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American Pale Ale

1.071628  ag08/25/16Ichabod's Oatmeal NEPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.07088  ag07/16/16WhiteHouse Honey Ale Darrin Auxier
1.045557  ag07/11/16Panty Dropper Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0583512  eg06/27/16Sweet Cheeks II Fab
1.050406  ag06/03/16Indefriendence Day Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.05507  ag06/02/16Indefriendence Day Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.054216  ag05/21/16Orange flower Pale Ale YanBeer
1.056213  ag05/10/16Orange flower Golden Ale YanBeer
1.056143  ag05/10/16Citrus+Herb Golden Ale YanBeer
1.051986  ag03/29/16Sparkling Ale Tom Healy
1.068728  pm03/25/16CyClone of Liberty Ale MadInstinct
1.047269  ag03/20/16Dog Days The Fallen
1.05508  ag03/16/16Tangerine Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.048303  ag03/14/16Winky's SMASH Force Brewing
1.056304  ag03/13/16Winky's SMASH Force Brewing
1.056304  ag03/13/16Winky's SMASH Force Brewing
1.052156  e12/23/15American Blonde Ale Darrin Auxier
1.050509  eg12/22/15Calpale Jim Massa
1.055599  eg12/14/15Mason Pale ale ARM
1.057539  eg12/13/15Mason Pale ale ARM
1.057659  eg12/10/15Mason Pale ale ARM
1.0571139  eg12/10/15Mason Pale ale ARM
1.055011  ag12/03/15Holiday Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.0557712  eg11/29/15Mason Pale ale ARM
1.064759  ag11/08/15Singletrack IPA V9.0 - Farmhouse Chris Ungvarsky
1.068709  ag11/08/15Singletrack IPA V9.0 - Famrhouse Chris Ungvarsky
1.061779  ag08/08/15Singletrack IPA - v8.0 - EXP 6277 Chris Ungvarsky
1.051235  ag07/25/15Etoile Filante Hors La Loi
1.062496  ag07/20/15Waterman Road APA v3 Rick Rogan
1.054143  ag06/22/15Golden Herb Ale YanBeer
1.0481496  ag05/02/15Session IPA Matthew R.
1.043315  eg04/16/15Fat Yak Clone Russ Meyer
1.053379  eg04/15/15CCLAM Pale Ale 35 Gallons X 2 CCLAM Cape Cod Lager & Ale Makers)
1.041455  ag04/14/15Summer Sunshine Session Chris Ungvarsky
1.055357  ag04/09/15Cali Belgique Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.070269  eg04/04/15Tis the Season Summer Ale Londoman
1.042245  eg03/31/15Wicked Stepmother Stawberry Blonde Derek Barrington
1.051153  ag03/30/15Bee Sting The Fallen
1.068839  ag01/08/15Singletrack IPA - v7.0 - El Dorado Chris Ungvarsky
1.057928  ag01/01/15Three Mile Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.063408  ag12/06/14Citra Pale Ale Muddy Paws Brewing
1.065358  ag12/04/14The AFPAK of my Hand APA Cpuls
1.063488  ag11/08/14Cyprus Point Ale Jim Massa
1.05610812  ag11/08/14Belma ESB Tom Healy
1.066636  ag11/06/14APA 5 KOBB
1.064646  ag11/04/14APA 5 KOBB
1.064896  ag10/14/14APA 4 KOBB
1.064626  ag10/06/14APA 4 KOBB
1.0636911  ag09/21/14American Pale Al-Chemist
1.064626  ag09/20/14APA 4 KOBB
1.063626  ag09/20/14APA 4 KOBB
1.064736  ag09/18/14APA 3 KOBB
1.061557  ag09/18/14APA 2 KOBB
1.061636  ag09/15/14APA 4 KOBB
1.061557  ag09/12/14APA 2 KOBB
1.064736  ag09/12/14APA 3 KOBB
1.061557  ag09/11/14APA 2 KOBB
1.061689  ag09/10/14Ichabod's Oatmeal IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.064736  ag09/06/14APA 3 KOBB
1.061557  ag09/06/14APA 2 KOBB
1.061666  ag09/06/14APA 3 KOBB
1.057619  ag09/01/14IudPA KOBB
1.061657  ag08/30/14APA 2 KOBB
1.059556  ag08/29/14APA 2 KOBB
1.0644210  ag08/14/14Old Toby Soylent
1.057619  ag08/14/14IudPA KOBB
1.057619  ag08/06/14IudPA KOBB
1.057619  ag08/05/14IudPA KOBB
1.049245  eg08/02/14GF Brew Fab
1.057619  ag07/23/14IudPA KOBB
1.041264  ag07/16/14J&V's Citra Blonde Matthew R.
1.0705515  ag07/08/14American Belgium IPA cyril
1.045523  eg07/07/14Citra Gold @LS
1.057636  ag06/20/14Rail Trail Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.042254  ag06/20/14J&V's Citra Blonde Matthew R.
1.055506  ag06/03/14Waterman Road APA v2 Rick Rogan
1.066576  ag06/01/14Waterman Road APA v2 Rick Morgan
1.0576813  eg05/11/14cascade pale ale Homey D
1.053576  ag04/27/14Island Breeze j
1.0405110  eg04/12/14All Day Pale Ale III Carl Hansen
1.075839  ag03/30/14Leg Raiser IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.042438  ag03/27/14Feb14US05x2 burnside brewery
1.043255  ag03/26/14Wedding blonde Matthew R.
1.056666  ag03/23/14Hop Dog 2014 Barry Tingleff
1.064318  eg02/20/14Rights Of Spring Londoman
1.0583011  ag01/04/14Cool H.S. P.A. Force Brewing
1.051458  ag12/20/13Sierra Nevada clone Jonas
1.051457  ag12/18/13Sierra Nevada clone Jonas
1.054417  ag11/30/13Dry Dock Breakwater Pale Ale (Clone) Rick Rogan
1.082496  eg11/23/13Heady Topper Clone CorradoVT
1.0544434  ag10/19/13Island Black Ale J
1.039418  eg10/18/13All Day Pale Ale Carl Hansen
1.000126  eg10/14/13Naked Blond Russ
1.056316  ag10/09/13PALE Beclouded Eye Brewing
1.0626010  ag10/04/13¡Epa! ¡Epa! ¡IPA! Far Knuckle Bill
1.0744313  eg09/21/13Flushopolis Josh
1.0521218  eg09/18/13RM135C1 - BE PREPARED ALE Rick's Wheelhouse Brewing
1.0521218  eg09/12/13RM135C1 - BE PREPARED ALE Rick Champion
1.0769111  ag08/22/13Hulk SMaSH Chris Ungvarsky
1.076348  e08/04/13GF Blueberry Fab
1.068849  ag06/23/13Singletrack IPA - v6.0 - Falconer's Flight Chris Ungvarsky
1.05863  ag05/26/13Strawberry-Rhubarb Ale SS
1.055355  ag05/14/13You're An Ale Tom Williams
1.052236  e05/07/13Ale Daniel
1.056309  ag05/06/13Jordan's dirty 30 pale ale Matthew R.
1.068829  ag05/05/13Singletrack IPA - v5.0 - Columbus Chris Ungvarsky
1.070387  ag05/01/13Petunia KOBB
1.069339  eg04/27/13Big Shoulders Southern Hemisphere PA Londoman
1.070387  ag04/21/13Petunia KOBB
1.054437  ag04/21/13Petunia KOBB
1.060827  ag04/19/13#4 Jonas
1.0558820  ag04/17/13Hank's Trail India Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.069339  eg04/16/13Big Shoulders Southern Hemisphere PA Londoman
1.052474  ag04/11/13Petunia KOBB
1.050343  ag04/08/13Whizzer Ale Force Brewing
1.0581417  ag04/06/13#3 Jonas
1.060918  ag04/05/13#2 Skyggebrygg
1.059567  ag03/28/13Pale Down Under Maple City Brewing
1.055207  eg03/23/13Kama Citra Treetop
1.0568911  pm03/21/13Dirty Pale JC Fork & Beer
1.0794513  eg03/18/13Imperial Pale Ale Sabeerski
1.0564721  pm02/25/13assdroid ale space rock
1.060348  ag02/17/13Daily Scaled Soylent
1.055236  ag02/13/13Raptor Rye Ale Big Horn Basin Brew Supply
1.057147  eg02/07/13Blonde Ale 2013 Jim Mechtly
1.067349  ag02/05/13Daily Soylent
1.068759  ag01/15/13Singletrack IPA - v4.0 - Nelson Sauvin Chris Ungvarsky
1.059297  ag01/08/13Fiscal Cliff IPA Erroin Martin
1.085409  eg01/08/13Pearl Harbor IPA Erroin Martin
1.056486  ag01/03/13Summer Session Ale John Fisher
1.069339  eg12/07/12Big Shoulders Southern Hemisphere PA Londoman
1.068679  ag11/25/12Singletrack IPA - v3.0 - Simcoe Chris Ungvarsky
1.053547  ag10/22/12Honey Do Pale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0613619  eg10/21/12Spooky Pumpkin Ale (II) Fab
1.0631828  eg10/20/12Spooky Pumpkin Ale (II) Fab
1.0515110  ag10/13/12PUNK Punkin Matt
1.058568  ag10/04/12Viva Nevada Gary
1.0653511  ag10/02/12Old Toby Soylent
1.048327  ag09/23/12Shipwreck of the Foolhardy Gord
1.065737  ag09/22/12Harvest #1 Rooz
1.0584010  ag09/17/12XContinental Pale Scott Oberlin
1.050389  ag09/17/12XContinental Pale Scott Oberlin
1.068739  ag09/15/12Singletrack IPA - v2.0 - Citra Chris Ungvarsky
1.063878  ag09/15/12Ipa #9 Jonas
1.069456  ag09/02/12Bitches Brew Miles Davis
1.054677  ag09/02/12Emporer's BrewHAha IPA Herbie Hancock
1.045149  eg09/01/12The White House Honey Ale President Obama's White House
1.047264  ag08/30/12Ship of Fools West Coast Ale Gord
1.053285  ag08/28/12Ship of Fools West Coast Ale Gord
1.064308  eg08/08/12Devin's Party - DPA Londoman
1.057358  eg07/31/12Devin's Party - DPA Londoman
1.066318  ag07/28/12Fridge Fodder Soylent
1.0666410  ag07/24/12Rounders' Rye PA Chris Ungvarsky
1.068729  ag07/06/12Singletrack IPA - v1.0 - Amarillo Chris Ungvarsky
1.0501236  ag07/03/12Hop Head's Paradise Josh Jensen
1.0566210  ag06/29/12Ball and Chain Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0463410  eg06/24/12Will you be my girl? Nicoach
1.057348  ag06/14/12Spontaneous Poidog
1.050456  eg06/06/12Shalev Effi
1.057358  eg06/04/12Devin's Party - DPA Londoman
1.056306  ag06/04/12P I K E 'S P E A K The Virginian
1.051359  eg05/24/12Fools Firewater Andy Greider
1.0651887  ag05/19/12Xxl hop goodness homebrew Jonas
1.048404  ag05/14/12Broke pump pale JJ
1.054525  ag05/14/12America' Birthdy Pale ale JJ
1.0653711  ag05/11/12Old Toby Soylent
1.052419  ag05/02/12Sumcade Pale Ale 2 Christo
1.064569  ag04/29/12spring apa 2012 chris H
1.0604512  ag04/27/12Skanktity of Marriage Pale Billy
1.055389  ag04/06/12Gabriel's Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.0665412  ag03/24/12Thunder Chicken Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.039287  ag03/11/12Styrlicius Bobgod
1.0564510  ag03/08/12Old Toby Soylent
1.069439  ag03/04/12R's Pale Ringle
1.0657511  ag03/02/12Yellow Creek Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.054324  ag02/18/12Strange Pale of Winter Rooz
1.074486  ag02/16/12Pale ale Rooz
1.0496211  ag02/14/12HopComet tinman
1.0574830  ag02/14/12Rosies Brew tinman
1.052453  ag02/14/12Swift Kick in da Butt tinman
1.0485810  ag02/14/12HopLegacy tinman
1.0751636  ag02/12/12Ruined Nation v2.0 Chris Ungvarsky
1.0565010  ag01/29/12ESPA Petey
1.0864810  ag01/28/12Palm and Date ale Jeff Schoellerman
1.04905  e01/14/12MMXII Biff Brew
1.04905  e01/14/12MMXII Biff Brew
1.054378  ag01/12/12Humungous Humulus Pale Ale Brewmeister Mandigo
1.05105  e01/01/12MMXII Biff Brew
1.063266  e12/29/11Honey Blond Yeasty Boys
1.052369  ag11/29/11Sumcade Pale Ale Christo
1.048337  eg11/05/11Pale Force Ale Ben Goodman
1.0619719  ag10/22/11Black bucket of hops JJ
1.0703010  eg10/22/11American Pale Londoman
1.062237  ag10/19/11West Coast Strong Ale Tom Healy
1.049319  ag10/03/11Carrie Nation's Pale Ale Tinman
1.045373  ag09/27/11Freddies Pale Ale Tinman
1.068659  ag09/26/11Ichabod's Oatmeal Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.07610322  e09/19/11Cascadian Black ale Jonas
1.049438  eg09/03/11Mexican - Agave Ale Cassie Sitnik
1.0658511  ag08/25/11Effed up RyePA justio
1.042714  ag07/06/11Liberty Ale Tinman
1.0713919  e07/06/11Ipa madness Jonas
1.0667010  ag07/05/11The Mind's Eye PA Chris Ungvarsky
1.054417  ag06/23/11Turtle RyePA ChriSto
1.044476  ag06/21/11N'ice ale Tinman
1.052246  eg06/20/11Tradewinds Mango Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.070826  ag06/11/11effed up ipa 2011 justio
1.0462512  ag05/30/11Lord Chesternut Tinman
1.0615010  ag05/22/11Post Apocalypse Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.053389  ag05/14/11Bryan's Cali-Belgique Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.0535820  ag05/09/11Hank's Trail India Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.064848  ag05/09/11Endo APA Chris Ungvarsky
1.0422917  pm05/08/11Hard RED ALE(award winner) BERGCO
1.055328  eg05/03/11Tom's APA JJ
1.052616  ag05/03/11Hop Dog May 2011 Barry Tingleff
1.052497  pm04/30/11Shred Dog APA Shred Dog
1.056236  ag04/02/11Vienna ale West Side Brewing
1.0527343  ag03/30/11wutzcolorgottadowitit? Tinman
1.060376  ag03/28/11First All Grain Tom Williams
1.049245  ag03/26/11Redemption Lawnmower Beer Yeastbound and Down
1.0576114  ag03/26/11Red's Rye Clone Yeastbound and Down
1.044215  ag03/25/11St Louis Shuffle Tinman
1.0554311  ag03/20/11My Rye The Flaming Cheetah
1.052487  ag03/13/11Centennial Pave Ave Beclouded Eye Brewing
1.0645510  ag03/13/11Initial Purchase Authority DJL
1.055136  eg02/25/11Light Ale James McDaniel
1.056567  ag02/17/11Crazy Pale The1DG
1.047173  ag02/15/11Murphy's Ale Tinman
1.050233  ag02/10/11White Label Tinman
1.061597  ag02/10/11terrapin style rye pale mike
1.04713513  eg02/04/11East Genoa Magnum PA East Genoa Brewing
1.050254  ag02/02/1115 Min Chinook Cube Ale Gus
1.0565912  ag02/01/11Choka BobO
1.0203910  ag02/01/11NeerBeer BobO
1.064648  ag01/30/11The Great Gazoo Rye PA Chris Ungvarsky
1.036262  e01/30/11Jody's Light Ale Rich Nowak
1.050309  ag01/29/11ScumBallHead Shady Lane Brewing
1.049383  ag01/27/11Plain Ale BIG
1.052369  ag01/23/11ScumBallHead Eric&Joe
1.049386  eg01/21/11Yellow Snow Pale Ale Gary
1.072949  ag01/21/11NGGT NKTR Chris Ungvarsky
1.091997  ag01/21/11O'Neill's Double IPA justio
1.0513511  ag01/20/11TRUCKER'S DREAM PALE ALE El Azor Manchego
1.052173  ag01/19/11Recovery Ale Tinman
1.047455  ag01/17/11Late Hop Citra Ale E. Gray
1.046435  pm01/16/11Late Hop Citra Ale E. Gray
1.071286  ag01/13/11forrest cupp honey ale cannon m
1.0452411  ag01/08/11The Irish Are Bitter KOBB
1.091997  ag12/28/10O'Neill's Double IPA justio
1.055216  ag12/24/10Green Tea Pale Ale Maxime Bourassa-Bédard
1.0881017  ag12/24/10O'Neill's Double IPA justio
1.053406  e12/22/1040 IBU Perle Mize
1.044145  e12/15/10Quickie Tinman
1.04796  eg12/15/10DUH! Tinman
1.049156  e12/15/10Genesis Tinman
1.045186  e12/15/10In Da Barn Tinman
1.052266  e12/15/10OP Blues Ale Tinman
1.061256  e12/15/10Big Bang 1.2 Tinman
1.052296  e12/15/10Big Bang 1.1 Tinman
1.0364714  ag12/15/10First time around Tinman
1.056249  eg12/15/10Sheldon Tinman
1.044196  e12/15/10Big Bang #4 Tinman
1.048186  e12/15/10Big Bang #3 Tinman
1.052176  e12/15/10Big Bang #2 Tinman
1.052196  e12/15/10Big Bang #1 Tinman
1.041125  eg12/15/10Outlaw Ale Tinman
1.06486  eg12/15/10Moto GP Tinman
1.0331219  eg12/15/10GFI Wild Child Mild Tinman
1.068825  ag12/12/10Belgian APA Jeff Schoellerman
1.055337  eg12/10/10American Pale Ale 3 Gal & Omer
1.0523810  eg12/09/10Western Reserve Pale Ale TK
1.076539  eg12/07/10Jale Justin
1.047483  ag11/29/10Hoppy Holidays KOBB
1.046359  eg11/25/10pale curt
1.045425  pm11/24/10Late Hop Citra Ale E. Gray
1.045435  pm11/24/10Late Hop Simcoe Ale E. Gray
1.058558  ag11/23/10Cool (1st) Runnings KOBB
1.055486  ag11/22/10Junk Punch Pale Ale AS1084
1.047486  ag11/22/10Pale Ale KOBB
1.049405  ag11/20/10Late Hop Pale Ale (Simcoe) E. Gray
1.0881017  ag11/19/10O'Neill's Double IPA justio
1.0678312  ag11/17/10The Grinch Chris Ungvarsky
1.047486  ag11/06/10Pale Ale KOBB
1.059488  ag11/03/10New IPA Andy Strodtman
1.0403911  eg11/02/10pale curt
1.055348  ag10/26/10Honey Rye mE
1.0691235  ag10/24/10Big C APA Ben Schy
1.062208  ag10/18/10west coast gt
1.060565  ag10/17/10The Quest noonancm
1.049415  ag10/11/10Late Hop Pale Ale E. Gray
1.0544313  eg10/05/10Caramel Jasmine APA JSully23
1.049415  ag10/05/10Late Hop Pale Ale E. Gray
1.049395  ag10/02/10Late Hop Pale Ale E. Gray
1.046346  ag09/20/10Hausbier II Tinman
1.054338  eg09/08/10APA2 Gal & Omer
1.056408  ag09/06/10Sierra Ale Jim Massa
1.057315  ag08/16/10Harvest Pale Chris Johnson
1.053688  ag08/08/10Will's Pale Bill Wilson
1.057928  ag08/06/10Three Mile Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.054409  ag08/01/10APA Midland
1.063575  ag07/24/10Tiffany's Birthday LuvMyRedDog
1.064206  ag07/15/10Tinman Brewing Co. Hausbier Tinman
1.058558  ag07/15/10Cool (1st) Runnings KOBB
1.058558  ag07/05/10Cool (1st) Runnings KOBB
1.0624218  eg06/30/10GJ Hikes the Sierras GJ
1.063407  ag06/20/10Hitchfest 2010 Simaraleon Zachary Gandalf Hilgers & Barry Tingleff
1.058558  ag06/20/10Cool (1st) Runnings KOBB
1.060407  ag06/17/10Hitchfest 2010 Silmaraleon Zachary Gandalf Hilgers & Barry Tingleff
1.060407  ag06/13/10Simaraleon 11 Barry Tingleff
1.057247  eg06/13/10Something Like That Fab & Grant
1.056728  pm06/10/10Mr. Big Chris Ungvarsky
1.05087  ag05/28/10Tradewinds Mango Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.049278  e05/18/10East Lansing, Pale Ale. Juan
1.0553710  ag05/18/10Chris & Jenn's Above Average Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0533510  ag05/18/10Cascade Pale The1DG
1.060549  ag05/09/10A bit more than Pale MaltMasher
1.0759213  ag05/09/10Mayday! Jeff Schoellerman
1.0505410  ag05/04/10High Hop away Babystep brewery
1.0759213  ag05/03/10Mayday! Jeff Schoellerman
1.052499  ag05/03/10American Pale Ale 2.2 Matthew R.
1.08810213  ag05/01/10Mayday! Jeff Schoellerman
1.0524910  ag04/27/10American Pale Ale 2.1 Matthew R.
1.0525210  ag04/27/10American Pale Ale 2.0 Matthew R.
1.059439  ag04/26/10APA A Hoppe
1.050539  ag04/26/10Nugget American Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.0572910  eg04/21/10Texas State Amarillo Chigger Brewing Company
1.0652212  eg04/20/10Mountain Red Uncle Ralph
1.056266  eg04/20/10Mountain Red Uncle Ralph
1.061356  ag04/17/10Mountain Red Uncle Ralph
1.054406  ag04/15/10Liberty Pale AG Loco Perros
1.0573211  eg04/09/10American Pale Test. Omer Tal
1.0613512  eg04/08/10my pale dog pound
1.042289  ag04/06/10Grange Hall Pale Jeff Luksch
1.050539  ag03/30/10Nugget American Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.0473817  eg03/28/10Rooster Red Red Barn Brewery
1.056686  ag03/21/10Hookjaw Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.060308  ag03/21/10Honey Wheat Beer King
1.053408  ag03/14/10Piss Water Pale Warrior Brewing Company
1.0593312  eg03/13/10American Pale Test Omer Tal
1.051266  ag03/10/10Tradewinds Mango Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.056339  pm03/07/10Famous American Pale Ale Beer King
1.052226  eg03/07/10Tinman's Summer Ale Tinman
1.052196  eg03/06/10Tinman's Summer Ale Tinman
1.0545413  eg02/28/10Pale Ale Sterling
1.0581166  ag02/28/1012/13/9: Sea my Squirt LuvMyRedDog
1.053298  ag02/24/10pale ale Jim Massa
1.0552713  eg02/23/10Amberlamp Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.058357  ag02/08/10LateHop ChriSto
1.06210010  ag02/06/10Something Hoppy Dagan
1.052207  ag02/04/10Sanchez Pale Ale 1/9/10 Miguel Sanchez
1.0584410  ag02/02/10Competition Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.050229  eg01/23/10Paul's American Pale Ale newna2
1.052347  ag01/21/10Rye P.A. Lucky Bastard Brewing Co
1.0544112  ag01/17/10beerquest session ales feb 2010 billy
1.059607  eg01/13/10I Guess it's a APA Raven Brewing
1.051389  ag01/10/10Victory Pale Ale Matthew R.
1.062639  pm01/09/10Gold-N-Bitter Hofferbeerbrewing
1.069599  eg01/02/1010° WIPA Fab & Mike
1.0571176  ag12/12/0912/13/9: Sea my Squirt LuvMyRedDog
1.050864  ag12/10/09"This is the S**T!" Brewhaha
1.058436  e12/06/09Pale Ale Sterling
1.047615  ag12/02/09Potato Ale Chris Johnson
1.047615  ag11/26/09Potato Ale Chris Johnson
1.0705510  eg11/25/09Hop Shwug King Beers
1.0523413  ag11/11/09Mirror Pond Clone Andrew Webster
1.054323  ag10/19/09Simple Wisconsin Ale Chris Johnson
1.0521107  eg10/18/09Victory Ale Brian Gill
1.0556313  eg10/12/09Saint Pale Ale Biff Taylor
1.066539  ag10/06/09Valley IPA JC
1.056369  eg10/03/09driftwood pale ale andrd287
1.047403  ag09/27/09Simple Wisconsin Ale Chris Johnson
1.054610  eg09/20/09Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.0424410  ag09/15/09Pale Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0545711  ag09/10/09Home Opener Harvest Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.069547  ag09/08/09Jupiter Pale III Jupiter Brew Crew
1.058676  ag09/07/09Hop Dog Sept. 2009 Barry Tingleff
1.062668  ag08/31/09Smell's Who Farted Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.062779  ag08/28/09hop farm pale ale gibby's brew
1.055448  eg08/22/09ssb scott
1.048588  ag08/08/09Driftin nebskram
1.0851911  ag08/02/09Light Summer Cherry KRAB Brothers, Mastered Brewers
1.063277  e07/30/09summer night pale ale dogpound
1.0573810  eg07/24/09High Sierras Pale Ale Little Egypt
1.053232  ag07/22/09Poor Man's Pale Chris Johnson
1.058427  ag07/21/09Recovery Ale ByDeRs
1.063457  e07/14/09summer night pale ale dogpound
1.042317  eg07/12/09Reception Ale Teresa Lemak
1.046206  ag07/03/09Falcon Ridge Pale Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0573810  ag06/13/09Altmeister JB
1.0643913  eg06/12/09Sweet Cheeks Fab
1.0518910  eg06/07/09sorghum real pub pale ale slippybear
1.059359  eg06/03/09Lemongrass Rye c0bra
1.0692610  eg05/30/09Big Guy Pale Ale Gregg
1.0643913  eg05/24/09Sweet Cheeks Fab
1.0741713  ag05/23/09a darker shade of pale orderofthequaff
1.054325  eg05/23/09All American Honey Blonde Derrick
1.042249  ag05/20/09Bee Spit Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.057369  ag05/18/09Amber Waves of Grain Chris Ungvarsky
1.061168  ag05/17/09Cap'N Cussalot's Golden Ale West Side Brewing
1.070299  eg05/16/09tru brews: new double I.P.A-"Hops smuggling" Zodo
1.056288  ag05/13/09Firehouse Ale GATOR
1.064149  ag05/05/09american country ale st james
1.058297  eg05/04/09Cliff Dr. Pale Ale LeifE
1.0684617  pm04/27/09triple double orderofthequaff
1.000210  ag04/11/09blondie drool pot
1.0644511  ag04/11/09dark pale ale jim massa
1.0652917  ag04/10/09Imerial Countertop Brew West Side Brewing
1.069687  eg04/08/09Clamstalk Slimy Toad S.K. Murphy
1.047329  pm04/07/09Straight Walker IPA Big C and Skinny C
1.069279  ag04/02/09Sweet O'Cream Ale BM1
1.0533011  eg03/28/09Pale ale aaron goldstein
1.0771326  eg03/26/09Kodavista I.A.A. Zodo
1.038285  pm03/24/09Deanna's Blonde II Ethan Gray
1.0692312  pm03/22/09Apricot Ale Thomas Macpherson
1.049399  pm03/21/09my pale ale Jake Retter
1.064508  ag03/21/09apa aa beer
1.0654810  ag03/21/09apa aa beer
1.055254  ag03/21/09Pale Ale 1-1-09 REV 1a BM1
1.058676  ag03/20/09Hop Dog Sept. 2009 Barry Tingleff
1.060284  ag03/19/09Notty Willamette's American Ale (SMaSH) Scott Schluter
1.049676  ag03/15/09Salty Dog Pale Ale Angry Bob
1.0564612  eg03/15/09Virginia Pale Ale Vince Taylor
1.064327  pm03/11/09Ginger O'Winter Ale BM1
1.0703010  eg03/07/09alabama fishhook spare room homebrew
1.040285  pm03/07/09Deanna's Blonde Ethan
1.0702819  ag03/06/09Thunk Up Special Just Here For The Beer
1.0561712  eg02/28/09Hank's Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.052126  ag02/26/09blond angel st-james
1.042365  ag02/26/09A-Way Pale Ale Betch
1.047304  ag02/24/09A-Way Pale Ale II Betch
1.0612412  eg02/23/09Quickie Ale scottt
1.0583213  e02/23/09Sterling's Pale Ale Sterling
1.057536  ag02/22/09cascade beer
1.056738  eg02/18/09Q6 Bass Mint Brewing
1.052295  eg02/18/09Captain Ron's II The St. Clair Brewery
1.048315  ag02/15/09White Perch Pale Ale Schuylkill River Brewing Co.
1.0492711  pm02/15/09Wild Cat Ale Ghost Cat
1.0534610  eg02/12/09APA jim
1.050316  ag02/07/09Baby Eating Dingo Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0474210  ag02/04/09Festivus (for the Rest of Us) Ale Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Brewer
1.052234  ag02/04/09Dumb Blonde Rick Patterson
1.053468  ag01/31/09bostonian purple pidgion
1.052477  ag01/31/09bostonian purple pidgion
1.0521714  eg01/30/09Birdseye Blonde Dansun
1.052409  ag01/26/09!PA Robbei
1.052409  ag01/26/09!PA Robbei
1.062648  eg01/25/09Cat Pounce IPA Jim Mechtly
1.051654  ag01/10/092009 APA Ben Schy
1.042365  ag01/07/09A-Way Pale Ale Betch
1.0395210  eg01/06/091st batch pale ale Joel
1.0644611  eg12/25/08Mighty Moose IPA CAN-AM Kitchen Craft Zymurgy
1.0561714  ag12/20/08Private Reserve Pale ALe West Side Brewing
1.041335  ag12/06/08A-Way Pale Ale Betch
1.061368  eg12/05/08Leftover EPA v2.0 Foam
1.055657  ag11/21/08Hank's Pale Ale (counter top series) West Side Brewing
1.049598  ag11/16/08Pale Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.062338  eg11/15/08Good Life Pale Ale Jim Mechtly
1.059338  eg11/14/08Good Life Pale Ale Jim Mechtly
1.057396  ag11/09/081/32nd Native American Pale Ale Phil's Brew Depot
1.0641213  eg11/09/08Spooky Pumpkin Ale Fab
1.0684213  eg11/06/08Dale's clone West Side Brewing
1.047608  ag11/06/08Pale Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.052247  eg11/02/08Snowy Mountain APA Ken
1.040415  ag10/31/08A-Way Pale Ale Betch
1.050345  ag10/30/08Christmas Pale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.054810  eg10/26/08Challenger Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.054315  ag10/21/08A-Way Pale Ale II Betch
1.042193  ag10/16/08A-Way Pale Ale Betch
1.0483310  ag10/09/08Rye-stonium Ruestow
1.056128  eg10/08/08Liquid Bread (Butter Beer 2) Fab
1.056397  ag10/05/08Poi's Pale Poidog
1.063424  ag10/04/08deads ppb
1.049456  ag10/03/08Pale Ale Rev. Tom
1.0668010  ag09/20/08Harvest ESB Poidog
1.0553410  eg09/20/08No Name Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.053306  e09/14/08Sterling's Pale Ale Sterling
1.068467  ag09/09/08Cascade Pale Rooz
1.059346  ag09/08/08Late Summer Pale Ale JC
1.050285  ag09/07/08Farmers Tan Pale Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing Co.
1.043625  ag09/01/08Simaraleon 10 Barry Tingleff
1.058264  ag08/28/08reunion ale 1 shineman
1.059267  eg08/24/08Light & Easy Fab & Trish
1.044626  eg08/18/08Garcia's Grateful Ale DogBone Brewey
1.0564212  eg08/18/08Fresh Hop Ale Faulconer Brewing Co.
1.0523015  pm08/17/08Countertop Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.0675811  ag08/11/08Red C,s of Rye Poidog
1.0682339  eg08/08/08Portly Porter III Harry's Homebrew
1.06610612  eg08/06/08Matt's WCPA Matt Earle
1.062226  ag07/23/08Blondington's West Wind
1.055118  eg07/23/08Butter Beer The Death Drinkers
1.0556313  eg07/15/08Saint Pale Ale Biff Taylor
1.047169  eg07/10/08Outta Beer Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.046587  ag07/09/08For Matteo Andy Strodtman
1.062374  ag06/27/08Pale Wheat Ale Ben Schy
1.056358  eg06/09/08American Honey Pale Ale Corey
1.048157  eg06/01/08Admiral Summer Ale Shaun McKendry
1.058317  pm05/30/08Jagger Patch Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.056315  ag05/26/08APA #2 purple pidgon brewery
1.050368  ag05/26/08APA #1 purple pidgon brewery
1.054276  ag05/24/08blonde purple pidgon brewery
1.053183  ag05/17/08Hop Shortage Ben Schy
1.0541911  eg05/10/08Cluster Fuggle Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.049297  ag05/10/08Tessie's Pale Ale Kleban
1.056196  e05/04/08Mango Tango tim
1.056196  e05/04/08Mango Tango tim
1.071505  ag05/04/08Sierra Nirvana Powdered Toast Brewery
1.060425  ag04/27/08anchor ale purple pidgon brewery
1.054449  eg04/22/08Amarillo By Morning Brew Hicky Home Brew
1.052245  eg04/21/08Captain Ron's Shrimpboat Ale The St. Clair Brewery
1.064268  ag04/20/08strawberry blonde mike
1.052245  eg04/14/08Captain Ron's Shrimpboat Ale The St. Clair Brewery
1.052436  ag04/12/08apa purple pidgon brewery
1.051204  ag04/07/08Golden Shower JW
1.0594810  eg04/05/08Punk You Pale BBQ Bob
1.05878  eg04/05/08Fruit Experiment DgK
1.053486  ag03/29/08Liberty Pale Social Experiment Brewing Co
1.057417  e03/28/08DC15 Fortitude Save Vs. Hops Zachary Smith
1.054235  eg03/14/08Blue Cap Buster William
1.0534313  eg03/12/08Norseman Pale Ale Russell Stein
1.050248  e03/05/08Griffin's Pale Ale TG
1.039375  ag03/02/08# 14 scooter
1.062689  eg03/02/08Hit By Pitch Opening Day Ale Holland Brothers
1.0481656  ag02/27/08KissyFace Ale Andy Strodtman
1.062709  eg02/26/08Hit By Pitch Opening Day Ale Holland Brothers
1.0604511  eg02/23/08Predator Pale Ale 'Gar-Shark Brewing
1.061316  ag02/21/08The Lane Pale Ale kleban
1.077326  ag01/29/08Tiger Blonde Leslie Bragg
1.048684  ag01/26/08Little Guy Rye Lucky Bastard Brewing Co.
1.054257  eg01/20/08Sea Shell Pale Ale 2 Jim Mechtly
1.054528  ag01/16/08Behold a Pale Ale Mk2 River Bend Brewpub
1.048364  ag01/13/08The Evil Rye Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.061215  ag01/02/08blonde ale tim wilson
1.04428>50  pm12/31/07Slammin' Ale Tom Bradley
1.046355  ag12/29/07Haus Pale Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.055496  ag12/15/07Another Rye Pale Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing Co.
1.051346  eg12/13/07Hopewell Pale Ale Woodcrest Brewery
1.056377  pm12/11/07What Ales You? Mr. Rogers Neighborhood brewer
1.0553310  ag12/09/07EKG Ale John Tossberg
1.059167  eg12/07/07howard street pale brian
1.058389  pm12/06/07"The Nookie" Pale Ale C. Bocian
1.0634611  eg11/27/07Pile Driver Pale McKinney Brothers
1.054237  pm11/23/07Cascadia Pale TJR
1.0688616  eg11/14/07Holy $H!T It's Christmas!!! Chris Ungvarsky
1.0623512  pm11/10/07Obsession Pale Ale Miguel
1.051376  pm11/04/07Cascade Summer Ale Chris Lynch
1.0615010  eg11/04/07Amarillo Pale Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.042264  eg11/02/07Ringneck Session Ale (Extract Version) Ringneck Brewery
1.041244  ag11/02/07Ringneck Session Ale Ringneck Brewery
1.0564913  eg10/23/07Left Point Pale Ale Todd Pierce
1.0505417  eg10/23/07Extra Innings Ale Todd Pierce
1.0523710  eg10/22/07White Water Pale Hometown Brewing Company
1.062397  ag10/17/07Georgia Style Second Street
1.0685512  pm10/06/07Indian Creek I.P.A. Pete Strunk
1.092446  eg09/28/07Big Cascade Colby Fry
1.052537  eg09/26/07Bridezilla's Revenge Biff Brew
1.0523312  ag09/21/07Casc-ale Lesta
1.0523312  ag09/21/07Casc-ale Lesta
1.056359  ag09/09/07Hop Junkie BBQ Bob
1.0583415  eg09/06/07Rusty Nail II
1.0576813  ag09/02/07Quebec Pale Ale Rodolphe Gagnon
1.058855  e08/30/07Black & Gold APA Rick Rogan
1.055364  ag08/27/07Late Summer Honey Benderman's
1.051214  ag08/24/07Talking Seagull Lame Rabbit Beer Matt
1.049304  ag08/22/07Hallertauer Blonde Joel Plutchak
1.0663413  eg08/18/07Red's "all hopped up" Red Beard Brewery
1.053144  ag08/16/07Talking Seagull Gold Matt
1.0511911  e08/03/07Father's Day Pale Ale Mark
1.050346  ag07/23/07Dry-hopped Pale Ale Jim Anciaux
1.048274  pm07/19/07Upstream Gold Tim Livingston
1.057294  ag07/13/07Yellowjacket Ale Beez Brewing
1.052219  e07/08/07eye hunter lucky boy
1.056589  ag07/08/07West Coast Pale Ale Jim Massa
1.040273  ag07/04/07Blonde d'ete quebecoise Malterie Frontenac 2BG
1.053227  eg07/03/07Your Mom Drinks Summer Ale Bill Strunk
1.051178  eg06/30/07American Philological Society APA (APA.APA) Rodan Brewing
1.068247  eg06/27/07Don't know yet Mounty
1.0446211  ag06/25/07Lawnmower Lightweight Matt
1.050253  ag06/21/07beer
1.042273  ag06/17/07Blonde d'ete quebecoise Malterie Frontenac 2BG
1.063359  eg06/17/07INDEPENDENCE ALE PfanBoard
1.054486  e06/16/07Carl's Pale Ale Carl Hansen
1.082307  e06/16/07Garbage Pale Ale Subdude Brewing
1.060237  eg06/12/07Phoenix Lemon Pabsy
1.052219  e06/10/07eye hunter lucky boy
1.0552712  eg06/09/07Let's See How This Comes Out Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.0582812  ag06/01/07Summer Session West Wind
1.052169  e05/28/07Ginger Beer Doug Kraus
1.052408  ag05/28/07Red White & Brew Derek Ridpath
1.043186  eg05/27/07Wedding Blonde Ale Rathole
1.057287  eg05/23/07Fair & Bare Naked Ale Pirates Pint
1.051353  ag05/19/07Blonde d'ete quebecoise Malterie Frontenac 2BG
1.052197  eg05/19/07Blonde Ale Jim Mechtly
1.0521512  eg05/14/07SNPA Sean Lillis
1.051343  ag05/12/07Blonde d'ete canadienne Canada Malting 2BG
1.059739  eg05/12/07Park River Pale Biff Brew
1.051407  ag05/06/07Gail Force Pale Ale Peter 'the kid' Roman
1.0681312  eg05/05/07Pale Ale² West Side Brewing
1.060179  eg05/03/07El Dorado Blond Chris
1.05558  eg04/29/07Experimental Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.049459  e04/24/07Brew #1 The First Ale BudLoversBrewWorks
1.049459  e04/15/07The First Ale BudLoversBrewWorks
1.053387  eg04/14/07Jim's Sea Shell Pale Ale Jim Mechtly
1.054308  eg04/07/073 Cs Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.048177  ag04/04/075 Gallon Challenge Alex Nichols
1.082285  pm03/30/07Strong American Pale Ale Tip Back Brewer
1.045264  e03/09/07Tide Me Over Tom Albright
1.0514310  eg03/04/07Middle of the Road Pale Ale Derek Almashy/Patrick Crabtree
1.0726023  eg03/04/07"Been Away a Long Time" Imperial Pale Ale Derek Almashy/Patrick Crabtree
1.0692211  eg02/28/07three hearted ale chris
1.0491510  pm02/22/07Partial Mash Copper Ale West Side Brewing
1.054305  pm02/17/07pale ale jubnat
1.12311515  ag02/13/0720 lb Pale Abstract
1.054429  pm02/13/07Behold a Pale Ale River Bend Brewpub
1.044336  ag01/28/07Wet Wheaties Session El Tigres del Shamus
1.047106  e01/28/07Two Girls Pale Ale Joe Manning
1.062438  eg01/27/07All Hail This Pale Ale Kevin Lindblom
1.0643711  eg01/26/07#19 Just Another Steamer Ale magnumice
1.054779  ag01/23/07KOB Pale KOB
1.05598  eg01/06/07Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.058429  ag12/27/06Ape Ale BBQ Bob
1.0421610  eg12/15/06Early Winter Escape Jack
1.058319  ag12/13/06Parrothead Pale Rick Armstrong
1.062349  ag12/13/06Parrothead Pale Rick Armstrong
1.068526  ag12/08/06Walker's Ale Doug Cox
1.052466  e11/08/06Carl's Pale Ale Carl Hansen
1.0624511  eg10/29/06Shockley Bottom APA Brewzhound Brewing (SoxyinMo)
1.0586716  eg10/28/06A Different Pale Ale slacker
1.00000  eg10/28/06Rex Dog ~ Blueberry Ale Nick Shoemaker
1.046327  e10/24/06EZ Fake Lager Ale Bob
1.053366  ag10/21/06fall's choice patio brewery
1.046409  e10/19/06Face-Slap APA Rocco Tool's
1.063278  eg10/11/06HOP ON POP ALE COLDKNIFE
1.064724  ag10/06/06Homie's Charlie Gray
1.054354  ag10/01/06Home Grown Canadian Brummy Brewer
1.048306  ag09/30/06Triple B Buckeye Pale Ale Triple B Brewing
1.067244  ag09/26/06raspberry honey ale mike
1.067244  ag09/26/06raspberry honey ale mike
1.0535211  eg09/25/06Sandy Beach pale ale Rathole
1.055287  eg09/17/06Blonde Ale v2.1 West Side Brewing
1.063637  ag09/17/06Who Dey IPA Mark F.
1.052306  ag09/16/06Connecticut Bounty Bob
1.060337  ag09/13/06Harvest Ale 2nd Street Brewery
1.0655311  eg09/13/06hopguy pale ale Butch Ramsey
- --eg09/12/06chicano pail webmouse beer
1.0593711  eg09/10/069-11-01 Commemoration Ale BBQ Bob
1.0633910  ag09/09/06Day of the Dead Guy Ale Derek - myLHBS
1.054473  ag09/03/06Amarillo Pale bert-o-matic
1.056346  ag08/25/06New England Magic Bob
1.0553211  eg08/19/06EFG August 2006 Shawn L. Mansfield
1.052475  ag08/15/06Anger Steam Ale Matt Ayers
1.051355  ag07/31/06Summer Pale Ale with Lemon Craig Weston
1.0592910  ag07/29/06Yankee Red Bob
1.052524  ag07/25/06Hop Harvest American Pale Ale Jason Whitt
1.056326  ag07/15/06Floyd Fresh Honey Ale Barking Spider Brewery
1.055377  ag07/14/06.5 Pale Ale Stanky Creek
1.059379  eg07/09/06calanglo Ale Jim Massa
1.047277  eg06/30/06German Pale Ale Justin Sieglaff
1.0473711  eg06/23/06SNPA Clone Ed Norton
1.057185  ag06/23/06Blondie Oschatz Bob
1.0705814  eg06/13/06Penny Lane Copper Ale Keith Mycek
1.052408  ag06/12/06Columbus APA Craig Weston
1.050234  ag06/10/06summer lime ale naked brewmeister
1.056426  ag06/05/06apa Jim Johnson
1.0522812  ag05/28/06Wanderlust Pale Pot of Grass Productions
1.054327  eg05/11/065/21 Jim Johnson
1.0504110  eg05/11/06Hippity Hop Ale Anthony Fischer
1.062349  ag05/07/06Parrothead Pale Rick Armstrong/Dave Hetteen
1.054184  ag05/07/06Stewart Springs Blonde Ale GlenStew
1.054184  ag05/07/06Stewart Springs Blonde Ale GlenStew
1.067649  pm05/01/06Waterman Road APA Rick Rogan
1.03995  pm05/01/06Drinkab-ALE Matt Herrold
1.047316  eg04/24/06Kiko's Pale Ale Kiko
1.056417  eg04/23/06Ronald Reagan Ale McKinney Brothers
1.055477  eg04/19/06Rye PA ChriSto
1.050234  ag04/17/06Score Pale Ale Corey
1.052398  ag04/15/06Small Dog Pale Ale Small Dog Homebrew
1.058519  eg04/15/06APRIL PALE ALE 2006 RSD
1.060509  eg04/15/06APRIL PALE ALE 2006 RSD
1.047409  eg04/15/06ale bob
1.055367  pm04/09/06Windswept Pale Pot of Grass Productions
1.0726612  eg04/08/06True North Pale Ale Menagerie Brewing
1.058417  ag04/03/06Patowmack Pale Ale myLHBS
1.056428  eg04/03/06Patowmack Pale Ale myLHBS
1.058417  ag04/03/06Patowmack Pale Ale myLHBS
1.057417  eg04/03/06Patowmack Pale Ale myLHBS
1.058417  ag04/03/06Patowmack Pale Ale myLHBS
1.0535510  ag03/26/06Black Bear Pale Ale BrewAskew
1.066508  ag03/25/06G13 IPA Triple B
1.065879  eg03/20/06Ghandi's Pissed IPA Rock Your World Brewing
1.062349  ag03/19/06Parrothead Pale Rick Armstrong/Dave Hetteen
1.066175  eg03/19/06Honey Pale Ale CaptainTim
1.057324  ag03/18/062-row pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.058319  ag03/17/06Parrothead Pale Rick Armstrong/Dave Hetteen
1.05798  pm03/14/06Spring '06 Club APA Amarous Turtle
1.050297  eg03/05/061st Pale Ale Naughty Onager
1.069 -18  ag02/25/06Homie's 3 C's Crazy 8's Charlie Gray
1.050337  eg02/21/061st Pale Ale Naughty Onager
1.053177  eg02/19/06Blonde Ale West Side Brewing
1.0554110  eg02/12/06Ronald Reagan Ale McKinney Brothers
1.0762014  eg02/11/06Mike's BoDuRo Black & Gold Ale Steelers Super Bowl XL Victory Mike Prilla
1.054348  eg02/05/063rd Try Pale Ale Don
1.058267  ag02/03/06SNMPA Clone #2 Kit Cheves
1.051377  ag02/02/06Classic Pale Ale Matt
1.054756  ag01/27/06Hudson Water Hop Lover
1.063207  ag01/24/06Victory Pale Dave
1.055308  eg01/23/06Dancing Sammy Dancing Dude
1.053557  pm01/22/06Amarillo Pale Ale Matt
1.054348  eg12/27/053rd Try Pale Ale Don
1.051379  ag12/08/05Col's Amarillo Ale Colin Weaver & Adrian Levi
1.056578  eg12/07/05Amarillo Pale Matt
1.044316  e11/22/05light ale Colby Fry
1.052303  ag11/13/054-grain Pale Vito Pitino
1.070597  pm11/11/05Jack Straw Peyote
1.048317  eg11/09/05European Ale Colby Fry
1.0675110  ag11/09/05Michigan Pale Ale UMICH CHRIS
1.060649  ag11/05/05Three chimney pale ale naked brewmeister
1.0553112  eg11/03/05Epic Wedding Ale Rathole
1.059277  eg10/13/05Panther Piss Pale Ale Joe Cook
1.074175  e10/11/05High Seas Brewery Inland Sea Ale Kevminator
1.052208  eg10/10/05Revolutionary Pale Ale Thomas B. Dodson
1.057227  eg09/28/05Dana's Blonde Denis Hurley
1.0692610  pm09/23/05Elkton Ale Muzzlehead
1.051367  ag09/22/05CascadePA Darin Kolls
1.0523210  eg09/16/05Lance & Nate #1 APA Setanta
1.0672059  ag09/16/05Homie's "Stand By Me IPA" Charlie Gray
1.09415412  eg09/10/05Hardball IIPA Holland Brothers
1.0587112  eg09/10/05Split Finger APA Holland Brothers
1.07216912  ag09/08/05Homie's 4C's Ballet II Charlie Gray
1.062526  eg09/01/05Homesick American Pale Ale Denis Hurley
1.051388  eg08/11/05High Sierra Pale Ale Mickmike
1.0722817  eg07/28/05Ciara Celebration I Denis Hurley
1.043329  eg07/24/05literallymello Tom Thumb
1.0593810  eg07/12/05Pale Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0666810  ag07/08/05Siren Voice Hop Lover
1.0582211  ag07/05/05Tweaked Dead Guy (revised) West Side Brewing
1.062464  ag06/30/05Hop Harvest Ale Ben Schy
1.0686817  ag06/30/05Red Fraggle Hopped Irish Ale Og's Grogg
1.064658  eg06/26/05And Another APA Rick Rogan
1.07216912  ag06/24/05Homie's 4C's Ballet II Charlie Gray
1.0582710  eg06/19/05Sierra Nevada Clone Initial Mash Function
1.0563711  ag06/14/05Sierra Clone perbe
1.045396  ag06/09/05Cascade IPA Beechwood Brewery
1.0562010  ag06/06/05Tweaked Dead Guy West Side Brewing
1.07215912  ag05/27/05Homie's 4C's Ballet Charlie Gray
1.055524  ag05/21/05Sierra Inspired American Pale West Side Brewing
1.054536  ag05/17/05Mojo's Santi Pale Jose' Mojito
1.057596  ag05/16/05sun hop Jim Johnson
1.056486  ag05/15/05Simaraleon 9 Barry Tingleff
1.046387  ag05/12/05Ponderosa Pale Ken Doggett
1.0615710  pm05/12/05Sturgeon River Pale Ale Don
1.0624111  eg05/08/05Potomac APA Adam
1.0587112  eg04/26/05Peg Leg II APA Holland Brothers
1.0587112  eg04/25/05Peg Leg II APA
1.059589  pm04/20/05Sturgeon River Pale Ale Don
1.048328  ag04/19/05Dancing Bear Pale Ale Keith Choquette
1.046499  eg04/17/05South Paw Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.0541512  eg04/17/05Pale-Dawg Brown Dawg
1.0575211  eg04/15/05Gracie's American Pale Drew Morgan
1.057227  eg04/11/05Pale Ale ChriSto
1.045427  ag04/08/05Easy Drinkin' Pale II A&P
1.0558621  ag04/03/05Pialla Papille Hop Lover
1.0473310  eg04/03/05Fuggles Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.0502511  eg04/02/05Batch 6 - Snow Melt Pale Ale Chicanery Brewing
1.058216  eg04/02/05Honey Pale Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.052328  ag03/31/05April Showers Pale Ale Alex Baillieul
1.0522511  eg03/28/05Magic Bud #9 Thomas Mueller
1.061349  ag03/17/05East Coast Pale Ale S.O.B. Brewery
1.059569  pm03/16/05Sturgeon River Pale Ale Don
1.063219  eg03/16/05Dallas IPA Sam Ellis
1.053378  eg03/12/05Mario's SN Clone 2 mario
1.061349  ag03/07/05dan's amber bung holio
1.0844920  pm03/02/05Hopus Maximus IPA Siberian Brewery
1.067787  ag03/02/05Homie's Identic-Ale 2 Charlie Gray
1.0602915  eg02/22/05Rusty Nail Ale Suburban Fenceline Brewing
1.054467  eg02/01/05Hoppy Breeze Pale Ale Freisinger Brewing
1.065449  e01/31/05Light Beer Colby Fry
1.046467  eg01/31/05Hoppy Breeze Pale Ale Freisinger Brewing
1.050387  ag01/30/05Homie's Saaz Ale Charlie Gray
1.054105  pm01/28/05Creamy Cream Ale Ian Trollope
1.0473310  pm01/25/05gino's pale #1 Gino Pitino
1.00000  e01/22/05light beer Colby Fry
1.057417  eg01/22/05Patowmack Pale Ale mcgdo
1.058417  ag01/22/05Patowmack Pale Ale mcgdo
1.047457  eg01/16/05Hop Plug Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.048355  e01/15/05Old Original Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.046435  e01/09/0520 Century Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.049328  eg01/08/05Blonde Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.045284  ag01/03/05Organic Pale Ale Alex van den Broek
1.064279  eg12/30/04Summer Thunder Ale Fieldpointe Brewery
1.0553810  eg12/27/04poker pale ale mitch turner
1.066997  ag11/29/04Homie's Christmas Ballet Charlie Gray
1.065937  ag11/05/04Homie's Christmas Ballet Charlie Gray
1.064246  ag11/04/04Teach a Pale Friend To Brew Ale Chuck Byington - Small Dog Homebrew
1.051563  ag11/04/04Simcoe Blonde Joel Plutchak
1.0531118  ag11/02/04S.O.B. EXTREME ALE DAVE
1.055305  ag10/25/04First Try Rye John Scott
1.056345  ag10/25/04Twin River Ale Brian Millard
1.0664011  eg10/09/04Atonement American Pale Doc Arnold
1.061456  ag10/05/04Fence Hopping Pale Jimi Cooper
1.058328  eg10/04/04Golden Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.056327  eg10/04/04Lawnmower Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.053337  e10/03/04Easy Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.048246  ag09/30/04Valkyrie WackAMole
1.056407  ag09/28/04S N Clone Pete Cov
1.0533710  ag09/25/04Airframers Pale Ale 2 Gregory S.
1.051206  eg09/19/04Rye Ale West Side Brewing
1.047284  ag09/18/04bebe blonde ale Brian Cooper
1.057626  eg09/16/04Burly Bros. Pale Ale jmesick
1.050719  eg09/06/04American Pale Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.058247  eg08/30/04Blewberry Buttscrew Masterkel
1.0645911  eg08/15/04Steeler Season APA Rick Rogan
1.046373  ag08/12/04Cheap-Ass White Trash Ale BadBen
1.050283  ag07/30/04Blonde Ale Tim (riverkeeper)
1.067617  ag07/25/04Simaraleon 8 Barry Tingleff
1.063638  ag07/25/04Homie's "Born In The USA" IPA Charlie Gray
1.047475  ag07/18/04group brew Jim Johnson
1.051235  e07/17/04X Larry Maler
1.066477  ag05/04/04Pale ale andricos
1.061838  ag05/03/04S.O.B. ALE DAVE
1.075265  e04/26/04Honey Honey Ale Chuck Kortman
1.041327  eg04/24/04Bada Bing Soapbox Brewery (Mikey Darden)
1.053286  eg04/19/04Sierra Nevada Clone West Side Brewing
1.056478  eg04/16/04American Liberty Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.046316  eg04/01/042 Row 2 Hop Ale West Side Brewing
1.055306  ag03/27/04American Ale Jack
1.054374  ag03/26/04Bitter Separation Pale Ale Rob Zamites
1.045177  eg03/26/04Golden Ale Paul Smith
1.049296  pm03/14/04Cascade Pale Ale Pete Strunk
1.0414847  eg03/05/04Art's Black Ale West Side Brewing
1.0933211  pm03/03/04John's Fresh Cascade Heaven Rob & Des
1.0576712  ag02/27/04SPA Charlie Gray
1.052369  eg02/26/04Cascade Pale Ale Ben Van Dusen
1.0743911  eg02/26/04Opening Day Ale Morgan Winfree
1.053198  eg02/25/04Eagle, Globe and Anchor Pale ale (final tweak!) Rathole
1.051279  eg02/23/041st American Ale cho sang woo
1.051316  ag02/20/04Non-Swill Pale Ale Andrew S. Webster
1.051128  eg02/13/04Nut N Honey Pale Ale B&C Mystic Brews
1.052346  ag02/13/04Pale Ale John Tossberg, Bernie Ball
1.0483510  eg02/08/04Hoppyness is a warm gun... (tweak) Rathole
1.0565211  eg02/04/04Pale O Cherrie Ale Mauro
1.0523211  eg02/01/04Airframers Pale Ale Gregory S
1.074806  ag01/31/04Wild Pale Ale Wild Card
1.0718717  ag01/31/04Evil Genius Ale (Arrogant Bastard Clone) Brian Cooper
1.052269  eg01/30/04Jackson's Pale Ale (update) Nate
1.055346  pm01/29/04J's NYE APA Steve Presley
1.052275  eg01/28/04Pale Ale la Poudre Chuck Byington - Small Dog HomeBrew
1.051403  ag01/27/04Wispy Blonde Joel Plutchak
1.057445  ag01/23/04Rainy Day Pale Ale andricos
1.055419  eg01/22/04Crystal Bay Pale Ale Fort Sam Houston
1.057679  ag01/20/04Homie's IPA Charlie Gray
1.047256  ag01/20/04Homie's Pale Ale 11 Charlie Gray
1.063187  pm01/17/04Wiener in the Rye Ted
1.053205  ag01/16/04killer bees Clanton Goldman (F.B.B.)
1.054224  pm01/03/04Tudweiser Ted
1.059447  ag12/23/03JJAPA Jim Johnson
1.0524010  ag12/04/03Three Dart Pale Brewer Brian
1.048705  ag12/03/03Cascade Christmas Mat Jolly
1.0623310  ag12/02/03Single Malt American Ale Chris Pabst
1.055218  eg11/29/03CY Ale, Modified Chris Pabst
1.063207  e11/23/03Clemtek Pale #1 Hammer
1.062278  eg11/23/03Honey Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.065157  e11/20/03Clemtek Pale #1 Hammer
1.055218  eg11/16/03CY Ale, Modified Chris Pabst
1.051339  ag11/09/03Pale Ale sanders
1.052298  ag11/09/03Homie's Holiday Ale Charlie Gray
1.053357  eg10/30/03Golden Nectar West Side Brewing
1.053377  eg10/23/03Mertz's Kemo Sabe' Ale Darren Mertz
1.0493110  eg10/20/03Hoppyness is a warm gun and a cold beer Rathole
1.060579  eg10/08/03Hop Harvest Ale Brian Gill
1.052284  e10/06/03Brother Bernardo's Honey Ale JBG
1.043234  ag10/05/03harvest berry amber clanton goldman f.b.b.
1.048327  ag10/05/03Homie's Pale Ale 9 Charlie Gray
1.056389  ag09/30/03LCPA Jason
1.052146  e09/30/03Good Ol' Lite Steve Schuster
1.047278  eg09/27/03Eagle, Globe and Anchor Pale ale Rathole
1.043348  ag09/06/03Homie's Pale Ale 8 Charlie Gray
1.0482712  ag08/23/03Clarks Brew shillingbrau
1.0482712  ag08/23/03Clarks Brew shillingbrau
1.0562822  eg08/19/03Irish Red Ale B.A.B.K.
1.0791011  e08/18/03Autumn Splendor Brewer Girl
1.0482712  ag08/17/03Clarks Brew shillingbrau
1.047419  eg08/17/03Silmaraleon Pale Ale Barry Tingleff
1.047278  eg08/02/03Eagle, Globe and Anchor Pale ale Rathole
1.0493411  eg07/30/03Fieldpointe 1999 Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.051438  eg07/30/03More Better Sierra Nevada Clone Rathole
1.047278  eg07/30/03Eagle, Globe and Anchor Pale ale Rathole
1.055328  eg07/28/03Fuggles Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.0543410  ag07/17/03docters orders pale ale scott oberlin
1.046275  ag07/16/03Ridge Trail Pale Ale Piscassic River Brewing
1.052314  ag07/13/03Light Ale Andrew S. Webster
1.0552811  eg07/12/03WPA (Willamette Pale Ale) West Side Brewing
1.047278  ag07/12/03Homie's Pale Ale 7 Charlie Gray
1.060295  eg07/02/03Honey, your pale Colin
1.0503616  ag06/27/03HHIBC Ale Prof Millet
1.050326  pm06/24/03Apricot Pale Ale Piscassic River Brewing
1.048269  ag06/20/03Homie's Pale Ale 6 Charlie Gray
1.051238  e06/20/03Big South Ale Ganjaman
1.0513112  e06/17/03Sultry Summer Pale Ale Bachelor Brews
1.047356  ag06/03/03trailer park pale ale cmd
1.053263  ag05/24/03american standard #3 clanton goldman f.b.b.
1.0604110  eg05/19/03Raven Pale Ale Chuck Raplinger
1.049277  ag05/18/03Homie's Alt Ale Charlie Gray
1.049399  eg05/15/03Will's Bitters DRM
1.051267  ag05/06/03Stewart Springs Pale Ale iv Glen Stewart
1.062337  ag05/06/03BCPA BFB
1.049277  ag05/04/03Homie Pale Ale Charlie Gray
1.049435  ag04/29/03Centennial Pale Ale Brown Brook Brewing
1.052513  ag04/27/03AMERICAN STANDARD #2 clanton goldman f.b.b.
1.0573017  eg04/24/03G.I.H.I.P. #2 Nathan Shearer
1.042637  ag04/24/03CARIF Pale Ale Orion Kingman
1.048204  ag04/14/03Fish Hook Blonde Ale St. Arnold
1.060425  ag04/11/03OUT OF STYLE ALE (well designed all-grain) Steve Wells and the Funky Bunch
1.050386  eg04/01/03Picnic Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0473610  eg04/01/03Jackson's Pale Ale Nate
1.0551510  eg03/30/03Memorial Pale Ale American Matt
1.0682339  eg03/28/03Portly Porter III Harry's Homebrew
1.062387  pm03/26/03Super Fly Pale Rye River Bottom Nightmare Brewing
1.043253  ag03/23/03american standard clanton goldman f.b.b.
1.057415  ag03/20/03A decent RyePA (ALL-GRAIN) Steve Wells
1.053347  pm03/16/03SNPA Clone Alex Baillieul
1.0452510  eg03/06/03Patriot's Pale Ale FlightRisk
1.067218  ag03/01/03Homie's Pale Ale Charlie Gray
1.053409  ag02/27/03American Special Bitter (ASB) St. Arnold
1.066617  eg02/25/03Leatherneck IPA Funky Monk
1.067267  pm02/24/03Hillcrest Rye Indy
1.046205  ag02/17/03Homie's Pale Ale 4 Charlie Gray
1.051162  ag01/25/03jolly rancher gold clanton goldman f.b.b.
1.0523210  ag01/18/03Sierra Nevada Clone Mr. T
1.051349  ag01/11/03all purpose pale Trubdaddy
1.046347  eg12/16/02Hoppy Pale Ale Mark Walkosz
1.057267  ag12/13/02Poop Diddy R.P.A. (Rye Pumpkin Ale) Ophiodon
1.048209  ag12/09/02Homie's Pale III Charlie Gray
1.05386  eg12/04/02Dan's Cincinnati Cream Ale Seth
1.0582510  ag11/29/02"Celebration" Pale Ale Leland Dunn
1.0704411  e11/20/02Charlemont Rainy Ale Kurt Knotts
1.057235  ag11/13/02Light Pale Colby Fry
1.059478  eg11/04/02Iowa Liberty Pale Ale #14 Fred Flippen
1.064329  eg11/02/02Ramona Country Ale Mike Brown
1.0623710  eg10/31/02Warm floor pale Big Daddy
1.054116  eg10/23/02Victory Ale Funky Monk
1.052388  ag10/23/02Spillane Pale Ale Spillane
1.051398  ag10/21/02Lake Erie Pale Ale #1 Cheesehead Mike
1.0483910  ag10/15/02Mercury Rising Pale Ale Andy W
1.0612711  ag10/03/02piper's raspberry pale ale jim "piper" litterio
1.044523  ag09/29/02F.B.B. orange blossom special Clanton Goldman / Fat Bastard Brewing
1.055486  ag09/28/02Summer Session Ale John Fisher
1.057217  pm09/28/02South Tucson Blonde Ed Contreras
1.050206  ag09/23/02Homie's Pale Ale Charlie Gray
1.045213  ag09/16/02Helles Ale Charlie Gray
1.045619  eg09/07/02Pale Ale Adam L. Crawford
1.040256  eg09/06/02L.O. Ale Mark
1.048296  ag09/04/02Pale Ale? Nuts! Brown Charlie Gray
1.032283  ag09/02/02fat bastard brewings rasberry ale clanton goldman
1.0353111  eg08/22/02Dead guy Ale #9 Fred Flippen
1.053333  ag08/22/02Pale Ale John Tossberg & George Aux
1.056606  ag08/21/02Two Mile Pale Ale Barry Tingleff
1.0571710  ag08/16/02Irish Ale Colby Fry
1.0481112  eg08/11/02Iron Duke American Pale Ale Orion Kingman
1.061168  ag08/09/02The Red Eye Colby Fry
1.046236  eg08/08/02Dry Heat Chili Wes
1.046255  ag08/08/02Dog Daze Pale Ale St. Arnold
1.0463510  ag08/05/02Harvest Ale Trubdaddy
1.053214  ag07/31/02Pale Ale II Colby Fry
1.055214  e07/14/02Strawbeery Honey Ale Trip Rice
1.061495  ag07/11/02Big beer primer Brouemaster
1.060638  ag07/10/02Homie's Born In The USA Ale Charlie Gray
1.069414  ag07/04/021st All-Grain Pale ddawson
1.055194  e06/27/02Strawbeery Honey Ale
1.051308  ag06/27/02BC All-AmericanPale Ale
1.058297  ag06/19/02Julie's Braco
1.038305  pm06/16/02Eyeglass Ale #8 Fred Flippen
1.065206  e06/12/02Simple Swill Dewey M
1.0582710  ag06/10/02Homie's True PaleAle Charlie Gray
1.055297  pm06/04/02Clover Pale Ale Matt Hill
1.0582710  ag06/03/02Homie's Amber Ale Charlie Gray
1.064235  ag06/01/02Shelley's blonde ale scott edgar
1.043447  ag05/29/02Goin' to California Pale Ale St. Arnold
1.054396  ag05/23/02Attack of the Sierra Pale Clones Spillane
1.051299  eg05/21/02Pale Rider Smokinjoe
1.057219  eg05/14/02Celebration Pale Ale Brian
1.0584411  eg05/12/02Bitch beer The Maniac
1.041206  eg05/11/02American Summer Pale #6 Fred Flippen
1.055176  eg05/07/02Summer Session Pale Ale CPB
1.064247  eg04/28/02Neil's Rod and Reel Ale
1.061368  pm04/25/02Prairie Pale Ale Copper Dog Brewery
1.0524410  ag04/23/02Southwest Fest Amber Ale Michael Uhrich
1.0584110  ag04/17/02Homie's Birthday Day Ale Charlie Gray
1.054337  eg04/14/02Chic-o-Range Ale Randy Champagne
1.045189  eg04/11/02Boss-ton Ale Randy Champagne
1.055773  ag04/02/02Tall Blonde Ale Lake Street Brewing
1.046124  e03/24/02Garnies ruin Lee
1.061248  ag03/22/02Homie's Glory Days Ale Charlie Gray
1.063288  eg03/22/02Triple Berry Ale matt mc
1.0451106  ag03/17/02Alasaka Range Pale Ale Spitdriver
1.047338  eg03/12/02Perfect Pale Brian
1.047115  eg03/12/02American Industrial Pale Ale Thom Moore
1.060639  eg02/28/02All Doped Up on Hops Newer Brewer
1.046328  ag02/27/02JAS Morgan Pale Ale JAS
1.048395  ag02/26/02American Pale Ale Donald A. Bell
1.048395  ag02/24/02American Pale Ale #2 Donald A. Bell
1.049357  ag02/17/02Zoe's APA Trub Daddy
1.070245  ag02/10/02Chay Ale Colby Fry
1.047405  ag02/08/02Blondie Dave "Punk" Reed
1.042213  ag02/04/02Vienna Pale Ale Merle Zeller
1.0456113  ag02/03/02Homie's Pale Ale Charlie Gray
1.0542010  e01/21/02Braindead Pale Ale Scott Babin
1.062538  eg01/10/02Full Tilt Ale Dan Friedman
1.049196  e01/09/02River Rat Pale Ale Brad Wright
1.054116  eg01/06/02Victory Ale Funky Monk
1.052355  e01/02/02Mule Poo Pale Ale Sperbass
1.0422314  eg12/29/01New Year's Amber American Randy Champagne
1.0597910  pm12/17/012nd Anniversary IPA Greg Beron
1.0722920  eg12/16/01Red Hawk Ron Collins
1.052368  ag12/13/01My sierra matt dinges
1.0592210  eg12/03/01Derry Street Ale Russ Blanchette
1.050368  ag12/01/01Homie's Holiday Ale Charlie Gray
1.052209  ag11/29/01Fat Tire Amber Clone Michael Uhrich
1.057377  ag11/25/01NNPA III Rod & Les
1.0493810  eg11/15/01Smedick's Red Handed Spillane
1.0751410  pm11/10/01Honeycomb Rob Vest
1.046288  ag11/10/01BBrocker's Next Beer BBrocker
1.0746511  eg10/29/01Niner Niner Ken Gray
1.0554813  ag10/29/01Pale? Ale Charlie Gray
1.0603312  eg10/28/01Salute the Flag APA Rick Rogan
1.0554611  ag10/21/01Brew #35 Charlie Gray
1.051397  ag10/12/01Quête de Liberté Pascal desbiens
1.062109  eg10/07/01Victory Ale Funky Monk
1.0504513  ag10/04/01Honey Brown Paul Erbe
1.057347  ag09/23/01Harvest Ale Trub Daddy
1.047256  eg09/21/01Potpourri Pale Brian
1.047927  ag09/12/01Zach's Simaraleon 7. A Barry Tingleff
1.052368  ag09/02/01My sierra matt dinges
1.0663618  eg08/28/01Weevil Wobble Pat Larkin
1.0554112  ag08/24/01Grasshopper Ale Charlie Gray
1.0554314  ag08/19/01Dog Days Afternoon Pale Ale Charlie Gray
1.053193  ag08/15/01Golden Gate Pale Ale Chris Pabst
1.048378  ag08/03/01Solar Pale Ale Jim Lanning
1.0552912  ag08/03/01Pat's Pale? Pat
1.051908  e08/01/01Picnic Pale Ale Colby Fry
1.058358  eg07/31/01Fowler American Pale (Extract) Tom Daniels
1.057356  ag07/31/01Fowler American Pale (AG) Tom Daniels
1.07110910  pm07/26/01Flanuer Ale DRB
1.053197  ag07/26/01Something New Chris Pabst
1.0585610  eg07/25/01Leapin Lizards Australian Ale Big Daddy T
1.0564712  ag07/24/01Goose Island Special Pale Clone Eddie G and Marty, Matt and Packy Mac
1.0523911  ag07/22/01West Coast American Pale Ale Mark Alfaro
1.053438  eg07/20/01my beer ant
1.057486  pm07/17/01Noble Golden Ale Marc Rehfuss
1.051257  ag07/08/01Stewart Springs Pale Ale Glen Stewart
1.0653612  eg07/06/01Yet Another APA Rick Rogan
1.062317  ag07/04/01Big Hill Golden Ale Bob Klokis
1.052677  eg07/02/01Homebrew Pantry Pale Ale Nate
1.06007  pm06/22/01Hoppy Duck Pale Ale Jeff Hertz
1.0534711  ag06/19/01Paling My Ale For Free Charlie Gray
1.058177  eg06/11/01Friendship Summer Ale dagrar
1.061118  eg06/11/01Super Bastardized Bad Ass Ale Indy
1.051257  ag06/06/01Stewart Pale Ale Glen Stewart
1.061335  ag06/06/01No Relation Pale Ale Chris Pabst
1.044228  ag06/05/01Stars & Stripes Ale Shawn Miller
1.061118  eg06/04/01Super Bastardized Bad Ass Ale Indy
1.0502411  ag06/03/01LAL Dick Price
1.0614311  ag05/31/01Homie's Pale Ale? Charlie Gray
1.061118  eg05/30/01Super Bastardized Bad Ass Ale Indy
1.052376  pm05/29/01SA's Spring-Has-Sprung Ale Seth Anderson
1.051257  ag05/25/01Stewart Pale Ale Glen Stewart
1.0602915  eg05/21/01Rusty Nail Ale Faery Bear Brewing
1.049336  ag05/18/01Golden Blonde Randy Champagne
1.053399  eg05/16/01Be like Pike Pale Ale Hector Reyes
1.0583214  eg05/14/01Mt. Battie Ale Cushing Brewery
1.056325  ag05/13/01Pale Rye Der Brewer Bob
1.043394  ag05/13/01Dubbel Trouble Eddie G
1.0577710  eg05/04/01Made you ask why Stinger
1.053316  ag05/01/01Solar Pale Ale Jim Lanning
1.065149  eg04/30/01Oh Honey, Oh Baby! Pale Ale Smiling Goat Brews
1.056336  eg04/30/01Honey Pricked Pale Ale J.Nail
1.0631059  eg04/24/01Brown Nugget APA DRB
1.054376  pm04/17/01SA's Spring-Has-Sprung Ale Seth Anderson
1.054215  ag04/16/01G.R.C. Pascal Desbiens
1.052388  ag04/12/01Pale Your Ale Charlie Gray
1.054358  eg04/11/01OTM Liberty Al/ Noreen
1.0573010  ag04/07/01Nectar of the Gods Amber Ale Brent Rollman
1.0633210  eg04/07/01Caddo Pale Ale Andrew McMichael
1.052417  ag04/05/01Freedom Trail Pale Ale Mother Love Bone
1.049298  ag04/03/01Pask's Pale Pascal Desbiens
1.051315  ag04/03/01Spy Pond Pale Ale Stardog
1.04462  e03/28/01raspberry extract brad cliff
1.052289  eg03/28/01Red Bettle Brew Chris Chow
1.053185  ag03/24/01Pèteuse de broue Pascal Desbiens
1.056406  ag03/24/01cascade pale ale aaron perry
1.049195  ag03/18/01Pèteuse de broue Pascal Desbiens
1.05916  e03/17/01Shadetree Light DeacnBleu
1.049344  ag03/17/01Jarmo's Golden Ale IV Trub Daddy
1.0552410  ag03/16/01Lil' Irish Lad Young Buck Brewing
1.02804  ag03/05/01Light Frost Ale Mark
1.0692411  eg03/01/01BS Pale Ale Roy Hill
1.057575  ag02/27/01Scaredy Cat Pale Ale Emile Snyder/Jenny Hamilton
1.0581810  ag02/20/01Fresh Bready AMber Young Buck Brewing
1.057427  ag02/18/01Coon Rapids Pale Ale #2 Veldy
1.0564011  e02/17/01Bitter Bitch Ale DGA
1.0502411  ag02/13/01LAL Dick Price
1.0491812  ag02/12/01Lazy Jay's Colorado First Kristopher J. Nolan
1.068397  ag01/28/01Rookie American Pale Ale A.J. Nemeth
1.057207  eg01/22/01Rye Not?Ale Andy Winch
1.052306  ag01/19/01Nutty Pale Ale Trub Daddy
1.043256  ag01/19/01Lucky Seven Pale Ale Chris Pabst
1.0503111  ag01/18/01LAL Dick Price
1.051417  ag01/18/01HOP POCKET MIchael J. Uhrich
1.060449  ag01/14/01Murrieta Steam Donald Park
1.054397  ag01/14/01Pale Ale Franzkeller
1.0613710  eg01/11/01Pale Ale V4.0 Roger Rabbit
1.054307  eg01/09/01Lake Street Pale Ale Stardog
1.04894  e01/09/01Erins Ale Lonn Guidry
1.054627  ag01/07/01Zach's Simmaraleon 7 Barry Tingleff
1.057545  ag01/06/01Murrieta Dos Corazon Donald Park
1.06713412  eg01/05/01Old No. 40 (this one's for you jason) Delacroix Brothers
1.0715013  eg01/02/01Old Paisley-Bottom Eric Riise
1.049344  ag12/29/00Jarmo's Golden Ale IV Trub Daddy
1.050216  ag12/25/00Mielleuse!!! Pascal Desbiens
1.035168  eg12/21/00Raspberry/Cherry Ale Bsota
1.051438  ag12/20/00Amberosia Randy Champagne
1.057319  ag12/18/00Hunter's american ale G man
1.051386  ag12/18/00West Coast Pale Ale Andy Hancock
1.0572810  eg12/11/00Bear Mountain Pale Ale Gerald Runke
1.052106  e12/08/00Golden Boar Ale Ryan
1.052145  eg11/24/00Dave's Pale Wheat Ale David Campbell
1.0595413  eg11/14/00Pale Ale V 3.0 Roger Mercier
1.067428  eg11/13/00Mt. Diablo pale ale Delacroix Brothers
1.057337  pm11/08/00Hop On Pop David Kessner
1.0513110  ag10/27/00Cattle dog pale ale Trub Daddy
1.0595413  eg10/27/00Pale Ale V 3.0 Roger Mercier
1.0462614  ag10/19/00Breastisissss Johnny Blaze
1.0565010  eg10/10/00Andy's Amber Ale Dan Eble & Scott Robedeau
1.0625122  eg10/09/00Hippity Hoppity Ale Dan Eble & Scott Robedeau
1.0654410  eg09/29/00Y2K Pale Amber Ale Dan Eble & Scott Robedeau
1.072209  pm09/26/00Fusion Pale Colin Smith and Jason Nolan
1.057457  ag09/16/00Birthday Beer wally
1.069339  ag09/15/00Wits uuuuuppp!!!! Franzkeller
1.054226  ag09/09/00Brass Ring Pale Ale Chris Pabst
1.055156  pm09/09/00Kime's Mill Mild Ale Bob Klokis
1.045244  eg09/08/00Old Woodie #4 Honey Ale JHB
1.0595511  ag09/06/00Vlad the Impaler Jim Lanning
1.062728  e08/31/00Hoppy APA Bob DeVivo
1.066387  ag08/31/00Nothin' Special Pale Ale Chris Pabst
1.056498  ag08/30/00Labor Day Pale Ale Franzkeller
1.054337  eg08/26/00Fusion Pale Colin Smith and Jason Nolan
1.048276  ag08/20/001/2 BBL Pale Ale John Alden
1.044235  ag08/03/00Dad's Summer Fest Brew Dad
1.0504918  eg08/01/00Bachelor Bitter Clone Lance Andrus/Deschutes Brewery
1.0554113  eg08/01/00Mirror Pond Pale Ale Clone Lance Andrus/Deschutes Brewery
1.042363  ag07/29/00Albino Randy Champagne
1.052458  ag07/27/00Ayle Franzkeller
1.043396  ag07/21/00Spider-Brau Franzkeller
1.044269  ag07/19/00Sopris Amber Ale Michael Uhrich
1.055335  pm07/09/00Freedom Ale (Anchor Liberty clone) Jim Mayer
1.0483514  eg07/07/00Western Wind Lager Zophos
1.057197  eg07/03/00Blonde Monkey Randy Champagne
1.055557  ag07/03/00Patriotic Pale Ale Rick Gilmore
1.044519  ag06/20/00Ale to the Chief Franzkeller
1.039164  eg06/13/00The Converter TB Jay
1.044252  e06/12/00Summer Lightweight Randy Champagne
1.057197  eg06/12/00American Honey Blonde Randy Champagne
1.035366  eg06/08/00Crazy Cat Light Summer Ale Michigan Braumeister
1.047276  e06/04/00RP Larry Maler
1.044476  ag06/01/00Pale Rider Summer Ale Randy Champagne
1.052358  ag05/23/00Summer Lawn John
1.056408  pm05/20/00SOS II Pale Ale Jim Johnson
1.055325  ag05/10/00APA Rod Silverwood
1.0453111  ag05/06/00Lets Go Pens Ale Franzkeller
1.052477  ag05/02/00Big Brew 2000 Pale Ale Joel Plutchak
1.051154  e05/01/00Dionysious Honey Ale Joe Perrigoue
1.04386  e04/28/00Wolf Wizz Paul M
1.052327  pm04/28/00SOS Pale Ale Jim Johnson
1.056186  eg04/27/00Baywatch Blonde Bret Spencer
1.064455  ag04/03/00Tuna Dance Pale Ale Patrick C
1.0493314  ag03/31/00Red Ale Franzkeller
1.039346  eg03/31/00Strawberry Pale Nic Templeton
1.006576  e03/31/00Shipyard Clone Todd Coleman
1.052317  eg03/19/00Pigs Ass Pale Ale David B
1.0593510  eg02/26/00High Tail Pale Ale John Alden
1.050377  ag02/26/00Here's To What Ales Ya'! Franzkeller
1.0576710  ag02/21/00Hop Daddy Mark Griswold
1.0494310  ag02/20/00Basic Pale Ale Leif
1.063409  ag02/09/00Rogers Rock Pale Ale Kurt Knotts, H.B.
1.045315  ag01/28/00Quick Fix Ale Franzkeller
1.050296  ag01/27/00Spencer's Wild Side Kurt A. Christensen
1.0562114  eg01/17/00APA DJV
1.063437  ag01/13/00Mid-Atlantic Pale Ale C. Belanger J. Jackson
1.046199  eg12/21/99Roadkill Pale Ale Mike Koidal
1.0763715  pm12/20/99Double J Brown Ale Jim Johnson
1.0783913  pm12/15/99Double J - A.P.A. Jim Johnson
1.051154  e11/29/99Dionysious Honey Ale Joe Perrigoue
1.0533513  eg11/16/99Sierra Nevada (Sort Of) John Alden
1.067149  eg11/13/99Fall Fest Ale '99 Dogmar of Bicker Brothers Brewery
1.056145  eg11/13/99APA Tim G. Bate
1.0568215  eg11/05/993 am pale ale (e.s.b.) soulfixnman
1.052435  ag10/28/99Palesner Dan Johnson
1.051335  ag10/19/99White Water Ale Leif
1.0614317  ag10/15/99Penn Harvest Franzkeller
1.08197  eg09/06/99Flatonyourback Cherry Ale Retarded Animal Brewhaus
1.0484610  ag09/01/99Not Quite IPA Logan
1.051349  eg08/29/99Cascade Ale mike sherwood
1.0633217  eg08/15/99Dock Street replica JBCubed
1.075449  eg08/15/99Georgia Strong Ale, Ver-1.075 Dr. Psyco
1.042398  ag08/12/99American Ale William Solomon
1.053359  eg08/05/99Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Vince Mash
1.0574712  eg07/30/99Summertime Pale Ale II John Alden
1.054366  e07/01/99pale ale Paul Tharp
1.068629  ag06/30/99Newts Tail Pale Ale (20 bbl) The Newt King
1.0627312  eg06/29/99Clbe's Darker Pale Ale Clbe
1.0574812  eg06/24/99Summertime Pale Ale John Alden
1.064348  ag06/15/99Pale Ale Robert Horne
1.0544810  ag06/15/99Biker Pale Ale Squid
1.048398  ag06/11/99Cascade Pale Franzkeller
1.041296  eg05/12/99garage sale pale wood st brewing
1.0666112  ag05/12/99pSN Celebration try #1 tony
1.057378  eg04/21/99Northern Brew II John Alden
1.050397  ag04/19/99Anglo-American Ale Wally
1.055174  ag04/14/99Blonde Ale J. Randal
1.0612810  eg04/13/99Spring Ale Shawn
1.0696611  ag04/05/99SKY PILOT IPA MOE
1.051379  eg04/05/99Spring Ale Shawn
1.061549  eg04/02/99Olde Tourhead IPA J.M. Hart
1.033293  ag03/28/99Day Before Payday Pale Don Leonard
1.041812  eg03/24/99fred's shaken naked fishin' summer ale 1999 (Q1) fred dolislager
1.053269  eg03/24/99Dave's Fave David Parker
1.065867  pm03/18/99Lite 'Nin Greg
1.0454115  eg03/14/99Really good red ale Jim Bunch
1.056578  ag01/26/99Potpourri Pale Ale Joel Plutchak
1.0527412  ag01/05/99Chronictonic Pale Ale Steve
1.052758  eg12/29/98Olde Tourhead - Pale Ale J. M. Hart
1.0493012  ag12/27/98biG Rock Traditional Chris McAtee
1.0655810  ag12/17/98A Pale Winter Ken McMullen
1.051507  ag12/11/98German Pale Ale Andrew Ager
1.0649710  ag12/04/98Primary 10 gallon pale bMike
1.05010421  eg11/28/98Xmas Ale Jim Bunch
1.050368  eg11/21/98Wannabe an IPA... Bigjohn
1.0612815  eg11/17/98Empress Ale John Alden
1.054274  ag11/05/98American Ale Jeff Waller
1.057134  ag11/05/98Texas Summer Ale Jeff Waller
1.0613414  ag10/10/98"SuperStock" Ale Maury LaPrade
1.0605810  ag10/10/98Pinion Pale Ale Brewz
1.0565012  eg09/29/98Red Ale Bret's Brew
1.056184  ag09/07/98Autumn Coriander Honey Ale Ed Leuschner & Matt Hockin
1.050257  eg08/25/98Bob's Angler Ale Bob DeLaHunt
1.044213  ag08/07/98Vienna Pale Ale Merle Zeller
1.054274  ag08/06/98American Ale Jeff Waller
1.059457  ag07/22/98American Pale Ale 1 Andrew Ager
1.057134  ag07/01/98Texas Summer Ale Jeff Waller
1.054357  ag06/26/98Dirk Diggler Johnny Blaze
1.063558  ag05/14/98Hopboys "Columbus Daze Ale" Maury LaPrade
1.0466810  ag05/13/98Hanging Tree Pale Ale II James Gregg
1.0613011  ag05/06/98lesh ale jonathan
1.057245  eg05/01/98Mo Mower More Rick and Don
1.053278  ag05/01/98Spank Chim II Johnny Blaze
1.053304  ag04/22/98First Try Pale Ale Drew Avis
1.0671410  eg04/10/98Fox Stone Rob F
1.055304  eg03/27/98The Great B.O.C.K. Pale Ale Experiment I Brewers Of Central Kentucky
1.055297  ag03/27/98The Great B.O.C.K. Pale Ale Experiment I Brewers Of Central Kentucky
1.041304  ag03/26/98Waltermark APA Waltermark Brewery
1.047428  ag03/24/98DJ Pale Rider Dan Johnson
1.0554713  eg02/04/98Pale Ale of Love The Flugenmeister Brewery
1.053225  eg01/21/98La Liberte Quebecuoise Erik Mason
1.052348  ag01/17/98better seirra nevada clone kurt knotts
1.048419  ag01/16/98Sierra Nevada Clone Kurt Knotts
1.056507  ag11/18/97Shagtown Pale Ale Dan Johnson
1.056667  ag11/02/97Rye PA Robert A.Hendricks
1.049415  ag10/19/97quasi-Liberty ale Len Spencer
1.051337  ag10/03/97Pale Fall Ale Dan Johnson
1.046337  ag09/08/97strawberry hill pale ale tommy
1.0618215  ag08/21/97Nutty Pale James Ivey
1.056278  pm08/13/97Rocky Mountain Ale Mike Perry
1.0432413  ag08/12/97American Liberty Style Ale James Ivey
1.042566  ag08/12/97Desert Pale James Ivey
1.0728611  ag07/25/97Newts Tail Pale Ale II The Newt King
1.0593115  pm07/23/97Rocky Mountain Pale Ale Mike Perry
1.0707721  ag07/22/97Newts Delight Amber The Newt King
1.041316  ag07/11/97Border Patrol Pale Ale Chris Cooper
1.0828210  ag06/04/97Newts Tail Pale Ale The Newt King
1.0728213  ag06/04/97Odd Grogs Amber Ale Gregor and the Newt King

Type: ag=All Grain, pm=Partial Mash, eg=Extract w/Grain, e=Extract