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American Lager

American Lager

1.0513612  eg08/27/16One Cuc Short Fab
1.047143  ag11/09/13xicuc lady jourahan
1.048134  e09/12/13RM126C6 - CORONA LAGER Rick's Wheelhouse Brewing
1.04183  e09/07/13RM115C3 - RICKELOB ULTRA Rick's Wheelhouse Brewing
1.044379  eg09/07/13RM133C6 - BOSTON LAGER Rick's Wheelhouse Brewing
1.044225  pm09/04/13Smash Cream Ale Jivin Willy
1.058215  ag02/08/13American Lager Vanni Vivi Arrigucci
1.055204  ag01/20/13American Lager Vanni Vivi Arrigucci
1.044313  ag11/30/12New Gate Lager Gord
1.049263  ag11/21/12New Gate Lager Gord
1.046184  ag11/04/12Back In The Saddle Again II Lager BrewAskew
1.0641213  eg09/05/12Cole's Campfire Lager Jacob and eric
1.048357  ag06/25/12Cypress Point Lager james Massa
1.0912615  ag02/14/12Tornado Thebigwimp
1.076913  eg01/15/12Plano Lager Joseph Bass
1.046205  ag11/09/11Milwaukee Rhapsody Tinman
1.051224  ag10/13/11MxLgr Tinman
1.046205  ag09/19/11Milwaukee Rhapsody Tinman
1.062463  ag06/01/11Patriotic Sum'Bitch Super Premium American Lager 2011 Larry Maler
1.060224  ag05/25/11Huh? Christo
1.044105  pm05/10/11Gene-O's Kronenwetter Lager Gene-O
1.046142  ag04/12/11Red, White and Blue Stripe Budda
1.0453611  ag02/02/11Conspiracy Theory Tinman
1.037155  eg01/23/11Lime Weiser Luporosa
1.047379  ag12/16/10New American Lager Tinman
1.049424  ag12/15/10Red Mex Tinman
1.035154  ag10/20/10am light curt
1.068198  eg10/14/10Breunig's Lager 1 Scott Thompson-Breunig
1.040214  ag10/05/10Momweiser Revisited Matthew R.
1.065366  e08/17/10forrest cupp honey lager cannon m
1.052299  eg04/25/10Larslager Frazier
1.062705  ag04/25/10Strong Happy Toby Doggie Lager - 2010 Larry Maler
1.061403  ag04/25/10Patriotic Sum'Bitch Super Premium American Lager Larry Maler
1.0641442  eg04/13/10San Francisco Red Droidiphile
1.061314  ag04/11/10America Andy K
1.042153  ag03/14/10Mom's Bud Clone 2.0 Matthew R.
1.060227  eg03/07/10Wise Woodsman Lager Fab
1.041153  ag02/17/10Mom's Bud Clone Matthew R.
1.055585  ag01/12/10DUFF Hofferbeerbrewing
1.050197  eg01/12/10Yuengling Clone jdflash
1.044663  ag11/23/09Rice and Oats Special Just Here ForThe Beer
1.0462410  eg10/25/09Harvest Lager Mr Wicked Awesome
1.048642  ag08/10/09American Lager Just Here for Beer
1.035174  e07/15/09Marty's Ultralight Ale Ben Schy
1.062204  ag06/04/09Heavywtlager Bob
1.061339  ag05/26/09Light Summer Cherry KRAB Brothers KB's
1.047204  ag05/18/09Windshear Weiser R4 Brewery
1.057103  ag05/15/09b's first lager big b
1.053116  ag02/28/09american lager st-james
1.0545512  e02/24/09Paulager Paul Hayes
1.051235  eg02/19/09Gabacho Macho McKinney Bros.
1.058187  ag01/26/09Yuengclone Dunk
1.0451910  eg01/15/09Pennsylvania Lager Dennis Lowery
1.038323  ag01/10/09Five Timer Light Matt McNabb
1.0512410  ag01/10/09Five Time Champion Lager Matt McNabb
1.042115  eg12/02/08Golden Lager I.C.U. Brewery
1.0401810  eg12/02/08ABITA AMBER CLONE TXBREWER
1.058207  ag10/25/08Fort Hill Amber Ralph Nalbandian
1.0542213  ag10/23/08Uber Hund Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Brewer
1.055409  eg10/19/08S.A. Common Fab
1.0691713  e10/06/08Full of Ge-Spalt Backwoods Brew Boys
1.0691713  e10/05/08Full of Ge-Spalt Backwoods Brew Boys
1.03282  ag09/20/08light american ale scooter
1.062153  ag08/08/08Light lager Big D
1.041145  e07/06/08atta boy KC Brewer
1.049379  eg07/05/08Sam Adams Lager Clone Fab
1.052227  ag06/28/08boston purple pidgon brewery
1.0521210  eg06/19/08Father's Day Cerveza R3 Brewery
1.04066  e06/09/08surprisingly drinkable michael
1.0522133  ag04/06/08Man in Black Lager River Bend Brewpub
1.049259  ag03/15/08Yinger Ben Schy
1.040134  eg03/10/08Jean's Light Lager Will Fisher
1.044204  ag03/09/08RumRunner Lager Andy Strodtman
1.0471113  e02/25/08Red Rover, Come Over Backwoods Brew Boys
1.0512339  eg02/18/08Dark Gingered Lager Miguel
1.0564210  pm02/16/08Steaming Into Spring Miguel
1.058299  ag01/21/08Airacobra Lager lmk
1.0551810  eg01/11/08Lågërbraü West Side Brewing
1.050185  ag01/03/08Blonde Ale/Lager from BYO Jan/Feb 2008 Tim Livingston
1.0571413  eg12/15/07Lucky 13 Lager West Side Brewing
1.040134  eg12/12/07Jean's Light Lager Will Fisher
1.045296  eg11/02/07Hallertauer Heaven Nasty Ass Brewing
1.053177  eg09/30/07Amer light w/amber & wheat spraymalts Bill V
1.043139  ag09/19/07TS Light Wheat Lager Matt
1.053204  ag08/09/07Simple Show off Premium American Lager
1.04043  ag07/07/07Icehouse Clone Eric D.
1.058186  e07/07/07pale rice ale Eric D.
1.040133  pm07/03/07Everybody's All-American Lager Culver City Home Brewing Supply
1.052238  ag06/16/07Russian lager Bob
1.051305  ag06/10/07American Helles Bob
1.051154  eg06/04/07Wild Hog Lager Buster William
1.049253  ag05/18/07Eckhardt Treatise Lager Michel J. Brown
1.051184  eg05/12/07Wild Hog Lager Buster William
1.042235  eg04/04/07Murphy's Genuine Beer (MGB) Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Brewer
1.043113  pm03/29/07Rot Gut Bob
1.0541927  eg01/28/07Black Hills Lager 2 West Side Brewing
1.060316  pm01/27/07Your Mother's Moustache R. Mitchell
1.055128  eg01/13/07Centennial Lager West Side Brewing
1.042269  e11/25/06Samuel Adams Taste-Alike Beer
1.051115  eg11/14/06little lite lager Rob
1.040183  eg10/03/06Sandy Beach pilsner Rathole
1.047206  ag09/12/06Hank the Hammer's Highland Park Lager McKinney Brothers
- --eg09/12/06chicano pail webmouse beer
1.0542912  ag08/31/06Father Sam's Liberation Lager Mckinney Brothers
1.047206  ag08/21/06Hammerin' Hanks Highland Park Lager McKinney Brothers
1.051163  ag08/16/06Foxy Light Matt Ayers
1.054243  ag08/15/06Matt's Blue Ribbon ( MBR) Matt Ayers
1.062233  ag08/11/06LaMatt Blue Canandian Lager Matt Ayers
1.0501617  ag07/27/06Pizza Beer Bob
1.065263  ag07/16/06Summer Daze Log Cabin Brewery
1.051207  ag07/15/06Milo Big Red Lager Bob
1.051163  ag06/14/06Brewnigz Bob
1.0571823  pm06/10/06Dark Ballotine Bob
1.058186  ag06/10/06Bold American Lager Bob
1.049363  ag05/13/06Summer Lager Devon Williams
1.040134  ag05/02/06That 70's Ale The Mentor
1.0311236  eg04/04/06Pasbt Black Eisenach
1.050377  eg03/31/06Fuzzedupsummer Fuzzman
1.047244  ag03/26/06CALI LAGER Mike S.
1.05196  eg01/07/06WSB Lager ver 1.2 West Side Brewing
1.0412611  eg12/23/05Ozi-American Lager j2
1.04093  ag12/20/05Blond G.A.H
1.051156  eg12/03/05WSB Lager West Side Brewing
1.050145  ag11/11/05honey sucker eric
1.051288  eg11/08/05amber lite Colby Fry
1.052146  eg11/05/05Canadian Mountain Lager Bradley Selk
1.032307  eg11/05/05Quest for the Best Light Beer Colby Fry
1.059593  ag10/30/05Dreamcycle eric
1.062245  pm10/23/05Debs Lagsner Gary Frankhouse
1.053277  eg10/22/05North American Lager West Side Brewing
1.038116  eg08/27/05Lillialber light Alberto Zanni
1.059185  pm07/24/05Debs Summer Lager Gary Frankhouse
1.051386  pm06/29/05hinney Jim Johnson
1.0492511  ag05/20/05NEPA Y-ling Lager Chad P.
1.044237  ag05/20/05NEPA Vienna Style Lager Chad P.
1.03683  eg05/06/05American Light Morgan Winfree
1.048247  ag05/01/05Dos Equis Replica Rod Litchfield
1.041245  ag02/23/05Wild Rice Lager Sean Richens
1.0462018  eg01/30/05Red Pils West Side Brewing
1.046276  eg12/04/042112 Lager West Side Brewing
1.038164  e11/29/04Corona Clone Alex van den Broek
1.081 -8  eg11/04/04American Standard Lager Fermentation Products
1.061234  ag09/16/04Weewahiiaca CherrVallian
1.0572717  pm07/16/04beaver spring steam beer mark f.
1.0572717  pm07/16/04beaver spring steam beer mark f.
1.061274  ag03/23/042 Star Pilsner Fred Muller
1.044326  e02/29/04Leftovers Lager West Side Brewing
1.049205  ag02/13/04Gusto Lager Bill Baldwin
1.045123  pm02/02/04Cervesa Andy
1.0701514  eg01/20/04Barney B's Loggerhead Lager West Side Brewing
1.038455  eg01/13/04Lawnmower Lager West Side Brewing
1.049124  ag12/15/03Loaded Elf Secret Santa
1.0543418  eg11/02/03Black Hills Lager West Side Brewing
1.053399  eg10/04/03Kent Goldings Lager West Side Brewing
1.057166  e08/09/03Cactus Air Force Lager FunkyMonk
1.0482216  eg07/02/03Big Old Red ARM
1.047328  eg04/20/03American Lager Dennis McMahon
1.0492214  eg02/25/03Lahr Lager ARM
1.048256  e02/08/03"MF" as in Mystery Fest Dennis McMahon
1.056214  ag01/27/03American Lager Colby Fry
1.051162  ag01/25/03jolly rancher gold clanton goldman f.b.b.
1.043224  eg09/16/02Lager Colby Fry
1.043115  eg08/04/02Corona Light Clone Paul A. Borowski
1.042167  eg07/29/02Corona Amber Paul A. Borowski
1.042134  eg05/11/02UL American Randy Champagne
1.07295  e03/18/02Chay's Strawberry Bliss Colby Fry
1.0442317  eg03/11/02Indian Rocks Beach "Spring Break" Bock Paul A. Borowski
1.032143  eg03/08/02Canoe #1 Al
1.035206  eg03/03/02IMPERIAL "LITE" CR Paul A. Borowski
1.043267  eg02/28/02Borowski's Rice Beer Paul A. Borowski
1.037298  eg02/28/02IMPERIAL CR Paul A. Borowski
1.045105  ag02/27/02South O' the Border The Sloth
1.035114  e02/12/02American Industrial Light Thom Moore
1.052144  ag02/04/02Harvey Lager Simon Fennell
1.047323  ag01/08/02Free Mustache Ride Colby Fry
1.047323  ag01/08/02Mooseweiser Colby Fry
1.057295  ag01/04/02Roundup Abbey Tun Brewery
1.050256  eg12/24/01Western Wheat Roger
1.0521210  eg12/23/01Solstice Lager Randy Champagne
1.052233  ag12/10/01Nodak Tundra Lager Rick
1.0492447  ag11/28/01Schwartzlager The Sloth
1.037105  eg11/15/01Parrothead Mexican Lager George Beever
1.046146  eg11/15/01Your Mother's Mustache George Beever
1.041153  ag10/14/01Wize Bud Randy Champagne
1.041203  eg09/29/01Boogs Light David Imming
1.056167  eg06/19/01Blonde Mike Buchanan
1.047206  e05/25/01Liquid Gold The Sloth
1.0491836  ag05/21/01Schwartzlager The Sloth
1.0582316  eg05/03/01WTB Hearty Lager Nick-Bob
1.0582316  eg05/03/01The Pride of Wes Nick Bicklet
1.03994  e04/26/01Too Many Lawns Two Gals Brewing
1.047195  eg02/25/01Orange Blossom Special Lager Mark
1.051316  eg02/10/01Light West Virginia Lager Shawn Miller
1.045139  eg01/12/01My original lager Russ Hiser
1.050228  ag12/29/00Sam Adams's Long Lost Brother Bob's Boston Lager Randy Champagne
1.0502215  eg11/23/00Patriot Lager-Sammy A clone A.J.
1.049234  ag11/12/00Almost Foster's Lager Tim C.
1.050256  ag09/01/00photogenic pilsner Martin Kopec
1.0541711  eg07/23/00McBride's Copper Bee Lager Two Gals Brewing
1.037145  eg05/14/00The Lighter Side Two TKE's Brew
1.052298  ag05/10/00Spencer's Wild Lager Kurt A. Christensen
1.044196  eg05/01/00PJ Lager Joe Perrigoue
1.0512612  ag04/13/00Fat Cats Dark Amber Lager Mike Porter
1.035133  ag01/26/00All American Lager Randy White
1.036156  e01/09/00Good Gold Lager Joe Perrigoue
1.053357  ag12/28/99Mike's Boston Lager Mike
1.0422025  pm12/20/99Leftover's Brown Thomas Smith
1.034177  eg07/30/99Mowin the Lawn Wade Jensen
1.046225  e01/26/99Panther Piss Lager Dick Fox
1.059223  pm01/26/99Panther Piss Lager Dick Fox
1.050165  ag11/17/98Perfect Touch Low Profil Brewery
1.048255  eg10/31/98American Lager John Alden
1.048455  eg09/07/98Long Weekend Lager John Alden
1.060546  eg08/23/98FALCAP Pre-Prohibition Lager John Alden
1.060505  eg08/22/98Groaning Board Lager John Alden
1.046266  eg03/08/98Lawn Mower Lager John Alden
1.059456  e02/28/98Olde Canadian Lager John Alden
1.050387  ag02/07/98Boston Summer Lager Olde Phenomian
1.0432322  ag02/01/98AN-NU-AE's Continental Dark Olde Phenomian
1.052298  ag02/01/98Boston Lager kurt knotts
1.044315  ag01/31/98Cold Stream Steam kurt knotts
1.056236  ag01/27/98One Ball Lager Johnny Blaze
1.058207  e01/13/98Simple Lager Matt S.
1.049254  ag11/22/97World Series Lager Chris Ryba
1.046217  ag05/25/97Wahoo Helles Christopher Ryba

American Pilsener

1.054343  ag05/11/15CAL 28 Brian Miller
1.068439  eg09/13/14Richard's Experiment Bruce Grayson
1.0625812  ag12/16/13APP Jack Rodgers
1.054163  ag05/26/13Blueberry Wheat SS
1.052303  ag12/16/12JR's CAP with Calilfornia Lager Yeast wthoward
1.049123  ag09/20/12GelbBier Eduardo
1.0522211  eg01/01/12Honey Blue Shed Brewing
1.045575  ag12/04/11Gilpin Street Pilsner MadInstinct
1.062463  ag06/01/11Patriotic Sum'Bitch Super Premium American Lager 2011 Larry Maler
1.054286  eg01/16/11quad hopp curt
1.055633  ag12/16/10American Pride Tinman
1.046255  eg11/20/10quad hopp curt
1.034228  ag06/02/10Back 40 beer Tom
1.062705  ag04/25/10Strong Happy Toby Doggie Lager - 2010 Larry Maler
1.061403  ag04/25/10Patriotic Sum'Bitch Super Premium American Lager Larry Maler
1.070557  e02/21/10big bang 1.3 Tinman
1.034142  ag01/28/10Butch Beer Chris Johnson
1.0651410  eg09/11/09Don't Be So Blue, Barry Backwoods Brew Boys
1.052236  eg09/05/09Don't Be So Blue-berry Backwoods Brew Boys
1.057364  ag07/27/09P^3 Christo
1.054266  ag06/21/09Back Porch Pilsener Schuylkill River Brewing Co.
1.061364  ag04/26/09Grandpop's Lawnmower Beer Brian Cooper
1.05973  eg03/17/09Horse tinkle Bidwell llc.
1.06537  e09/05/08Light and lean Bidwell llc.
1.055334  ag04/22/08Pencil Neck BBQ Bob
1.07368  eg01/06/08kicking honey pilsner martan
1.059196  eg06/30/07Pissy Pants Palesner budbrothersbrewworks
1.049366  ag06/17/07Burnside Lager Burnside Brewery
1.054226  eg05/03/07island pils pdaddylauffer
1.051226  ag04/22/07Golden Lager PMKNHD96825
1.051226  eg02/05/07Pilsner Urkel Matt in NC
1.060316  pm01/27/07Your Mother's Moustache R. Mitchell
1.06534  eg01/22/07honey pilsner thizzin
1.049325  ag10/18/06Good ole AmPils Bob
1.040183  eg10/03/06Sandy Beach pilsner Rathole
1.062233  ag08/11/06LaMatt Blue Canandian Lager Matt Ayers
1.049273  ag07/24/06Lawncare Bob
1.057335  pm06/27/06Slovak Pils Bob
1.051163  ag06/14/06Brewnigz Bob
1.060306  ag05/17/06Stewart Springs American Pilsner GlenStew
1.060353  ag03/18/063 chimney pils naked brewmeister
1.074244  ag02/07/06'Mur-kin Gold Karl Lee Watson
1.056324  ag12/28/05Pislner David O'Donnell
1.0724413  pm10/29/05Alesner Gary Frankhouse
1.062245  pm10/23/05Debs Lagsner Gary Frankhouse
1.064145  eg04/02/05Czech Bodejovice Pilsener MHC
1.061234  ag09/16/04Weewahiiaca CherrVallian
1.070244  ag03/09/04CAMP(classic american maple pilsner Mashin Mike
1.033252  e02/16/04Corona Dennis McMahon
1.046316  eg01/30/04Pils West Side Brewing
1.050315  pm01/07/04Pre-Prohibition Pils American Tony
1.033252  e10/12/03Corona Dennis McMahon
1.053227  eg09/09/03West Side Swill West Side Brewing
1.049277  eg06/01/03Czechstadt ARM
1.056167  eg03/25/03Old Style Pilsner DJV
1.052253  ag03/09/03Pale Lager John Tossberg and George Aux
1.045193  ag11/19/02Session Pils Philly B
1.051275  ag11/01/02Pound Brau III John Tossberg
1.050263  ag06/25/02Classic American Pils Paul and Erik
1.057267  eg05/18/02Raven Pils Chuck Raplinger
1.052144  ag02/04/02Harvey Lager Simon Fennell
1.052215  ag12/30/01Pound Brau II John Tossberg
1.052233  ag12/10/01Nodak Tundra Lager Rick
1.053404  ag12/04/01PROHIBIT Cherrvallian
1.06897  eg11/01/01Deep Ellum New Bohemian Pils Funky Monk
1.041153  ag10/14/01Wize Bud Randy Champagne
1.061344  ag09/04/01BC Original Brother Pat
1.063187  eg08/28/01Ellie Ale Paul Trunfio
1.045273  ag07/03/01Budvar 2 Fred Muller
1.040286  eg06/29/01Steam Mower Shawn Miller
1.056304  ag01/04/01Midwestern Pre Pro American Pilsner Mark Alfaro
1.054364  ag11/01/00Good Old Day's Pilsner Darren Gaylor
1.057377  eg09/14/00Capt. Happy Pilsner FastOnion
1.066405  ag09/08/00Big Daddy's CAP TOO Cas Koralewski
1.050256  ag09/01/00photogenic pilsner Martin Kopec
1.043203  ag06/29/00north and south dave tease
1.059335  ag04/26/001920 Pils Simba Dog
1.048243  ag02/02/00Greg's Lucky Clover Mike
1.053357  ag12/28/99Mike's Boston Lager Mike
1.055264  ag08/01/99Spencer's Classic Lager III Kurt A. Christensen
1.053223  ag03/02/99Pre-Prohibition Pilsner Eric W
1.036394  e10/01/98Pig Swill Russ Younger
1.056515  eg08/29/98Czech Budweiser John Alden
1.048358  eg08/22/98ESP John Alden
1.048456  e08/22/98NB Pilsner John Alden
1.054364  ag05/15/98Good Old Day's Pilsner Darren Gaylor
1.057245  eg05/01/98Mo Mower More Rick and Don

California Common

1.0524114  ag08/09/16Red ale Jim Massa
1.0564014  eg05/30/16Cascarillo Dark Red Ale Jim Massa
1.0544720  ag04/01/16Hollywood Steam Beer Tom Healy
1.0494710  eg12/05/15Old Mason lager Lite ARM
1.0494710  eg11/28/15Old Mason lager Lite ARM
1.0494713  eg08/26/15Old Mason lager ARM
1.070309  eg12/20/14Rockaway Valley Common, #2 Mark Rogaski
1.055359  ag05/02/14California Dreamin" DRL
1.0633611  ag04/10/14Mr. B's Anchor Steam Mike B
1.0483015  eg02/22/14Old Mason lager ARM
1.039418  eg12/30/13Three C's Carl Hansen
1.0483015  eg12/29/13Irish Red ARM
1.0553912  ag11/15/13Hawk Hill Steamer BBQ Bob
1.046416  ag10/30/13Cali Brew Force Brewing
1.0524713  ag02/03/13California common #3 Jonas
1.0774110  eg09/16/12No 10 Steamer Uncle Ralph
1.0557813  ag09/12/12Cyprus Point Red Ale Jim Massa
1.0774110  eg07/29/12Texas Steamer Uncle Ralph
1.0554113  ag04/19/12California common Jonas
1.0473813  ag04/18/12California Common Jonas
1.0912615  ag02/14/12Tornado Thebigwimp
1.0495412  ag01/31/12Krekow Kommon Gary
1.0563111  eg01/29/12Steampunk Stephen
1.048268  eg09/05/11Cali Common Cassie Sitnik
1.0564810  ag08/31/11Sour Steam Tinman
1.070146  eg08/11/10Zachary's Birthday Brew Uncle Ralph
1.070146  eg07/25/10Zachary's Birthday Brew Uncle Ralph
1.061408  eg07/18/10short stack Steam Beer BIDWELL
1.0512215  eg05/26/10Rothaariger ARM
1.049406  ag05/12/10not as common as you think The1DG
1.055419  eg03/17/10Small Batch Steam Highwire
1.0544612  ag02/24/10Cougill Common Eric Cougill
1.0523111  eg02/17/10Redhead Lager ARM
1.055585  ag01/12/10DUFF Hofferbeerbrewing
1.054266  ag06/21/09Back Porch Pilsener Schuylkill River Brewing Co.
1.063126  eg06/13/09Beach Front Steamer Uncle Ralph
1.063167  eg06/03/09Beach Front Steamer Uncle Ralph
1.051357  ag03/28/09Not so common Ale poah
1.0473012  eg01/15/09California Common Beer Dennis Lowery
1.052497  eg10/19/08Frau Blucher Beer schnauzerhaus
1.0552830  eg05/19/08Arnold Schwarzbier Uncle Ralph
1.0626415  ag05/08/08Lager-V-M-2-C-S Ira
1.0534112  ag04/14/08Steam Christo
1.046356  eg04/13/08KC Common KC Brewer
1.0554114  eg04/05/08South County Steamer BBQ Bob
1.0612211  ag02/29/08Spooktoberfest B&R Brewing Co.
1.0564210  pm02/16/08Steaming Into Spring Miguel
1.0594335  eg01/21/08Anchors Away kek-san
1.0534226  eg01/20/08Woodlawn Steam 13th Street Brew Crew
1.0564613  ag01/05/08cleveland steamer Bill Vaughan
1.055438  eg12/15/07California Ale Jim Massa
1.0562510  eg12/01/07Honey Steam Rev. Tom
1.045296  eg11/02/07Hallertauer Heaven Nasty Ass Brewing
1.0584913  ag10/07/07Chino Steamer McKinney Brothers
1.0612535  ag08/30/07Ichabod crane Pumpkin Ale Bill Vaughan
1.0492311  eg08/07/07steam pilsner Wagtail
1.0612211  ag07/22/07Spooktoberfest B&R Brewing Co.
1.059196  eg06/16/07Summer Sunglasses Ale budbrothersbrewworks
1.058336  e04/23/07Cougill Common #1.0 EC
1.0493113  ag01/31/07Com'mon Eileen Jim Anciaux
1.0643711  eg01/26/07#19 Just Another Steamer Ale magnumice
1.051358  ag01/02/07Full Steam Ahead Maple City Brewing Authority
1.045364  ag10/29/06Dakota Pale Steam Bob
1.0501917  ag08/04/06fat ass tire shilling
1.045387  eg08/04/06Dampfbier Fieldpointe Brewery
1.0513410  eg07/17/06Common Californication 2 Geoff Humphrey
1.074284  ag07/16/06Tripel -Super Saison Split Mark F
1.049424  ag05/29/06gun dog steam naked brewmeister
1.051356  eg04/29/06Lemon Wheat Steamer the Red Stoners
1.0544512  ag03/27/06Dampf Bier Michel J. Brown
1.04383  pm03/24/06Fiesta Brew River Valley
1.047407  pm03/06/06Rising Phoenix Ale Matt
1.045112  pm02/10/06Simple flavored beer base Eric D
1.060498  ag02/09/06Holy Steamer Batman! McKinney Brothers
1.0534512  eg01/22/06Fremont Steam Tim
1.05368  eg12/12/05octoberlust eric
1.053217  eg12/10/05steam beer kyle
1.053217  eg12/10/05steam beer kyle
1.054387  ag11/10/05a bit of left overs. eric
1.0724413  pm10/29/05Alesner Gary Frankhouse
1.0553121  pm07/17/05New Jersey Common Three Dog Brewery
1.0464211  eg07/12/05Steam Fieldpointe Brewery
1.0504011  eg07/02/05West Side Steam West Side Brewing
1.0504413  ag04/18/05spicy CC Ben Van Dusen
1.044317  ag03/19/05Dog Walker Steam Ale Small Dog Homebrew
1.0514111  ag09/04/04Common Steam Ben Van Dusen
1.050388  ag07/30/04Frisco Fog Dean Brundage
1.0572717  pm07/16/04beaver spring steam beer mark f.
1.0572717  pm07/16/04beaver spring steam beer mark f.
1.0604412  eg02/26/04California Common Fieldpointe Brewery
1.0685414  pm02/17/04Hop Goblin McGeary Brewing
1.0623015  eg02/09/04Onion River Steam Jodie
1.056189  eg01/25/04Continental Common Johnnybob
1.057657  eg10/25/03Not-so-ca-common L. Lindenmayer
1.0901011  eg08/28/03GatorAssberry SwampAss
1.050407  eg07/13/03Summertime Common Greg Pietsch
1.047358  eg05/30/03Steam Boat Ale Coon Bottom Brewery
1.055406  eg05/26/03Steamed Bee CCB DarkBrew
1.0575410  eg05/14/03Steamy Brew Big Daddy Brewing
1.056286  ag05/08/03Dampf auf der Donau Brown Brook Brewing
1.058458  ag05/07/03Vienna Steamer Brown Brook Brewing
1.056486  ag05/02/03Solana Steam Orion Kingman
1.0463611  eg04/24/03Belding Larry
1.0492018  eg02/14/03California Calvary Lager ARM
1.0484310  ag02/10/03dreamin timmse
1.052458  ag02/07/03Steam Head Lager Howells
1.051418  ag01/25/03Left Coast Lager Steve Huddle
1.047409  eg01/12/03Sepulveda Steamer Culver City Home Brewing Supply
1.0484111  eg12/19/02Keebler Kalifornia Kommon Larry Belding
1.050386  ag07/25/02Pale Steam Nathan Shackelford
1.051427  eg06/26/02UML Gold BigGuy
1.0473710  pm06/08/02Pale Chick Ale George
1.0573512  pm04/03/02Special California Common Nathan Shackelford
1.071238  eg03/12/02California Uncommon Matt McCluskey
1.0454111  eg02/23/02Mill Valley Sunset Terry Freeman
1.051436  eg01/17/02Steamed Rice Joe Gherlone
1.0462713  eg12/04/01Santa Cruz Steam Jon Glommen
1.040286  eg06/29/01Steam Mower Shawn Miller
1.0514810  ag06/19/01Bitter October Chris Pabst
1.0522911  pm05/28/01Steam Me Shawn Miller
1.0521612  eg05/22/01Steam Beer DJV
1.03994  e04/26/01Too Many Lawns Two Gals Brewing
1.051316  eg02/10/01Light West Virginia Lager Shawn Miller
1.058367  pm01/12/01Bit Her Ass Ale Drunk Monk
1.0802316  eg01/07/01Ted's Excelent Brew Ted Newman
1.052308  pm11/26/00California Common Honey Carl Laman
1.048387  ag11/26/00Mississippi Steam Michael Spencer
1.043910  e11/25/00Cascade Crisp Common aka Captain Ahol's Steam Beer A.J.
1.0522313  ag11/02/00Brass Ring Lager Chris Pabst
1.0483514  eg07/07/00Western Wind Lager Zophos
1.053408  pm03/23/00Steamin' Swede Jason Nelson
1.054389  ag03/13/00G's Golden Steam G MAN
1.0471511  eg02/27/00Fouled-Anchor Steam Harry's Homebrew
1.0627710  ag02/20/00Sexy, Sexy Steam Aaron Lyon
1.0513912  eg02/03/00Anchor Steam Clone Robert Saporito
1.052309  eg01/15/00Steam Beer DJV
1.0524212  pm12/01/99Ithaca Steam Brian Thompson
1.051375  ag05/19/99Wild Horse Lager A. Mayes
1.0666112  ag05/12/99pSN Celebration try #1 tony
1.051397  ag04/27/99SSSSSSSSTeamin'!!! Franzkeller
1.049436  eg03/17/99Olde Tourhead Steam J.M. Hart
1.0512425  ag03/06/99Califoria Dunkel Kurt A. Christensen
1.046439  eg01/12/99Fletcher's Steam Beer Eric Burrough
1.0544413  pm01/06/99FULL STEAM AHEAD G MAN
1.053338  pm07/20/98Anchor-aging Worts Matt Tucker
1.0564517  ag07/08/98Last of the Grain Steam Beer Christopher McMath
1.048509  ag06/15/98Anchor's Away Rick Gilmore
1.044315  ag01/31/98Cold Stream Steam kurt knotts
1.0613112  ag10/24/97Almost Oktoberfest Christopher McMath
1.0463522  ag10/18/97California Dark J. Stokes
1.0618215  ag08/21/97Nutty Pale James Ivey
1.060197  e07/23/97Tim's Steam Beer Tim Sullivan
1.058225  ag07/07/97Steamin' Rasberry Wheat Chris Cooper

Type: ag=All Grain, pm=Partial Mash, eg=Extract w/Grain, e=Extract