lake Street Brewing
1.051789  eg04/05/01Random IPA Dan Shookowsky
1.0687616  ag04/03/01Dead Dog IPA Chuck Noll
1.0616510  ag03/07/01Flexible Elbow Todd n' Dave
1.0615812  pm02/25/01Amarillo Ale Marc Rehfuss
1.0715015  pm02/25/01Masters IPA Chris McMath and Scott Oberlin
1.0677820  eg02/23/01Celebration Sensation Gary Slafka
1.0645014  ag02/07/01Couche-Tard IPA Pascal Desbiens
1.074498  pm01/30/01Treeman IPA Michael Joslin
1.061509  ag01/21/01Moksha III Jim Lanning
1.0715013  eg01/02/01Old Paisley-Bottom Eric Riise
1.0656310  ag12/09/00Murrieta Pale Ale Patrick Devaney and Donald Park
1.0637415  eg11/17/00Nov. Blues Russ Meredith
1.0737611  eg11/03/00quasIPA Marc Rehfuss
1.070489  pm10/21/00Oak Chip IPA Pint Boy
1.081749  eg10/20/00Imperial India Pale Ale John Popp
1.064657  e10/19/00Ilford Imperial Pale Ale Cockney Geezer
1.0656012  eg10/07/00Factotum American IPA Joel Donelson
1.058487  ag10/07/00Zoe's IPA John Husted ie. trub daddy
1.063585  ag10/05/00IDEAL ALE Ron
1.058449  ag09/15/00HOP ALE LONG Ron
1.063399  eg09/07/00Boomer Sooner 2000 IPA George Thomas
1.0564411  e08/22/00Hop August Nights Delacroix Brothers
1.0666610  ag08/20/00Keg Conditioned IPA John Alden
1.0565114  eg08/12/00Moksha I.P.A. Jim Lanning
1.0768712  pm07/29/00Evil Eye P.A. JohnGalt
1.0646614  eg07/22/00Rayface Ale Marc Rehfuss
1.0486015  e07/15/00Hop-Sack India Dark Ale Delacroix Brothers
1.064667  eg07/14/00IPO IPA Howard Nicholson
1.063528  ag07/11/00Stout Billy's Brewhaus IPA Doug Kumph
1.0779313  ag06/25/00Knock Offin' (inspired by Hop Ottin') Neilvis
1.050397  ag06/25/00Spring Oak IPA Brewmeister Mandigo
1.0794520  pm06/17/00Eclipse IPA Beer Lords
1.057719  ag06/04/00Challenger IPA Andy Hancock
1.0786310  eg05/30/00Bosley's Black Dog IPA Michigan Braumeister
1.0601059  eg05/29/00Old No. 40 Delacroix brothers
1.0654723  eg05/26/00Celebration 3 Gary Slafka
1.0692511  eg05/26/00Baird's Beaked Ale Baird Brothers
1.0565112  ag05/03/00Trolly Man IPA R. Micheal Anderson
1.0691414  eg04/25/00Electric IPA Psychedelic Ranger
1.0736213  e04/25/00Hippity Hoppity Easter IPA El Puerco Loco
1.056619  pm03/23/00Pale Swede Jason Nelson
1.066528  ag03/16/00Sky P.A. Bill Maynard
1.0684421  eg03/08/00Celebration Batch 2 Gary Slafka
1.053515  ag03/03/00Afterburner Ale CrazeeFrazee
1.059236  ag03/02/00IPA Light J. Randal
1.0636210  eg03/01/00Hop Devil IPA John Alden
1.0496910  eg02/18/00B.S. IPA Steve Shackley and Kathy Butler
1.0675411  ag02/13/00G's LIBERTY ALE II G MAN
1.065639  eg02/09/00Hop Dog IPA Larry
1.0584312  eg02/03/00BrewSouth IPA Robert Saporito
1.062669  ag01/28/00IPA #5 Martin
1.0715010  ag01/15/00Turgid Twins IPA Mark Alfaro
1.061486  ag01/12/00I Like a Challenge(r) IPA John A
1.067619  ag01/08/00Herf'n IPA Dan Johnson
1.0624712  ag12/22/99Y2K Celebration Ale wally
1.0615614  eg11/28/99IPA IV John Alden
1.055258  eg11/24/99Red Rocket IPA Bruce Webber
1.0784511  eg11/18/99Dan's India Pale Ale Dan
1.068749  ag11/12/99Y2K Celebration Ale wally
1.062459  ag11/12/99Winter Warmer wally
1.0683611  eg11/07/99Hope and Pray IPA Jason Adams
1.0585913  ag10/30/99Capt. Humphrey's IPA Steve Spurlock
1.065659  eg10/19/99IPA XIII John Alden
1.062389  eg09/13/99Admiral's IPA Two TKE's Brew
1.069438  pm08/26/99Holy Grail Ale Chris Burton
1.066529  ag08/09/99Irish Phil Ale Stinky El Gato
1.0635514  eg08/08/99Psyco IPA Dr. Psyco
1.0605211  ag08/01/99Hooyaa, All Grain IPA William Solomon
1.068629  ag06/30/99Newts Tail Pale Ale (20 bbl) The Newt King
1.066477  eg06/25/99Private Reserve IPA funsoul
1.072529  eg06/11/99"Bengal Tiger" Rye IPA Beer Lords
1.0836811  ag06/09/99Cascade IPA Dennis Waltman
1.0613411  pm06/03/99India Pale Ale Barry Tingleff
1.0664511  eg05/07/99Music City IPA TDK
1.062428  ag04/22/99Muddy Dawg Paw Steve Heyman
1.0615714  ag04/19/99Veni-Vedi-Vagina Johnny Blaze
1.0595213  eg04/13/99Brew House Pale Ale Shawn
1.0696611  ag04/05/99SKY PILOT IPA MOE
1.0746511  eg04/03/99Bumpy Butt IPA Patrick Crabtree
1.061549  eg04/02/99Olde Tourhead IPA J.M. Hart
1.0543018  eg03/28/991st IPA Keith Aschinger
1.066609  ag03/06/99Treeman IPA II Michael Joslin
1.05829  eg03/05/99" Twiggy Ale " Marcus Taylor
1.0545410  eg02/23/99Steve's Incredible Pale Ale STEPHEN KOPIL
1.056577  ag02/21/99Indiana Pale Ale Pat Fay
1.0523923  pm02/20/99PA.P.A. Franzkeller
1.064619  eg02/16/99IPA VIII John Alden
1.0695612  eg02/06/99Bangalor IPA Ed Hopkinson
1.0696510  eg02/03/99Oxfords India Pale Ale Oxford Brews
1.074498  pm01/17/99Treeman IPA Michael Joslin
1.0527412  ag01/05/99Chronictonic Pale Ale Steve
1.0758111  ag01/03/99BC Celebration Ale Bill Hughes/Chris Ticknor
1.0751521  eg12/24/98Steam IPA Seth Dobrin
1.0635211  pm12/14/98G's Liberty Ale G MAN
1.0761521  eg12/11/98Steam IPA Seth Dobrin
1.058757  ag12/10/98Ganesha India Pale Ale JAY PEMBERTON
1.069608  eg12/09/98IPA VII John Alden
1.065708  ag12/09/98Friday the 13th India Pale Ale Steve Roberts
1.064449  ag11/09/98Maris Otter IPA # 2 John A
1.062599  eg11/07/98Wife's away ale Lewis Jennings
1.0603810  eg10/18/98Interview I.P.A Shawn
1.0693713  e10/02/98My Little Humidor Johnny Blaze
1.0666310  eg08/27/98Oh My God, Becky Greg
1.0594913  ag08/25/98Goundhog Ale Brewess
1.0574510  eg08/22/98IPA V John Alden
1.0604212  eg08/18/98Nuclear Testing IPA Dan Langrill
1.0644714  eg08/12/98VooDoo Brew #1, IPA Eric J. Chet
1.054357  ag06/26/98Dirk Diggler Johnny Blaze
1.0585610  eg06/25/98Ventana IPA Bob DeLaHunt & James Alumbaugh
1.061479  ag06/10/98Sunshine NewtDreams Summer Ale The Newt King
1.0675919  ag04/28/98Newts Delight Amber The Newt King
1.058588  ag04/23/98Raise The Flag IPA Dan Johnson
1.055619  ag03/28/98Spring IPA Michael Minter
1.056409  eg03/17/98IPA John Alden
1.06111510  ag03/04/98BoSox IPA - more bitter than '86 Dave Kerr
1.059438  eg02/21/98IPA John Alden
1.0594310  eg02/17/98Groundhog Ale Brewess
1.0657410  pm12/04/97Wartburger IPA Dave Sill
1.065476  ag11/12/97Holiday Hopped IPA Scott Lewis
1.056667  ag11/02/97Rye PA Robert A.Hendricks
1.056508  eg11/02/97India Pale Ale Extract 02 Ira Jay Plotinsky
1.049415  ag10/19/97quasi-Liberty ale Len Spencer
1.059404  ag09/21/97Half Bass Ale Jim Stevens
1.0625815  ag08/29/97Simple all grain IPA Frank Sweigart
1.060377  ag08/18/97SS Celebration Ale John & Mark Sandusky
1.0728611  ag07/25/97Newts Tail Pale Ale II The Newt King
1.06411011  eg07/19/97Death by Hops Dave Sill
1.0828210  ag06/04/97Newts Tail Pale Ale The Newt King
1.0728213  ag06/04/97Odd Grogs Amber Ale Gregor and the Newt King
1.0611716  e05/31/97India Pale Ale Bob Marotte

American Pale Ale

1.071628  ag08/25/16Ichabod's Oatmeal NEPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.07088  ag07/16/16WhiteHouse Honey Ale Darrin Auxier
1.045557  ag07/11/16Panty Dropper Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0583512  eg06/27/16Sweet Cheeks II Fab
1.050406  ag06/03/16Indefriendence Day Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.05507  ag06/02/16Indefriendence Day Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.054216  ag05/21/16Orange flower Pale Ale YanBeer
1.056213  ag05/10/16Orange flower Golden Ale YanBeer
1.056143  ag05/10/16Citrus+Herb Golden Ale YanBeer
1.051986  ag03/29/16Sparkling Ale Tom Healy
1.068728  pm03/25/16CyClone of Liberty Ale MadInstinct
1.047269  ag03/20/16Dog Days The Fallen
1.05508  ag03/16/16Tangerine Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.048303  ag03/14/16Winky's SMASH Force Brewing
1.056304  ag03/13/16Winky's SMASH Force Brewing
1.056304  ag03/13/16Winky's SMASH Force Brewing
1.052156  e12/23/15American Blonde Ale Darrin Auxier
1.050509  eg12/22/15Calpale Jim Massa
1.055599  eg12/14/15Mason Pale ale ARM
1.057539  eg12/13/15Mason Pale ale ARM
1.057659  eg12/10/15Mason Pale ale ARM
1.0571139  eg12/10/15Mason Pale ale ARM
1.055011  ag12/03/15Holiday Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.0557712  eg11/29/15Mason Pale ale ARM
1.064759  ag11/08/15Singletrack IPA V9.0 - Farmhouse Chris Ungvarsky
1.068709  ag11/08/15Singletrack IPA V9.0 - Famrhouse Chris Ungvarsky
1.061779  ag08/08/15Singletrack IPA - v8.0 - EXP 6277 Chris Ungvarsky
1.051235  ag07/25/15Etoile Filante Hors La Loi
1.062496  ag07/20/15Waterman Road APA v3 Rick Rogan
1.054143  ag06/22/15Golden Herb Ale YanBeer
1.0481496  ag05/02/15Session IPA Matthew R.
1.043315  eg04/16/15Fat Yak Clone Russ Meyer
1.053379  eg04/15/15CCLAM Pale Ale 35 Gallons X 2 CCLAM Cape Cod Lager & Ale Makers)
1.041455  ag04/14/15Summer Sunshine Session Chris Ungvarsky
1.055357  ag04/09/15Cali Belgique Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.070269  eg04/04/15Tis the Season Summer Ale Londoman
1.042245  eg03/31/15Wicked Stepmother Stawberry Blonde Derek Barrington
1.051153  ag03/30/15Bee Sting The Fallen
1.068839  ag01/08/15Singletrack IPA - v7.0 - El Dorado Chris Ungvarsky
1.057928  ag01/01/15Three Mile Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.063408  ag12/06/14Citra Pale Ale Muddy Paws Brewing
1.065358  ag12/04/14The AFPAK of my Hand APA Cpuls
1.063488  ag11/08/14Cyprus Point Ale Jim Massa
1.05610812  ag11/08/14Belma ESB Tom Healy
1.066636  ag11/06/14APA 5 KOBB
1.064646  ag11/04/14APA 5 KOBB
1.064896  ag10/14/14APA 4 KOBB
1.064626  ag10/06/14APA 4 KOBB
1.0636911  ag09/21/14American Pale Al-Chemist
1.064626  ag09/20/14APA 4 KOBB
1.063626  ag09/20/14APA 4 KOBB
1.064736  ag09/18/14APA 3 KOBB
1.061557  ag09/18/14APA 2 KOBB
1.061636  ag09/15/14APA 4 KOBB
1.061557  ag09/12/14APA 2 KOBB
1.064736  ag09/12/14APA 3 KOBB
1.061557  ag09/11/14APA 2 KOBB
1.061689  ag09/10/14Ichabod's Oatmeal IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.064736  ag09/06/14APA 3 KOBB
1.061557  ag09/06/14APA 2 KOBB
1.061666  ag09/06/14APA 3 KOBB
1.057619  ag09/01/14IudPA KOBB
1.061657  ag08/30/14APA 2 KOBB
1.059556  ag08/29/14APA 2 KOBB
1.0644210  ag08/14/14Old Toby Soylent
1.057619  ag08/14/14IudPA KOBB
1.057619  ag08/06/14IudPA KOBB
1.057619  ag08/05/14IudPA KOBB
1.049245  eg08/02/14GF Brew Fab
1.057619  ag07/23/14IudPA KOBB
1.041264  ag07/16/14J&V's Citra Blonde Matthew R.
1.0705515  ag07/08/14American Belgium IPA cyril
1.045523  eg07/07/14Citra Gold @LS
1.057636  ag06/20/14Rail Trail Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.042254  ag06/20/14J&V's Citra Blonde Matthew R.
1.055506  ag06/03/14Waterman Road APA v2 Rick Rogan
1.066576  ag06/01/14Waterman Road APA v2 Rick Morgan
1.0576813  eg05/11/14cascade pale ale Homey D
1.053576  ag04/27/14Island Breeze j
1.0405110  eg04/12/14All Day Pale Ale III Carl Hansen
1.075839  ag03/30/14Leg Raiser IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.042438  ag03/27/14Feb14US05x2 burnside brewery
1.043255  ag03/26/14Wedding blonde Matthew R.
1.056666  ag03/23/14Hop Dog 2014 Barry Tingleff
1.064318  eg02/20/14Rights Of Spring Londoman
1.0583011  ag01/04/14Cool H.S. P.A. Force Brewing
1.051458  ag12/20/13Sierra Nevada clone Jonas
1.051457  ag12/18/13Sierra Nevada clone Jonas
1.054417  ag11/30/13Dry Dock Breakwater Pale Ale (Clone) Rick Rogan
1.082496  eg11/23/13Heady Topper Clone CorradoVT
1.0544434  ag10/19/13Island Black Ale J
1.039418  eg10/18/13All Day Pale Ale Carl Hansen
1.000126  eg10/14/13Naked Blond Russ
1.056316  ag10/09/13PALE Beclouded Eye Brewing
1.0626010  ag10/04/13¡Epa! ¡Epa! ¡IPA! Far Knuckle Bill
1.0744313  eg09/21/13Flushopolis Josh
1.0521218  eg09/18/13RM135C1 - BE PREPARED ALE Rick's Wheelhouse Brewing
1.0521218  eg09/12/13RM135C1 - BE PREPARED ALE Rick Champion
1.0769111  ag08/22/13Hulk SMaSH Chris Ungvarsky
1.076348  e08/04/13GF Blueberry Fab
1.068849  ag06/23/13Singletrack IPA - v6.0 - Falconer's Flight Chris Ungvarsky
1.05863  ag05/26/13Strawberry-Rhubarb Ale SS
1.055355  ag05/14/13You're An Ale Tom Williams
1.052236  e05/07/13Ale Daniel
1.056309  ag05/06/13Jordan's dirty 30 pale ale Matthew R.
1.068829  ag05/05/13Singletrack IPA - v5.0 - Columbus Chris Ungvarsky
1.070387  ag05/01/13Petunia KOBB
1.069339  eg04/27/13Big Shoulders Southern Hemisphere PA Londoman
1.070387  ag04/21/13Petunia KOBB
1.054437  ag04/21/13Petunia KOBB
1.060827  ag04/19/13#4 Jonas
1.0558820  ag04/17/13Hank's Trail India Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.069339  eg04/16/13Big Shoulders Southern Hemisphere PA Londoman
1.052474  ag04/11/13Petunia KOBB
1.050343  ag04/08/13Whizzer Ale Force Brewing
1.0581417  ag04/06/13#3 Jonas
1.060918  ag04/05/13#2 Skyggebrygg
1.059567  ag03/28/13Pale Down Under Maple City Brewing
1.055207  eg03/23/13Kama Citra Treetop
1.0568911  pm03/21/13Dirty Pale JC Fork & Beer
1.0794513  eg03/18/13Imperial Pale Ale Sabeerski
1.0564721  pm02/25/13assdroid ale space rock
1.060348  ag02/17/13Daily Scaled Soylent
1.055236  ag02/13/13Raptor Rye Ale Big Horn Basin Brew Supply
1.057147  eg02/07/13Blonde Ale 2013 Jim Mechtly
1.067349  ag02/05/13Daily Soylent
1.068759  ag01/15/13Singletrack IPA - v4.0 - Nelson Sauvin Chris Ungvarsky
1.059297  ag01/08/13Fiscal Cliff IPA Erroin Martin
1.085409  eg01/08/13Pearl Harbor IPA Erroin Martin
1.056486  ag01/03/13Summer Session Ale John Fisher
1.069339  eg12/07/12Big Shoulders Southern Hemisphere PA Londoman
1.068679  ag11/25/12Singletrack IPA - v3.0 - Simcoe Chris Ungvarsky
1.053547  ag10/22/12Honey Do Pale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0613619  eg10/21/12Spooky Pumpkin Ale (II) Fab
1.0631828  eg10/20/12Spooky Pumpkin Ale (II) Fab
1.0515110  ag10/13/12PUNK Punkin Matt
1.058568  ag10/04/12Viva Nevada Gary
1.0653511  ag10/02/12Old Toby Soylent
1.048327  ag09/23/12Shipwreck of the Foolhardy Gord
1.065737  ag09/22/12Harvest #1 Rooz
1.0584010  ag09/17/12XContinental Pale Scott Oberlin
1.050389  ag09/17/12XContinental Pale Scott Oberlin
1.068739  ag09/15/12Singletrack IPA - v2.0 - Citra Chris Ungvarsky
1.063878  ag09/15/12Ipa #9 Jonas
1.069456  ag09/02/12Bitches Brew Miles Davis
1.054677  ag09/02/12Emporer's BrewHAha IPA Herbie Hancock
1.045149  eg09/01/12The White House Honey Ale President Obama's White House
1.047264  ag08/30/12Ship of Fools West Coast Ale Gord
1.053285  ag08/28/12Ship of Fools West Coast Ale Gord
1.064308  eg08/08/12Devin's Party - DPA Londoman
1.057358  eg07/31/12Devin's Party - DPA Londoman
1.066318  ag07/28/12Fridge Fodder Soylent
1.0666410  ag07/24/12Rounders' Rye PA Chris Ungvarsky
1.068729  ag07/06/12Singletrack IPA - v1.0 - Amarillo Chris Ungvarsky
1.0501236  ag07/03/12Hop Head's Paradise Josh Jensen
1.0566210  ag06/29/12Ball and Chain Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0463410  eg06/24/12Will you be my girl? Nicoach
1.057348  ag06/14/12Spontaneous Poidog
1.050456  eg06/06/12Shalev Effi
1.057358  eg06/04/12Devin's Party - DPA Londoman
1.056306  ag06/04/12P I K E 'S P E A K The Virginian
1.051359  eg05/24/12Fools Firewater Andy Greider
1.0651887  ag05/19/12Xxl hop goodness homebrew Jonas
1.048404  ag05/14/12Broke pump pale JJ
1.054525  ag05/14/12America' Birthdy Pale ale JJ
1.0653711  ag05/11/12Old Toby Soylent
1.052419  ag05/02/12Sumcade Pale Ale 2 Christo
1.064569  ag04/29/12spring apa 2012 chris H
1.0604512  ag04/27/12Skanktity of Marriage Pale Billy
1.055389  ag04/06/12Gabriel's Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.0665412  ag03/24/12Thunder Chicken Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.039287  ag03/11/12Styrlicius Bobgod
1.0564510  ag03/08/12Old Toby Soylent
1.069439  ag03/04/12R's Pale Ringle
1.0657511  ag03/02/12Yellow Creek Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.054324  ag02/18/12Strange Pale of Winter Rooz
1.074486  ag02/16/12Pale ale Rooz
1.0496211  ag02/14/12HopComet tinman
1.0574830  ag02/14/12Rosies Brew tinman
1.052453  ag02/14/12Swift Kick in da Butt tinman
1.0485810  ag02/14/12HopLegacy tinman
1.0751636  ag02/12/12Ruined Nation v2.0 Chris Ungvarsky
1.0565010  ag01/29/12ESPA Petey
1.0864810  ag01/28/12Palm and Date ale Jeff Schoellerman
1.04905  e01/14/12MMXII Biff Brew
1.04905  e01/14/12MMXII Biff Brew
1.054378  ag01/12/12Humungous Humulus Pale Ale Brewmeister Mandigo
1.05105  e01/01/12MMXII Biff Brew
1.063266  e12/29/11Honey Blond Yeasty Boys
1.052369  ag11/29/11Sumcade Pale Ale Christo
1.048337  eg11/05/11Pale Force Ale Ben Goodman
1.0619719  ag10/22/11Black bucket of hops JJ
1.0703010  eg10/22/11American Pale Londoman
1.062237  ag10/19/11West Coast Strong Ale Tom Healy
1.049319  ag10/03/11Carrie Nation's Pale Ale Tinman
1.045373  ag09/27/11Freddies Pale Ale Tinman
1.068659  ag09/26/11Ichabod's Oatmeal Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.07610322  e09/19/11Cascadian Black ale Jonas
1.049438  eg09/03/11Mexican - Agave Ale Cassie Sitnik
1.0658511  ag08/25/11Effed up RyePA justio
1.042714  ag07/06/11Liberty Ale Tinman
1.0713919  e07/06/11Ipa madness Jonas
1.0667010  ag07/05/11The Mind's Eye PA Chris Ungvarsky
1.054417  ag06/23/11Turtle RyePA ChriSto
1.044476  ag06/21/11N'ice ale Tinman
1.052246  eg06/20/11Tradewinds Mango Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.070826  ag06/11/11effed up ipa 2011 justio
1.0462512  ag05/30/11Lord Chesternut Tinman
1.0615010  ag05/22/11Post Apocalypse Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.053389  ag05/14/11Bryan's Cali-Belgique Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.0535820  ag05/09/11Hank's Trail India Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.064848  ag05/09/11Endo APA Chris Ungvarsky
1.0422917  pm05/08/11Hard RED ALE(award winner) BERGCO
1.055328  eg05/03/11Tom's APA JJ
1.052616  ag05/03/11Hop Dog May 2011 Barry Tingleff
1.052497  pm04/30/11Shred Dog APA Shred Dog
1.056236  ag04/02/11Vienna ale West Side Brewing
1.0527343  ag03/30/11wutzcolorgottadowitit? Tinman
1.060376  ag03/28/11First All Grain Tom Williams
1.049245  ag03/26/11Redemption Lawnmower Beer Yeastbound and Down
1.0576114  ag03/26/11Red's Rye Clone Yeastbound and Down
1.044215  ag03/25/11St Louis Shuffle Tinman
1.0554311  ag03/20/11My Rye The Flaming Cheetah
1.052487  ag03/13/11Centennial Pave Ave Beclouded Eye Brewing
1.0645510  ag03/13/11Initial Purchase Authority DJL
1.055136  eg02/25/11Light Ale James McDaniel
1.056567  ag02/17/11Crazy Pale The1DG
1.047173  ag02/15/11Murphy's Ale Tinman
1.050233  ag02/10/11White Label Tinman
1.061597  ag02/10/11terrapin style rye pale mike
1.04713513  eg02/04/11East Genoa Magnum PA East Genoa Brewing
1.050254  ag02/02/1115 Min Chinook Cube Ale Gus
1.0565912  ag02/01/11Choka BobO
1.0203910  ag02/01/11NeerBeer BobO
1.064648  ag01/30/11The Great Gazoo Rye PA Chris Ungvarsky
1.036262  e01/30/11Jody's Light Ale Rich Nowak
1.050309  ag01/29/11ScumBallHead Shady Lane Brewing
1.049383  ag01/27/11Plain Ale BIG
1.052369  ag01/23/11ScumBallHead Eric&Joe
1.049386  eg01/21/11Yellow Snow Pale Ale Gary
1.072949  ag01/21/11NGGT NKTR Chris Ungvarsky
1.091997  ag01/21/11O'Neill's Double IPA justio
1.0513511  ag01/20/11TRUCKER'S DREAM PALE ALE El Azor Manchego
1.052173  ag01/19/11Recovery Ale Tinman
1.047455  ag01/17/11Late Hop Citra Ale E. Gray
1.046435  pm01/16/11Late Hop Citra Ale E. Gray
1.071286  ag01/13/11forrest cupp honey ale cannon m
1.0452411  ag01/08/11The Irish Are Bitter KOBB
1.091997  ag12/28/10O'Neill's Double IPA justio
1.055216  ag12/24/10Green Tea Pale Ale Maxime Bourassa-Bédard
1.0881017  ag12/24/10O'Neill's Double IPA justio
1.053406  e12/22/1040 IBU Perle Mize
1.044145  e12/15/10Quickie Tinman
1.04796  eg12/15/10DUH! Tinman
1.049156  e12/15/10Genesis Tinman
1.045186  e12/15/10In Da Barn Tinman
1.052266  e12/15/10OP Blues Ale Tinman
1.061256  e12/15/10Big Bang 1.2 Tinman
1.052296  e12/15/10Big Bang 1.1 Tinman
1.0364714  ag12/15/10First time around Tinman
1.056249  eg12/15/10Sheldon Tinman
1.044196  e12/15/10Big Bang #4 Tinman
1.048186  e12/15/10Big Bang #3 Tinman
1.052176  e12/15/10Big Bang #2 Tinman
1.052196  e12/15/10Big Bang #1 Tinman
1.041125  eg12/15/10Outlaw Ale Tinman
1.06486  eg12/15/10Moto GP Tinman
1.0331219  eg12/15/10GFI Wild Child Mild Tinman
1.068825  ag12/12/10Belgian APA Jeff Schoellerman
1.055337  eg12/10/10American Pale Ale 3 Gal & Omer
1.0523810  eg12/09/10Western Reserve Pale Ale TK
1.076539  eg12/07/10Jale Justin
1.047483  ag11/29/10Hoppy Holidays KOBB
1.046359  eg11/25/10pale curt
1.045425  pm11/24/10Late Hop Citra Ale E. Gray
1.045435  pm11/24/10Late Hop Simcoe Ale E. Gray
1.058558  ag11/23/10Cool (1st) Runnings KOBB
1.055486  ag11/22/10Junk Punch Pale Ale AS1084
1.047486  ag11/22/10Pale Ale KOBB
1.049405  ag11/20/10Late Hop Pale Ale (Simcoe) E. Gray
1.0881017  ag11/19/10O'Neill's Double IPA justio
1.0678312  ag11/17/10The Grinch Chris Ungvarsky
1.047486  ag11/06/10Pale Ale KOBB
1.059488  ag11/03/10New IPA Andy Strodtman
1.0403911  eg11/02/10pale curt
1.055348  ag10/26/10Honey Rye mE
1.0691235  ag10/24/10Big C APA Ben Schy
1.062208  ag10/18/10west coast gt
1.060565  ag10/17/10The Quest noonancm
1.049415  ag10/11/10Late Hop Pale Ale E. Gray
1.0544313  eg10/05/10Caramel Jasmine APA JSully23
1.049415  ag10/05/10Late Hop Pale Ale E. Gray
1.049395  ag10/02/10Late Hop Pale Ale E. Gray
1.046346  ag09/20/10Hausbier II Tinman
1.054338  eg09/08/10APA2 Gal & Omer
1.056408  ag09/06/10Sierra Ale Jim Massa
1.057315  ag08/16/10Harvest Pale Chris Johnson
1.053688  ag08/08/10Will's Pale Bill Wilson
1.057928  ag08/06/10Three Mile Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.054409  ag08/01/10APA Midland
1.063575  ag07/24/10Tiffany's Birthday LuvMyRedDog
1.064206  ag07/15/10Tinman Brewing Co. Hausbier Tinman
1.058558  ag07/15/10Cool (1st) Runnings KOBB
1.058558  ag07/05/10Cool (1st) Runnings KOBB
1.0624218  eg06/30/10GJ Hikes the Sierras GJ
1.063407  ag06/20/10Hitchfest 2010 Simaraleon Zachary Gandalf Hilgers & Barry Tingleff
1.058558  ag06/20/10Cool (1st) Runnings KOBB
1.060407  ag06/17/10Hitchfest 2010 Silmaraleon Zachary Gandalf Hilgers & Barry Tingleff
1.060407  ag06/13/10Simaraleon 11 Barry Tingleff
1.057247  eg06/13/10Something Like That Fab & Grant
1.056728  pm06/10/10Mr. Big Chris Ungvarsky
1.05087  ag05/28/10Tradewinds Mango Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.049278  e05/18/10East Lansing, Pale Ale. Juan
1.0553710  ag05/18/10Chris & Jenn's Above Average Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0533510  ag05/18/10Cascade Pale The1DG
1.060549  ag05/09/10A bit more than Pale MaltMasher
1.0759213  ag05/09/10Mayday! Jeff Schoellerman
1.0505410  ag05/04/10High Hop away Babystep brewery
1.0759213  ag05/03/10Mayday! Jeff Schoellerman
1.052499  ag05/03/10American Pale Ale 2.2 Matthew R.
1.08810213  ag05/01/10Mayday! Jeff Schoellerman
1.0524910  ag04/27/10American Pale Ale 2.1 Matthew R.
1.0525210  ag04/27/10American Pale Ale 2.0 Matthew R.
1.059439  ag04/26/10APA A Hoppe
1.050539  ag04/26/10Nugget American Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.0572910  eg04/21/10Texas State Amarillo Chigger Brewing Company
1.0652212  eg04/20/10Mountain Red Uncle Ralph
1.056266  eg04/20/10Mountain Red Uncle Ralph
1.061356  ag04/17/10Mountain Red Uncle Ralph
1.054406  ag04/15/10Liberty Pale AG Loco Perros
1.0573211  eg04/09/10American Pale Test. Omer Tal
1.0613512  eg04/08/10my pale dog pound
1.042289  ag04/06/10Grange Hall Pale Jeff Luksch
1.050539  ag03/30/10Nugget American Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.0473817  eg03/28/10Rooster Red Red Barn Brewery
1.056686  ag03/21/10Hookjaw Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.060308  ag03/21/10Honey Wheat Beer King
1.053408  ag03/14/10Piss Water Pale Warrior Brewing Company
1.0593312  eg03/13/10American Pale Test Omer Tal
1.051266  ag03/10/10Tradewinds Mango Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.056339  pm03/07/10Famous American Pale Ale Beer King
1.052226  eg03/07/10Tinman's Summer Ale Tinman
1.052196  eg03/06/10Tinman's Summer Ale Tinman
1.0545413  eg02/28/10Pale Ale Sterling
1.0581166  ag02/28/1012/13/9: Sea my Squirt LuvMyRedDog
1.053298  ag02/24/10pale ale Jim Massa
1.0552713  eg02/23/10Amberlamp Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.058357  ag02/08/10LateHop ChriSto
1.06210010  ag02/06/10Something Hoppy Dagan
1.052207  ag02/04/10Sanchez Pale Ale 1/9/10 Miguel Sanchez
1.0584410  ag02/02/10Competition Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.050229  eg01/23/10Paul's American Pale Ale newna2
1.052347  ag01/21/10Rye P.A. Lucky Bastard Brewing Co
1.0544112  ag01/17/10beerquest session ales feb 2010 billy
1.059607  eg01/13/10I Guess it's a APA Raven Brewing
1.051389  ag01/10/10Victory Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.062639  pm01/09/10Gold-N-Bitter Hofferbeerbrewing
1.069599  eg01/02/1010° WIPA Fab & Mike
1.0571176  ag12/12/0912/13/9: Sea my Squirt LuvMyRedDog
1.050864  ag12/10/09"This is the S**T!" Brewhaha
1.058436  e12/06/09Pale Ale Sterling
1.047615  ag12/02/09Potato Ale Chris Johnson
1.047615  ag11/26/09Potato Ale Chris Johnson
1.0705510  eg11/25/09Hop Shwug King Beers
1.0523413  ag11/11/09Mirror Pond Clone Andrew Webster
1.054323  ag10/19/09Simple Wisconsin Ale Chris Johnson
1.0521107  eg10/18/09Victory Ale Brian Gill
1.0556313  eg10/12/09Saint Pale Ale Biff Taylor
1.066539  ag10/06/09Valley IPA JC
1.056369  eg10/03/09driftwood pale ale andrd287
1.047403  ag09/27/09Simple Wisconsin Ale Chris Johnson
1.054610  eg09/20/09Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.0424410  ag09/15/09Pale Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0545711  ag09/10/09Home Opener Harvest Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.069547  ag09/08/09Jupiter Pale III Jupiter Brew Crew
1.058676  ag09/07/09Hop Dog Sept. 2009 Barry Tingleff
1.062668  ag08/31/09Smell's Who Farted Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.062779  ag08/28/09hop farm pale ale gibby's brew
1.055448  eg08/22/09ssb scott
1.048588  ag08/08/09Driftin nebskram
1.0851911  ag08/02/09Light Summer Cherry KRAB Brothers, Mastered Brewers
1.063277  e07/30/09summer night pale ale dogpound
1.0573810  eg07/24/09High Sierras Pale Ale Little Egypt
1.053232  ag07/22/09Poor Man's Pale Chris Johnson
1.058427  ag07/21/09Recovery Ale ByDeRs
1.063457  e07/14/09summer night pale ale dogpound
1.042317  eg07/12/09Reception Ale Teresa Lemak
1.046206  ag07/03/09Falcon Ridge Pale Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0573810  ag06/13/09Altmeister JB
1.0643913  eg06/12/09Sweet Cheeks Fab
1.0518910  eg06/07/09sorghum real pub pale ale slippybear
1.059359  eg06/03/09Lemongrass Rye c0bra
1.0692610  eg05/30/09Big Guy Pale Ale Gregg
1.0643913  eg05/24/09Sweet Cheeks Fab
1.0741713  ag05/23/09a darker shade of pale orderofthequaff
1.054325  eg05/23/09All American Honey Blonde Derrick
1.042249  ag05/20/09Bee Spit Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.057369  ag05/18/09Amber Waves of Grain Chris Ungvarsky
1.061168  ag05/17/09Cap'N Cussalot's Golden Ale West Side Brewing
1.070299  eg05/16/09tru brews: new double I.P.A-"Hops smuggling" Zodo
1.056288  ag05/13/09Firehouse Ale GATOR
1.064149  ag05/05/09american country ale st james
1.058297  eg05/04/09Cliff Dr. Pale Ale LeifE
1.0684617  pm04/27/09triple double orderofthequaff
1.000210  ag04/11/09blondie drool pot
1.0644511  ag04/11/09dark pale ale jim massa
1.0652917  ag04/10/09Imerial Countertop Brew West Side Brewing
1.069687  eg04/08/09Clamstalk Slimy Toad S.K. Murphy
1.047329  pm04/07/09Straight Walker IPA Big C and Skinny C
1.069279  ag04/02/09Sweet O'Cream Ale BM1
1.0533011  eg03/28/09Pale ale aaron goldstein
1.0771326  eg03/26/09Kodavista I.A.A. Zodo
1.038285  pm03/24/09Deanna's Blonde II Ethan Gray
1.0692312  pm03/22/09Apricot Ale Thomas Macpherson
1.049399  pm03/21/09my pale ale Jake Retter
1.064508  ag03/21/09apa aa beer
1.0654810  ag03/21/09apa aa beer
1.055254  ag03/21/09Pale Ale 1-1-09 REV 1a BM1
1.058676  ag03/20/09Hop Dog Sept. 2009 Barry Tingleff
1.060284  ag03/19/09Notty Willamette's American Ale (SMaSH) Scott Schluter
1.049676  ag03/15/09Salty Dog Pale Ale Angry Bob
1.0564612  eg03/15/09Virginia Pale Ale Vince Taylor
1.064327  pm03/11/09Ginger O'Winter Ale BM1
1.0703010  eg03/07/09alabama fishhook spare room homebrew
1.040285  pm03/07/09Deanna's Blonde Ethan
1.0702819  ag03/06/09Thunk Up Special Just Here For The Beer
1.0561712  eg02/28/09Hank's Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.052126  ag02/26/09blond angel st-james
1.042365  ag02/26/09A-Way Pale Ale Betch
1.047304  ag02/24/09A-Way Pale Ale II Betch
1.0612412  eg02/23/09Quickie Ale scottt
1.0583213  e02/23/09Sterling's Pale Ale Sterling
1.057536  ag02/22/09cascade beer
1.056738  eg02/18/09Q6 Bass Mint Brewing
1.052295  eg02/18/09Captain Ron's II The St. Clair Brewery
1.048315  ag02/15/09White Perch Pale Ale Schuylkill River Brewing Co.
1.0492711  pm02/15/09Wild Cat Ale Ghost Cat
1.0534610  eg02/12/09APA jim
1.050316  ag02/07/09Baby Eating Dingo Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0474210  ag02/04/09Festivus (for the Rest of Us) Ale Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Brewer
1.052234  ag02/04/09Dumb Blonde Rick Patterson
1.053468  ag01/31/09bostonian purple pidgion
1.052477  ag01/31/09bostonian purple pidgion
1.0521714  eg01/30/09Birdseye Blonde Dansun
1.052409  ag01/26/09!PA Robbei
1.052409  ag01/26/09!PA Robbei
1.062648  eg01/25/09Cat Pounce IPA Jim Mechtly
1.051654  ag01/10/092009 APA Ben Schy
1.042365  ag01/07/09A-Way Pale Ale Betch
1.0395210  eg01/06/091st batch pale ale Joel
1.0644611  eg12/25/08Mighty Moose IPA CAN-AM Kitchen Craft Zymurgy
1.0561714  ag12/20/08Private Reserve Pale ALe West Side Brewing
1.041335  ag12/06/08A-Way Pale Ale Betch
1.061368  eg12/05/08Leftover EPA v2.0 Foam
1.055657  ag11/21/08Hank's Pale Ale (counter top series) West Side Brewing
1.049598  ag11/16/08Pale Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.062338  eg11/15/08Good Life Pale Ale Jim Mechtly
1.059338  eg11/14/08Good Life Pale Ale Jim Mechtly
1.057396  ag11/09/081/32nd Native American Pale Ale Phil's Brew Depot
1.0641213  eg11/09/08Spooky Pumpkin Ale Fab
1.0684213  eg11/06/08Dale's clone West Side Brewing
1.047608  ag11/06/08Pale Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.052247  eg11/02/08Snowy Mountain APA Ken
1.040415  ag10/31/08A-Way Pale Ale Betch
1.050345  ag10/30/08Christmas Pale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.054810  eg10/26/08Challenger Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.054315  ag10/21/08A-Way Pale Ale II Betch
1.042193  ag10/16/08A-Way Pale Ale Betch
1.0483310  ag10/09/08Rye-stonium Ruestow
1.056128  eg10/08/08Liquid Bread (Butter Beer 2) Fab
1.056397  ag10/05/08Poi's Pale Poidog
1.063424  ag10/04/08deads ppb
1.049456  ag10/03/08Pale Ale Rev. Tom
1.0668010  ag09/20/08Harvest ESB Poidog
1.0553410  eg09/20/08No Name Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.053306  e09/14/08Sterling's Pale Ale Sterling
1.068467  ag09/09/08Cascade Pale Rooz
1.059346  ag09/08/08Late Summer Pale Ale JC
1.050285  ag09/07/08Farmers Tan Pale Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing Co.
1.043625  ag09/01/08Simaraleon 10 Barry Tingleff
1.058264  ag08/28/08reunion ale 1 shineman
1.059267  eg08/24/08Light & Easy Fab & Trish
1.044626  eg08/18/08Garcia's Grateful Ale DogBone Brewey
1.0564212  eg08/18/08Fresh Hop Ale Faulconer Brewing Co.
1.0523015  pm08/17/08Countertop Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.0675811  ag08/11/08Red C,s of Rye Poidog
1.0682339  eg08/08/08Portly Porter III Harry's Homebrew
1.06610612  eg08/06/08Matt's WCPA Matt Earle
1.062226  ag07/23/08Blondington's West Wind
1.055118  eg07/23/08Butter Beer The Death Drinkers
1.0556313  eg07/15/08Saint Pale Ale Biff Taylor
1.047169  eg07/10/08Outta Beer Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.046587  ag07/09/08For Matteo Andy Strodtman
1.062374  ag06/27/08Pale Wheat Ale Ben Schy
1.056358  eg06/09/08American Honey Pale Ale Corey
1.048157  eg06/01/08Admiral Summer Ale Shaun McKendry
1.058317  pm05/30/08Jagger Patch Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.056315  ag05/26/08APA #2 purple pidgon brewery
1.050368  ag05/26/08APA #1 purple pidgon brewery
1.054276  ag05/24/08blonde purple pidgon brewery
1.053183  ag05/17/08Hop Shortage Ben Schy
1.0541911  eg05/10/08Cluster Fuggle Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.049297  ag05/10/08Tessie's Pale Ale Kleban
1.056196  e05/04/08Mango Tango tim
1.056196  e05/04/08Mango Tango tim
1.071505  ag05/04/08Sierra Nirvana Powdered Toast Brewery
1.060425  ag04/27/08anchor ale purple pidgon brewery
1.054449  eg04/22/08Amarillo By Morning Brew Hicky Home Brew
1.052245  eg04/21/08Captain Ron's Shrimpboat Ale The St. Clair Brewery
1.064268  ag04/20/08strawberry blonde mike
1.052245  eg04/14/08Captain Ron's Shrimpboat Ale The St. Clair Brewery
1.052436  ag04/12/08apa purple pidgon brewery
1.051204  ag04/07/08Golden Shower JW
1.0594810  eg04/05/08Punk You Pale BBQ Bob
1.05878  eg04/05/08Fruit Experiment DgK
1.053486  ag03/29/08Liberty Pale Social Experiment Brewing Co
1.057417  e03/28/08DC15 Fortitude Save Vs. Hops Zachary Smith
1.054235  eg03/14/08Blue Cap Buster William
1.0534313  eg03/12/08Norseman Pale Ale Russell Stein
1.050248  e03/05/08Griffin's Pale Ale TG
1.039375  ag03/02/08# 14 scooter
1.062689  eg03/02/08Hit By Pitch Opening Day Ale Holland Brothers
1.0481656  ag02/27/08KissyFace Ale Andy Strodtman
1.062709  eg02/26/08Hit By Pitch Opening Day Ale Holland Brothers
1.0604511  eg02/23/08Predator Pale Ale 'Gar-Shark Brewing
1.061316  ag02/21/08The Lane Pale Ale kleban
1.077326  ag01/29/08Tiger Blonde Leslie Bragg
1.048684  ag01/26/08Little Guy Rye Lucky Bastard Brewing Co.
1.054257  eg01/20/08Sea Shell Pale Ale 2 Jim Mechtly
1.054528  ag01/16/08Behold a Pale Ale Mk2 River Bend Brewpub
1.048364  ag01/13/08The Evil Rye Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.061215  ag01/02/08blonde ale tim wilson
1.04428>50  pm12/31/07Slammin' Ale Tom Bradley
1.046355  ag12/29/07Haus Pale Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.055496  ag12/15/07Another Rye Pale Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing Co.
1.051346  eg12/13/07Hopewell Pale Ale Woodcrest Brewery
1.056377  pm12/11/07What Ales You? Mr. Rogers Neighborhood brewer
1.0553310  ag12/09/07EKG Ale John Tossberg
1.059167  eg12/07/07howard street pale brian
1.058389  pm12/06/07"The Nookie" Pale Ale C. Bocian
1.0634611  eg11/27/07Pile Driver Pale McKinney Brothers
1.054237  pm11/23/07Cascadia Pale TJR
1.0688616  eg11/14/07Holy $H!T It's Christmas!!! Chris Ungvarsky
1.0623512  pm11/10/07Obsession Pale Ale Miguel
1.051376  pm11/04/07Cascade Summer Ale Chris Lynch
1.0615010  eg11/04/07Amarillo Pale Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.042264  eg11/02/07Ringneck Session Ale (Extract Version) Ringneck Brewery
1.041244  ag11/02/07Ringneck Session Ale Ringneck Brewery
1.0564913  eg10/23/07Left Point Pale Ale Todd Pierce
1.0505417  eg10/23/07Extra Innings Ale Todd Pierce
1.0523710  eg10/22/07White Water Pale Hometown Brewing Company
1.062397  ag10/17/07Georgia Style Second Street
1.0685512  pm10/06/07Indian Creek I.P.A. Pete Strunk
1.092446  eg09/28/07Big Cascade Colby Fry
1.052537  eg09/26/07Bridezilla's Revenge Biff Brew
1.0523312  ag09/21/07Casc-ale Lesta
1.0523312  ag09/21/07Casc-ale Lesta
1.056359  ag09/09/07Hop Junkie BBQ Bob
1.0583415  eg09/06/07Rusty Nail II
1.0576813  ag09/02/07Quebec Pale Ale Rodolphe Gagnon
1.058855  e08/30/07Black & Gold APA Rick Rogan
1.055364  ag08/27/07Late Summer Honey Benderman's
1.051214  ag08/24/07Talking Seagull Lame Rabbit Beer Matt
1.049304  ag08/22/07Hallertauer Blonde Joel Plutchak
1.0663413  eg08/18/07Red's "all hopped up" Red Beard Brewery
1.053144  ag08/16/07Talking Seagull Gold Matt
1.0511911  e08/03/07Father's Day Pale Ale Mark
1.050346  ag07/23/07Dry-hopped Pale Ale Jim Anciaux
1.048274  pm07/19/07Upstream Gold Tim Livingston
1.057294  ag07/13/07Yellowjacket Ale Beez Brewing
1.052219  e07/08/07eye hunter lucky boy
1.056589  ag07/08/07West Coast Pale Ale Jim Massa
1.040273  ag07/04/07Blonde d'ete quebecoise Malterie Frontenac 2BG
1.053227  eg07/03/07Your Mom Drinks Summer Ale Bill Strunk
1.051178  eg06/30/07American Philological Society APA (APA.APA) Rodan Brewing
1.068247  eg06/27/07Don't know yet Mounty
1.0446211  ag06/25/07Lawnmower Lightweight Matt
1.050253  ag06/21/07beer
1.042273  ag06/17/07Blonde d'ete quebecoise Malterie Frontenac 2BG
1.063359  eg06/17/07INDEPENDENCE ALE PfanBoard
1.054486  e06/16/07Carl's Pale Ale Carl Hansen
1.082307  e06/16/07Garbage Pale Ale Subdude Brewing
1.060237  eg06/12/07Phoenix Lemon Pabsy
1.052219  e06/10/07eye hunter lucky boy
1.0552712  eg06/09/07Let's See How This Comes Out Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.0582812  ag06/01/07Summer Session West Wind
1.052169  e05/28/07Ginger Beer Doug Kraus
1.052408  ag05/28/07Red White & Brew Derek Ridpath
1.043186  eg05/27/07Wedding Blonde Ale Rathole
1.057287  eg05/23/07Fair & Bare Naked Ale Pirates Pint
1.051353  ag05/19/07Blonde d'ete quebecoise Malterie Frontenac 2BG
1.052197  eg05/19/07Blonde Ale Jim Mechtly
1.0521512  eg05/14/07SNPA Sean Lillis
1.051343  ag05/12/07Blonde d'ete canadienne Canada Malting 2BG
1.059739  eg05/12/07Park River Pale Biff Brew
1.051407  ag05/06/07Gail Force Pale Ale Peter 'the kid' Roman
1.0681312  eg05/05/07Pale Ale² West Side Brewing
1.060179  eg05/03/07El Dorado Blond Chris
1.05558  eg04/29/07Experimental Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.049459  e04/24/07Brew #1 The First Ale BudLoversBrewWorks
1.049459  e04/15/07The First Ale BudLoversBrewWorks
1.053387  eg04/14/07Jim's Sea Shell Pale Ale Jim Mechtly
1.054308  eg04/07/073 Cs Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.048177  ag04/04/075 Gallon Challenge Alex Nichols
1.082285  pm03/30/07Strong American Pale Ale Tip Back Brewer
1.045264  e03/09/07Tide Me Over Tom Albright
1.0514310  eg03/04/07Middle of the Road Pale Ale Derek Almashy/Patrick Crabtree
1.0726023  eg03/04/07"Been Away a Long Time" Imperial Pale Ale Derek Almashy/Patrick Crabtree
1.0692211  eg02/28/07three hearted ale chris
1.0491510  pm02/22/07Partial Mash Copper Ale West Side Brewing
1.054305  pm02/17/07pale ale jubnat
1.12311515  ag02/13/0720 lb Pale Abstract
1.054429  pm02/13/07Behold a Pale Ale River Bend Brewpub
1.044336  ag01/28/07Wet Wheaties Session El Tigres del Shamus
1.047106  e01/28/07Two Girls Pale Ale Joe Manning
1.062438  eg01/27/07All Hail This Pale Ale Kevin Lindblom
1.0643711  eg01/26/07#19 Just Another Steamer Ale magnumice
1.054779  ag01/23/07KOB Pale KOB
1.05598  eg01/06/07Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.058429  ag12/27/06Ape Ale BBQ Bob
1.0421610  eg12/15/06Early Winter Escape Jack
1.058319  ag12/13/06Parrothead Pale Rick Armstrong
1.062349  ag12/13/06Parrothead Pale Rick Armstrong
1.068526  ag12/08/06Walker's Ale Doug Cox
1.052466  e11/08/06Carl's Pale Ale Carl Hansen
1.0624511  eg10/29/06Shockley Bottom APA Brewzhound Brewing (SoxyinMo)
1.0586716  eg10/28/06A Different Pale Ale slacker
1.00000  eg10/28/06Rex Dog ~ Blueberry Ale Nick Shoemaker
1.046327  e10/24/06EZ Fake Lager Ale Bob
1.053366  ag10/21/06fall's choice patio brewery
1.046409  e10/19/06Face-Slap APA Rocco Tool's
1.063278  eg10/11/06HOP ON POP ALE COLDKNIFE
1.064724  ag10/06/06Homie's Charlie Gray
1.054354  ag10/01/06Home Grown Canadian Brummy Brewer
1.048306  ag09/30/06Triple B Buckeye Pale Ale Triple B Brewing
1.067244  ag09/26/06raspberry honey ale mike
1.067244  ag09/26/06raspberry honey ale mike
1.0535211  eg09/25/06Sandy Beach pale ale Rathole
1.055287  eg09/17/06Blonde Ale v2.1 West Side Brewing
1.063637  ag09/17/06Who Dey IPA Mark F.
1.052306  ag09/16/06Connecticut Bounty Bob
1.060337  ag09/13/06Harvest Ale 2nd Street Brewery
1.0655311  eg09/13/06hopguy pale ale Butch Ramsey
- --eg09/12/06chicano pail webmouse beer
1.0593711  eg09/10/069-11-01 Commemoration Ale BBQ Bob
1.0633910  ag09/09/06Day of the Dead Guy Ale Derek - myLHBS
1.054473  ag09/03/06Amarillo Pale bert-o-matic
1.056346  ag08/25/06New England Magic Bob
1.0553211  eg08/19/06EFG August 2006 Shawn L. Mansfield
1.052475  ag08/15/06Anger Steam Ale Matt Ayers
1.051355  ag07/31/06Summer Pale Ale with Lemon Craig Weston
1.0592910  ag07/29/06Yankee Red Bob
1.052524  ag07/25/06Hop Harvest American Pale Ale Jason Whitt
1.056326  ag07/15/06Floyd Fresh Honey Ale Barking Spider Brewery
1.055377  ag07/14/06.5 Pale Ale Stanky Creek
1.059379  eg07/09/06calanglo Ale Jim Massa
1.047277  eg06/30/06German Pale Ale Justin Sieglaff
1.0473711  eg06/23/06SNPA Clone Ed Norton
1.057185  ag06/23/06Blondie Oschatz Bob
1.0705814  eg06/13/06Penny Lane Copper Ale Keith Mycek
1.052408  ag06/12/06Columbus APA Craig Weston
1.050234  ag06/10/06summer lime ale naked brewmeister
1.056426  ag06/05/06apa Jim Johnson
1.0522812  ag05/28/06Wanderlust Pale Pot of Grass Productions
1.054327  eg05/11/065/21 Jim Johnson
1.0504110  eg05/11/06Hippity Hop Ale Anthony Fischer
1.062349  ag05/07/06Parrothead Pale Rick Armstrong/Dave Hetteen
1.054184  ag05/07/06Stewart Springs Blonde Ale GlenStew
1.054184  ag05/07/06Stewart Springs Blonde Ale GlenStew
1.067649  pm05/01/06Waterman Road APA Rick Rogan
1.03995  pm05/01/06Drinkab-ALE Matt Herrold
1.047316  eg04/24/06Kiko's Pale Ale Kiko
1.056417  eg04/23/06Ronald Reagan Ale McKinney Brothers
1.055477  eg04/19/06Rye PA ChriSto
1.050234  ag04/17/06Score Pale Ale Corey
1.052398  ag04/15/06Small Dog Pale Ale Small Dog Homebrew
1.058519  eg04/15/06APRIL PALE ALE 2006 RSD
1.060509  eg04/15/06APRIL PALE ALE 2006 RSD
1.047409  eg04/15/06ale bob
1.055367  pm04/09/06Windswept Pale Pot of Grass Productions
1.0726612  eg04/08/06True North Pale Ale Menagerie Brewing
1.058417  ag04/03/06Patowmack Pale Ale myLHBS
1.056428  eg04/03/06Patowmack Pale Ale myLHBS
1.058417  ag04/03/06Patowmack Pale Ale myLHBS
1.057417  eg04/03/06Patowmack Pale Ale myLHBS
1.058417  ag04/03/06Patowmack Pale Ale myLHBS
1.0535510  ag03/26/06Black Bear Pale Ale BrewAskew
1.066508  ag03/25/06G13 IPA Triple B
1.065879  eg03/20/06Ghandi's Pissed IPA Rock Your World Brewing
1.062349  ag03/19/06Parrothead Pale Rick Armstrong/Dave Hetteen
1.066175  eg03/19/06Honey Pale Ale CaptainTim
1.057324  ag03/18/062-row pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.058319  ag03/17/06Parrothead Pale Rick Armstrong/Dave Hetteen
1.05798  pm03/14/06Spring '06 Club APA Amarous Turtle
1.050297  eg03/05/061st Pale Ale Naughty Onager
1.069 -18  ag02/25/06Homie's 3 C's Crazy 8's Charlie Gray
1.050337  eg02/21/061st Pale Ale Naughty Onager
1.053177  eg02/19/06Blonde Ale West Side Brewing
1.0554110  eg02/12/06Ronald Reagan Ale McKinney Brothers
1.0762014  eg02/11/06Mike's BoDuRo Black & Gold Ale Steelers Super Bowl XL Victory Mike Prilla
1.054348  eg02/05/063rd Try Pale Ale Don
1.058267  ag02/03/06SNMPA Clone #2 Kit Cheves
1.051377  ag02/02/06Classic Pale Ale Matt
1.054756  ag01/27/06Hudson Water Hop Lover
1.063207  ag01/24/06Victory Pale Dave
1.055308  eg01/23/06Dancing Sammy Dancing Dude
1.053557  pm01/22/06Amarillo Pale Ale Matt
1.054348  eg12/27/053rd Try Pale Ale Don
1.051379  ag12/08/05Col's Amarillo Ale Colin Weaver & Adrian Levi
1.056578  eg12/07/05Amarillo Pale Matt
1.044316  e11/22/05light ale Colby Fry
1.052303  ag11/13/054-grain Pale Vito Pitino
1.070597  pm11/11/05Jack Straw Peyote
1.048317  eg11/09/05European Ale Colby Fry
1.0675110  ag11/09/05Michigan Pale Ale UMICH CHRIS
1.060649  ag11/05/05Three chimney pale ale naked brewmeister
1.0553112  eg11/03/05Epic Wedding Ale Rathole
1.059277  eg10/13/05Panther Piss Pale Ale Joe Cook
1.074175  e10/11/05High Seas Brewery Inland Sea Ale Kevminator
1.052208  eg10/10/05Revolutionary Pale Ale Thomas B. Dodson
1.057227  eg09/28/05Dana's Blonde Denis Hurley
1.0692610  pm09/23/05Elkton Ale Muzzlehead
1.051367  ag09/22/05CascadePA Darin Kolls
1.0523210  eg09/16/05Lance & Nate #1 APA Setanta
1.0672059  ag09/16/05Homie's "Stand By Me IPA" Charlie Gray
1.09415412  eg09/10/05Hardball IIPA Holland Brothers
1.0587112  eg09/10/05Split Finger APA Holland Brothers
1.07216912  ag09/08/05Homie's 4C's Ballet II Charlie Gray
1.062526  eg09/01/05Homesick American Pale Ale Denis Hurley
1.051388  eg08/11/05High Sierra Pale Ale Mickmike
1.0722817  eg07/28/05Ciara Celebration I Denis Hurley
1.043329  eg07/24/05literallymello Tom Thumb
1.0593810  eg07/12/05Pale Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0666810  ag07/08/05Siren Voice Hop Lover
1.0582211  ag07/05/05Tweaked Dead Guy (revised) West Side Brewing
1.062464  ag06/30/05Hop Harvest Ale Ben Schy
1.0686817  ag06/30/05Red Fraggle Hopped Irish Ale Og's Grogg
1.064658  eg06/26/05And Another APA Rick Rogan
1.07216912  ag06/24/05Homie's 4C's Ballet II Charlie Gray
1.0582710  eg06/19/05Sierra Nevada Clone Initial Mash Function
1.0563711  ag06/14/05Sierra Clone perbe
1.045396  ag06/09/05Cascade IPA Beechwood Brewery
1.0562010  ag06/06/05Tweaked Dead Guy West Side Brewing
1.07215912  ag05/27/05Homie's 4C's Ballet Charlie Gray
1.055524  ag05/21/05Sierra Inspired American Pale West Side Brewing
1.054536  ag05/17/05Mojo's Santi Pale Jose' Mojito
1.057596  ag05/16/05sun hop Jim Johnson
1.056486  ag05/15/05Simaraleon 9 Barry Tingleff
1.046387  ag05/12/05Ponderosa Pale Ken Doggett
1.0615710  pm05/12/05Sturgeon River Pale Ale Don
1.0624111  eg05/08/05Potomac APA Adam
1.0587112  eg04/26/05Peg Leg II APA Holland Brothers
1.0587112  eg04/25/05Peg Leg II APA
1.059589  pm04/20/05Sturgeon River Pale Ale Don
1.048328  ag04/19/05Dancing Bear Pale Ale Keith Choquette
1.046499  eg04/17/05South Paw Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.0541512  eg04/17/05Pale-Dawg Brown Dawg
1.0575211  eg04/15/05Gracie's American Pale Drew Morgan
1.057227  eg04/11/05Pale Ale ChriSto
1.045427  ag04/08/05Easy Drinkin' Pale II A&P
1.0558621  ag04/03/05Pialla Papille Hop Lover
1.0473310  eg04/03/05Fuggles Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.0502511  eg04/02/05Batch 6 - Snow Melt Pale Ale Chicanery Brewing
1.058216  eg04/02/05Honey Pale Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.052328  ag03/31/05April Showers Pale Ale Alex Baillieul
1.0522511  eg03/28/05Magic Bud #9 Thomas Mueller
1.061349  ag03/17/05East Coast Pale Ale S.O.B. Brewery
1.059569  pm03/16/05Sturgeon River Pale Ale Don
1.063219  eg03/16/05Dallas IPA Sam Ellis
1.053378  eg03/12/05Mario's SN Clone 2 mario
1.061349  ag03/07/05dan's amber bung holio
1.0844920  pm03/02/05Hopus Maximus IPA Siberian Brewery
1.067787  ag03/02/05Homie's Identic-Ale 2 Charlie Gray
1.0602915  eg02/22/05Rusty Nail Ale Suburban Fenceline Brewing
1.054467  eg02/01/05Hoppy Breeze Pale Ale Freisinger Brewing
1.065449  e01/31/05Light Beer Colby Fry
1.046467  eg01/31/05Hoppy Breeze Pale Ale Freisinger Brewing
1.050387  ag01/30/05Homie's Saaz Ale Charlie Gray
1.054105  pm01/28/05Creamy Cream Ale Ian Trollope
1.0473310  pm01/25/05gino's pale #1 Gino Pitino
1.00000  e01/22/05light beer Colby Fry
1.057417  eg01/22/05Patowmack Pale Ale mcgdo
1.058417  ag01/22/05Patowmack Pale Ale mcgdo
1.047457  eg01/16/05Hop Plug Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.048355  e01/15/05Old Original Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.046435  e01/09/0520 Century Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.049328  eg01/08/05Blonde Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.045284  ag01/03/05Organic Pale Ale Alex van den Broek
1.064279  eg12/30/04Summer Thunder Ale Fieldpointe Brewery
1.0553810  eg12/27/04poker pale ale mitch turner
1.066997  ag11/29/04Homie's Christmas Ballet Charlie Gray
1.065937  ag11/05/04Homie's Christmas Ballet Charlie Gray
1.064246  ag11/04/04Teach a Pale Friend To Brew Ale Chuck Byington - Small Dog Homebrew
1.051563  ag11/04/04Simcoe Blonde Joel Plutchak
1.0531118  ag11/02/04S.O.B. EXTREME ALE DAVE
1.055305  ag10/25/04First Try Rye John Scott
1.056345  ag10/25/04Twin River Ale Brian Millard
1.0664011  eg10/09/04Atonement American Pale Doc Arnold
1.061456  ag10/05/04Fence Hopping Pale Jimi Cooper
1.058328  eg10/04/04Golden Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.056327  eg10/04/04Lawnmower Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.053337  e10/03/04Easy Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.048246  ag09/30/04Valkyrie WackAMole
1.056407  ag09/28/04S N Clone Pete Cov
1.0533710  ag09/25/04Airframers Pale Ale 2 Gregory S.
1.051206  eg09/19/04Rye Ale West Side Brewing
1.047284  ag09/18/04bebe blonde ale Brian Cooper
1.057626  eg09/16/04Burly Bros. Pale Ale jmesick
1.050719  eg09/06/04American Pale Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.058247  eg08/30/04Blewberry Buttscrew Masterkel
1.0645911  eg08/15/04Steeler Season APA Rick Rogan
1.046373  ag08/12/04Cheap-Ass White Trash Ale BadBen
1.050283  ag07/30/04Blonde Ale Tim (riverkeeper)
1.067617  ag07/25/04Simaraleon 8 Barry Tingleff
1.063638  ag07/25/04Homie's "Born In The USA" IPA Charlie Gray
1.047475  ag07/18/04group brew Jim Johnson
1.051235  e07/17/04X Larry Maler
1.066477  ag05/04/04Pale ale andricos
1.061838  ag05/03/04S.O.B. ALE DAVE
1.075265  e04/26/04Honey Honey Ale Chuck Kortman
1.041327  eg04/24/04Bada Bing Soapbox Brewery (Mikey Darden)
1.053286  eg04/19/04Sierra Nevada Clone West Side Brewing
1.056478  eg04/16/04American Liberty Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.046316  eg04/01/042 Row 2 Hop Ale West Side Brewing
1.055306  ag03/27/04American Ale Jack
1.054374  ag03/26/04Bitter Separation Pale Ale Rob Zamites
1.045177  eg03/26/04Golden Ale Paul Smith
1.049296  pm03/14/04Cascade Pale Ale Pete Strunk
1.0414847  eg03/05/04Art's Black Ale West Side Brewing
1.0933211  pm03/03/04John's Fresh Cascade Heaven Rob & Des
1.0576712  ag02/27/04SPA Charlie Gray
1.052369  eg02/26/04Cascade Pale Ale Ben Van Dusen
1.0743911  eg02/26/04Opening Day Ale Morgan Winfree
1.053198  eg02/25/04Eagle, Globe and Anchor Pale ale (final tweak!) Rathole
1.051279  eg02/23/041st American Ale cho sang woo
1.051316  ag02/20/04Non-Swill Pale Ale Andrew S. Webster
1.051128  eg02/13/04Nut N Honey Pale Ale B&C Mystic Brews
1.052346  ag02/13/04Pale Ale John Tossberg, Bernie Ball
1.0483510  eg02/08/04Hoppyness is a warm gun... (tweak) Rathole
1.0565211  eg02/04/04Pale O Cherrie Ale Mauro
1.0523211  eg02/01/04Airframers Pale Ale Gregory S
1.074806  ag01/31/04Wild Pale Ale Wild Card
1.0718717  ag01/31/04Evil Genius Ale (Arrogant Bastard Clone) Brian Cooper
1.052269  eg01/30/04Jackson's Pale Ale (update) Nate
1.055346  pm01/29/04J's NYE APA Steve Presley
1.052275  eg01/28/04Pale Ale la Poudre Chuck Byington - Small Dog HomeBrew
1.051403  ag01/27/04Wispy Blonde Joel Plutchak
1.057445  ag01/23/04Rainy Day Pale Ale andricos
1.055419  eg01/22/04Crystal Bay Pale Ale Fort Sam Houston
1.057679  ag01/20/04Homie's IPA Charlie Gray
1.047256  ag01/20/04Homie's Pale Ale 11 Charlie Gray
1.063187  pm01/17/04Wiener in the Rye Ted
1.053205  ag01/16/04killer bees Clanton Goldman (F.B.B.)
1.054224  pm01/03/04Tudweiser Ted
1.059447  ag12/23/03JJAPA Jim Johnson
1.0524010  ag12/04/03Three Dart Pale Brewer Brian
1.048705  ag12/03/03Cascade Christmas Mat Jolly
1.0623310  ag12/02/03Single Malt American Ale Chris Pabst
1.055218  eg11/29/03CY Ale, Modified Chris Pabst
1.063207  e11/23/03Clemtek Pale #1 Hammer
1.062278  eg11/23/03Honey Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.065157  e11/20/03Clemtek Pale #1 Hammer
1.055218  eg11/16/03CY Ale, Modified Chris Pabst
1.051339  ag11/09/03Pale Ale sanders
1.052298  ag11/09/03Homie's Holiday Ale Charlie Gray
1.053357  eg10/30/03Golden Nectar West Side Brewing
1.053377  eg10/23/03Mertz's Kemo Sabe' Ale Darren Mertz
1.0493110  eg10/20/03Hoppyness is a warm gun and a cold beer Rathole
1.060579  eg10/08/03Hop Harvest Ale Brian Gill
1.052284  e10/06/03Brother Bernardo's Honey Ale JBG
1.043234  ag10/05/03harvest berry amber clanton goldman f.b.b.
1.048327  ag10/05/03Homie's Pale Ale 9 Charlie Gray
1.056389  ag09/30/03LCPA Jason
1.052146  e09/30/03Good Ol' Lite Steve Schuster
1.047278  eg09/27/03Eagle, Globe and Anchor Pale ale Rathole
1.043348  ag09/06/03Homie's Pale Ale 8 Charlie Gray
1.0482712  ag08/23/03Clarks Brew shillingbrau
1.0482712  ag08/23/03Clarks Brew shillingbrau
1.0562822  eg08/19/03Irish Red Ale B.A.B.K.
1.0791011  e08/18/03Autumn Splendor Brewer Girl
1.0482712  ag08/17/03Clarks Brew shillingbrau
1.047419  eg08/17/03Silmaraleon Pale Ale Barry Tingleff
1.047278  eg08/02/03Eagle, Globe and Anchor Pale ale Rathole
1.0493411  eg07/30/03Fieldpointe 1999 Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.051438  eg07/30/03More Better Sierra Nevada Clone Rathole
1.047278  eg07/30/03Eagle, Globe and Anchor Pale ale Rathole
1.055328  eg07/28/03Fuggles Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.0543410  ag07/17/03docters orders pale ale scott oberlin
1.046275  ag07/16/03Ridge Trail Pale Ale Piscassic River Brewing
1.052314  ag07/13/03Light Ale Andrew S. Webster
1.0552811  eg07/12/03WPA (Willamette Pale Ale) West Side Brewing
1.047278  ag07/12/03Homie's Pale Ale 7 Charlie Gray
1.060295  eg07/02/03Honey, your pale Colin
1.0503616  ag06/27/03HHIBC Ale Prof Millet
1.050326  pm06/24/03Apricot Pale Ale Piscassic River Brewing
1.048269  ag06/20/03Homie's Pale Ale 6 Charlie Gray
1.051238  e06/20/03Big South Ale Ganjaman
1.0513112  e06/17/03Sultry Summer Pale Ale Bachelor Brews
1.047356  ag06/03/03trailer park pale ale cmd
1.053263  ag05/24/03american standard #3 clanton goldman f.b.b.
1.0604110  eg05/19/03Raven Pale Ale Chuck Raplinger
1.049277  ag05/18/03Homie's Alt Ale Charlie Gray
1.049399  eg05/15/03Will's Bitters DRM
1.051267  ag05/06/03Stewart Springs Pale Ale iv Glen Stewart
1.062337  ag05/06/03BCPA BFB
1.049277  ag05/04/03Homie Pale Ale Charlie Gray
1.049435  ag04/29/03Centennial Pale Ale Brown Brook Brewing
1.052513  ag04/27/03AMERICAN STANDARD #2 clanton goldman f.b.b.
1.0573017  eg04/24/03G.I.H.I.P. #2 Nathan Shearer
1.042637  ag04/24/03CARIF Pale Ale Orion Kingman
1.048204  ag04/14/03Fish Hook Blonde Ale St. Arnold
1.060425  ag04/11/03OUT OF STYLE ALE (well designed all-grain) Steve Wells and the Funky Bunch
1.050386  eg04/01/03Picnic Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0473610  eg04/01/03Jackson's Pale Ale Nate
1.0551510  eg03/30/03Memorial Pale Ale American Matt
1.0682339  eg03/28/03Portly Porter III Harry's Homebrew
1.062387  pm03/26/03Super Fly Pale Rye River Bottom Nightmare Brewing
1.043253  ag03/23/03american standard clanton goldman f.b.b.
1.057415  ag03/20/03A decent RyePA (ALL-GRAIN) Steve Wells
1.053347  pm03/16/03SNPA Clone Alex Baillieul
1.0452510  eg03/06/03Patriot's Pale Ale FlightRisk
1.067218  ag03/01/03Homie's Pale Ale Charlie Gray
1.053409  ag02/27/03American Special Bitter (ASB) St. Arnold
1.066617  eg02/25/03Leatherneck IPA Funky Monk
1.067267  pm02/24/03Hillcrest Rye Indy
1.046205  ag02/17/03Homie's Pale Ale 4 Charlie Gray
1.051162  ag01/25/03jolly rancher gold clanton goldman f.b.b.
1.0523210  ag01/18/03Sierra Nevada Clone Mr. T
1.051349  ag01/11/03all purpose pale Trubdaddy
1.046347  eg12/16/02Hoppy Pale Ale Mark Walkosz
1.057267  ag12/13/02Poop Diddy R.P.A. (Rye Pumpkin Ale) Ophiodon
1.048209  ag12/09/02Homie's Pale III Charlie Gray
1.05386  eg12/04/02Dan's Cincinnati Cream Ale Seth
1.0582510  ag11/29/02"Celebration" Pale Ale Leland Dunn
1.0704411  e11/20/02Charlemont Rainy Ale Kurt Knotts
1.057235  ag11/13/02Light Pale Colby Fry
1.059478  eg11/04/02Iowa Liberty Pale Ale #14 Fred Flippen
1.064329  eg11/02/02Ramona Country Ale Mike Brown
1.0623710  eg10/31/02Warm floor pale Big Daddy
1.054116  eg10/23/02Victory Ale Funky Monk
1.052388  ag10/23/02Spillane Pale Ale Spillane
1.051398  ag10/21/02Lake Erie Pale Ale #1 Cheesehead Mike
1.0483910  ag10/15/02Mercury Rising Pale Ale Andy W
1.0612711  ag10/03/02piper's raspberry pale ale jim "piper" litterio
1.044523  ag09/29/02F.B.B. orange blossom special Clanton Goldman / Fat Bastard Brewing
1.055486  ag09/28/02Summer Session Ale John Fisher
1.057217  pm09/28/02South Tucson Blonde Ed Contreras
1.050206  ag09/23/02Homie's Pale Ale Charlie Gray
1.045213  ag09/16/02Helles Ale Charlie Gray
1.045619  eg09/07/02Pale Ale Adam L. Crawford
1.040256  eg09/06/02L.O. Ale Mark
1.048296  ag09/04/02Pale Ale? Nuts! Brown Charlie Gray
1.032283  ag09/02/02fat bastard brewings rasberry ale clanton goldman
1.0353111  eg08/22/02Dead guy Ale #9 Fred Flippen
1.053333  ag08/22/02Pale Ale John Tossberg & George Aux
1.056606  ag08/21/02Two Mile Pale Ale Barry Tingleff
1.0571710  ag08/16/02Irish Ale Colby Fry
1.0481112  eg08/11/02Iron Duke American Pale Ale Orion Kingman
1.061168  ag08/09/02The Red Eye Colby Fry
1.046236  eg08/08/02Dry Heat Chili Wes
1.046255  ag08/08/02Dog Daze Pale Ale St. Arnold
1.0463510  ag08/05/02Harvest Ale Trubdaddy
1.053214  ag07/31/02Pale Ale II Colby Fry
1.055214  e07/14/02Strawbeery Honey Ale Trip Rice
1.061495  ag07/11/02Big beer primer Brouemaster
1.060638  ag07/10/02Homie's Born In The USA Ale Charlie Gray
1.069414  ag07/04/021st All-Grain Pale ddawson
1.055194  e06/27/02Strawbeery Honey Ale
1.051308  ag06/27/02BC All-AmericanPale Ale
1.058297  ag06/19/02Julie's Braco
1.038305  pm06/16/02Eyeglass Ale #8 Fred Flippen
1.065206  e06/12/02Simple Swill Dewey M
1.0582710  ag06/10/02Homie's True PaleAle Charlie Gray
1.055297  pm06/04/02Clover Pale Ale Matt Hill
1.0582710  ag06/03/02Homie's Amber Ale Charlie Gray
1.064235  ag06/01/02Shelley's blonde ale scott edgar
1.043447  ag05/29/02Goin' to California Pale Ale St. Arnold
1.054396  ag05/23/02Attack of the Sierra Pale Clones Spillane
1.051299  eg05/21/02Pale Rider Smokinjoe
1.057219  eg05/14/02Celebration Pale Ale Brian
1.0584411  eg05/12/02Bitch beer The Maniac
1.041206  eg05/11/02American Summer Pale #6 Fred Flippen
1.055176  eg05/07/02Summer Session Pale Ale CPB
1.064247  eg04/28/02Neil's Rod and Reel Ale
1.061368  pm04/25/02Prairie Pale Ale Copper Dog Brewery
1.0524410  ag04/23/02Southwest Fest Amber Ale Michael Uhrich
1.0584110  ag04/17/02Homie's Birthday Day Ale Charlie Gray
1.054337  eg04/14/02Chic-o-Range Ale Randy Champagne
1.045189  eg04/11/02Boss-ton Ale Randy Champagne
1.055773  ag04/02/02Tall Blonde Ale Lake Street Brewing
1.046124  e03/24/02Garnies ruin Lee
1.061248  ag03/22/02Homie's Glory Days Ale Charlie Gray
1.063288  eg03/22/02Triple Berry Ale matt mc
1.0451106  ag03/17/02Alasaka Range Pale Ale Spitdriver
1.047338  eg03/12/02Perfect Pale Brian
1.047115  eg03/12/02American Industrial Pale Ale Thom Moore
1.060639  eg02/28/02All Doped Up on Hops Newer Brewer
1.046328  ag02/27/02JAS Morgan Pale Ale JAS
1.048395  ag02/26/02American Pale Ale Donald A. Bell
1.048395  ag02/24/02American Pale Ale #2 Donald A. Bell
1.049357  ag02/17/02Zoe's APA Trub Daddy
1.070245  ag02/10/02Chay Ale Colby Fry
1.047405  ag02/08/02Blondie Dave "Punk" Reed
1.042213  ag02/04/02Vienna Pale Ale Merle Zeller
1.0456113  ag02/03/02Homie's Pale Ale Charlie Gray
1.0542010  e01/21/02Braindead Pale Ale Scott Babin
1.062538  eg01/10/02Full Tilt Ale Dan Friedman
1.049196  e01/09/02River Rat Pale Ale Brad Wright
1.054116  eg01/06/02Victory Ale Funky Monk
1.052355  e01/02/02Mule Poo Pale Ale Sperbass
1.0422314  eg12/29/01New Year's Amber American Randy Champagne
1.0597910  pm12/17/012nd Anniversary IPA Greg Beron
1.0722920  eg12/16/01Red Hawk Ron Collins
1.052368  ag12/13/01My sierra matt dinges
1.0592210  eg12/03/01Derry Street Ale Russ Blanchette
1.050368  ag12/01/01Homie's Holiday Ale Charlie Gray
1.052209  ag11/29/01Fat Tire Amber Clone Michael Uhrich
1.057377  ag11/25/01NNPA III Rod & Les
1.0493810  eg11/15/01Smedick's Red Handed Spillane
1.0751410  pm11/10/01Honeycomb Rob Vest
1.046288  ag11/10/01BBrocker's Next Beer BBrocker
1.0746511  eg10/29/01Niner Niner Ken Gray
1.0554813  ag10/29/01Pale? Ale Charlie Gray
1.0603312  eg10/28/01Salute the Flag APA Rick Rogan
1.0554611  ag10/21/01Brew #35 Charlie Gray
1.051397  ag10/12/01Quête de Liberté Pascal desbiens
1.062109  eg10/07/01Victory Ale Funky Monk
1.0504513  ag10/04/01Honey Brown Paul Erbe
1.057347  ag09/23/01Harvest Ale Trub Daddy
1.047256  eg09/21/01Potpourri Pale Brian
1.047927  ag09/12/01Zach's Simaraleon 7. A Barry Tingleff
1.052368  ag09/02/01My sierra matt dinges
1.0663618  eg08/28/01Weevil Wobble Pat Larkin
1.0554112  ag08/24/01Grasshopper Ale Charlie Gray
1.0554314  ag08/19/01Dog Days Afternoon Pale Ale Charlie Gray
1.053193  ag08/15/01Golden Gate Pale Ale Chris Pabst
1.048378  ag08/03/01Solar Pale Ale Jim Lanning
1.0552912  ag08/03/01Pat's Pale? Pat
1.051908  e08/01/01Picnic Pale Ale Colby Fry
1.058358  eg07/31/01Fowler American Pale (Extract) Tom Daniels
1.057356  ag07/31/01Fowler American Pale (AG) Tom Daniels
1.07110910  pm07/26/01Flanuer Ale DRB
1.053197  ag07/26/01Something New Chris Pabst
1.0585610  eg07/25/01Leapin Lizards Australian Ale Big Daddy T
1.0564712  ag07/24/01Goose Island Special Pale Clone Eddie G and Marty, Matt and Packy Mac
1.0523911  ag07/22/01West Coast American Pale Ale Mark Alfaro
1.053438  eg07/20/01my beer ant
1.057486  pm07/17/01Noble Golden Ale Marc Rehfuss
1.051257  ag07/08/01Stewart Springs Pale Ale Glen Stewart
1.0653612  eg07/06/01Yet Another APA Rick Rogan
1.062317  ag07/04/01Big Hill Golden Ale Bob Klokis
1.052677  eg07/02/01Homebrew Pantry Pale Ale Nate
1.06007  pm06/22/01Hoppy Duck Pale Ale Jeff Hertz
1.0534711  ag06/19/01Paling My Ale For Free Charlie Gray
1.058177  eg06/11/01Friendship Summer Ale dagrar
1.061118  eg06/11/01Super Bastardized Bad Ass Ale Indy
1.051257  ag06/06/01Stewart Pale Ale Glen Stewart
1.061335  ag06/06/01No Relation Pale Ale Chris Pabst
1.044228  ag06/05/01Stars & Stripes Ale Shawn Miller
1.061118  eg06/04/01Super Bastardized Bad Ass Ale Indy
1.0502411  ag06/03/01LAL Dick Price
1.0614311  ag05/31/01Homie's Pale Ale? Charlie Gray
1.061118  eg05/30/01Super Bastardized Bad Ass Ale Indy
1.052376  pm05/29/01SA's Spring-Has-Sprung Ale Seth Anderson
1.051257  ag05/25/01Stewart Pale Ale Glen Stewart
1.0602915  eg05/21/01Rusty Nail Ale Faery Bear Brewing
1.049336  ag05/18/01Golden Blonde Randy Champagne
1.053399  eg05/16/01Be like Pike Pale Ale Hector Reyes
1.0583214  eg05/14/01Mt. Battie Ale Cushing Brewery
1.056325  ag05/13/01Pale Rye Der Brewer Bob
1.043394  ag05/13/01Dubbel Trouble Eddie G
1.0577710  eg05/04/01Made you ask why Stinger
1.053316  ag05/01/01Solar Pale Ale Jim Lanning
1.065149  eg04/30/01Oh Honey, Oh Baby! Pale Ale Smiling Goat Brews
1.056336  eg04/30/01Honey Pricked Pale Ale J.Nail
1.0631059  eg04/24/01Brown Nugget APA DRB
1.054376  pm04/17/01SA's Spring-Has-Sprung Ale Seth Anderson
1.054215  ag04/16/01G.R.C. Pascal Desbiens
1.052388  ag04/12/01Pale Your Ale Charlie Gray
1.054358  eg04/11/01OTM Liberty Al/ Noreen
1.0573010  ag04/07/01Nectar of the Gods Amber Ale Brent Rollman
1.0633210  eg04/07/01Caddo Pale Ale Andrew McMichael
1.052417  ag04/05/01Freedom Trail Pale Ale Mother Love Bone
1.049298  ag04/03/01Pask's Pale Pascal Desbiens
1.051315  ag04/03/01Spy Pond Pale Ale Stardog
1.04462  e03/28/01raspberry extract brad cliff
1.052289  eg03/28/01Red Bettle Brew Chris Chow
1.053185  ag03/24/01Pèteuse de broue Pascal Desbiens
1.056406  ag03/24/01cascade pale ale aaron perry
1.049195  ag03/18/01Pèteuse de broue Pascal Desbiens
1.05916  e03/17/01Shadetree Light DeacnBleu
1.049344  ag03/17/01Jarmo's Golden Ale IV Trub Daddy
1.0552410  ag03/16/01Lil' Irish Lad Young Buck Brewing
1.02804  ag03/05/01Light Frost Ale Mark
1.0692411  eg03/01/01BS Pale Ale Roy Hill
1.057575  ag02/27/01Scaredy Cat Pale Ale Emile Snyder/Jenny Hamilton
1.0581810  ag02/20/01Fresh Bready AMber Young Buck Brewing
1.057427  ag02/18/01Coon Rapids Pale Ale #2 Veldy
1.0564011  e02/17/01Bitter Bitch Ale DGA
1.0502411  ag02/13/01LAL Dick Price
1.0491812  ag02/12/01Lazy Jay's Colorado First Kristopher J. Nolan
1.068397  ag01/28/01Rookie American Pale Ale A.J. Nemeth
1.057207  eg01/22/01Rye Not?Ale Andy Winch
1.052306  ag01/19/01Nutty Pale Ale Trub Daddy
1.043256  ag01/19/01Lucky Seven Pale Ale Chris Pabst
1.0503111  ag01/18/01LAL Dick Price
1.051417  ag01/18/01HOP POCKET MIchael J. Uhrich
1.060449  ag01/14/01Murrieta Steam Donald Park
1.054397  ag01/14/01Pale Ale Franzkeller
1.0613710  eg01/11/01Pale Ale V4.0 Roger Rabbit
1.054307  eg01/09/01Lake Street Pale Ale Stardog
1.04894  e01/09/01Erins Ale Lonn Guidry
1.054627  ag01/07/01Zach's Simmaraleon 7 Barry Tingleff
1.057545  ag01/06/01Murrieta Dos Corazon Donald Park
1.06713412  eg01/05/01Old No. 40 (this one's for you jason) Delacroix Brothers
1.0715013  eg01/02/01Old Paisley-Bottom Eric Riise
1.049344  ag12/29/00Jarmo's Golden Ale IV Trub Daddy
1.050216  ag12/25/00Mielleuse!!! Pascal Desbiens
1.035168  eg12/21/00Raspberry/Cherry Ale Bsota
1.051438  ag12/20/00Amberosia Randy Champagne
1.057319  ag12/18/00Hunter's american ale G man
1.051386  ag12/18/00West Coast Pale Ale Andy Hancock
1.0572810  eg12/11/00Bear Mountain Pale Ale Gerald Runke
1.052106  e12/08/00Golden Boar Ale Ryan
1.052145  eg11/24/00Dave's Pale Wheat Ale David Campbell
1.0595413  eg11/14/00Pale Ale V 3.0 Roger Mercier
1.067428  eg11/13/00Mt. Diablo pale ale Delacroix Brothers
1.057337  pm11/08/00Hop On Pop David Kessner
1.0513110  ag10/27/00Cattle dog pale ale Trub Daddy
1.0595413  eg10/27/00Pale Ale V 3.0 Roger Mercier
1.0462614  ag10/19/00Breastisissss Johnny Blaze
1.0565010  eg10/10/00Andy's Amber Ale Dan Eble & Scott Robedeau
1.0625122  eg10/09/00Hippity Hoppity Ale Dan Eble & Scott Robedeau
1.0654410  eg09/29/00Y2K Pale Amber Ale Dan Eble & Scott Robedeau
1.072209  pm09/26/00Fusion Pale Colin Smith and Jason Nolan
1.057457  ag09/16/00Birthday Beer wally
1.069339  ag09/15/00Wits uuuuuppp!!!! Franzkeller
1.054226  ag09/09/00Brass Ring Pale Ale Chris Pabst
1.055156  pm09/09/00Kime's Mill Mild Ale Bob Klokis
1.045244  eg09/08/00Old Woodie #4 Honey Ale JHB
1.0595511  ag09/06/00Vlad the Impaler Jim Lanning
1.062728  e08/31/00Hoppy APA Bob DeVivo
1.066387  ag08/31/00Nothin' Special Pale Ale Chris Pabst
1.056498  ag08/30/00Labor Day Pale Ale Franzkeller
1.054337  eg08/26/00Fusion Pale Colin Smith and Jason Nolan
1.048276  ag08/20/001/2 BBL Pale Ale John Alden
1.044235  ag08/03/00Dad's Summer Fest Brew Dad
1.0504918  eg08/01/00Bachelor Bitter Clone Lance Andrus/Deschutes Brewery
1.0554113  eg08/01/00Mirror Pond Pale Ale Clone Lance Andrus/Deschutes Brewery
1.042363  ag07/29/00Albino Randy Champagne
1.052458  ag07/27/00Ayle Franzkeller
1.043396  ag07/21/00Spider-Brau Franzkeller
1.044269  ag07/19/00Sopris Amber Ale Michael Uhrich
1.055335  pm07/09/00Freedom Ale (Anchor Liberty clone) Jim Mayer
1.0483514  eg07/07/00Western Wind Lager Zophos
1.057197  eg07/03/00Blonde Monkey Randy Champagne
1.055557  ag07/03/00Patriotic Pale Ale Rick Gilmore
1.044519  ag06/20/00Ale to the Chief Franzkeller
1.039164  eg06/13/00The Converter TB Jay
1.044252  e06/12/00Summer Lightweight Randy Champagne
1.057197  eg06/12/00American Honey Blonde Randy Champagne
1.035366  eg06/08/00Crazy Cat Light Summer Ale Michigan Braumeister
1.047276  e06/04/00RP Larry Maler
1.044476  ag06/01/00Pale Rider Summer Ale Randy Champagne
1.052358  ag05/23/00Summer Lawn John
1.056408  pm05/20/00SOS II Pale Ale Jim Johnson
1.055325  ag05/10/00APA Rod Silverwood
1.0453111  ag05/06/00Lets Go Pens Ale Franzkeller
1.052477  ag05/02/00Big Brew 2000 Pale Ale Joel Plutchak
1.051154  e05/01/00Dionysious Honey Ale Joe Perrigoue
1.04386  e04/28/00Wolf Wizz Paul M
1.052327  pm04/28/00SOS Pale Ale Jim Johnson
1.056186  eg04/27/00Baywatch Blonde Bret Spencer
1.064455  ag04/03/00Tuna Dance Pale Ale Patrick C
1.0493314  ag03/31/00Red Ale Franzkeller
1.039346  eg03/31/00Strawberry Pale Nic Templeton
1.006576  e03/31/00Shipyard Clone Todd Coleman
1.052317  eg03/19/00Pigs Ass Pale Ale David B
1.0593510  eg02/26/00High Tail Pale Ale John Alden
1.050377  ag02/26/00Here's To What Ales Ya'! Franzkeller
1.0576710  ag02/21/00Hop Daddy Mark Griswold
1.0494310  ag02/20/00Basic Pale Ale Leif
1.063409  ag02/09/00Rogers Rock Pale Ale Kurt Knotts, H.B.
1.045315  ag01/28/00Quick Fix Ale Franzkeller
1.050296  ag01/27/00Spencer's Wild Side Kurt A. Christensen
1.0562114  eg01/17/00APA DJV
1.063437  ag01/13/00Mid-Atlantic Pale Ale C. Belanger J. Jackson
1.046199  eg12/21/99Roadkill Pale Ale Mike Koidal
1.0763715  pm12/20/99Double J Brown Ale Jim Johnson
1.0783913  pm12/15/99Double J - A.P.A. Jim Johnson
1.051154  e11/29/99Dionysious Honey Ale Joe Perrigoue
1.0533513  eg11/16/99Sierra Nevada (Sort Of) John Alden
1.067149  eg11/13/99Fall Fest Ale '99 Dogmar of Bicker Brothers Brewery
1.056145  eg11/13/99APA Tim G. Bate
1.0568215  eg11/05/993 am pale ale (e.s.b.) soulfixnman
1.052435  ag10/28/99Palesner Dan Johnson
1.051335  ag10/19/99White Water Ale Leif
1.0614317  ag10/15/99Penn Harvest Franzkeller
1.08197  eg09/06/99Flatonyourback Cherry Ale Retarded Animal Brewhaus
1.0484610  ag09/01/99Not Quite IPA Logan
1.051349  eg08/29/99Cascade Ale mike sherwood
1.0633217  eg08/15/99Dock Street replica JBCubed
1.075449  eg08/15/99Georgia Strong Ale, Ver-1.075 Dr. Psyco
1.042398  ag08/12/99American Ale William Solomon
1.053359  eg08/05/99Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Vince Mash
1.0574712  eg07/30/99Summertime Pale Ale II John Alden
1.054366  e07/01/99pale ale Paul Tharp
1.068629  ag06/30/99Newts Tail Pale Ale (20 bbl) The Newt King
1.0627312  eg06/29/99Clbe's Darker Pale Ale Clbe
1.0574812  eg06/24/99Summertime Pale Ale John Alden
1.064348  ag06/15/99Pale Ale Robert Horne
1.0544810  ag06/15/99Biker Pale Ale Squid
1.048398  ag06/11/99Cascade Pale Franzkeller
1.041296  eg05/12/99garage sale pale wood st brewing
1.0666112  ag05/12/99pSN Celebration try #1 tony
1.057378  eg04/21/99Northern Brew II John Alden
1.050397  ag04/19/99Anglo-American Ale Wally
1.055174  ag04/14/99Blonde Ale J. Randal
1.0612810  eg04/13/99Spring Ale Shawn
1.0696611  ag04/05/99SKY PILOT IPA MOE
1.051379  eg04/05/99Spring Ale Shawn
1.061549  eg04/02/99Olde Tourhead IPA J.M. Hart
1.033293  ag03/28/99Day Before Payday Pale Don Leonard
1.041812  eg03/24/99fred's shaken naked fishin' summer ale 1999 (Q1) fred dolislager
1.053269  eg03/24/99Dave's Fave David Parker
1.065867  pm03/18/99Lite 'Nin Greg
1.0454115  eg03/14/99Really good red ale Jim Bunch
1.056578  ag01/26/99Potpourri Pale Ale Joel Plutchak
1.0527412  ag01/05/99Chronictonic Pale Ale Steve
1.052758  eg12/29/98Olde Tourhead - Pale Ale J. M. Hart
1.0493012  ag12/27/98biG Rock Traditional Chris McAtee
1.0655810  ag12/17/98A Pale Winter Ken McMullen
1.051507  ag12/11/98German Pale Ale Andrew Ager
1.0649710  ag12/04/98Primary 10 gallon pale bMike
1.05010421  eg11/28/98Xmas Ale Jim Bunch
1.050368  eg11/21/98Wannabe an IPA... Bigjohn
1.0612815  eg11/17/98Empress Ale John Alden
1.054274  ag11/05/98American Ale Jeff Waller
1.057134  ag11/05/98Texas Summer Ale Jeff Waller
1.0613414  ag10/10/98"SuperStock" Ale Maury LaPrade
1.0605810  ag10/10/98Pinion Pale Ale Brewz
1.0565012  eg09/29/98Red Ale Bret's Brew
1.056184  ag09/07/98Autumn Coriander Honey Ale Ed Leuschner & Matt Hockin
1.050257  eg08/25/98Bob's Angler Ale Bob DeLaHunt
1.044213  ag08/07/98Vienna Pale Ale Merle Zeller
1.054274  ag08/06/98American Ale Jeff Waller
1.059457  ag07/22/98American Pale Ale 1 Andrew Ager
1.057134  ag07/01/98Texas Summer Ale Jeff Waller
1.054357  ag06/26/98Dirk Diggler Johnny Blaze
1.063558  ag05/14/98Hopboys "Columbus Daze Ale" Maury LaPrade
1.0466810  ag05/13/98Hanging Tree Pale Ale II James Gregg
1.0613011  ag05/06/98lesh ale jonathan
1.057245  eg05/01/98Mo Mower More Rick and Don
1.053278  ag05/01/98Spank Chim II Johnny Blaze
1.053304  ag04/22/98First Try Pale Ale Drew Avis
1.0671410  eg04/10/98Fox Stone Rob F
1.055304  eg03/27/98The Great B.O.C.K. Pale Ale Experiment I Brewers Of Central Kentucky
1.055297  ag03/27/98The Great B.O.C.K. Pale Ale Experiment I Brewers Of Central Kentucky
1.041304  ag03/26/98Waltermark APA Waltermark Brewery
1.047428  ag03/24/98DJ Pale Rider Dan Johnson
1.0554713  eg02/04/98Pale Ale of Love The Flugenmeister Brewery
1.053225  eg01/21/98La Liberte Quebecuoise Erik Mason
1.052348  ag01/17/98better seirra nevada clone kurt knotts
1.048419  ag01/16/98Sierra Nevada Clone Kurt Knotts
1.056507  ag11/18/97Shagtown Pale Ale Dan Johnson
1.056667  ag11/02/97Rye PA Robert A.Hendricks
1.049415  ag10/19/97quasi-Liberty ale Len Spencer
1.051337  ag10/03/97Pale Fall Ale Dan Johnson
1.046337  ag09/08/97strawberry hill pale ale tommy
1.0618215  ag08/21/97Nutty Pale James Ivey
1.056278  pm08/13/97Rocky Mountain Ale Mike Perry
1.0432413  ag08/12/97American Liberty Style Ale James Ivey
1.042566  ag08/12/97Desert Pale James Ivey
1.0728611  ag07/25/97Newts Tail Pale Ale II The Newt King
1.0593115  pm07/23/97Rocky Mountain Pale Ale Mike Perry
1.0707721  ag07/22/97Newts Delight Amber The Newt King
1.041316  ag07/11/97Border Patrol Pale Ale Chris Cooper
1.0828210  ag06/04/97Newts Tail Pale Ale The Newt King
1.0728213  ag06/04/97Odd Grogs Amber Ale Gregor and the Newt King

Ordinary Bitter

1.0414512  ag10/30/16Pub Bitter Tom Healy
1.037238  ag09/13/16Amber Light Ale Fede
1.045235  e03/12/15Dorada de Michigan jp
1.0383810  ag11/10/13California Ordinary Tom Healy
1.0383810  ag11/05/13California Ordinary Tom Healy
1.0574611  ag10/07/12Varsity Bitter Steve Knowles
1.0402714  eg01/28/12A Visit to Wilkins Avenue Wildmild
1.050329  ag10/03/11Midder #6 Christo
1.032268  ag05/02/11The Small One. Beclouded Eye Brewing
1.046567  ag02/23/11B#1 Thomas Richardson
1.0392611  eg01/02/11Prince George's Pale Ale 2011 Wildmild
1.036249  ag12/20/10SessionAle Gus
1.0521714  ag12/16/10Flaming Penguin Tinman
1.043346  ag12/15/10Bloody Wanker Tinman
1.0412410  ag08/04/10Irish Red Noam - Modiin
1.0512713  ag08/04/10The Great Potato Famine Noam - Modiin
1.0493311  ag06/23/10Standard Issue Phil
1.033266  eg06/10/10British Bitter Felix Stoddeay's
1.0374513  ag05/28/10dark bramling bitter III glyn nelson
1.049479  ag04/11/10first bitter back steps brewer
1.0372213  ag02/08/10Son of the Century Ale ChriSto
1.0494118  e01/16/10Snail Bait Gareth
1.0463414  ag10/27/09Best Bitter #1 Keith Aschinger
1.0791213  eg10/10/09American Amber bit o Bitter Londoman
1.0791213  eg10/10/09American Amber bit o Bitter Londoman
1.059710  eg09/25/09American Amber bit o Bitter Londoman
1.036309  ag09/08/09Bitter Fre
1.037275  eg01/31/09Pub Ale Steibel's & Co (JP+Nori)
1.036289  eg12/28/08Shales Bitter Prince George's Brewery
1.043247  ag11/14/08Bitter Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.033267  ag11/07/08Bitter Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0524923  eg09/24/08West Coast IPA JHONNIEG
1.044208  ag06/30/08Angel clone
1.036389  ag05/17/08Bitter Late than Never Andy Strodtman
1.033378  ag04/18/08Lunky's Favorite Andy Strodtman
1.046219  eg04/12/08Boddy Double Rev. Tom
1.047329  eg03/16/08Bitter bite bee&goudy
1.034257  ag02/22/08Spring Session Ale Barking Spider Brewery
1.038308  eg11/15/07Midder Christo
1.044195  eg11/05/07Gold Nugget Hometown Brewing Company
1.0612611  pm10/15/07English Bitter TEAM FAT (NC)
1.0737412  eg07/21/07Baby Bitter Brett Burton
1.039268  ag05/31/07Everyday Bitter Sean Lillis
1.039268  ag05/31/07Everyday Bitter Sean Lillis
1.0504610  ag04/27/07St. Samuel Bjare Kill
1.046474  ag04/27/07St. Samuel Bjare Kill
1.0392110  eg03/11/07Bitter West Side Brewing
1.038298  ag02/19/07nothing special bitter mark branch
1.040397  ag01/10/07Boddingtons Style Bitter Orfy
1.0933114  ag11/22/06Parti-gyle ESB/ Session Ale Nathan Shackelford
1.037259  ag11/17/06Bosun's Bitter Art Shipley
1.042309  eg10/23/06New English Bitter the Red Stoners
1.037376  ag10/19/06Bedford Autumn Dew Bob
1.039295  ag07/07/06Ambor Waves Bob
1.044399  pm07/03/06#5 - What's All This Then ?!? the Red Stoners (Toad)
1.040287  ag06/23/06Big Pond Bob
1.038275  ag04/29/06Lite Ale Vetch
1.042295  ag04/22/06Lite Ale Vetch
1.035447  eg01/13/06Lite Amber Beer Holveck
1.054269  pm10/26/05Drongo Bitter Lombardy Brewing Co.
1.0433313  eg08/30/05Tehama River Ordinary Bitter Rathole
1.0513512  ag05/21/05La garriguenca Benet
1.039308  ag04/21/05Big Sister Bitter Jon Olsen
1.038298  ag03/24/05nothing special bitter mark branch
1.046429  eg08/15/04Old School Bitter West Side Brewing
1.036297  e08/10/04Waymouth Ordinary Bitter Mat Farrington
1.050207  e04/25/04Shiloh Sugarfrost's Maple Bitter Scottum
1.039348  eg04/01/04Bunny Bitter Bunny Brewing
1.037657  ag02/25/04Watchugot Ale Michael Bock
1.0624918  ag02/19/04Queen City ESB DogLog
1.0423110  eg02/14/04Ken's Cotswold Bitter Ken Tyhurst
1.036428  ag01/27/04Alpaca Potty Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin
1.0403010  ag01/20/04Full O' London Pride Sir Tony
1.055407  eg01/03/04Wading River Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.0352413  eg12/22/03Bitter Adam Bigham
1.037145  ag12/08/03English Blonde Ale setanta
1.053337  eg11/28/03Pub Bitter West Side Brewing
1.042295  ag07/25/03I fought The lawn and The Beer won michael neuman
1.049399  eg04/01/03Will's Bitters DRM
1.059415  ag03/17/03Very Bitter Ale Al
1.038334  ag03/11/03Bitter Al
1.0654246  ag02/02/03Foam Rangers Stout Mitch Peterson
1.037345  ag12/04/02Bitter Winter Ale Dave Beck
1.037145  ag11/14/02English Blonde Ale setanta
1.039177  ag11/08/02Melyn Cadnawes "Golden Vixen" setanta
1.035269  ag10/02/02House Staple Setanta
1.0392620  eg03/24/02Red's Better Bitter Chris Pabst and Mindy Lacher
1.046362  ag02/28/02Honey Bitch Bitter Rusty Mug
1.037268  ag10/17/01Maow ESB Ben Schy
1.038356  ag10/16/01TF Ordinary Bitter HEU Brewer
1.0583412  e06/01/01Strange Bitter Joe Gherlone
1.035328  ag04/27/01Pail Hail Simba Dog
1.034357  eg01/07/01The Queen's Bitter NT
1.044279  pm09/22/00Captain Shay's Bitter Greg Pietsch
1.030443  ag03/29/00firsty patoche
1.038307  ag03/09/00Pub Bitter Waterford Brewery
1.035375  ag01/27/00Dawg's First Bitter Red Dawg
1.0633410  ag11/04/99NovAmber Franzkeller
1.035529  eg03/29/99Butthead Bitter 2 Greg Henley
1.045187  eg03/02/99Procrastination Ale Jeff Bryant
1.062599  eg11/07/98Wife's away ale Lewis Jennings
1.0382911  eg10/07/98Butthead Bitter Greg Henley
1.037316  ag10/06/98Home Bitter Andrew Henckler
1.040229  e07/02/98Butthead Bitter Greg
1.034337  ag04/10/98Biggles' Bitter Matt Arnold
1.0648221  ag01/04/98Bumbel Juice Maubee Brewing
1.038366  ag07/12/97Boss Bitter Jamie Wika , Dick Van Dyke

Best Bitter

1.0493713  ag02/03/16SOB (some ones bitter.) The Fallen
1.044377  ag10/18/15Timothy taylor Stav
1.057339  ag11/19/14X KOBB
1.0563837  ag03/09/14Cairish Wred MadInstincts
1.0443611  ag10/17/13Miranda Frank Hollman
1.053258  ag05/20/13Aunty Pat Hamelsworde
1.0483211  ag05/03/13Bitter Soylent
1.0443112  pm10/21/12Blazers Best Bitter Buzzerj
1.0522618  ag10/13/12HSB Steve Knowles
1.0503214  ag01/15/12Wizard of Oz Harold Gujelsnap
1.0585626  ag01/06/12Monster Mash Morne
1.0566520  eg09/02/11Arrogant Bastard Clone Jon Myers
1.048249  ag08/31/11Wanker Reloaded Tinman
1.043298  ag08/09/11Landlord clone Matt B
1.0684721  pm06/21/11Super special bitter Fraggles
1.044326  ag03/10/11Double Wanker Tinman
1.0483111  ag01/19/11Big Blind Best Bitter D
1.0635712  ag09/11/10ultimate ESB Stephen Kopil
1.054488  ag11/01/09Barrington Best Bitter Chris McMath
1.0463414  ag10/27/09Best Bitter #1 Keith Aschinger
1.046296  ag07/22/09FWH or Not Summer Ale Christo
1.042317  eg07/12/09Reception Ale Teresa Lemak
1.060318  ag07/02/09oatmeal ale chris mannon
1.0405514  eg06/08/09Barking Spider Session Bitter Humblewine
1.0744013  pm05/06/09La Grasa de Gato Cerveza Rick Patterson
1.0364712  eg03/23/09wyeast 1968 test batch AiF
1.049407  ag03/19/09Foundation Tall Trees Brewery
1.0413510  eg02/03/09Bitter Breakup David Birdwell
1.0444511  e08/07/08Groddintons michael
1.043357  e06/29/08Grabbingtons michael
1.051418  ag06/07/08Frog Slobber Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin
1.0473110  pm04/17/08Cwrw Cymreig Daniel Chris Lynch
1.044406  eg03/09/08Bags O'Bitter KC Brewer
1.042347  eg03/05/08What's there to be Bitter about Paul, Rob, Ian
1.045306  ag02/24/08Extra Special Bluedale Ale Paco Piki
1.051569  ag01/21/08Rocking D ESB
1.0503911  ag01/19/08Victory ESB Jim Anciaux
1.0493230  pm01/06/08PoppAle Hegermann's Øl
1.0483916  ag11/12/07Best Effort
1.044399  ag11/10/07Manchester Cobblestone Bitter Joel "Paddlewheeler" Plutchak
1.0473110  pm09/17/07Cwrw Cymreig Daniel Chris Lynch
1.0753610  ag04/14/07Viccy old bitter thornp
1.0426010  pm03/18/07Brew Day Bitter Derek Almashy/Patrick Crabtree
1.045374  ag03/15/07Wharton Pale Bob
1.0933114  ag11/22/06Parti-gyle ESB/ Session Ale Nathan Shackelford
1.045427  eg11/04/06Red Younger's Best kcbrewer
1.044339  ag10/05/06Amarillo Bitter Mark Zamonski
1.043269  eg08/09/06Three Kings Better Bitter Marc Breen
1.0464611  eg03/15/06Ebury St. Bitter Tim
1.043346  ag02/23/06ESB Steve
1.0564615  ag11/14/05Charlotte ESB DogLog
1.048346  ag10/13/05Third Round ESB Ben Schy
1.0482813  eg05/03/05Don's Best Bitter Don Kovach
1.039308  ag04/21/05Big Sister Bitter Jon Olsen
1.0473910  eg03/21/05Loose Head and Foot Too Nick Stubbs
1.0635025  eg11/24/04Blackpool Bitters dmesherb
1.050207  e04/25/04Shiloh Sugarfrost's Maple Bitter Scottum
1.042388  e04/24/04Bitter IV Lonte
1.0582418  ag04/17/04Casade Bitter Pete Strunk
1.0593912  eg02/26/04English ESB Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0581712  eg01/25/04Fountainhead Ale Johnnybob
1.0403010  ag01/20/04Full O' London Pride Sir Tony
1.045369  ag01/16/04The Mouthy Limey The Dude
1.045369  ag01/16/04The Mouthy Limey The Dude
1.043394  ag12/27/03Britt's Best Bitter??? Tad Britt
1.0432510  ag11/08/03"Solidarity" Single-Malt Special Bitter Stuart Grant
1.064355  ag10/22/03isle of kings E.S.B. st_james224
1.0552020  eg09/22/03Bachelor ESB clone B.A.B.K
1.0523111  ag07/31/03ESB Thirty-Something Andy Allison
1.047766  eg05/19/03Mild ESB Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0795410  pm03/26/03Toad Pee ESB River Bottom Nightmare Brewing
1.044476  ag10/22/02Best Bitter HEU Brewer
1.041298  ag09/17/02Cwrw Bangor Setanta
1.0414112  ag07/31/02The red one Julien Frison
1.053376  ag07/03/02Wenchmore Bitter Graz
1.0644213  pm03/30/02I'm Not Bitter! Brewers Connection
1.09481>50  eg03/15/02Hard Coal Stout Peter L. Berghold
1.054338  pm03/07/02LH2/LO2 Special Bitters Rocket Scientist Brewing
1.0662621  eg02/22/02Slobberdog English Pale Michael DuBois
1.051398  ag02/17/02Bitter Becomes Pale Ale Nathan Shackelford
1.0483112  ag11/19/01Best Bitter #1 John Tossberg
1.0483613  ag11/16/01Best Bitter Bert Kenward
1.0456514  ag08/28/01What the Ale is this? Colby Fry
1.043378  ag05/23/01The Best of Glen Ellyn HEU Brewer
1.045348  ag05/23/01Glen Ellyn Best HEU Brewer
1.0494810  ag02/18/01Hoppy Special Bitter Mike Tobias
1.041388  ag01/31/01Adkins Ale House Best Bitter David Adkins
1.042268  ag01/20/01winter hopes patoche
1.0625122  eg10/09/00Hippity Hoppity Ale Dan Eble & Scott Robedeau
1.049378  ag09/22/00G's Best Bitter GD
1.044279  pm09/22/00Captain Shay's Bitter Greg Pietsch
1.052274  ag08/04/00English Lawnmower Tom Forgey
1.0522920  ag07/19/00Special Bitter Darren
1.045429  ag07/15/00Best Bitter Rupp
1.039289  eg06/16/00Calebs Creek Tennessee Bitter Yzermaniac
1.045418  ag03/27/00Maris Otter Best Bitter John A
1.042427  ag03/06/99Teri's Bithday Bitter Steve Spurlock
1.0482110  pm01/25/99Bigjohn's Blue Ribbon ESB Bigjohn
1.047389  ag01/02/99Santa's Best Bitter Robert Lundlad
1.048477  eg06/29/98Adnams Suffolk Strong Clone Mat Farrington
1.0462012  eg05/31/98Kumquat's Bitter Bill Ballard
1.041358  ag05/21/98Best Bitter B.F.M. Club Brew Off
1.0413311  eg05/05/98Boswell's Bitter Andrew Ager
1.043478  ag03/02/98DJ Bitter III Dan Johnson
1.049509  ag02/01/98DJ Bitter Dan Johnson
1.0432414  ag01/17/98Brian's Best Bitter Brian Schwind
1.055387  ag08/09/97Pale Ale Dan Johnson

Extra Special Bitter

1.0563714  ag02/08/16ESB Carl Laman
1.0692513  ag11/01/15Das Beste Bitters Friendship Ales
1.0534811  ag10/19/15ESB -- (Easy as 1-2-3) Rick Rogan
1.0623711  ag04/16/15OLD SPECKLED HEN - Clone The CherrVallian
1.05610812  ag11/08/14Belma ESB Tom Healy
1.0503014  ag07/15/14On The Spot ESB Jacquie Rooney
1.0553015  ag07/15/14On The Spot ESB Jacquie Rooney
1.14747>50  ag05/04/14Rigellan Ale Suppercat17
1.052329  ag06/12/13Gentlemen's Ale Seth Perry
1.0554412  ag03/27/13Bitter X White Lightning Brewing
1.0513811  ag02/12/13Extra Special Bitter, Alpha Matthew R.
1.060509  ag12/08/12Schlafly Winter ESB Clone Attempt Gary
1.0583615  pm11/06/12Pirate's Strong Bitter Buzzerj
1.0513813  pm11/03/12Buzzington's ESB Buzzerj
1.0532819  ag10/02/12Hobbly Gobbly Steve Knowles
1.0553019  pm09/24/12Winter Warmer Matt
1.0585510  ag09/17/12Xcontinental ESB Scott Oberlin
1.050499  ag09/17/12Xcontinental ESB Scott Oberlin
1.0583512  pm08/14/12Rogan's ESB II Rick Rogan
1.0565311  ag07/27/12Thames ESB Androidserf
1.0594813  ag03/17/12Double Doggie - 2012 Larry Maler
1.059369  ag01/07/12Fullerish ESB Gary
1.048407  ag12/17/11Fulleresque ESB Gary
1.0685416  pm11/25/11Extra Strong Special Bitter (ESSB) Huge Head's Brews
1.060369  ag10/03/11Harvest Moon Warmer 1HoppyDad
1.050329  ag10/03/11Midder #6 Christo
1.056378  ag06/27/11Bert's Strong Bitter Buzzerj
1.056188  ag06/21/11Old Wheat Wheezer
1.0625115  ag06/18/11Barrrington ESB #2 Chris McMath
1.056209  ag05/19/11Bain of my existance Tinman
1.0593410  pm03/13/11Ben's Better Bitter Tom Williams
1.0554016  ag01/31/11Sweeney's Toddy ESB Chillhaze
1.068428  ag11/27/10barking chicken Tinman
1.063179  eg11/16/10Extra Special Brew Big Dog, Little Dog
1.0523720  ag11/09/10Felbrigg Ghost Thurgarton
1.0562417  eg11/02/10I'm Hooked ESB Part Deux andrd287
1.0495414  eg09/08/10mea ESB mezzomarinaio
1.059439  ag08/15/10RoozESB Rooz
1.0584211  ag07/30/10Hophead ESB Chris Ungvarsky
1.0493010  eg07/14/10Mason ESB ARM
1.0613411  eg07/01/10Red Headed Hooker Captain Ruary
1.0896911  eg06/15/10Bullmoose Strong Ale Mark II George With John and Andrew
1.0564416  eg05/20/10Shadow ESB Tom Williams
1.054407  eg04/24/10OKETZ dagan
1.055548  ag04/07/10ESB Evil Satan's Broth Stockhouse Brewing
1.0604711  ag03/26/10Grohmann ESB Luiz Gavioli
1.059419  ag01/14/10Pale Bitter (AG) dagan
1.0593117  eg12/29/09Red Star III Alfredo
1.0613916  eg11/29/09I'm Hooked ESB andrd287
1.0582110  ag11/15/09Little Dragon ESB Ferrari
1.0492613  eg11/11/09Red Star II Alfredo
1.054408  eg09/26/09Pale ESP dagan
1.0605112  ag07/24/09P-P-Power Ale! The PS:One brewers
1.0523313  eg06/27/09Courage ARM
1.0645113  eg06/20/09IPA NUMBER 10 the Red Stoners
1.0563510  eg06/10/09Bitter Old Men Mike
1.0405514  eg06/08/09Barking Spider Session Bitter Humblewine
1.0513411  eg05/26/09Heritage ESB Tom Botting
1.0565217  ag04/25/09Demon Barber FSB BBQ Bob
1.0733813  ag01/16/09Riverwood ESB Rick Armstrong
1.0665413  eg01/09/09Bitter Truth ESB Shrug Brewing Co.
1.0665413  eg01/09/09Bitter Truth ESB Shrug Brewing Co.
1.050414  ag11/30/08Summer Lightning Graeme Coates
1.0606018  ag11/13/08Boudica's Bitters SchnauzerHaus
1.0668010  ag09/20/08Harvest ESB Poidog
1.0553713  ag09/07/08Whiteshoes ESB (All-Grain) Rev. Tom
1.0645216  ag08/10/08Honey-Nut Brown Ale SOB Brewery
1.0565311  ag04/30/08Shady Lane ESB Chris McMath
1.0473110  pm04/17/08Cwrw Cymreig Daniel Chris Lynch
1.0663814  ag03/02/08Lardo's ESB Hymie's Hole
1.059129  eg02/26/08ESB Dennis Lowery
1.072777  ag02/11/08Pre-Season ESB Tom
1.0594111  ag01/27/08Broken Oak Bitter Brewdad
1.0595010  ag12/01/07Efficiently Strong Bitter montpelier homebrew society club gang
1.0631814  eg11/03/07Whiteshoes ESB Rev. Tom
1.0473110  pm09/17/07Cwrw Cymreig Daniel Chris Lynch
1.0605313  ag09/01/07Extra Special Bitter Kelsey Wagner
1.053418  ag08/02/07Channel Biere Bob
1.0563914  ag06/28/07ESB
1.0643210  ag06/28/07Halcyon Shannon O'Neil
1.054498  ag06/27/07Get Real ESB John House
1.0693720  ag06/24/07Fireweed Honey Red Rick Armstrong
1.066436  ag04/09/07Essential ESB Rick Armstrong
1.045335  pm03/07/07Mostly Everyday Bitter Matt
1.0574315  eg02/23/07Lefthook ESB BBQ Bob
1.062587  ag10/19/06Ottawa Pride Aleks & Carlos
1.0835426  pm09/08/06Snowman Ale Johnnybob
1.0635011  ag08/28/06E-S-Bert-O bert-o-matic
1.055727  ag08/15/06Matt's ESB Matt Ayers
1.0543910  ag08/07/06Concrete Dreams Best Bitter Brummie Brewer
1.0603711  eg08/01/06Big Brother Bitter Aaron Wiley
1.0592611  ag07/12/06Hobgoblin Extra Strong Clone Coffey
1.055347  ag06/26/06Red Hook ESB Clone Coffey
1.0554813  eg05/24/06Poly Brau ESB Justin Sieglaff
1.051359  ag05/11/06Brummy Brewer's Best Bitter BC
1.051359  ag05/11/06Brummy Brewer's Best Bitter BC
1.049358  ag05/11/06Brummy Brewer's Best Bitter BC
1.049388  ag04/23/06Brummy Brewer's Best Bitter BC
1.0535813  eg04/08/06ESB West Side Brewing
1.0623212  eg03/18/06Rogan's ESB Rick Rogan
1.0584613  pm01/14/06First ESB Matt
1.0774515  ag11/04/05Charlotte ESB DogLog
1.0632713  eg08/28/05Lexington ESB Thomas B. Dodson
1.054338  ag07/03/05#9 Brewery House Bitter Ron Daubel
1.0515513  eg04/15/05Damn Yankies Gnome's brew
1.0604114  eg04/01/05Mason Mild ESB ARM
1.048286  ag01/04/05Another Round ESB Ben Schy
1.0514412  ag12/03/04Winter ESB Kentucky St Brewing
1.057359  ag11/28/04chuffer mh
1.0554111  eg11/26/04Fresh Hop ESB West Side Brewing
1.057419  ag11/24/04Knee Biter Bitter Joel Plutchak
1.0625212  ag10/17/04#1 Red-Letter ESB Sinko
1.0623013  eg07/30/04Fieldpointe Extra Special Bitter Fieldpointe Brewery ©
1.0614013  eg05/01/04Waltons Extra Special Bitters shawn
1.06215316  ag04/29/04Homie's IPA ll Charlie Gray
1.0544312  eg12/11/03WSB West Side Brewing
1.0466914  eg11/30/03Extra Special Barstard Alex van den Broek
1.0583811  ag11/09/03eeyessbee Jim Johnson
1.052359  eg10/04/03ESB Mark Zgarrick
1.0654110  ag08/12/03Blighty IPA Brew Askew / Eagle Talon
1.0604012  eg05/19/03Gallo Rosso ESB Porto Terra Special OPS
1.0574318  e04/30/03Redfire Red Ale Jon
1.0575811  ag03/27/03Desert derby Frank Tee
1.0473315  eg03/15/03Extra Liberty Bitters/Strategery Ale Farley Dean
1.0563514  eg02/26/03Nothing to do ESB auradog
1.0552513  eg02/24/03Red Hook ESB Clone auradog
1.0602019  eg02/21/03Nothing to do ESB auradog
1.0898015  ag02/19/03Arrogant bastard clone? auradog
1.0927515  ag02/18/03Arrogant bastard clone? auradog
1.0594612  ag12/23/02Munich ESB Nathan Shackelford
1.0746114  pm12/01/02horizon bearcat
1.0572722  eg11/24/02Oak Frost Irish Red Brian Schoolcraft
1.0721912  ag11/16/02Spicy Winter Ale Cheesehead Mike
1.0514511  pm11/08/02British X-periment #23 Nathan Shackelford
1.0523711  pm10/24/02Angry Dog Amber M. Reynolds aka I.M. Hammered Brewing
1.0505511  ag10/24/02Beavis Bitter ale rainman & beavis
1.0413512  pm10/06/02Carlsbrew DGB3 (Damn Good Beer!) Carl Laman
1.0536114  eg09/28/02FUBAR Extra bitter Old Corp Brewing
1.050206  ag09/23/02Homie's Pale Ale Charlie Gray
1.0604116  ag09/20/02Boulevard Nutcracker clone Bryce Eddings
1.0452110  eg09/15/02Flip's Special Bitter #11 Fred Flippen
1.05755>50  ag09/14/02British Dry Stout Fred Riech
1.0493113  eg08/07/02Two Fat Cats ESB Scott
1.0442011  eg07/16/02TIMOTEA Lover Beer
1.0683712  ag06/08/02Frank, Pavlo, & Jim Jim Johnson
1.053479  eg06/05/02Mr. Eliot's ESB Matt Benzing
1.0583211  ag04/22/02Barn Owl's Pride Francisco Taboas
1.0583011  ag04/15/02Barn Owl's Pride Francisco Taboas
1.0584019  ag03/07/02Y Ddraig Goch Cwrw (Red Dragon Ale) Setanta
1.0473718  eg02/06/02Saw's Tooth Newer Brewer
1.0564112  eg01/22/02Just Like Tom Thumb's ESB Mike Pink
1.0715015  pm12/27/01Masters ESB Chris McMath and Scott Oberlin
1.0545418  ag12/17/01Strong Amber Dave
1.0573912  eg12/09/01Happy Jack Strong Bitter John Markert
1.0483613  ag11/16/01Best Bitter Bert Kenward
1.0544911  ag10/29/01TF ESB #1 HEU Brewer
1.0708120  ag10/14/01Just a good ale Tom Healy
1.062339  ag10/03/01Haloween ale Griswold
1.0483712  eg09/28/01the wierds bitter jason
1.046284  ag08/28/01Afterthought Ale Dirty Monkey
1.0543011  ag07/29/01Nicks Nefarious ESB Spitdriver
1.0505013  ag05/20/01Dark Amber Murrieta ESB (Dam ESB) Donald Park
1.052419  ag05/14/01Rolle Special Bitter Roland Öberg
1.054486  ag05/04/01Minuteman Trail Pale Ale Lake Street Brewing
1.0503213  eg03/23/01ESBII -- The Sequel Gordon Christensen
1.0593312  ag03/13/01Redhook ESB II Bill Maynard
1.0614313  ag03/07/01PetesWicked Awesome AG ESB Peter von Tresckow
1.0614310  ag02/10/01Treeman ESB II Michael Joslin
1.0504210  eg02/02/01Fleetback Kentish Ale Matt Morand
1.0615815  pm01/30/01Treeman ESB Michael Joslin
1.0653020  ag01/09/01Marty's Howling Mad Bitter MartyC
1.053488  ag01/07/01Adkins Ale House ESB David Adkins
1.0583912  ag11/26/00Spencer's ESB Kurt A. Christensen
1.0403012  eg11/22/00Carlsbrew DGB 2(Damn Good Beer!) Carl Laman
1.046319  ag11/12/00Greg's ESB Greg Pietsch
1.060437  eg11/10/00WillieHorton ESB Matthew Daumen
1.0534013  eg10/23/00Charlie Brown's ESB Cockney Geezer
1.0583013  e09/13/00One Bitter ESB McConnell
1.0542830  pm09/06/00Very Dunkel Weizen Bill Erwin
1.0564310  ag07/31/00Maris Otter ESB #6 John A
1.0553513  ag03/08/00Fullers ESB Vince Mash
1.0604213  eg01/31/00Fullers ESB Clone Robert Saporito
1.0483719  pm01/31/00YSB Wanna B Beer Lords
1.0574713  ag01/09/00G's ESB 2000 G MAN
1.0634010  ag12/08/99Hammer Head Steve Spurlock
1.066508  ag11/30/99Big Bitter Shoot Gahm
1.070449  ag08/26/99ChronicTonic ESB Steve
1.0543513  pm07/01/99Fullers ESB Vince Mash
1.057359  ag05/17/99A. G. Bitterman Joe Marsh
1.056409  eg04/09/99Devonshire ESB II Uumellmahaye Brewing Co.
1.0604614  pm03/14/99G's ESB G MAN
1.0615815  pm02/27/99Treeman ESB Michael Joslin
1.0635714  ag12/29/98Ol Dirty Bastard Aaron Moore
1.0513913  eg11/21/98Carlsbrew DGB (Damn Good Beer!) Carl Laman
1.0533914  eg10/07/98Long Street ESB Bill
1.0525417  ag08/27/98Pride of England Rick Gilmore
1.0563712  eg08/11/98VooDoo Brew #2, ESB Eric J. Chet
1.057366  eg08/08/98IHBC IV William Conway
1.0604613  eg03/30/98Bear's ESB jonathan
1.047428  ag03/24/98DJ Pale Rider Dan Johnson
1.0473413  ag03/21/98Waltermark EPA G Walter Connors and C Mark Patterson
1.048358  e03/09/98ESB John Alden
1.0513210  e02/21/98Hog Town ESB John Alden
1.0514210  ag01/30/98Blackhead ESB Matt Prator
1.0514410  ag12/29/97National Shag Ale Dan Johnson
1.0564710  ag12/10/97Christopher's Real ESB Christopher McMath

English Mild

1.0462422  ag06/24/15English Brown Mild (year 2015) Ofer Kaplan Antonio Vivi & Filippo vanni
1.0311119  ag02/14/15its only one chris mannon
1.0402630  eg12/30/13Winter weak sauce Carl Hansen
1.0351922  ag11/22/13dark mild of the moon jourahan
1.0352124  ag11/18/13dark mild of the moon jourahan
1.0521822  ag07/18/13English Brown Mild (year 2013) Riccardo Arrigucci Antonio Vivi & Filippo vanni
1.043315  e07/02/13Olderneset Skjærgårdsale Bjare Kill
1.0481922  ag11/05/12English Brown Mild (year 2013) Riccardo Arrigucci Antonio Vivi & Filippo vanni
1.0441826  ag07/18/12English Brown Mild Riccardo Arrigucci Antonio Vivi
1.036228  ag05/14/12America's Birthday mild JJ
1.0421714  ag12/29/10Vanilla Mild Christo
1.0421714  ag12/06/10Vanilla Mild Christo
1.0292134  ag11/03/10Softly James, Softly Andy Strodtman
1.0422321  ag09/07/10Weyermann® Smoked Mild Noam - Modiin
1.0412521  ag08/17/10Weyermann® Smoked Mild Noam - Modiin
1.033021  ag03/26/10s KIP
1.0592014  pm09/04/09Raleigh Red mE
1.0351921  eg07/07/09Falls Mild Tom Botting
1.03510324  ag04/10/09Mild Mannered Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.04520>50  pm03/06/09Carleton's Session Ale Bill Carleton
1.0411614  eg02/14/09English Mild 2/14/09 Mike
1.027175  eg12/26/08Mild 2 Andy Strodtman
1.0361422  ag12/21/08Mild Mannered Rob
1.041144  ag12/21/08New Year's Wimp Ale Barking Spider Brewery
1.0381715  ag07/21/08English Mild Christo
1.0341817  eg07/03/08Mild Ale (Modified from Brendan Kinney
1.0402725  ag04/08/08T Telson's Mild Les Hoffman
1.035239  ag04/02/08Session Mild Andy Strodtman
1.0331818  ag03/09/08Dark Mild Andy Strodtman
1.0392216  ag03/06/08Dirty Hippy Mild Joel Plutchak
1.0352011  ag03/06/08Fox Valley KISS Mild Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Brewer
1.048285  ag02/27/08SMaSH Maris Otter and Fuggles Lucky Bastard Brewing Co.
1.0352034  ag02/26/08Softly James, Softly Andy Strodtman
1.0642233  eg02/24/08Honey Porter Dennis Lowery
1.0381720  eg02/02/08Mountain Mild Hometown Brewing Company
1.038308  eg11/15/07Midder Christo
1.0391621  eg11/12/07Mule's Mild Bob Davis
1.0382016  eg09/11/0720th Anniversary Mild Joel Plutchak
1.052257  eg08/17/07Beth's Bohemian Beauty Jonny Kendoll
1.0601111  pm07/22/07Wonder Bread Red Wayne
1.0671427  eg06/12/07Beth's Bohemian Beauty Jonny Kendoll
1.047185  eg05/18/07Light English Scott
1.039303  ag05/06/07Brou Ha Ha Steve Sparks
1.047417  ag02/27/07Hoppy Hoppy Joy Joy Maple City Brewing Authority
1.0392027  eg12/11/06Southern English Brown Christo
1.0934421  ag11/22/06Parti-gyle Brown/ Mild Nathan Shackelford
1.0451333  eg08/23/06Empty Cupboard Dark Mild Ben Schy
1.0431314  ag08/22/06Empty Cupboard Dark Mild Ben Schy
1.0362211  ag08/18/06English Evening by the Fire rah
1.035286  eg08/04/06Lite Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0402011  ag07/24/064th Street Ale 4th Street Craft Brews
1.0381810  ag06/23/062Mild Bob
1.0483314  ag05/20/06Blackstrap Mild Dierksenkougan
1.038275  ag04/29/06Lite Ale Vetch
1.042295  ag04/22/06Lite Ale Vetch
1.035447  eg01/13/06Lite Amber Beer Holveck
1.0381722  pm12/14/05English Mild SDS Brewing
1.0442113  pm11/02/05Chumley's Mild Ale Johnnybob
1.0282136  ag10/31/05Kane's Mild WildE
1.041148  e10/08/05Hurricane Mild 1 Scott Parrish
1.0362012  eg09/10/05Wiffleball Mild Ale Holland Brothers
1.042158  eg06/05/05Mild Summer Ale West Side Brewing
1.035 -12  eg04/23/05My Myld Ale noonancm
1.040248  ag04/08/05Dog Walker Mild Ale Small Dog Homebrew
1.0382319  ag03/21/05Your Mum's Not Mild Alex van den Broek
1.0282320  eg01/26/05Dark Galactogogues j2
1.0351715  eg12/21/04English Light Mild McDonald/Maggio
1.048369  ag11/23/04Bass Ale Under The Bridge Brewing
1.060247  eg11/09/04BITCHIN' BASS AJ ROSINI
1.0381522  ag08/22/04dingle dark mild Ben Van Dusen
1.0351815  eg08/18/04Mild extract Ben Van Dusen
1.0482927  eg08/09/04Meek and Mild Beechwood Brewery
1.0392521  ag03/13/04My Mild Ben Van Dusen
1.0402825  eg02/29/04Mud Puddle English Mild Benzo
1.0383118  ag01/27/04Skunk Vomit Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin
1.037145  ag12/08/03English Blonde Ale setanta
1.0472317  e08/30/03Oak Shadow Ale Juniper Dunes - Catamount Grange
1.061256  e08/09/03Fug Light Rick Rogan
1.0401716  ag07/19/03Chocolate Mild Shawn Miller
1.0411610  eg07/07/03Booyah Mild Ale Jiggly George
1.0342117  ag06/05/03Not So Wild Mild rah
1.0591912  e05/25/03Flat Tire Jake Dog Brewing
1.0512213  eg04/14/03Anglo-Teutonic Ale GTC
1.033229  eg03/02/03Mysterious Mild j2
1.0451925  eg02/23/03Et tu, Brew? (bottling on the ides of March) Gabe Handel
1.037145  ag11/14/02English Blonde Ale setanta
1.039177  ag11/08/02Melyn Cadnawes "Golden Vixen" setanta
1.0361515  pm10/28/02Idle Time Mild M. Reynolds aka I.M. Hammered Brewing
1.041298  ag09/17/02Cwrw Bangor Setanta
1.0373010  pm07/27/02Mild, Mild, Brown, Brown Nathan Shackelford
1.0504614  eg03/22/02Spring Moon Ale REDMAN
1.0491825  eg02/17/02YABA (yet another brown ale) Chris Chow
1.0411622  eg02/02/02Slater's Mild (Wheat Stout?) Setanta
1.0382917  ag12/06/01Big Al's Mild Joel Plutchak
1.0361918  eg10/07/01English Dark Mild Al
1.0242014  ag09/05/01Keith's Extra Light Amber Keith Choquette
1.0331813  ag08/29/01Mild/Brown perbe
1.049259  eg08/28/01Sunday Pale Ale Colby Fry
1.0381716  ag07/01/01Chocolate Mild Shawn Miller
1.0506215  eg06/06/01Dark Delight Stinger
1.032153  ag05/03/01Summer Breeze Ale Doug Gould
1.0372217  ag01/21/01Malty Rapsody Pascal Desbiens
1.040147  ag11/06/00No. 7 John Hunt
1.0563112  ag10/28/00southern star red dave tease
1.0302319  eg10/18/00Limehouse Light Cockney Geezer
1.039226  pm09/17/00Porphery Perle Colin Smith
1.0322116  ag07/03/00Magnificently Mild Rick Gilmore
1.0341612  ag05/21/00French cup patoche
1.0351611  ag04/01/00dark dew patoche
1.038127  e01/16/00Light as Dew Morgan Pierceheart
1.0291217  eg01/16/00Short Round Morgan Pierceheart
1.0342311  ag12/08/99Memorial Mild sean
1.0392413  eg11/08/99Mutual of Omaha Mild Kingdom Jason Adams
1.0382310  ag08/02/99Dog Day Mild Ken Pegram
1.0351717  ag06/20/99Session Mild Joe Marsh
1.034124  e05/09/99Summertime Light Stefan
1.03708  eg02/16/99Blackstrap Delight Nick
1.0331139  eg01/04/99Shaken Naked Dark Red Ale Quest (1998Q4) Fred Dolislager
1.0351721  ag11/30/98Maris Otter Mild #1 John A
1.037206  eg08/29/98Ale #1 MBG-Master Brew Guy
1.0352728  eg08/12/98Arlington's Liquid Tranquility Steve Rockhill
1.0482522  ag06/01/98N-U-T Brown Ale Waltermark Brewery

English Brown

1.0524716  ag11/23/16Thanksgiving Brown Tom Healy
1.0665010  ag12/23/15Red Chair NWPAlmost Darrin Auxier
1.0682821  ag05/27/15Northern AZ Ancho Maple Brown Ale ver.2 Barry Tingleff
1.0574423  ag03/12/15Almond Joy Gehls Ales
1.0632525  ag01/12/15Newkie Brown English Ale Brad Blase
1.0634717  ag10/27/14Cub's Gout small batch KOBB
1.0552812  eg10/25/14Hobgloblin II Russ Meyer
1.0673718  ag10/24/14Cub's Gout small batch KOBB
1.0563916  ag10/10/14How Now Brown Brau Rick Rogan
1.0563016  ag10/07/14Cub's Gout KOBB
1.0481217  eg07/09/14Notti magiche Maccus
1.0541218  eg07/08/14Notti magiche Maccus
1.0542013  eg02/20/14Cereal City Nut Brown Juan Steibel
1.0531419  eg01/05/14Castle Brown Ale David Carroll
1.0431820  ag05/07/13Brown Town Soylent
1.0421621  ag04/10/13True Southern Brown Ale Larry Pyeatt
1.0502316  pm12/25/12Northern British Brownie Buzzerj
1.0683428  eg11/26/12Round About Brown Black Kettle Brewhouse
1.0532122  eg11/09/12Brown Ale 2012 Tim Bode
1.0492221  ag10/02/12Old Nut Brown Ale Steve Knowles
1.0571720  ag09/11/12LONDONER CherrVallian
1.0502323  ag07/14/12Olde English Brown Ale Keith Choquette
1.0582622  ag04/23/12Flabby Nutlover KOBB
1.0491714  eg04/12/12Slow Down Brown Andrew C
1.0582622  ag04/09/12Flabby Nutlover KOBB
1.0542622  ag04/07/12Flabby Nutlover KOBB
1.0572822  ag04/02/12Flabby Nutlover KOBB
1.0592315  ag04/02/12Flabby Nutlover KOBB
1.0672216  ag03/12/12Big Brown Dog Rookie Ron
1.0532021  ag03/01/12Hobbit Foot Brown Soylent
1.0613225  eg01/25/12Wandering brown Drpnrol
1.0441825  ag01/24/12Bulldog Brown Larry Rushing
1.0542121  ag11/27/111st Nut Petey
1.0532325  eg10/03/11English Brown Riccardo Arrigucci
1.0481715  ag09/25/11O L D M A N CherrVallian
1.0502830  eg09/07/11English Brown Riccardo Arrigucci
1.0452418  ag07/22/11Dr. Robert's Rx Matthew R.
1.0592119  ag05/07/11Light Brown mE
1.0603222  ag05/02/11Northern AZ Brown Ale ver.5 Barry Tingleff
1.0703735  eg04/26/11Blood Stripe Honey Brown Ale Black And Blue Brewery
1.0422116  ag02/28/11Dr. Robert's Northern English Brown Matthew R.
1.0522416  ag12/13/10Brown Note Tuba Tony
1.0532416  ag12/02/10Brown Note Tuba Tony
1.064269  ag11/23/10Twisted Tire Beer King
1.0502319  eg11/13/10Buh-Buh Brown Schuylkill River Brewing Co.
1.0452621  ag09/29/10Brew City Brown Chris Johnson
1.0661721  eg09/20/10Big Nutz Brown Ale Troy
1.0513012  ag09/13/10Long Pull v.3 The1DG
1.0591818  ag09/05/10Hobey Baker Nut Brown Ale
1.0622913  eg07/29/10Hobgoblin BYO Gus
1.0657324  eg07/01/10Hadrian's Wall Brown Ale Captain Ruary
1.0482917  ag06/01/10Dirty Beaver's Nut Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0521914  ag05/23/10Heirschiken Brown Mark Haislip
1.0462116  ag04/01/10Tant brun Babystep brewery
1.0562316  ag03/11/10Nut Brown Ale be
1.0422231  ag01/24/10Layered Porter DJL
1.0492418  ag12/28/09New Castle Clone Just Here for Beer
1.0523514  ag12/27/09Little Pig Ben Schy
1.0452020  eg11/18/09First Brown Ale Kevin Adams
1.0392216  pm11/07/09SS Nut Brown Ale mr Wicked Awesome
1.0572217  ag11/05/09Dangling Nut Brown Ale Armin
1.0561410  pm10/01/09WinterGlow Little Green Brewhouse
1.0421516  ag09/10/09Farmer Brown Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.068041  eg07/25/09Chet and Carols Irish Ale Gregg
1.0532115  pm07/13/09Confederation Ale (1867) Little Green Brewhouse
1.0531618  pm07/08/09Confederation Ale (1867) Little Green Brewhouse
1.0531140  eg07/05/09Chet and Carols Irish Ale Gregg
1.0601417  eg06/27/09Satori Brown Satori
1.073927  eg06/26/09Chet and Carols Irish Ale Gregg
1.0593123  pm06/11/09D's Nuts Brown Ale D Gamble
1.0593123  pm04/05/09D's Nuts Brown Ale D Gamble
1.0473017  pm02/07/09new new castle beast
1.0507129  eg01/06/09Hoppy Brown Bips
1.0592322  ag12/15/08Christmas Ale 2008 Barry Tingleff
1.0533222  eg12/07/08Northern Brown D Train Brewery
1.0564017  ag09/22/08Charlie's Revolutionary Nut Brown Rock Your World Brewing
1.0464718  eg09/22/08Aussie dark ale Austin
1.0482412  eg09/06/08Leftover Brown Drew Lequick
1.0511719  eg09/02/08Dark (not gonna name it) Ale Random passer by
1.0511719  eg09/02/08Dark (not gonna name it) Ale Random passer by
1.0553122  ag09/01/08Northern AZ Brown Ale ver.4 Barry Tingleff
1.0731324  eg07/23/08A Modest, Unassuming Brown Ale The Death Drinkers
1.0642523  eg07/12/08Nutty Brown Ale Social Experiment Brewing Co
1.0552118  eg06/21/08Brit Brown (8-2) DA Brewing
1.0444122  pm04/30/08JBL Strong Brown Johnathon Blake Layfield
1.0511817  pm04/06/08Nutty Brown Bear Jam Hog's Brewing
1.0512116  ag03/29/08Tempest Dark lmk/ Red Road Brewing
1.0502925  eg03/15/08Steve's Hoppy Brown Ale Steve Karlovic
1.0442124  ag02/28/08Special Brownies Andy Strodtman
1.0493230  pm01/06/08PoppAle Hegermann's Øl
1.0471517  ag01/05/08Mosquito Brown Andrew Holm
1.0692222  pm11/11/07Nut Brown Pete Strunk
1.0663022  ag11/04/07Northern AZ Brown Ale ver.3 Barry Tingleff
1.050720  eg10/14/07A Brown Sea Bass
1.0491921  eg08/30/07English Brown Ale Bort
1.052257  eg08/17/07Beth's Bohemian Beauty Jonny Kendoll
1.0562420  ag08/06/07Lappy's Nut Brown Ale BBQ Bob
1.0572033  eg07/12/07Airframers Nut Brown Ale Gregory S.
1.0532826  ag06/29/07Bumble Bee Brown Beez Brewing
1.04356>50  eg06/23/07Cherry Fatty Brown Porter Don and Mike BBBW
1.0671427  eg06/12/07Beth's Bohemian Beauty Jonny Kendoll
1.0553221  ag06/01/07Rye "G" Brown Ale Bill Vaughan
1.0591619  eg02/09/07Good Ole Brown Ale Ear Bay
1.0514710  ag12/18/06Old Speckled Hen Orfy
1.0392027  eg12/11/06Southern English Brown Christo
1.0443625  ag12/02/06Irish Brown Ale Bob
1.04548>50  ag11/30/06Scotch Brown Ale Matt Miller
1.0503310  ag11/28/06Hob Goblin Clone Orfy
1.0661821  eg11/25/06english brown ale Tip Back brewery
1.0934421  ag11/22/06Parti-gyle Brown/ Mild Nathan Shackelford
1.0731822  eg07/23/06Hunney Nutt Bronn Dave Deverney
1.0583018  eg06/13/06Easy American Braun Bob
1.0522514  ag06/01/06BritBrownAle Bob
1.0542410  ag06/01/06BritLiteBrownAle Bob
1.0532515  ag05/11/06Brown Round McKinney Brothers
1.0886128  ag05/07/06Inaugral Kettle Nut Brown Ale Three Dog Brewery
1.0572818  eg04/10/06Charlie Castle C. Mullin
1.0622427  eg03/27/06Fool's Tax Brown Ale #2 the Red Stoners
1.0482215  pm03/03/06Pilkington Brown Ale Matt
1.0491412  eg11/23/05Xmas Brown Dead Doug
1.0581615  eg09/24/05Brown Bear West Side Brewing
1.0581617  eg08/11/05Nut Brown Scott G.
1.0682223  eg06/28/05Wharf Rat Bourbon Barrel Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0481815  ag02/23/05NBA Andy Barkley
1.0463115  ag02/14/05Boondock Brown David Wood
1.0552715  pm01/22/05TKO Wheat Brown Ale TKO Brewing Co.
1.0511427  eg12/17/04Brown Table Ale Drew
1.0511227  eg12/17/04Brown Table Ale Drew
1.0483120  ag11/16/04Olde English Brown Ale Keith Choquette
1.051724  eg11/07/04Coon Ass Brown Ale Eric Hebert
1.0665223  eg11/03/04Royal Tea Basement Floor Brewing Co.
1.0422316  eg10/24/04Hound Dawg Ale Paul Smith
1.0673231  pm10/03/04Kick the Donkey Brown Ale Ron Leonard
1.056021  e08/23/04Nut Brown ale Dennis Dye
1.0483024  e08/11/04Chuck's Mild Brown Ale Chuck Kortman
1.0582034  eg03/17/04Airframers Nut Brown Ale Gregory S.
1.056021  e03/14/04Nut Brown ale Dennis Dye
1.0502117  ag03/12/04Nut Brown Ale Pete Strunk
1.0643123  eg03/11/04VP Brown Ale Vic
1.0431511  ag03/11/04Sunday race ale Brian Mosley 3-9-04
1.0542315  ag02/27/04Brown Ale John Tossberg
1.0542620  ag02/08/042-Sided Brown 1/2 Tony
1.0582034  eg01/31/04Airframers Nut Brown Ale Gregory S.
1.0652616  eg01/21/04Fromundamynut brown ale Sam Reaves
1.0612020  ag01/18/04Christmas Ale 2003 Barry Tingleff
1.0601615  eg01/13/04Fromundamynut brown ale Sam Reaves
1.0472820  ag01/13/04Big Brown Tony & Mike
1.0432211  eg01/11/04Downtown Brown MacPhisto
1.0623320  ag12/30/03MLK Brown Charlie Gray
1.0651825  eg12/22/03Mud Honey Brown Ale West Side Brewing
1.0481915  eg11/22/03Barney's Brown Ale
1.065716  eg11/15/03Sweet Release Brown Dead Doug
1.0541518  eg11/05/03Return to the Dark Side John Engelson
1.06825>50  eg11/02/03Grandma Phicketts Mudfence Porter Red Raider
1.0573325  ag09/23/03Ballantyne Brown Ale DogLog
1.0551523  eg08/29/03Deez Nut Brown Ale B.A.B.K
1.0563125  eg08/25/03NB Nut Brown Ale David Claus
1.0462225  eg08/11/03Good Olde Brown Ale Olde Tony
1.0614224  ag08/10/03Hazel Nut Brown Matt Hill
1.050939  eg06/28/03Top Of The Head Ale Jimbo Jones
1.0502812  ag05/13/03Homie's Downtown Brown Ale II Charlie Gray
1.0472321  ag05/05/03Madhouse Brown Ale OC Brewing Company
1.0503514  eg02/27/03My Mutt Brown Ale Jake Dog Brewing
1.0651219  eg02/18/03need a beer for the summer auradog
1.066514  eg02/16/03Blackwater Malty Ale #5/2 Ed Crowling
1.0501619  eg02/04/03Brown Mut - Nut Brown Ale Jake Dog Brewing
1.0563415  pm01/09/03Black Dog Brown Ale St. Arnold
1.0441513  eg12/08/02Dust Bunnie Blackberry Ale Chris Reynolds
1.0571919  ag11/24/02Christmas Ale 2002 Barry Tingleff
1.0502422  eg11/21/02Brownish Days of Winter Larry Belding
1.0451415  eg11/08/02Mr. Mayor's Holiday Ale George Howell
1.0482619  ag11/04/02Old 29 Brown Ale Michael Bock
1.0532316  ag10/27/02Benz Brown Ale Steve Huddle
1.0592224  ag09/28/02Panhandle Bear Ass Brown, RIMS # 27 Shillingbrau
1.0601912  ag09/25/02Big Bad Brown Barry Tingleff
1.0552610  ag09/20/02Maple Rain Ale Bryce Eddings
1.0592224  ag09/04/02Panhandle Bear Ass Brown, RIMS # 27 Shillingbrau
1.0631529  eg07/27/02Downtown Brown Rick Rogan
1.0454512  eg07/06/02Old Sock Brown Henry Finklestein
1.0631624  ag06/03/02Homie's Downtown Brown Charlie Gray
1.0591928  eg05/19/02British Amber-Red Ale Brian
1.0563019  ag04/21/02Ingleside Brown Ale Shem Johnson
1.0522131  ag04/12/02Olde English Brown Ale Keith Choquette
1.0551913  eg03/11/02New Castle (Clone). DJV
1.0491825  eg02/17/02YABA (yet another brown ale) Chris Chow
1.0301518  eg01/28/02Hermione Brown Ale #1 George Howell
1.0583020  ag01/18/02Little Doggy rockwell d. fisk
1.0513139  eg01/12/02Bright Angel Brown McMillan Mesa Brewing
1.0521210  eg12/23/01Solstice Lager Randy Champagne
1.0571732  ag11/13/01a-NUT-her Brown Ale Dave Hill
1.0592516  ag11/04/01Honey Brown Jeff Waller
1.0631920  ag10/06/01Just a Brit Brown Too Marty Mac
1.0542113  ag10/05/01We Be Brown Balgan II Ed G
1.0621219  eg09/12/01Will Get You Laid Brown Ale Trevor Porter
1.0562128  eg08/13/01Yorkshire Nut Brown BigGuy
1.0512118  eg06/27/01Brown Eyed Brown Erik Rittenhouse
1.0482418  eg06/16/01Cotswold Lion Brown Ale John Markert
1.0583412  e06/01/01Strange Bitter Joe Gherlone
1.0521517  eg05/10/01Mild Brown for Chris Jeffrey Gordon
1.0452415  ag05/07/01Brown Bag Brown Ale Young Buck Brewing
1.0541523  eg04/24/01Limerick Nuclear Ale Mike L...
1.0574920  ag04/14/01xxx Jim Johnson
1.044421  eg04/14/01Coopers Nut Brown Ale Fitz Roy
1.0581528  eg02/14/01Burton Brown Mike Buchanan
1.0471421  eg02/05/01Dr. Brown's beter late then never brown ale Chris Chow
1.0532519  ag02/04/01Yo brown!!! Pascal Desbiens
1.0502317  ag01/14/01New Year brown G man
1.0472318  ag01/03/01Charle's Brown ale Pascal Desbiens
1.0551618  ag01/03/01Old Reliable Brown Ale Bill Cain, Jr.
1.0502317  ag01/01/01New Year brown G man
1.0452324  e12/08/00Hump's Mild Brown Ale Joshua Humphries
1.0563112  ag10/28/00southern star red dave tease
1.0532817  eg10/06/00English Brown Pub Ale Jonas
1.0521033  pm09/20/00Chelsea Square Chocolate Ale Colin Smith
1.0502017  eg09/19/00Byrne's Birthday Brown Ale David Conger
1.039226  pm09/17/00Porphery Perle Colin Smith
1.0491734  eg09/10/00Chocolate Hazelnut Brown Scott Holub
1.0522714  ag09/09/00big brown red Dave Tease
1.0551917  eg04/22/00New Castle (Clone) DJV
1.044139  e01/19/00Brown Ale Two TKE's Brew
1.0531910  pm12/28/99Hazelnut Brown Ale Beer Wolf
1.0751827  eg09/05/99Shaved Nut Brown Ale The Shaved Beaver Brewing Co.
1.0472322  ag08/09/99Too Late Nut-Brown Steve Ripple
1.068710  e07/26/99Creamy English Ale Tim
1.0553311  ag04/04/99Teays Valley Brown Ale Teays Valley Homebrewers
1.0601917  ag04/02/99Nut Brown Ale Jeff Waller
1.0503217  ag03/08/99Hising Island brown ale Robert Lundblad
1.0721521  eg02/19/99Nut Brown ale Keith Dallmer
1.0522716  eg01/01/99Bruin Brown Ale John Alden
1.0816524  ag11/10/98John Barley #5 J & C
1.0391712  eg09/21/98R.O.B. (Roberts Own Brown) Robert Lundblad
1.0482522  ag06/01/98N-U-T Brown Ale Waltermark Brewery
1.0563916  ag05/28/98Stagger Lee's Honey Brown jonathan edwards
1.0773318  ag04/11/98Spank Chim Ale David Winkelmann
1.0573215  ag03/20/98Toady's Nut Brown Ale Bob Cunningham
1.0512227  ag03/13/98Clifton Gardens Brown Ale Christopher McMath
1.044238  ag02/20/98McGinty's Irish-American Ale Phil Wilcox
1.0433813  ag12/14/97Red English Ale Bob Cunningham
1.0544211  ag12/09/97Pearl Harbor Salute Dan Johnson
1.0522519  pm11/11/97Dark Amber Ale - Brits Delite Mr. Sammy
1.0502313  ag10/02/97North Coast Brown Ale Christopher Ryba
1.0592412  ag08/25/97Willow Spring Brown Ale Dan Johnson
1.0592520  ag08/23/97B&J's Honey Brown Bruce Wigton

American Brown

1.0546122  eg09/27/16Anglo-American Dark Brown Ale Jim Massa
1.0732523  eg12/12/15Comin' Thro' the Rye - Darkly Larry Maler
1.05033>50  ag10/29/15Black American IP-Stout Ds-Nuts Brewing
1.0609418  ag02/25/15American Amber Ale Tom Healy
1.0632525  ag01/12/15Newkie Brown English Ale Brad Blase
1.0673122  ag12/29/14Sweet Sassy Molassy Chris Ungvarsky
1.0774021  eg11/22/14burnt flowers fallen The Fallen
1.0625138  ag11/19/14Mugatu's Latte KOBB
1.0625138  ag11/11/14Non-Dairy Stout KOBB
1.0625138  ag11/07/14Non-Dairy Stout KOBB
1.0634717  ag10/27/14Cub's Gout small batch KOBB
1.0673718  ag10/24/14Cub's Gout small batch KOBB
1.0563016  ag10/07/14Cub's Gout KOBB
1.0515116  ag09/12/14Head High KOBB
1.0643818  ag08/31/14Cindy's Whip KOBB
1.0563016  ag08/28/14Cub's Gout KOBB
1.0643818  ag08/25/14Cindy's Whip KOBB
1.0515116  ag08/17/14Head High KOBB
1.0665717  ag08/17/14Head High KOBB
1.0685618  ag08/16/14Head High KOBB
1.0563217  ag08/07/14Cub's Gout KOBB
1.0513119  ag08/07/14Cub's Gout KOBB
1.0573019  ag08/06/14Cub's Gout KOBB
1.0613817  ag08/04/14Cub's Gout KOBB
1.0643818  ag08/04/14Cindy's Whip KOBB
1.0643818  ag08/03/14Pumpkin KOBB
1.08733>50  ag04/27/14Everett Clone Rick Rogan
1.0688220  ag03/04/14Screamin' Eagle - India Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0708345  ag12/08/13Christmas BelgoSoCal Tom Healy
1.0708345  ag11/26/13Christmas BelgoSoCal Tom Healy
1.0708345  ag11/24/13Christmas BelgoSoCal Tom Healy
1.0479923  ag11/15/13American Brown Ale (Dark/Bitter) Tom Healy
1.0479923  ag11/10/13American Brown Ale (Dark/Bitter) Tom Healy
1.0479923  ag10/30/13American Brown Ale (Dark/Bitter) Tom Healy
1.0562022  ag05/26/13Belgo porter KOBB
1.0531738  ag05/22/13123 Styler
1.0542417  ag05/02/13Coconut Brown Ale SS
1.0562022  ag05/01/13O.R.C. Brown KOBB
1.0558820  ag04/17/13Hank's Trail India Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0562022  ag04/07/13O.R.C. Brown KOBB
1.0562626  ag04/06/13O.R.C. Brown KOBB
1.0552628  ag04/05/13O.R.C. Brown KOBB
1.0572629  ag04/02/13O.R.C. Brown KOBB
1.0652317  ag03/08/13Hobbit Foot Soylent
1.0581923  ag12/16/12Button Buck Brown Chris Ungvarsky
1.0572828  eg10/13/12Chocolate Pumpkin 2012 Carl Hansen
1.0534120  ag10/05/12Hoppy Rye Brown Matthew R.
1.055020  ag09/24/12Hoppy Rye Brown Matthew R.
1.060031  ag09/13/12beer x brewer x
1.0531738  ag07/22/12Chola La Troja Cervecera
1.0563418  ag07/19/12A - ROUND - TUIT CherrVallian
1.06123>50  ag07/19/12Chola La Troja Cervecera
1.0782924  eg07/18/12brown mule taco6669
1.0782924  eg07/18/12Brown Mule Black Kettle Brew House
1.0782924  eg07/18/12Brown Mule Black Kettle Brew House
1.0782924  eg07/18/12brown mule taco6669
1.0624623  ag06/27/12Janet's Brown Ale Jonas
1.0662123  ag06/26/12Hobbit Foot Soylent
1.0523419  ag05/20/12Out of Town Brown Chris Ungvarsky
1.0608819  ag05/16/12Cautiously Hoptimistic Chris Ungvarsky
1.0643422  pm04/28/12Bucky's Busted Brown Rocco
1.0823920  ag03/16/12Dirty Dancer Imperial Bourbon Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0613225  eg01/25/12Wandering brown Drpnrol
1.0709831  ag09/18/11Lego Bitter Brown Ale Tom Healy
1.0567927  ag08/28/11Lego Bitter Brown Ale Tom Healy
1.0549222  eg08/12/11Brown '76 Jameson Auten
1.0563918  pm06/11/11Nut Brown Ale Timmons
1.044253  ag05/30/11Founding Fathers Ale Tinman
1.050029  pm05/27/11spruce moose fraggles
1.0535820  ag05/09/11Hank's Trail India Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0582526  eg04/23/11Beltane's Brown Carl Hansen
1.0772421  eg03/31/11smokin nut 5 G BERGCO
1.0645420  ag03/15/11Spring Thaw Brown Pilchuck Pivo
1.0725826  eg03/09/11big bourbon brown nick
1.0755729  eg03/09/11big bourbon brown nick
1.0613015  ag03/07/11noble american brown mike
1.0545322  eg02/22/11Chester Brown Jameson Auten
1.0523013  eg02/21/11Not Sure Ale Chris
1.0604322  ag02/11/11Morning Wood Chris Ungvarsky
1.0584320  ag02/09/11Morning Wood Chris Ungvarsky
1.0512618  eg01/28/11Bells Best Brown Ale Clone Rusty
1.0782013  ag01/24/11Special "K" Tinman
1.0514824  eg01/03/11Mahogony Bliss Jameson Auten
1.0563314  eg12/31/10James Brown Vince
1.0514524  eg12/31/10Mahogony Bliss Jameson Auten
1.0523019  ag12/20/10Paintin the town hazelnut brown justio
1.0503325  ag12/13/10Zombie Drool Post Apocalyptic Brewery
1.0683423  ag11/28/10Bentley Brown Ale Jordan Bean
1.0433910  ag11/26/10Roasted ale RobsBrew
1.0532618  ag11/25/10Muddy bottom curt
1.0523019  ag11/20/10Paintin the town hazelnut brown justio
1.0583024  eg11/13/10Scottish Brown Carl Hansen
1.0636019  ag10/26/10India Brown Carl Heinz and Cooper Pond
1.0625125  ag10/08/10Lang - Munshi, #30 DJL
1.0554722  ag09/23/10Lang - Munshi II DJL
1.0576012  eg09/11/10Staple AJP
1.0625125  ag09/09/10Lang - Munshi DJL
1.0473019  ag08/13/10Barnyard Brown Ale Red Barn Brewing
1.0654317  pm07/02/10Kwijibo 2010 Bryan Dore
1.0626621  ag06/20/10Cascadian Dark Ale (5-23-10) Ray
1.0716620  ag06/20/10Cascadian Dark Ale (5-23-10) Ray
1.0543316  pm06/12/10Werning Wedding Ale Chris Johnson
1.0693422  ag06/10/10Imperial Nut Brown Felix Stoddeay's
1.0482917  ag06/01/10Dirty Beaver's Nut Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0722749  pm05/27/10cody2 jc
1.0613218  ag05/09/10A very dark red..... MaltMasher
1.0764525  ag05/06/10Brew Party Beer dagan
1.0572339  pm04/19/10cody1 jc
1.0471611  ag04/08/10O town irish red ale blackburn brewer
1.0563127  eg03/27/10Brown Turtle Ale (chocolate pecan brown) Kristy H
1.0712120  pm03/10/10Rickie's 30th Nut Brown Starrbrew
1.0482420  eg02/19/10Madeleine ARM
1.0583013  pm01/19/10Broken Meter Dark Ale Bryan Dore
1.0622417  eg12/22/09Midwest Christmas Dubbel Chris Husiak
1.0544325  ag11/25/09Nuts and Bolts Bown Ale v2 Derrick
1.0662916  ag10/17/09Rod's American Red II Rod Litchfield
1.0562425  eg10/16/09Swamp Howler Pumpkin Ale Cypress Head Brewery
1.0922120  ag10/14/09christmas Ale big b
1.0522621  eg09/16/09Sloppy Joe's Honey Brown Ale Shane from MONDAYS BREWING
1.0564427  ag09/12/09BBQ Season Brown Ale Barking Spider Brewery
1.0564523  ag08/23/09Backyard Brown Keith Forsgren
1.0531839  eg08/16/09Braer Rabbit Fab
1.0514322  eg08/16/09Nuts and Bolts Brown Ale v1 Derrick
1.056433  eg07/16/09Nut Brown Ale gwc
1.0572427  eg07/09/09Nut Brown Ale D.W.
1.0442017  pm07/06/09Rerun Brown Chris Ungvarsky
1.0541912  pm06/01/09The Nocturnal Patriarch West Hand Zymurgy
1.0614530  pm05/11/09Brown Ale #1 jason warnes
1.03610228  ag04/19/09The Dirty Chewbacca Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0583916  ag04/18/09Spring Things Brown Ale Barking Spider Brewery
1.0552917  eg04/07/09Big Daddy Ganja's Ginja Ninja Big C and Skinny C
1.0643327  ag03/27/09Boda Getta Brown Ale Barking Spider Brewery
1.0703517  ag03/25/09Rod's American Red #2 Rod Litchfield
1.0883334  pm03/22/09Morse Imperial Honey Brown Ale Thomas Macpherson
1.0813915  eg03/01/09Beginners Luck Josh
1.0581033  eg02/22/09Dark Dog Brown Ale West Side Brewing
1.0532620  ag02/19/09Moose Drool Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0552733  eg02/17/09Kodavista I.B.A (aka bust a nut brown) Zodo
1.0554420  eg02/10/09Q&A
1.0614530  pm01/23/09Brown Ale #1 jason warnes
1.0507129  eg01/06/09Hoppy Brown Bips
1.0574021  ag01/04/09If It's Brown, It's Down! Chris Ungvarsky
1.0533421  eg01/01/09New Year Brown Travis Adams
1.0532722  ag12/22/08Hazelnut Brown Ale Fuzz
1.0572027  eg12/22/08Briar Patch Honey Brown Ron Davis
1.0582718  ag11/17/08The Grinch Emancipator Phil's Brew Pub
1.0583115  ag10/27/08Rod's American Red Rod Litchfield
1.0652128  pm10/26/08Bad Bad Leroy Brown Ale Isaac
1.0533128  ag10/26/08Huntcamp Brown Barking Spider Brewery
1.0664732  ag10/11/08Home Grown Brown West Wind
1.0545317  ag10/06/08You're a Good Man Charlie Brown Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0631423  eg09/16/08Black Cocker Brown Ron Davis
1.0492324  ag09/07/08Brown Bark Ale II Barking Spider Brewery
1.0572527  eg08/24/08Nut Brown Ale D.W.
1.0492324  ag08/23/08Brown Bark Ale II Barking Spider Brewery
1.0522315  eg08/22/08Adrienne's Ale TR
1.0573821  ag08/05/08First Down Brown Chris Ungvarsky
1.0481626  eg07/18/08Brown Ale II David
1.0481832  eg07/18/08Brown Ale I David
1.0642523  eg07/12/08Nutty Brown Ale Social Experiment Brewing Co
1.0484025  ag05/18/08Reunion Brown Ale Barking Spider Brewery
1.0734314  ag05/16/08Lightning Strong Ale lmk/ Red Road Brewing
1.0682224  eg05/10/08Big Brown Ale Gary Slafka
1.0623420  eg05/04/08Burt's Red Ale Big Al
1.0546515  ag04/27/08Man Weekend Brown Ale MAH
1.0522418  ag03/11/08The Crazy Creamy Caramel Crustacean Sebastians Best Brewing Co.
1.0455421  ag03/02/08Foxy Brown Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.04610523  eg02/23/08India Brown Ale Rockstar
1.0582027  eg02/08/08Maple Brown Ale Rev. Tom
1.0671816  eg02/02/08Hop-n-Honey Brown Ale Coldknife
1.0585219  ag01/26/08You're a Good Man Charlie Brown Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0534420  ag01/19/08Foxy Brown Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0613430  ag01/11/08Brown Ale EJG
1.0772519  eg01/11/08Dark Copper Ale Chase Miller
1.0603520  eg01/07/08Sweeter Than Honey Stephen Spinogatti
1.0542315  eg01/02/08Big Fat Belgian Brown Pinhead
1.0553620  ag12/15/07Brown Bark Ale Barking Spider Brewery
1.0413219  ag11/21/07Brown Ale Rob Brown
1.0543319  eg11/13/07Wicked Brown + Paul Valente
1.0794313  ag10/08/07Imperial Irish Red Tip Back
1.0574214  ag09/23/07Bristol Brown Ale Barking Spider Brewery
1.0665920  ag09/16/07Border Town Brown BBQ Bob
1.0683817  ag08/26/07Nutbuster Brown Rick Armstrong
1.0683817  ag08/22/07Nutbuster Brown Rick Armstrong
1.0502315  ag08/02/07Talking Seagull Matt - Talking Seagull Brewery
1.0602317  ag07/25/07Football Brown Ale Matt
1.0522617  ag07/25/07Talking Seagull Matt - Talking Seagull Brewery
1.0553922  ag07/22/07Wedding Ale ProudDad
1.0562417  ag07/20/07Football Brown Ale Matt
1.0542921  ag07/18/07Wicked Ale Matt
1.0521822  eg06/14/07Brown Trout Ale CJL
1.0561321  eg06/02/07Nate's Nut Brown Bill Strunk
1.0553221  ag06/01/07Rye "G" Brown Ale Bill Vaughan
1.0562326  e05/27/07Hog Wash Bob
1.0591727  eg05/22/07Spring Spuce Brown Carl Hansen
1.0628024  eg05/09/07Baru Brown Snilsen
1.0545216  eg05/07/07Holden's Birthday Brown Ale (5-6-07) MHC
1.0532415  eg05/01/07snba pdaddylauffer
1.0614312  ag04/09/07spring ale patio brewery
1.0553314  e03/31/071172 Brown Carl Hansen
1.0622034  pm03/23/07Sweet Brown Ale Brian Stilson
1.0504637  ag02/27/07KOB Stout KOB
1.0554534  ag02/15/07Choo Choo Brown Special Tim Osborne
1.0504637  ag02/05/07KOB Stout KOB
1.0704811  eg02/04/07blue whale jim Massa
1.0484436  ag01/21/07KOB Stout KOB
1.0522321  ag01/11/07Purser's Poter Art Shipley
1.0511115  eg01/04/07transitional s.w. dark pcl
1.0623412  e01/01/07Honey Brown Ale Gunther Brewery
1.0583818  ag12/17/06Sleepy Hollow Brown Ale BBQ Bob
1.0405122  ag11/14/06Jackson's Browne Nate Heck
1.0612626  eg10/16/06Briar Patch Honey Brown Ron Davis
1.0696723  ag10/01/06Ballistic Brown Itch
1.0675735  ag09/02/06Home Grown Brown West Wind
1.0614018  ag08/02/06Ale Brune houblonnée no2, Brassin 61 2B & G
1.0731822  eg07/23/06Hunney Nutt Bronn Dave Deverney
1.0572219  ag07/20/06Doo Doo Brown The Kraut Bros
1.0443116  eg07/19/06Oak Barrel Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.053817  eg07/08/06Nuke Castle West Side Brewing
1.0583018  eg06/13/06Easy American Braun Bob
1.0594219  ag06/10/06Brune houblonnée 2BG
1.0583519  eg05/28/06Nut'N Honey Brown Rick Rogan
1.0503327  ag05/11/06old gun dog dark ale naked brewmeister
1.0583516  eg05/08/06Nut'N Honey Brown Rick Rogan
1.0998021  ag05/07/06EVIL ALVIN scott
1.0886128  ag05/07/06Inaugral Kettle Nut Brown Ale Three Dog Brewery
1.0494017  ag04/30/06Indoors Ale Pot of Grass Productions
1.0614212  ag04/20/06brown Jim Johnson
1.0512327  eg04/06/06Soerbach Eric Metzner
1.0614918  eg04/04/06Double Nut Brown Ale myLHBS
1.0634917  ag04/04/06Double Nut Brown Ale myLHBS
1.0553310  ag03/30/06Maple Brown Ale Awesome Opossum Brewery©
1.0622427  eg03/27/06Fool's Tax Brown Ale #2 the Red Stoners
1.0565121  ag03/15/06Amerikan Braun oldmouldyhead
1.0573242  eg03/06/06American Brun Gill DeLong Hooff
1.0553022  ag02/27/06Responsibly Brown Ale Pot of Grass Productions
1.0524326  eg01/31/06A Wee Cocker Brown Ron Davis
1.0572929  eg01/24/06Moose Druel Vetch
1.0573228  eg01/22/06Filbert Brown Dawg
1.0742819  eg12/25/05Three Stooges Nut Brown Honey Ale Jonathan Tucker
1.0672821  eg12/21/05Christmas Present Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0541814  eg12/17/05Brown Trout West Side Brewing
1.047269  eg12/10/05pumpkin brown ale kyle
1.0633922  eg10/25/05"Borders on Porter" Brown Ale Lagerhaus 5
1.00000  ag10/02/05Three Chimney Ale Gary Jensen
1.00000  ag10/02/05Three Chimney Ale Gary Jensen
1.0524326  eg09/22/05A Wee Cocker Brown Ron Davis
1.0563320  ag09/18/05Northern AZ Brown ver.3 Barry Tingleff
1.0835836  ag08/25/05Strong Brown Doug Wilson
1.0957336  ag08/19/05Strong Brown Doug Wilson
1.1171343  eg08/16/05Power Pumpkin Denis Hurley
1.081822  eg08/11/05To Big For You Britches Brown Mike Holcomb
1.0644722  ag07/14/05brown
1.0691317  eg07/12/05PumpKing Ale 2 Gary Slafka
1.0442815  ag07/10/05Oberliner Browne Ale Scott Oberlin
1.0603918  eg06/03/05Nut Brown Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0523315  eg06/03/05Maple Brown Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0602715  eg05/17/05Jess' Grabrewation Ale Homer's First Day
1.0683221  ag05/15/05Northern AZ Brown ver.2 Barry Tingleff
1.0602911  eg05/01/05Arroyo Red Ale ArizFlash
1.0613216  ag04/30/05Downtown Freddie Brown Ken Doggett
1.0552418  eg04/24/05Smooth Brown West Side Brewing
1.0572611  eg04/14/05Arroyo Red Ale ArizFlash
1.0509620  ag04/07/05Monster garage Jim Johnson
1.0594221  eg03/21/05Mud Pie Brown Ale Gnome's brew
1.0701515  eg03/16/05FBR's Burnt Down Maple Brown Ale FBR
1.0574922  eg03/10/05Nutbrown Dawg Ale Brown Dawg
1.0482424  ag03/04/05Skip's Nutty Brown Skippy
1.0823324  eg02/18/05? Honey Brown Dustin "Goat" Cramer
1.0761020  eg01/22/05(light) Brown Ale Freisinger Brewing
1.0624817  eg01/22/05Double Nut Brown Ale mcgdo
1.0634917  ag01/22/05Double Nut Brown Ale mcgdo
1.0502822  ag01/15/05Disapearring Brown Ale Boxer Rock Brewing
1.0452919  pm01/08/05Sierra Estrella Arroyo Brown Ale ArizFlash
1.0585110  ag01/04/05Darby Brown Howells
1.0652912  eg12/30/04Bass In My Boat Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0672516  eg12/03/04Chuck's Honey Brown chuck
1.0542215  eg11/27/04Honey Nut Brown Weiser
1.0525024  ag11/05/04brown bag lunch Ben Van Dusen
1.0494516  ag11/02/04SOB Honey Brown Ale Dave
1.0593522  ag10/30/04Northern AZ Brown Barry Tingleff
1.0422316  eg10/24/04Hound Dawg Ale Paul Smith
1.0465221  eg10/20/04House Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0562416  ag10/07/04Big Bad Brown 2 Barry Tingleff
1.0632130  eg09/23/04Cocker Honey Brown Ron Davis
1.0625917  eg09/02/04Red Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0483024  e08/11/04Chuck's Mild Brown Ale Chuck Kortman
1.0566020  ag08/03/04Charlotte Brown Ale DogLog
1.0657113  eg07/29/04Plain 'Ole Brown Ale #1 Herb G.
1.0552018  ag05/01/04Table Rock Nut Brown Clone Steve Presley
1.0421812  eg03/26/04Red Hound Ale Paul Smith
1.0655829  eg02/29/04Hoppy Lil Brown Bastard Herb G.
1.0651423  eg02/18/04Black Cocker Brown Ron Davis
1.0542620  ag02/08/042-Sided Brown 1/2 Tony
1.0452213  eg01/30/04Honey Brown Ale (My Recipe) Paul Smith
1.0452213  eg01/29/04Honey Brown Ale (My Recipe) Paul Smith
1.0604024  eg01/29/04Bad Leroy's Brown Morgan Winfree
1.0781923  eg01/02/04Beans Big Brown Ale Chuck Byington - Small Dog HomeBrew
1.0631915  pm12/31/03Doo-Doo Diaper Pale Ale Sefus
1.0623320  ag12/30/03MLK Brown Charlie Gray
1.0675627  eg12/24/03Wild West Outlaw Ale West Side Brewing
1.0492117  eg12/21/03Prairie Village Red Carpenter
1.0552419  eg12/16/03Momma Braun Brown Ale Jeremy S
1.0613231  pm11/30/03Thanksgiving Hazelnut Brown Rob & Des
1.0521917  eg11/27/03Brown Beagle Ale
1.0581914  eg11/16/03Gingerbread Beer Trip Rice
1.0663418  ag11/15/03Homie's Holiday Downtown Brown II Charlie Gray
1.0575121  eg10/31/03Winter Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0643822  ag10/22/03Flat Tire Amber Orion Kingman
1.0601213  eg10/16/03Honey Brown Steve Schuster
1.0664917  eg10/14/03Christmas Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0563430  ag09/16/03Halloween Howler Patrick Malone
1.0502716  ag07/13/03Drinking My Brownies michael neuman
1.0732914  eg06/29/03HolidAle Trip Rice
1.0532713  ag06/08/03Homie's Downtown Brown Ale II Charlie Gray
1.0653018  eg06/08/03Poison Ivy Ale Jon Burek/Arbutus Brewery
1.053717  eg06/02/03Osage Bluff Brown Ron Davis
1.095725  eg05/31/03Osage Bluff Brown Ron Davis
1.0951222  eg05/29/03Osage Bluff Brown Ron Davis
1.0591912  e05/25/03Flat Tire Jake Dog Brewing
1.0532713  ag05/23/03Homie's Downtown Brown Ale II Charlie Gray
1.0532713  ag05/17/03Homie's Downtown Brown Ale II Charlie Gray
1.0543115  eg05/16/03maple nut brown Colin
1.0502812  ag05/13/03Homie's Downtown Brown Ale II Charlie Gray
1.0611925  eg05/13/03Flippen Brown Ale #13B (Brooklyn Clone) Fred Flippen
1.0472321  ag05/05/03Madhouse Brown Ale OC Brewing Company
1.0564715  eg04/28/03Red Ale Adam L. Crawford
1.0742019  ag04/26/03Reeds sugar shack red Jim 'piper' Litterio
1.0655519  eg04/11/03Bunny Brown Ale T-MAN BREWERY
1.0451516  eg03/29/03Honey Brown Ale with an IPA twist (My Recipe) Paul Smith
1.0513126  eg03/23/03Hazelnut Brown Tony & Matt
1.0452213  eg03/15/03Honey Brown Ale (My Recipe) Paul Smith
1.0503514  eg02/27/03My Mutt Brown Ale Jake Dog Brewing
1.0482420  eg02/21/03Madeleine DRM
1.0651219  eg02/18/03need a beer for the summer auradog
1.0525314  ag02/06/03Darby Brown Howells
1.04169  ag01/25/03'monkeynuts' nut brown ale clanton goldman f.b.b.
1.0583122  ag01/11/03Dog Dish (kitchen sink) Ale Copper Dog Brewery
1.0563415  pm01/09/03Black Dog Brown Ale St. Arnold
1.0552116  ag12/18/02Low Down Brown Larry Rose
1.0582025  eg10/27/02Flippen Brown Ale #13 Fred Flippen
1.0531018  eg10/03/02Brown Trout Ale whiz lancto
1.0632916  pm10/02/02Framboozin Grog
1.0603533  eg09/29/02RECON Old Corp Brewing
1.0621918  eg09/26/02"Wrath of God" Brown Ale Brian
1.048296  ag09/04/02Pale Ale? Nuts! Brown Charlie Gray
1.0616515  ag08/31/02Imperial brown ale Scott E.
1.061189  eg08/22/02Heritage Holiday Bock Eric Cole
1.0611912  eg08/11/02MRS. "HONEY" RICE MILE HILL BREWING
1.0525523  ag07/29/02brewing jointly Jim Johnson
1.0633920  ag07/03/02India Brown Ale Ryan Damm
1.0562617  pm06/10/02Brown Stoned Again Kevin R. Gallagher
1.0631624  ag06/03/02Homie's Downtown Brown Charlie Gray
1.0504513  ag05/21/02Honey Brown Paul Erbe
1.04640>50  ag04/15/02American Brown The Madcap
1.065622  eg04/14/02Steve's Chrismas Ale Steve Jensen
1.0474018  ag03/29/02Black Dog Brown Trub Daddy
1.0876828  ag03/15/02Rod's Red Redux Rod & Les & Brian
1.0512018  eg03/14/02Tenderfoot ABA Thom Moore
1.0871718  eg03/11/02Osage Bluff Brown Ron Davis
1.0564020  eg03/04/02Bad Leroy Brown Ale Newer Brewer
1.0553121  eg02/28/02Chock Full O' Nuts Brown Todd Adamson
1.0724214  eg02/20/02Nutter Brown Beer Colby Fry
1.0616515  ag02/09/02Shelley's brown ale Scott E.
1.0515920  ag01/25/02Tookish Ale Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin
1.0564112  eg01/22/02Just Like Tom Thumb's ESB Mike Pink
1.0453113  e01/22/02Using Spalt Coly Moore
1.0483729  pm01/22/02miine fer maathew uhmm, hi im me
1.0471911  e01/21/02Simple HOPPY Brown Ale Daniel Hurtubise
1.0751720  eg01/20/02Slow Down Ale Pat Larkin
1.0561417  e01/09/02Oktober Spice Brown Brad Wright
1.0575121  ag12/10/01Rods Red Rod & Les
1.0583116  eg12/06/01Down wit' da Brown Colby Fry
1.0626733  pm11/14/01Mr. Robinson's Christmas Ale Spillane
1.0542714  ag11/09/01Xmas Ale Coon Bottom Brewery
1.0665020  eg11/07/01Eleven Heaven Ken Gray
1.0471211  e11/01/01Simple HOPPY Brown Ale Daniel Hurtubise
1.0524021  eg10/27/01American Brown Ale Greg
1.0542113  ag10/05/01We Be Brown Balgan II Ed G
1.0504513  ag10/04/01Honey Brown Paul Erbe
1.0481621  eg09/25/01B's Brown Ale Brian
1.0665020  eg09/19/01Eleven Heaven Ken Gray
1.0461913  ag08/30/01Wicked Red Fall Ale Randy Champagne
1.0523316  ag07/27/01Beer Nut Brown Bill & Glen Stewart
1.047615  eg07/26/01Uncle Malty DeacnBleu
1.0554811  ag06/20/01Hot Sunday Brown Ale Chris Pabst
1.0545922  ag03/14/01Bosco's Big Brown Ale J.D.'s Dog House Brewery
1.0542323  eg02/12/01Big Slick's Pimpin Brown Ale ShimmyShang
1.0583720  ag01/17/01mudder The Barrel
1.0522314  ag12/31/00Ambrée d'octobre Pascal Desbiens
1.0452324  e12/08/00Hump's Mild Brown Ale Joshua Humphries
1.0553220  eg12/07/00Hump's Hazelnut Brown Ale Joshua Humphries
1.0596121  ag11/29/00Darkest Night Solstice Ale Todd n' Dave
1.0502622  eg11/27/00American Brown Ale Two TKE's Brew
1.065622  eg11/05/00Steve's Chrismas Ale Steve Jensen
1.0675418  eg10/30/00Pre-Stout Brown Jim Johnson
1.0532521  ag10/11/00Brown Cow Leif
1.0542738  eg10/03/00Luscious Brown Ale Brett Pellock
1.0545227  eg09/09/00Crabby Olephant Brown FastOnion
1.0483215  ag09/04/00Double the Trouble 2 - Brown Ales A. Mayes
1.0592714  pm09/04/00Zoe dogs Pale Ale John Husted
1.0714037  eg08/22/00Double Brown Ale Marc Rehfuss
1.0564522  ag08/06/00Brown Nut Buzz Waterford Brewery
1.0536222  ag07/29/00Blonde Monkey's Brown Brother Randy Champagne
1.0622824  pm07/03/00Duct Tape Brown Ale Steve Greentree
1.0525318  ag06/19/00Skid Mark Nut Brown TDK
1.0533922  eg06/17/00Brown Cat Ale Rob Martin
1.0573923  ag05/08/00Uptown Brown Dan M
1.0691233  eg05/07/00honey brown Chris Rock
1.0572635  eg04/29/00spring in the air ale tom
1.0523023  e04/19/00NOE'S WICKED ASS ALE N. PEREZ
1.0637218  ag03/28/00Mo' Bitter Brown Aaron Lyon
1.0512723  eg02/06/00Brown Cherry Buster BiggB
1.0553715  eg02/03/00Kearns Irish Cream Ale Mark Kearns
1.0763715  pm12/20/99Double J Brown Ale Jim Johnson
1.068611  eg11/11/99The Great Pumpkin Ale David Dover
1.0545314  ag11/08/99Baby Cub Brown
1.064711  eg11/07/99The Great Pumpkin Ale David Dover
1.0534429  ag11/04/99Mom's House Stout KimSkin
1.0523922  eg03/20/99Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut Brown Ale Greg Henley
1.0503217  ag03/08/99Hising Island brown ale Robert Lundblad
1.0503914  ag03/01/99Glenn Brown Steve Spurlock
1.0584617  pm02/14/99RED'S VALENTINE ALE G MAN
1.0571217  eg02/07/99Mr. Beer Ale Clbe
1.0576217  ag01/26/99My Brown-Eyed Girl Joel Plutchak
1.0511628  eg01/19/99Piss in a Bottle Brown Ale matt
1.0623014  eg11/25/98Wicked Bitch Extra-Ordinary Ale J. M. Hart
1.0532919  ag11/12/98Pete's Wicked Ale (The Real Thing) John Alden
1.0691724  eg11/10/98Black Bear Honey Ale Frank Travers
1.0666415  ag10/23/98High & Dry Red wayne parks
1.0462925  eg09/18/98Jester's American Brown Jeremy M.
1.0604220  ag09/08/98Brown Mule Ale jonathan edwards
1.0543923  ag09/03/98Bully Brown Ale Jay Pemberton
1.0621429  eg07/23/98BigSky Montana RIB 2 BREW - Richard Buchli
1.0614221  ag06/02/98Four Toes Brown Ale The Newt King
1.0563916  ag05/28/98Stagger Lee's Honey Brown jonathan edwards
1.0462314  e04/16/98Honey Brown D Gingerich
1.0574320  ag02/23/98"My Donnas Brown Eyes" Brown Ale Maury LaPrade
1.0613719  ag02/23/98Blue Balls Johnny Blaze
1.0583013  ag02/13/98Old One Eye Johnny Blaze
1.0544211  ag12/09/97Pearl Harbor Salute Dan Johnson
1.0592619  ag11/29/97Wylie's Scotch Ale Christopher Ryba - Bill Stone
1.0691723  eg11/04/97Wix and Stix Honey Brown Erik Mason

Barley Wine

1.0767310  ag09/29/16Gingercrotch Ale 15 Steve Ripple
1.0979117  ag01/21/16BARYELEYWINE Carl Laman
1.1037716  eg02/09/15Nyarlathop "The Crawling Chaos" andy
1.09911212  ag03/25/14barleywine Beclouded Eye Brewing
1.1129414  ag12/27/13ole barleycorn jacobo
1.1129915  eg11/15/13Bilbo's BBQ Bob
1.1075520  ag06/16/13Orgie D'Orge X
1.1139218  ag03/08/13Monster Mash Soylent
1.09616023  ag11/13/11Barley Wine Bart Ball
1.0864410  ag10/25/11Cashmir Tinman
1.09610011  eg10/09/11Scottys Imperial Highland Ale George
1.0969811  eg09/18/11Scottys Imperial Highland Ale George
1.0965336  eg07/25/11A Christmas Carrol Maccus
1.0979313  ag06/12/11big ol barleywine wncbrewer
1.1129024  pm06/04/11barelywine fraggles
1.1039819  eg05/19/11Tom's Barley wine JJ
1.0969911  eg02/27/11Scottys Highland Ale George
1.2054213  ag01/25/11dodo bird Tinman
1.1462640  eg12/30/10voodoo jdflash
1.163189  pm11/19/10Malty Gallon Justin
1.0973420  pm11/02/10Justin's Barleywine Justin
1.1106021  eg10/25/10Seanmistiuil Stephen
1.0806523  ag10/17/10Surly AHA Rally 2010 Barry and Richardson
1.10010011  ag10/14/10Century Ale ChriSto
1.0981814  eg07/30/10End of Summer Londoman
1.0904016  ag07/02/10Big Brown Wood Hofferbeerbrewing
1.10011114  ag05/18/10theoretical barley wine Matthew R.
1.110012  pm05/03/10Green Grass Groaning Ale Tinman
1.10010010  eg02/19/10VIII
1.1713128  eg01/19/10Christmas Barley Wine jdflash
1.08710111  ag12/24/09Holy Hog Barley Wine Mark Miller
1.10213817  eg12/15/09CLYDE Doug Kraus
1.1299317  ag11/07/09Baby Benjamin Barley Wine Mr. Rick
1.1154925  ag11/02/09Brew City Barleywine Chris Johnson
1.1019315  pm10/27/09Old Monster E. Gray
1.10213817  eg10/26/09ClYDE Doug Kraus
1.113958  ag09/10/09High Octane Bart Ball
1.1366614  pm02/15/09Tater's Barley Wine Ghost Cat
1.1189416  ag01/26/09Right Turn Clyde McKinney Bros.
1.0844610  ag01/11/09King and Barnes Christmas Ale Graeme Coates
1.0959022  ag12/31/08Old Crustacean Clone Rick & DJ
1.10184>50  eg12/26/08Another Barley Wine Andy Strodtman
1.110437  ag11/28/08Burly Barley Wine Rev. Tom
1.110437  ag09/20/08Burly Barley Wine Rev. Tom
1.0894221  eg09/05/08big sarge's big brown ale Robert
1.12010722  ag09/01/08Sloth BBQ Bob
1.10610320  eg08/23/08Knuckles CS Maestrotmbg
1.106505  eg07/13/08Laundry Wheat Wine Fab & Mike
1.0768510  eg05/14/08IRAQ Bound IPA J. Reams
1.111124>50  ag05/01/08Ample Harvest Barleywine Andy Strodtman
1.12114019  eg04/28/08Kitty Claws Dave
1.1057024  pm04/21/08Aniversary Barley Wine GM
1.0916510  pm04/15/08Olde Ball and Chain Rock Your World Brewing Co.
1.1106424  ag02/26/08Paschal Lamb Barley Wine Ale Andy Strodtman
1.103113  ag02/09/08KAO Braggot ranman
1.1138116  ag01/09/08Doggie Claws Alan Sprints
1.12512422  eg11/05/07El Cid McKinney Brothers
1.1148619  ag09/18/07Mr. Hide's Reserve McKinney Brothers
1.09410541  eg02/10/07Gnarlywine Denis Hurley
1.0959634  eg01/12/07Crash Landing Barley Wheat Wine Jack
1.1207713  ag12/05/06O' Brother Bourbon-Aged BW MASH
1.1339211  pm11/27/06Ode to Chris Farley-wine Rick Rogan
1.2296419  eg11/11/06Big'un Trip Rice
1.12212016  eg10/24/06Big Kahuna BBQ Bob
1.1029017  ag10/04/06Black Beard's BBQ Bob
1.0869819  ag09/19/06Old Kneewalker Barley Wine Jerry Dessert
1.126907  ag08/09/06Old School English Vetch
1.1129015  eg07/29/06Epic BigFoot Eric
1.13308  ag07/06/06My Honey Berry Eric D.
1.10116518  eg06/19/06Echidna's Barleywine Denis Hurley
1.126907  ag05/12/06Old School English Vetch
1.12610215  ag04/26/06"Stars & Bars Risin' Again" Barley Wine McKinney Brothers
1.0891711  eg03/17/06Winter solstice ale jfd
1.11910013  ag01/08/06Berserker McKinney Brothers
1.0613625  eg12/31/05Can I Get A Light? Tasty Boy Brewing Inc.
1.1713929  eg12/16/05Oh So Fine Barleywine II - XMAS Trip Rice
1.0947418  eg12/13/05BarleyWine Spencer Stubbs
1.1026619  eg10/13/05Bindlestiff Barley Wine Holland Brothers
1.1075046  eg09/29/05Clifton Street Brew J Hall
1.09710115  eg09/28/05Dustbin Barleywine Denis Hurley
1.1026918  eg09/04/05Bindlestiff Barley Wine Holland Brothers
1.1237616  ag04/29/05No Merlot B Sanders
1.10214110  ag03/24/052005bw Jim Johnson
1.0969614  eg02/25/05Epic BigFoot Eric
1.1094313  pm01/21/05KneeBiter KnarleyWine Small Dog Homebrew
1.0917227  ag12/27/04What Wedding Wine? Ben Van Dusen
1.0855318  eg11/20/04Holiday Cheer Rick Rogan
1.10812315  ag10/27/04Yankee BarleyWhine Tim
1.0693610  ag09/11/04Strawberry shortcake delight ale ken (ALABAMA)
1.0693610  ag09/09/04STRAWBERRY DELIGHT ALE ken (ALABAMA)
1.0957615  ag08/26/04Osshifer Barleywine Stuart Grant
1.1037020  eg07/30/04Big Brown Barleywine Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.1147520  ag04/11/04Blueberry Barley Wine Alex Baillieul
1.1019831  e04/09/04Old Yeller Scorched House
1.1157912  pm03/01/04Open Class Barley Wine Orion Kingman
1.1147516  ag12/07/03Blueberry Barley Wine Alex
1.1106820  eg11/22/03Human Guinea Pig Lorenzo Cavallo
1.1085016  eg11/11/03Bugeater Barleywine Wayne Faris
1.069488  ag08/23/03Gnarley Wine shillingbrau
1.069488  ag08/17/03Gnarley Wine shillingbrau
1.109726  ag07/21/03Imperial Gran Cru Six Feet to Go
1.11511116  ag07/16/03Killer Bee B.W.
1.0782929  eg06/27/03Old English Barstard Alex van den Broek
1.1039510  ag06/03/03Cole's 1 year Barleywine cmd
1.1027722  ag05/28/03Seriously Barley Wine ph4tcharlie
1.116689  eg04/19/03Blueberry Barley Wine Alex
1.1259923  eg04/11/03Oh So Fine Barleywine Trip Rice
1.1616831  eg04/11/03Oh So Fine Barleywine II Trip Rice
1.1465213  pm03/19/03Quacking Mallard Barley Wine Claude
1.06614519  eg02/16/03The Kitchen Sink Dan Friedman
1.1585917  ag01/14/03Git Lit Now! Andrew S. Webster
1.1108810  pm01/03/03Ol~ RockHead Grog
1.10810310  pm12/12/022002 Barley Wine Josh Jensen
1.1259923  eg11/26/02Oh So Fine Barleywine Trip Rice
1.1197210  ag11/14/02Good Intentions Andrew B
1.1248911  ag11/05/02Gaz de course Brouemaster
1.10013512  ag10/31/02FJBW Jim Johnson
1.1006417  eg10/03/02BeerBera Lover Beer
1.1075629  ag10/02/02October Time Barley Wine Tom McNally
1.1259923  eg09/08/02Oh So Fine Barleywine Trip Rice
1.1085017  eg08/30/02Heritage Holiday Skull Splitter Eric Cole
1.1259923  eg08/18/02Oh So Fine Barleywine Trip Rice
1.1248911  ag07/10/02Gaz de course Brouemaster
1.0002320  eg06/17/02Numbskull Wheatwine B.Coberley
1.1153618  eg06/12/02Olde Moses II Wade Jensen
1.0948022  ag04/12/02Nerve Damage Ale CRB Joe Nestor
1.1423011  ag03/29/02Onefine Barleywine Colby Fry
1.079 -14  ag03/13/02Thanks, Tom Healy
1.0775016  pm03/01/02La Terrible Barley Wine daniel hurtubise
1.0927332  pm12/26/01better next year solistus John Aberle-Grasse
1.1009710  ag11/08/01Senate Barley Wine Andrew
1.11112120  ag09/23/012001 Barley Wine Mervyn Bartalis
1.12915623  eg09/17/01Very Fine Narleywine 2 Gary Slafka
1.07466  eg09/12/01Braggot Haggot Chris Chow
1.1364918  eg09/05/01"Cure For What Ales You" Barleywine Miss Kris
1.1247516  ag08/18/01Disturbed Dave Walker
1.1264912  e07/09/01cheats barley wine karlv
1.1114817  eg05/10/01Ninja Monkey Death Car Jeffrey Gordon
1.1017014  ag04/26/01GRC Barleywine Pascal Desbiens
1.1259014  ag04/22/01AJ Brew #2 (Barleywine) Jim Johnson
1.1146621  eg04/20/01The Cellar's Secret Adam C. Bigham
1.1085621  eg04/19/01to heavy yer face! acb
1.1087820  eg03/17/01Bat Brew Dave Walker
1.0916813  e03/05/01Hope and Pray David B
1.1108326  eg02/02/01Warm & Fuzzy Barley Wine Smokin Joe
1.0967119  ag01/31/01Danger Barley Pascal Desbiens
1.09514912  ag01/23/01First Born Barley Wine Tom Healy
1.1018314  pm12/31/00Charle's barley wine Pascal Desbiens
1.113967  ag12/23/00Bobo's Best Barleywine Brewer Bob- (Beer's color is really 22 SRM when done)
1.1027418  pm12/12/00winter barleywine Christopher McMath
1.1436312  eg09/24/00Honey Malt Wine David Campbell
1.09613914  ag09/14/00Double J Barleywine 2002 Jim Johnson
1.0897024  ag07/10/00Buddha Barley Wine Chronic Tonic
1.105437  eg04/22/00Viking Braggot BiggB
1.09514912  ag04/20/00First Born Barley Wine Tom Healy
1.14513624  ag04/03/00Barley X Anonymous
1.12812818  pm01/25/00Double J Barleywine 2000 Jim Johnson
1.1208522  ag12/13/99Old Hafemeister Steve Spurlock
1.1168022  ag10/29/99John Barleywine Must Die Franzkeller
1.11413311  ag10/28/99Sipn'Herf Dan Johnson
1.1063813  ag08/12/99The Real Bush(Scaldis) William Solomon
1.1053022  pm05/15/99Big Oak Barleywine Chris Burton & Rick Turner
1.12811319  ag02/06/99Blasted Newts Barley Wine The Newt King
1.1146621  ag01/19/99KB's Barleywine Bert Arnberg
1.0816524  ag11/10/98John Barley #5 J & C
1.09811714  ag11/10/98John Barley #4 C & J
1.1129713  eg07/07/98Olde TourHead - Spinner's Ale Jonathan Hart
1.1018211  ag06/29/98blow your doors barley wine raoul duke
1.1077918  eg04/20/98Big 10/20 Phil Wilcox
1.1098816  pm03/30/98Millenium Barleywine Christopher McMath
1.12811319  ag03/11/98Blasted Newts Barley Wine The Newt King
1.1047813  pm03/07/98Two Christopher's Barleywine Chris McMath and Chris Smith

English Old/Strong Ale

1.0732523  eg12/12/15Comin' Thro' the Rye - Darkly Larry Maler
1.0541828  pm09/28/151503 English Beer Kris Blouch
1.108389  ag04/30/14Liberty Warrior Wheatness Terry
1.0881815  ag04/15/14Berserkers Bløød Eagle Beør Chris Ungvarsky
1.0593625  eg02/21/14Dark Herbal Roasted Smitty's
1.0593625  eg02/21/14Dark Herbal Roasted Smitty's
1.0693211  ag02/14/14Raposa (Fox) Leandro "Grilo" Piffer
1.0743114  ag12/08/13Wintry Mix Chris Ungvarsky
1.0682718  ag11/27/13Poor Richard's Tavern Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0808927  ag01/25/13Bastardo Bizzarro Chris Ungvarsky
1.0623014  eg10/11/12Red Nose Ale Gillaroo Brewing
1.0532819  ag10/02/12Hobbly Gobbly Steve Knowles
1.0811417  pm10/01/12You'll shoot your eye out ale Jacob Pyle
1.0813012  pm09/03/12Burbon Oaked Winter Warmer Ali Youssefi
1.0767513  pm12/27/11Pothead's American Strong Ale Huge Head
1.0692214  eg11/27/11Sam Smith Christmas ale ARM
1.0685416  pm11/25/11Extra Strong Special Bitter (ESSB) Huge Head's Brews
1.08212230  ag11/21/11Thanksgiving Ale Tom Healy
1.08212230  ag10/03/11Thanksgiving Ale Tom Healy
1.0743528  eg09/03/11Whiskey Cask Old Ale Casse Sitnik
1.0753123  ag05/19/11MVP Ale Shady Lane Brewing
1.0753715  ag02/03/11Reading Ale Fish-Port Brewery
1.0685111  eg01/29/113 Swallows Extra Special Bitter kromond
1.0875620  eg01/22/11weyermann warmer Zodo
1.0806523  ag10/17/10Surly AHA Rally 2010 Barry and Richardson
1.0804235  ag10/17/10El Pedro Negro dugg
1.0633032  ag08/27/10Ben Franklin's ale(Poor Richard's) Tinman
1.063285  ag08/27/10Thomas Jefferson's ale Tinman
1.0622913  eg07/29/10Hobgoblin BYO Gus
1.0582511  ag04/03/10Pumpkin Ale Stoney Well
1.0744412  eg01/26/10Bullmoose Strong Ale (Name changed to protect the innocent) George with John and Andrew
1.0857617  ag11/16/09Pompous A$$hole Chris Ungvarsky
1.0778423  ag11/04/09WINTER WARMER Bart Ball
1.0703412  ag10/27/09Holy $h!t It's Christmas!!!!! Chris Ungvarsky
1.091314  eg10/16/09Bulldog & Bella's Ale Scottie W.
1.0603015  ag09/26/09Spiced Winter Beer billy
1.0533016  ag09/23/09Spiced Winter Beer billy
1.0582915  ag09/02/09Hobgoblin clone Ryan
1.0712124  pm05/02/09J Ale Jeffrey Hall
1.0712124  pm05/02/09J Ale Jeffrey Hall
1.0844717  ag03/20/09Old Ale Josh Jensen
1.0813915  eg03/01/09Beginners Luck Josh
1.0844610  ag01/11/09King and Barnes Christmas Ale Graeme Coates
1.0684236  e10/17/08Quick Small Batch Old Strong Ale Will Brook
1.0504812  eg10/15/08Hob Goblin Clone Gav Mc
1.0894221  eg09/05/08big sarge's big brown ale Robert
1.0902910  eg07/17/08Beneficial Blunder Belgian Adam Johnson
1.108708  pm06/27/08Hardly Thomas Ale Christo
1.158915  eg03/19/08? Unicorn Brewing Co.
1.0653044  ag02/21/08bread in a bottle Stephen Bialkowski
1.0663119  ag12/13/07Lazy Elf Tim Livingston
1.0653528  pm12/10/07Winter Solstice Miguel
1.0483916  ag11/12/07Best Effort
1.0612316  eg11/05/07Ogden-Mallet Old Superior Sprog
1.0772645  pm10/27/07Holiday Warmer John McGuire
1.071368  pm10/23/07Strong Arm Ale magnumice77
1.0751811  eg10/21/07winter welcome wvbraumeister
1.0693823  pm09/27/07Winter Ale Colby Fry
1.0728334  ag09/25/07Winter warmer Alex Nichols
1.0795227  eg09/01/07english old tip back
1.0815427  eg08/31/07english old tip back
1.076359  ag07/23/07Sommerøl juli 2007 Per Arne Helsem
1.076294  ag05/29/07Cats and Myces - lagered ale Larry Maler
1.0753610  ag04/14/07Viccy old bitter thornp
1.0677421  pm03/07/07Our Mother of Good Counsel Strong Ale Tom Healy
1.112349  ag03/02/07Old Saggy Ass Rock Your World Brewing
1.0873432  pm01/29/07Strong Scotch Ale Tip Back Brewer
1.0612410  pm01/15/07Jim Scotch Ale 2006-12 Jim Mechtly
1.0502120  ag12/19/06Hob Goblin Clone Orfy
1.0514710  ag12/18/06Old Speckled Hen Orfy
1.0734410  ag12/11/06Matts English Ale Matt Williams
1.069348  ag10/08/06Helldiver Strong Ale L M K
1.059359  ag09/09/06Dragon's Tooth PoG
1.0786229  pm07/20/06Custers last stand Arrogant Bastard Clone Mike @ Indianola Brewing coop
1.058238  ag06/22/06Dry British Rye Bob
1.0663114  eg05/06/06Olde Red Stone Ale the Red Stoners
1.0753019  eg03/22/06Carmen's Old Ale Christo
1.0733421  pm03/20/06Edgewater strong ale Christopher McMath
1.1054023  pm03/13/06Ella (Anniversary Ale) Dierksenkougan
1.0644437  eg03/10/06Bama Pride brewer Andrew .
1.0982513  eg03/07/06Road Soda Zzz...
1.0754215  ag02/10/06Bugger Off! McKinney Brothers
1.0691633  eg02/07/06Old Yorkshire Ale Jon
1.0691639  eg02/06/06Old Yorkshire Ale Jon
1.0643020  ag11/12/05Old Monster Larry Maler
1.0844711  pm11/11/05Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad Peyote
1.0725219  ag11/08/05Old Weirdo Braden
1.0794412  eg07/17/05Rogan's English Old Ale Rick Rogan
1.0908018  eg04/08/05malicious mischief malicious brewing
1.0753019  eg04/05/05Carmen's Old Ale Christo
1.073719  eg03/25/05Resurrection Beer noonancm
1.0571430  eg03/03/05Valentines Ale John McAdam
1.0713219  eg01/08/05Carmen's Old Ale Christo
1.064327  eg12/06/04B3SQADEPA Axis714
1.0694931  eg11/08/04Cathedral Ale Basement Floor Brewing Co.
1.0713519  ag10/08/04Shrivelled Old Willy Ben Van Dusen
1.0772418  eg10/07/04Rage Monkey Strong Ale cseefurth
1.0772418  eg10/07/04Rage Monkey Strong Ale cseefurth
1.0832118  eg08/19/04Old Peculiar Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0673122  eg08/19/04Old Soldier Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0643020  ag08/13/04Old Monster Larry Maler
1.0772418  eg03/28/04Rage Monkey Strong Ale cseefurth
1.0711419  eg02/27/04Ole Satty's Strong Ale Matt
1.0718717  ag01/31/04Evil Genius Ale (Arrogant Bastard Clone) Brian Cooper
1.055457  ag01/12/04Betty's Ford Beer Matt Phillips
1.0583021  ag12/21/03AG_24 Peculieur Porter Trevor A.
1.065026  pm11/13/03young old doglicker Darrindog and bungholio
1.0704040  eg10/08/03Wintertime Ale ROKSNGR BREW
1.0934743  eg07/31/03Old English Barstard Alex van den Broek
1.0803423  eg07/23/03