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American Brown

1.0546122  eg09/27/16Anglo-American Dark Brown Ale Jim Massa
1.0732523  eg12/12/15Comin' Thro' the Rye - Darkly Larry Maler
1.05033>50  ag10/29/15Black American IP-Stout Ds-Nuts Brewing
1.0609418  ag02/25/15American Amber Ale Tom Healy
1.0632525  ag01/12/15Newkie Brown English Ale Brad Blase
1.0673122  ag12/29/14Sweet Sassy Molassy Chris Ungvarsky
1.0774021  eg11/22/14burnt flowers fallen The Fallen
1.0625138  ag11/19/14Mugatu's Latte KOBB
1.0625138  ag11/11/14Non-Dairy Stout KOBB
1.0625138  ag11/07/14Non-Dairy Stout KOBB
1.0634717  ag10/27/14Cub's Gout small batch KOBB
1.0673718  ag10/24/14Cub's Gout small batch KOBB
1.0563016  ag10/07/14Cub's Gout KOBB
1.0515116  ag09/12/14Head High KOBB
1.0643818  ag08/31/14Cindy's Whip KOBB
1.0563016  ag08/28/14Cub's Gout KOBB
1.0643818  ag08/25/14Cindy's Whip KOBB
1.0515116  ag08/17/14Head High KOBB
1.0665717  ag08/17/14Head High KOBB
1.0685618  ag08/16/14Head High KOBB
1.0563217  ag08/07/14Cub's Gout KOBB
1.0513119  ag08/07/14Cub's Gout KOBB
1.0573019  ag08/06/14Cub's Gout KOBB
1.0613817  ag08/04/14Cub's Gout KOBB
1.0643818  ag08/04/14Cindy's Whip KOBB
1.0643818  ag08/03/14Pumpkin KOBB
1.08733>50  ag04/27/14Everett Clone Rick Rogan
1.0688220  ag03/04/14Screamin' Eagle - India Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0708345  ag12/08/13Christmas BelgoSoCal Tom Healy
1.0708345  ag11/26/13Christmas BelgoSoCal Tom Healy
1.0708345  ag11/24/13Christmas BelgoSoCal Tom Healy
1.0479923  ag11/15/13American Brown Ale (Dark/Bitter) Tom Healy
1.0479923  ag11/10/13American Brown Ale (Dark/Bitter) Tom Healy
1.0479923  ag10/30/13American Brown Ale (Dark/Bitter) Tom Healy
1.0562022  ag05/26/13Belgo porter KOBB
1.0531738  ag05/22/13123 Styler
1.0542417  ag05/02/13Coconut Brown Ale SS
1.0562022  ag05/01/13O.R.C. Brown KOBB
1.0558820  ag04/17/13Hank's Trail India Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0562022  ag04/07/13O.R.C. Brown KOBB
1.0562626  ag04/06/13O.R.C. Brown KOBB
1.0552628  ag04/05/13O.R.C. Brown KOBB
1.0572629  ag04/02/13O.R.C. Brown KOBB
1.0652317  ag03/08/13Hobbit Foot Soylent
1.0581923  ag12/16/12Button Buck Brown Chris Ungvarsky
1.0572828  eg10/13/12Chocolate Pumpkin 2012 Carl Hansen
1.0534120  ag10/05/12Hoppy Rye Brown Matthew R.
1.055020  ag09/24/12Hoppy Rye Brown Matthew R.
1.060031  ag09/13/12beer x brewer x
1.0531738  ag07/22/12Chola La Troja Cervecera
1.0563418  ag07/19/12A - ROUND - TUIT CherrVallian
1.06123>50  ag07/19/12Chola La Troja Cervecera
1.0782924  eg07/18/12brown mule taco6669
1.0782924  eg07/18/12Brown Mule Black Kettle Brew House
1.0782924  eg07/18/12Brown Mule Black Kettle Brew House
1.0782924  eg07/18/12brown mule taco6669
1.0624623  ag06/27/12Janet's Brown Ale Jonas
1.0662123  ag06/26/12Hobbit Foot Soylent
1.0523419  ag05/20/12Out of Town Brown Chris Ungvarsky
1.0608819  ag05/16/12Cautiously Hoptimistic Chris Ungvarsky
1.0643422  pm04/28/12Bucky's Busted Brown Rocco
1.0823920  ag03/16/12Dirty Dancer Imperial Bourbon Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0613225  eg01/25/12Wandering brown Drpnrol
1.0709831  ag09/18/11Lego Bitter Brown Ale Tom Healy
1.0567927  ag08/28/11Lego Bitter Brown Ale Tom Healy
1.0549222  eg08/12/11Brown '76 Jameson Auten
1.0563918  pm06/11/11Nut Brown Ale Timmons
1.044253  ag05/30/11Founding Fathers Ale Tinman
1.050029  pm05/27/11spruce moose fraggles
1.0535820  ag05/09/11Hank's Trail India Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0582526  eg04/23/11Beltane's Brown Carl Hansen
1.0772421  eg03/31/11smokin nut 5 G BERGCO
1.0645420  ag03/15/11Spring Thaw Brown Pilchuck Pivo
1.0725826  eg03/09/11big bourbon brown nick
1.0755729  eg03/09/11big bourbon brown nick
1.0613015  ag03/07/11noble american brown mike
1.0545322  eg02/22/11Chester Brown Jameson Auten
1.0523013  eg02/21/11Not Sure Ale Chris
1.0604322  ag02/11/11Morning Wood Chris Ungvarsky
1.0584320  ag02/09/11Morning Wood Chris Ungvarsky
1.0512618  eg01/28/11Bells Best Brown Ale Clone Rusty
1.0782013  ag01/24/11Special "K" Tinman
1.0514824  eg01/03/11Mahogony Bliss Jameson Auten
1.0563314  eg12/31/10James Brown Vince
1.0514524  eg12/31/10Mahogony Bliss Jameson Auten
1.0523019  ag12/20/10Paintin the town hazelnut brown justio
1.0503325  ag12/13/10Zombie Drool Post Apocalyptic Brewery
1.0683423  ag11/28/10Bentley Brown Ale Jordan Bean
1.0433910  ag11/26/10Roasted ale RobsBrew
1.0532618  ag11/25/10Muddy bottom curt
1.0523019  ag11/20/10Paintin the town hazelnut brown justio
1.0583024  eg11/13/10Scottish Brown Carl Hansen
1.0636019  ag10/26/10India Brown Carl Heinz and Cooper Pond
1.0625125  ag10/08/10Lang - Munshi, #30 DJL
1.0554722  ag09/23/10Lang - Munshi II DJL
1.0576012  eg09/11/10Staple AJP
1.0625125  ag09/09/10Lang - Munshi DJL
1.0473019  ag08/13/10Barnyard Brown Ale Red Barn Brewing
1.0654317  pm07/02/10Kwijibo 2010 Bryan Dore
1.0626621  ag06/20/10Cascadian Dark Ale (5-23-10) Ray
1.0716620  ag06/20/10Cascadian Dark Ale (5-23-10) Ray
1.0543316  pm06/12/10Werning Wedding Ale Chris Johnson
1.0693422  ag06/10/10Imperial Nut Brown Felix Stoddeay's
1.0482917  ag06/01/10Dirty Beaver's Nut Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0722749  pm05/27/10cody2 jc
1.0613218  ag05/09/10A very dark red..... MaltMasher
1.0764525  ag05/06/10Brew Party Beer dagan
1.0572339  pm04/19/10cody1 jc
1.0471611  ag04/08/10O town irish red ale blackburn brewer
1.0563127  eg03/27/10Brown Turtle Ale (chocolate pecan brown) Kristy H
1.0712120  pm03/10/10Rickie's 30th Nut Brown Starrbrew
1.0482420  eg02/19/10Madeleine ARM
1.0583013  pm01/19/10Broken Meter Dark Ale Bryan Dore
1.0622417  eg12/22/09Midwest Christmas Dubbel Chris Husiak
1.0544325  ag11/25/09Nuts and Bolts Bown Ale v2 Derrick
1.0662916  ag10/17/09Rod's American Red II Rod Litchfield
1.0562425  eg10/16/09Swamp Howler Pumpkin Ale Cypress Head Brewery
1.0922120  ag10/14/09christmas Ale big b
1.0522621  eg09/16/09Sloppy Joe's Honey Brown Ale Shane from MONDAYS BREWING
1.0564427  ag09/12/09BBQ Season Brown Ale Barking Spider Brewery
1.0564523  ag08/23/09Backyard Brown Keith Forsgren
1.0531839  eg08/16/09Braer Rabbit Fab
1.0514322  eg08/16/09Nuts and Bolts Brown Ale v1 Derrick
1.056433  eg07/16/09Nut Brown Ale gwc
1.0572427  eg07/09/09Nut Brown Ale D.W.
1.0442017  pm07/06/09Rerun Brown Chris Ungvarsky
1.0541912  pm06/01/09The Nocturnal Patriarch West Hand Zymurgy
1.0614530  pm05/11/09Brown Ale #1 jason warnes
1.03610228  ag04/19/09The Dirty Chewbacca Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0583916  ag04/18/09Spring Things Brown Ale Barking Spider Brewery
1.0552917  eg04/07/09Big Daddy Ganja's Ginja Ninja Big C and Skinny C
1.0643327  ag03/27/09Boda Getta Brown Ale Barking Spider Brewery
1.0703517  ag03/25/09Rod's American Red #2 Rod Litchfield
1.0883334  pm03/22/09Morse Imperial Honey Brown Ale Thomas Macpherson
1.0813915  eg03/01/09Beginners Luck Josh
1.0581033  eg02/22/09Dark Dog Brown Ale West Side Brewing
1.0532620  ag02/19/09Moose Drool Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0552733  eg02/17/09Kodavista I.B.A (aka bust a nut brown) Zodo
1.0554420  eg02/10/09Q&A
1.0614530  pm01/23/09Brown Ale #1 jason warnes
1.0507129  eg01/06/09Hoppy Brown Bips
1.0574021  ag01/04/09If It's Brown, It's Down! Chris Ungvarsky
1.0533421  eg01/01/09New Year Brown Travis Adams
1.0532722  ag12/22/08Hazelnut Brown Ale Fuzz
1.0572027  eg12/22/08Briar Patch Honey Brown Ron Davis
1.0582718  ag11/17/08The Grinch Emancipator Phil's Brew Pub
1.0583115  ag10/27/08Rod's American Red Rod Litchfield
1.0652128  pm10/26/08Bad Bad Leroy Brown Ale Isaac
1.0533128  ag10/26/08Huntcamp Brown Barking Spider Brewery
1.0664732  ag10/11/08Home Grown Brown West Wind
1.0545317  ag10/06/08You're a Good Man Charlie Brown Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0631423  eg09/16/08Black Cocker Brown Ron Davis
1.0492324  ag09/07/08Brown Bark Ale II Barking Spider Brewery
1.0572527  eg08/24/08Nut Brown Ale D.W.
1.0492324  ag08/23/08Brown Bark Ale II Barking Spider Brewery
1.0522315  eg08/22/08Adrienne's Ale TR
1.0573821  ag08/05/08First Down Brown Chris Ungvarsky
1.0481626  eg07/18/08Brown Ale II David
1.0481832  eg07/18/08Brown Ale I David
1.0642523  eg07/12/08Nutty Brown Ale Social Experiment Brewing Co
1.0484025  ag05/18/08Reunion Brown Ale Barking Spider Brewery
1.0734314  ag05/16/08Lightning Strong Ale lmk/ Red Road Brewing
1.0682224  eg05/10/08Big Brown Ale Gary Slafka
1.0623420  eg05/04/08Burt's Red Ale Big Al
1.0546515  ag04/27/08Man Weekend Brown Ale MAH
1.0522418  ag03/11/08The Crazy Creamy Caramel Crustacean Sebastians Best Brewing Co.
1.0455421  ag03/02/08Foxy Brown Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.04610523  eg02/23/08India Brown Ale Rockstar
1.0582027  eg02/08/08Maple Brown Ale Rev. Tom
1.0671816  eg02/02/08Hop-n-Honey Brown Ale Coldknife
1.0585219  ag01/26/08You're a Good Man Charlie Brown Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0534420  ag01/19/08Foxy Brown Ale Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.0613430  ag01/11/08Brown Ale EJG
1.0772519  eg01/11/08Dark Copper Ale Chase Miller
1.0603520  eg01/07/08Sweeter Than Honey Stephen Spinogatti
1.0542315  eg01/02/08Big Fat Belgian Brown Pinhead
1.0553620  ag12/15/07Brown Bark Ale Barking Spider Brewery
1.0413219  ag11/21/07Brown Ale Rob Brown
1.0543319  eg11/13/07Wicked Brown + Paul Valente
1.0794313  ag10/08/07Imperial Irish Red Tip Back
1.0574214  ag09/23/07Bristol Brown Ale Barking Spider Brewery
1.0665920  ag09/16/07Border Town Brown BBQ Bob
1.0683817  ag08/26/07Nutbuster Brown Rick Armstrong
1.0683817  ag08/22/07Nutbuster Brown Rick Armstrong
1.0502315  ag08/02/07Talking Seagull Matt - Talking Seagull Brewery
1.0602317  ag07/25/07Football Brown Ale Matt
1.0522617  ag07/25/07Talking Seagull Matt - Talking Seagull Brewery
1.0553922  ag07/22/07Wedding Ale ProudDad
1.0562417  ag07/20/07Football Brown Ale Matt
1.0542921  ag07/18/07Wicked Ale Matt
1.0521822  eg06/14/07Brown Trout Ale CJL
1.0561321  eg06/02/07Nate's Nut Brown Bill Strunk
1.0553221  ag06/01/07Rye "G" Brown Ale Bill Vaughan
1.0562326  e05/27/07Hog Wash Bob
1.0591727  eg05/22/07Spring Spuce Brown Carl Hansen
1.0628024  eg05/09/07Baru Brown Snilsen
1.0545216  eg05/07/07Holden's Birthday Brown Ale (5-6-07) MHC
1.0532415  eg05/01/07snba pdaddylauffer
1.0614312  ag04/09/07spring ale patio brewery
1.0553314  e03/31/071172 Brown Carl Hansen
1.0622034  pm03/23/07Sweet Brown Ale Brian Stilson
1.0504637  ag02/27/07KOB Stout KOB
1.0554534  ag02/15/07Choo Choo Brown Special Tim Osborne
1.0504637  ag02/05/07KOB Stout KOB
1.0704811  eg02/04/07blue whale jim Massa
1.0484436  ag01/21/07KOB Stout KOB
1.0522321  ag01/11/07Purser's Poter Art Shipley
1.0511115  eg01/04/07transitional s.w. dark pcl
1.0623412  e01/01/07Honey Brown Ale Gunther Brewery
1.0583818  ag12/17/06Sleepy Hollow Brown Ale BBQ Bob
1.0405122  ag11/14/06Jackson's Browne Nate Heck
1.0612626  eg10/16/06Briar Patch Honey Brown Ron Davis
1.0696723  ag10/01/06Ballistic Brown Itch
1.0675735  ag09/02/06Home Grown Brown West Wind
1.0614018  ag08/02/06Ale Brune houblonnée no2, Brassin 61 2B & G
1.0731822  eg07/23/06Hunney Nutt Bronn Dave Deverney
1.0572219  ag07/20/06Doo Doo Brown The Kraut Bros
1.0443116  eg07/19/06Oak Barrel Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.053817  eg07/08/06Nuke Castle West Side Brewing
1.0583018  eg06/13/06Easy American Braun Bob
1.0594219  ag06/10/06Brune houblonnée 2BG
1.0583519  eg05/28/06Nut'N Honey Brown Rick Rogan
1.0503327  ag05/11/06old gun dog dark ale naked brewmeister
1.0583516  eg05/08/06Nut'N Honey Brown Rick Rogan
1.0998021  ag05/07/06EVIL ALVIN scott
1.0886128  ag05/07/06Inaugral Kettle Nut Brown Ale Three Dog Brewery
1.0494017  ag04/30/06Indoors Ale Pot of Grass Productions
1.0614212  ag04/20/06brown Jim Johnson
1.0512327  eg04/06/06Soerbach Eric Metzner
1.0614918  eg04/04/06Double Nut Brown Ale myLHBS
1.0634917  ag04/04/06Double Nut Brown Ale myLHBS
1.0553310  ag03/30/06Maple Brown Ale Awesome Opossum Brewery©
1.0622427  eg03/27/06Fool's Tax Brown Ale #2 the Red Stoners
1.0565121  ag03/15/06Amerikan Braun oldmouldyhead
1.0573242  eg03/06/06American Brun Gill DeLong Hooff
1.0553022  ag02/27/06Responsibly Brown Ale Pot of Grass Productions
1.0524326  eg01/31/06A Wee Cocker Brown Ron Davis
1.0572929  eg01/24/06Moose Druel Vetch
1.0573228  eg01/22/06Filbert Brown Dawg
1.0742819  eg12/25/05Three Stooges Nut Brown Honey Ale Jonathan Tucker
1.0672821  eg12/21/05Christmas Present Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0541814  eg12/17/05Brown Trout West Side Brewing
1.047269  eg12/10/05pumpkin brown ale kyle
1.0633922  eg10/25/05"Borders on Porter" Brown Ale Lagerhaus 5
1.00000  ag10/02/05Three Chimney Ale Gary Jensen
1.00000  ag10/02/05Three Chimney Ale Gary Jensen
1.0524326  eg09/22/05A Wee Cocker Brown Ron Davis
1.0563320  ag09/18/05Northern AZ Brown ver.3 Barry Tingleff
1.0835836  ag08/25/05Strong Brown Doug Wilson
1.0957336  ag08/19/05Strong Brown Doug Wilson
1.1171343  eg08/16/05Power Pumpkin Denis Hurley
1.081822  eg08/11/05To Big For You Britches Brown Mike Holcomb
1.0644722  ag07/14/05brown
1.0691317  eg07/12/05PumpKing Ale 2 Gary Slafka
1.0442815  ag07/10/05Oberliner Browne Ale Scott Oberlin
1.0603918  eg06/03/05Nut Brown Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0523315  eg06/03/05Maple Brown Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0602715  eg05/17/05Jess' Grabrewation Ale Homer's First Day
1.0683221  ag05/15/05Northern AZ Brown ver.2 Barry Tingleff
1.0602911  eg05/01/05Arroyo Red Ale ArizFlash
1.0613216  ag04/30/05Downtown Freddie Brown Ken Doggett
1.0552418  eg04/24/05Smooth Brown West Side Brewing
1.0572611  eg04/14/05Arroyo Red Ale ArizFlash
1.0509620  ag04/07/05Monster garage Jim Johnson
1.0594221  eg03/21/05Mud Pie Brown Ale Gnome's brew
1.0701515  eg03/16/05FBR's Burnt Down Maple Brown Ale FBR
1.0574922  eg03/10/05Nutbrown Dawg Ale Brown Dawg
1.0482424  ag03/04/05Skip's Nutty Brown Skippy
1.0823324  eg02/18/05? Honey Brown Dustin "Goat" Cramer
1.0761020  eg01/22/05(light) Brown Ale Freisinger Brewing
1.0624817  eg01/22/05Double Nut Brown Ale mcgdo
1.0634917  ag01/22/05Double Nut Brown Ale mcgdo
1.0502822  ag01/15/05Disapearring Brown Ale Boxer Rock Brewing
1.0452919  pm01/08/05Sierra Estrella Arroyo Brown Ale ArizFlash
1.0585110  ag01/04/05Darby Brown Howells
1.0652912  eg12/30/04Bass In My Boat Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0672516  eg12/03/04Chuck's Honey Brown chuck
1.0542215  eg11/27/04Honey Nut Brown Weiser
1.0525024  ag11/05/04brown bag lunch Ben Van Dusen
1.0494516  ag11/02/04SOB Honey Brown Ale Dave
1.0593522  ag10/30/04Northern AZ Brown Barry Tingleff
1.0422316  eg10/24/04Hound Dawg Ale Paul Smith
1.0465221  eg10/20/04House Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0562416  ag10/07/04Big Bad Brown 2 Barry Tingleff
1.0632130  eg09/23/04Cocker Honey Brown Ron Davis
1.0625917  eg09/02/04Red Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0483024  e08/11/04Chuck's Mild Brown Ale Chuck Kortman
1.0566020  ag08/03/04Charlotte Brown Ale DogLog
1.0657113  eg07/29/04Plain 'Ole Brown Ale #1 Herb G.
1.0552018  ag05/01/04Table Rock Nut Brown Clone Steve Presley
1.0421812  eg03/26/04Red Hound Ale Paul Smith
1.0655829  eg02/29/04Hoppy Lil Brown Bastard Herb G.
1.0651423  eg02/18/04Black Cocker Brown Ron Davis
1.0542620  ag02/08/042-Sided Brown 1/2 Tony
1.0452213  eg01/30/04Honey Brown Ale (My Recipe) Paul Smith
1.0452213  eg01/29/04Honey Brown Ale (My Recipe) Paul Smith
1.0604024  eg01/29/04Bad Leroy's Brown Morgan Winfree
1.0781923  eg01/02/04Beans Big Brown Ale Chuck Byington - Small Dog HomeBrew
1.0631915  pm12/31/03Doo-Doo Diaper Pale Ale Sefus
1.0623320  ag12/30/03MLK Brown Charlie Gray
1.0675627  eg12/24/03Wild West Outlaw Ale West Side Brewing
1.0492117  eg12/21/03Prairie Village Red Carpenter
1.0552419  eg12/16/03Momma Braun Brown Ale Jeremy S
1.0613231  pm11/30/03Thanksgiving Hazelnut Brown Rob & Des
1.0521917  eg11/27/03Brown Beagle Ale
1.0581914  eg11/16/03Gingerbread Beer Trip Rice
1.0663418  ag11/15/03Homie's Holiday Downtown Brown II Charlie Gray
1.0575121  eg10/31/03Winter Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0643822  ag10/22/03Flat Tire Amber Orion Kingman
1.0601213  eg10/16/03Honey Brown Steve Schuster
1.0664917  eg10/14/03Christmas Ale Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0563430  ag09/16/03Halloween Howler Patrick Malone
1.0502716  ag07/13/03Drinking My Brownies michael neuman
1.0732914  eg06/29/03HolidAle Trip Rice
1.0532713  ag06/08/03Homie's Downtown Brown Ale II Charlie Gray
1.0653018  eg06/08/03Poison Ivy Ale Jon Burek/Arbutus Brewery
1.053717  eg06/02/03Osage Bluff Brown Ron Davis
1.095725  eg05/31/03Osage Bluff Brown Ron Davis
1.0951222  eg05/29/03Osage Bluff Brown Ron Davis
1.0591912  e05/25/03Flat Tire Jake Dog Brewing
1.0532713  ag05/23/03Homie's Downtown Brown Ale II Charlie Gray
1.0532713  ag05/17/03Homie's Downtown Brown Ale II Charlie Gray
1.0543115  eg05/16/03maple nut brown Colin
1.0502812  ag05/13/03Homie's Downtown Brown Ale II Charlie Gray
1.0611925  eg05/13/03Flippen Brown Ale #13B (Brooklyn Clone) Fred Flippen
1.0472321  ag05/05/03Madhouse Brown Ale OC Brewing Company
1.0564715  eg04/28/03Red Ale Adam L. Crawford
1.0742019  ag04/26/03Reeds sugar shack red Jim 'piper' Litterio
1.0655519  eg04/11/03Bunny Brown Ale T-MAN BREWERY
1.0451516  eg03/29/03Honey Brown Ale with an IPA twist (My Recipe) Paul Smith
1.0513126  eg03/23/03Hazelnut Brown Tony & Matt
1.0452213  eg03/15/03Honey Brown Ale (My Recipe) Paul Smith
1.0503514  eg02/27/03My Mutt Brown Ale Jake Dog Brewing
1.0482420  eg02/21/03Madeleine DRM
1.0651219  eg02/18/03need a beer for the summer auradog
1.0525314  ag02/06/03Darby Brown Howells
1.04169  ag01/25/03'monkeynuts' nut brown ale clanton goldman f.b.b.
1.0583122  ag01/11/03Dog Dish (kitchen sink) Ale Copper Dog Brewery
1.0563415  pm01/09/03Black Dog Brown Ale St. Arnold
1.0552116  ag12/18/02Low Down Brown Larry Rose
1.0582025  eg10/27/02Flippen Brown Ale #13 Fred Flippen
1.0531018  eg10/03/02Brown Trout Ale whiz lancto
1.0632916  pm10/02/02Framboozin Grog
1.0603533  eg09/29/02RECON Old Corp Brewing
1.0621918  eg09/26/02"Wrath of God" Brown Ale Brian
1.048296  ag09/04/02Pale Ale? Nuts! Brown Charlie Gray
1.0616515  ag08/31/02Imperial brown ale Scott E.
1.061189  eg08/22/02Heritage Holiday Bock Eric Cole
1.0611912  eg08/11/02MRS. "HONEY" RICE MILE HILL BREWING
1.0525523  ag07/29/02brewing jointly Jim Johnson
1.0633920  ag07/03/02India Brown Ale Ryan Damm
1.0562617  pm06/10/02Brown Stoned Again Kevin R. Gallagher
1.0631624  ag06/03/02Homie's Downtown Brown Charlie Gray
1.0504513  ag05/21/02Honey Brown Paul Erbe
1.04640>50  ag04/15/02American Brown The Madcap
1.065622  eg04/14/02Steve's Chrismas Ale Steve Jensen
1.0474018  ag03/29/02Black Dog Brown Trub Daddy
1.0876828  ag03/15/02Rod's Red Redux Rod & Les & Brian
1.0512018  eg03/14/02Tenderfoot ABA Thom Moore
1.0871718  eg03/11/02Osage Bluff Brown Ron Davis
1.0564020  eg03/04/02Bad Leroy Brown Ale Newer Brewer
1.0553121  eg02/28/02Chock Full O' Nuts Brown Todd Adamson
1.0724214  eg02/20/02Nutter Brown Beer Colby Fry
1.0616515  ag02/09/02Shelley's brown ale Scott E.
1.0515920  ag01/25/02Tookish Ale Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin
1.0564112  eg01/22/02Just Like Tom Thumb's ESB Mike Pink
1.0453113  e01/22/02Using Spalt Coly Moore
1.0483729  pm01/22/02miine fer maathew uhmm, hi im me
1.0471911  e01/21/02Simple HOPPY Brown Ale Daniel Hurtubise
1.0751720  eg01/20/02Slow Down Ale Pat Larkin
1.0561417  e01/09/02Oktober Spice Brown Brad Wright
1.0575121  ag12/10/01Rods Red Rod & Les
1.0583116  eg12/06/01Down wit' da Brown Colby Fry
1.0626733  pm11/14/01Mr. Robinson's Christmas Ale Spillane
1.0542714  ag11/09/01Xmas Ale Coon Bottom Brewery
1.0665020  eg11/07/01Eleven Heaven Ken Gray
1.0471211  e11/01/01Simple HOPPY Brown Ale Daniel Hurtubise
1.0524021  eg10/27/01American Brown Ale Greg
1.0542113  ag10/05/01We Be Brown Balgan II Ed G
1.0504513  ag10/04/01Honey Brown Paul Erbe
1.0481621  eg09/25/01B's Brown Ale Brian
1.0665020  eg09/19/01Eleven Heaven Ken Gray
1.0461913  ag08/30/01Wicked Red Fall Ale Randy Champagne
1.0523316  ag07/27/01Beer Nut Brown Bill & Glen Stewart
1.047615  eg07/26/01Uncle Malty DeacnBleu
1.0554811  ag06/20/01Hot Sunday Brown Ale Chris Pabst
1.0545922  ag03/14/01Bosco's Big Brown Ale J.D.'s Dog House Brewery
1.0542323  eg02/12/01Big Slick's Pimpin Brown Ale ShimmyShang
1.0583720  ag01/17/01mudder The Barrel
1.0522314  ag12/31/00Ambrée d'octobre Pascal Desbiens
1.0452324  e12/08/00Hump's Mild Brown Ale Joshua Humphries
1.0553220  eg12/07/00Hump's Hazelnut Brown Ale Joshua Humphries
1.0596121  ag11/29/00Darkest Night Solstice Ale Todd n' Dave
1.0502622  eg11/27/00American Brown Ale Two TKE's Brew
1.065622  eg11/05/00Steve's Chrismas Ale Steve Jensen
1.0675418  eg10/30/00Pre-Stout Brown Jim Johnson
1.0532521  ag10/11/00Brown Cow Leif
1.0542738  eg10/03/00Luscious Brown Ale Brett Pellock
1.0545227  eg09/09/00Crabby Olephant Brown FastOnion
1.0483215  ag09/04/00Double the Trouble 2 - Brown Ales A. Mayes
1.0592714  pm09/04/00Zoe dogs Pale Ale John Husted
1.0714037  eg08/22/00Double Brown Ale Marc Rehfuss
1.0564522  ag08/06/00Brown Nut Buzz Waterford Brewery
1.0536222  ag07/29/00Blonde Monkey's Brown Brother Randy Champagne
1.0622824  pm07/03/00Duct Tape Brown Ale Steve Greentree
1.0525318  ag06/19/00Skid Mark Nut Brown TDK
1.0533922  eg06/17/00Brown Cat Ale Rob Martin
1.0573923  ag05/08/00Uptown Brown Dan M
1.0691233  eg05/07/00honey brown Chris Rock
1.0572635  eg04/29/00spring in the air ale tom
1.0523023  e04/19/00NOE'S WICKED ASS ALE N. PEREZ
1.0637218  ag03/28/00Mo' Bitter Brown Aaron Lyon
1.0512723  eg02/06/00Brown Cherry Buster BiggB
1.0553715  eg02/03/00Kearns Irish Cream Ale Mark Kearns
1.0763715  pm12/20/99Double J Brown Ale Jim Johnson
1.068611  eg11/11/99The Great Pumpkin Ale David Dover
1.0545314  ag11/08/99Baby Cub Brown
1.064711  eg11/07/99The Great Pumpkin Ale David Dover
1.0534429  ag11/04/99Mom's House Stout KimSkin
1.0523922  eg03/20/99Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut Brown Ale Greg Henley
1.0503217  ag03/08/99Hising Island brown ale Robert Lundblad
1.0503914  ag03/01/99Glenn Brown Steve Spurlock
1.0584617  pm02/14/99RED'S VALENTINE ALE G MAN
1.0571217  eg02/07/99Mr. Beer Ale Clbe
1.0576217  ag01/26/99My Brown-Eyed Girl Joel Plutchak
1.0511628  eg01/19/99Piss in a Bottle Brown Ale matt
1.0623014  eg11/25/98Wicked Bitch Extra-Ordinary Ale J. M. Hart
1.0532919  ag11/12/98Pete's Wicked Ale (The Real Thing) John Alden
1.0691724  eg11/10/98Black Bear Honey Ale Frank Travers
1.0666415  ag10/23/98High & Dry Red wayne parks
1.0462925  eg09/18/98Jester's American Brown Jeremy M.
1.0604220  ag09/08/98Brown Mule Ale jonathan edwards
1.0543923  ag09/03/98Bully Brown Ale Jay Pemberton
1.0621429  eg07/23/98BigSky Montana RIB 2 BREW - Richard Buchli
1.0614221  ag06/02/98Four Toes Brown Ale The Newt King
1.0563916  ag05/28/98Stagger Lee's Honey Brown jonathan edwards
1.0462314  e04/16/98Honey Brown D Gingerich
1.0574320  ag02/23/98"My Donnas Brown Eyes" Brown Ale Maury LaPrade
1.0613719  ag02/23/98Blue Balls Johnny Blaze
1.0583013  ag02/13/98Old One Eye Johnny Blaze
1.0544211  ag12/09/97Pearl Harbor Salute Dan Johnson
1.0592619  ag11/29/97Wylie's Scotch Ale Christopher Ryba - Bill Stone
1.0691723  eg11/04/97Wix and Stix Honey Brown Erik Mason

Type: ag=All Grain, pm=Partial Mash, eg=Extract w/Grain, e=Extract