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English Brown

1.0524716  ag11/23/16Thanksgiving Brown Tom Healy
1.0665010  ag12/23/15Red Chair NWPAlmost Darrin Auxier
1.0682821  ag05/27/15Northern AZ Ancho Maple Brown Ale ver.2 Barry Tingleff
1.0574423  ag03/12/15Almond Joy Gehls Ales
1.0632525  ag01/12/15Newkie Brown English Ale Brad Blase
1.0634717  ag10/27/14Cub's Gout small batch KOBB
1.0552812  eg10/25/14Hobgloblin II Russ Meyer
1.0673718  ag10/24/14Cub's Gout small batch KOBB
1.0563916  ag10/10/14How Now Brown Brau Rick Rogan
1.0563016  ag10/07/14Cub's Gout KOBB
1.0481217  eg07/09/14Notti magiche Maccus
1.0541218  eg07/08/14Notti magiche Maccus
1.0542013  eg02/20/14Cereal City Nut Brown Juan Steibel
1.0531419  eg01/05/14Castle Brown Ale David Carroll
1.0431820  ag05/07/13Brown Town Soylent
1.0421621  ag04/10/13True Southern Brown Ale Larry Pyeatt
1.0502316  pm12/25/12Northern British Brownie Buzzerj
1.0683428  eg11/26/12Round About Brown Black Kettle Brewhouse
1.0532122  eg11/09/12Brown Ale 2012 Tim Bode
1.0492221  ag10/02/12Old Nut Brown Ale Steve Knowles
1.0571720  ag09/11/12LONDONER CherrVallian
1.0502323  ag07/14/12Olde English Brown Ale Keith Choquette
1.0582622  ag04/23/12Flabby Nutlover KOBB
1.0491714  eg04/12/12Slow Down Brown Andrew C
1.0582622  ag04/09/12Flabby Nutlover KOBB
1.0542622  ag04/07/12Flabby Nutlover KOBB
1.0572822  ag04/02/12Flabby Nutlover KOBB
1.0592315  ag04/02/12Flabby Nutlover KOBB
1.0672216  ag03/12/12Big Brown Dog Rookie Ron
1.0532021  ag03/01/12Hobbit Foot Brown Soylent
1.0613225  eg01/25/12Wandering brown Drpnrol
1.0441825  ag01/24/12Bulldog Brown Larry Rushing
1.0542121  ag11/27/111st Nut Petey
1.0532325  eg10/03/11English Brown Riccardo Arrigucci
1.0481715  ag09/25/11O L D M A N CherrVallian
1.0502830  eg09/07/11English Brown Riccardo Arrigucci
1.0452418  ag07/22/11Dr. Robert's Rx Matthew R.
1.0592119  ag05/07/11Light Brown mE
1.0603222  ag05/02/11Northern AZ Brown Ale ver.5 Barry Tingleff
1.0703735  eg04/26/11Blood Stripe Honey Brown Ale Black And Blue Brewery
1.0422116  ag02/28/11Dr. Robert's Northern English Brown Matthew R.
1.0522416  ag12/13/10Brown Note Tuba Tony
1.0532416  ag12/02/10Brown Note Tuba Tony
1.064269  ag11/23/10Twisted Tire Beer King
1.0502319  eg11/13/10Buh-Buh Brown Schuylkill River Brewing Co.
1.0452621  ag09/29/10Brew City Brown Chris Johnson
1.0661721  eg09/20/10Big Nutz Brown Ale Troy
1.0513012  ag09/13/10Long Pull v.3 The1DG
1.0591818  ag09/05/10Hobey Baker Nut Brown Ale
1.0622913  eg07/29/10Hobgoblin BYO Gus
1.0657324  eg07/01/10Hadrian's Wall Brown Ale Captain Ruary
1.0482917  ag06/01/10Dirty Beaver's Nut Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0521914  ag05/23/10Heirschiken Brown Mark Haislip
1.0462116  ag04/01/10Tant brun Babystep brewery
1.0562316  ag03/11/10Nut Brown Ale be
1.0422231  ag01/24/10Layered Porter DJL
1.0492418  ag12/28/09New Castle Clone Just Here for Beer
1.0523514  ag12/27/09Little Pig Ben Schy
1.0452020  eg11/18/09First Brown Ale Kevin Adams
1.0392216  pm11/07/09SS Nut Brown Ale mr Wicked Awesome
1.0572217  ag11/05/09Dangling Nut Brown Ale Armin
1.0561410  pm10/01/09WinterGlow Little Green Brewhouse
1.0421516  ag09/10/09Farmer Brown Lucky Bastard Brewing
1.068041  eg07/25/09Chet and Carols Irish Ale Gregg
1.0532115  pm07/13/09Confederation Ale (1867) Little Green Brewhouse
1.0531618  pm07/08/09Confederation Ale (1867) Little Green Brewhouse
1.0531140  eg07/05/09Chet and Carols Irish Ale Gregg
1.0601417  eg06/27/09Satori Brown Satori
1.073927  eg06/26/09Chet and Carols Irish Ale Gregg
1.0593123  pm06/11/09D's Nuts Brown Ale D Gamble
1.0593123  pm04/05/09D's Nuts Brown Ale D Gamble
1.0473017  pm02/07/09new new castle beast
1.0507129  eg01/06/09Hoppy Brown Bips
1.0592322  ag12/15/08Christmas Ale 2008 Barry Tingleff
1.0533222  eg12/07/08Northern Brown D Train Brewery
1.0564017  ag09/22/08Charlie's Revolutionary Nut Brown Rock Your World Brewing
1.0464718  eg09/22/08Aussie dark ale Austin
1.0482412  eg09/06/08Leftover Brown Drew Lequick
1.0511719  eg09/02/08Dark (not gonna name it) Ale Random passer by
1.0511719  eg09/02/08Dark (not gonna name it) Ale Random passer by
1.0553122  ag09/01/08Northern AZ Brown Ale ver.4 Barry Tingleff
1.0731324  eg07/23/08A Modest, Unassuming Brown Ale The Death Drinkers
1.0642523  eg07/12/08Nutty Brown Ale Social Experiment Brewing Co
1.0552118  eg06/21/08Brit Brown (8-2) DA Brewing
1.0444122  pm04/30/08JBL Strong Brown Johnathon Blake Layfield
1.0511817  pm04/06/08Nutty Brown Bear Jam Hog's Brewing
1.0512116  ag03/29/08Tempest Dark lmk/ Red Road Brewing
1.0502925  eg03/15/08Steve's Hoppy Brown Ale Steve Karlovic
1.0442124  ag02/28/08Special Brownies Andy Strodtman
1.0493230  pm01/06/08PoppAle Hegermann's ěl
1.0471517  ag01/05/08Mosquito Brown Andrew Holm
1.0692222  pm11/11/07Nut Brown Pete Strunk
1.0663022  ag11/04/07Northern AZ Brown Ale ver.3 Barry Tingleff
1.050720  eg10/14/07A Brown Sea Bass
1.0491921  eg08/30/07English Brown Ale Bort
1.052257  eg08/17/07Beth's Bohemian Beauty Jonny Kendoll
1.0562420  ag08/06/07Lappy's Nut Brown Ale BBQ Bob
1.0572033  eg07/12/07Airframers Nut Brown Ale Gregory S.
1.0532826  ag06/29/07Bumble Bee Brown Beez Brewing
1.04356>50  eg06/23/07Cherry Fatty Brown Porter Don and Mike BBBW
1.0671427  eg06/12/07Beth's Bohemian Beauty Jonny Kendoll
1.0553221  ag06/01/07Rye "G" Brown Ale Bill Vaughan
1.0591619  eg02/09/07Good Ole Brown Ale Ear Bay
1.0514710  ag12/18/06Old Speckled Hen Orfy
1.0392027  eg12/11/06Southern English Brown Christo
1.0443625  ag12/02/06Irish Brown Ale Bob
1.04548>50  ag11/30/06Scotch Brown Ale Matt Miller
1.0503310  ag11/28/06Hob Goblin Clone Orfy
1.0661821  eg11/25/06english brown ale Tip Back brewery
1.0934421  ag11/22/06Parti-gyle Brown/ Mild Nathan Shackelford
1.0731822  eg07/23/06Hunney Nutt Bronn Dave Deverney
1.0583018  eg06/13/06Easy American Braun Bob
1.0522514  ag06/01/06BritBrownAle Bob
1.0542410  ag06/01/06BritLiteBrownAle Bob
1.0532515  ag05/11/06Brown Round McKinney Brothers
1.0886128  ag05/07/06Inaugral Kettle Nut Brown Ale Three Dog Brewery
1.0572818  eg04/10/06Charlie Castle C. Mullin
1.0622427  eg03/27/06Fool's Tax Brown Ale #2 the Red Stoners
1.0482215  pm03/03/06Pilkington Brown Ale Matt
1.0491412  eg11/23/05Xmas Brown Dead Doug
1.0581615  eg09/24/05Brown Bear West Side Brewing
1.0581617  eg08/11/05Nut Brown Scott G.
1.0682223  eg06/28/05Wharf Rat Bourbon Barrel Brown Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0481815  ag02/23/05NBA Andy Barkley
1.0463115  ag02/14/05Boondock Brown David Wood
1.0552715  pm01/22/05TKO Wheat Brown Ale TKO Brewing Co.
1.0511427  eg12/17/04Brown Table Ale Drew
1.0511227  eg12/17/04Brown Table Ale Drew
1.0483120  ag11/16/04Olde English Brown Ale Keith Choquette
1.051724  eg11/07/04Coon Ass Brown Ale Eric Hebert
1.0665223  eg11/03/04Royal Tea Basement Floor Brewing Co.
1.0422316  eg10/24/04Hound Dawg Ale Paul Smith
1.0673231  pm10/03/04Kick the Donkey Brown Ale Ron Leonard
1.056021  e08/23/04Nut Brown ale Dennis Dye
1.0483024  e08/11/04Chuck's Mild Brown Ale Chuck Kortman
1.0582034  eg03/17/04Airframers Nut Brown Ale Gregory S.
1.056021  e03/14/04Nut Brown ale Dennis Dye
1.0502117  ag03/12/04Nut Brown Ale Pete Strunk
1.0643123  eg03/11/04VP Brown Ale Vic
1.0431511  ag03/11/04Sunday race ale Brian Mosley 3-9-04
1.0542315  ag02/27/04Brown Ale John Tossberg
1.0542620  ag02/08/042-Sided Brown 1/2 Tony
1.0582034  eg01/31/04Airframers Nut Brown Ale Gregory S.
1.0652616  eg01/21/04Fromundamynut brown ale Sam Reaves
1.0612020  ag01/18/04Christmas Ale 2003 Barry Tingleff
1.0601615  eg01/13/04Fromundamynut brown ale Sam Reaves
1.0472820  ag01/13/04Big Brown Tony & Mike
1.0432211  eg01/11/04Downtown Brown MacPhisto
1.0623320  ag12/30/03MLK Brown Charlie Gray
1.0651825  eg12/22/03Mud Honey Brown Ale West Side Brewing
1.0481915  eg11/22/03Barney's Brown Ale
1.065716  eg11/15/03Sweet Release Brown Dead Doug
1.0541518  eg11/05/03Return to the Dark Side John Engelson
1.06825>50  eg11/02/03Grandma Phicketts Mudfence Porter Red Raider
1.0573325  ag09/23/03Ballantyne Brown Ale DogLog
1.0551523  eg08/29/03Deez Nut Brown Ale B.A.B.K
1.0563125  eg08/25/03NB Nut Brown Ale David Claus
1.0462225  eg08/11/03Good Olde Brown Ale Olde Tony
1.0614224  ag08/10/03Hazel Nut Brown Matt Hill
1.050939  eg06/28/03Top Of The Head Ale Jimbo Jones
1.0502812  ag05/13/03Homie's Downtown Brown Ale II Charlie Gray
1.0472321  ag05/05/03Madhouse Brown Ale OC Brewing Company
1.0503514  eg02/27/03My Mutt Brown Ale Jake Dog Brewing
1.0651219  eg02/18/03need a beer for the summer auradog
1.066514  eg02/16/03Blackwater Malty Ale #5/2 Ed Crowling
1.0501619  eg02/04/03Brown Mut - Nut Brown Ale Jake Dog Brewing
1.0563415  pm01/09/03Black Dog Brown Ale St. Arnold
1.0441513  eg12/08/02Dust Bunnie Blackberry Ale Chris Reynolds
1.0571919  ag11/24/02Christmas Ale 2002 Barry Tingleff
1.0502422  eg11/21/02Brownish Days of Winter Larry Belding
1.0451415  eg11/08/02Mr. Mayor's Holiday Ale George Howell
1.0482619  ag11/04/02Old 29 Brown Ale Michael Bock
1.0532316  ag10/27/02Benz Brown Ale Steve Huddle
1.0592224  ag09/28/02Panhandle Bear Ass Brown, RIMS # 27 Shillingbrau
1.0601912  ag09/25/02Big Bad Brown Barry Tingleff
1.0552610  ag09/20/02Maple Rain Ale Bryce Eddings
1.0592224  ag09/04/02Panhandle Bear Ass Brown, RIMS # 27 Shillingbrau
1.0631529  eg07/27/02Downtown Brown Rick Rogan
1.0454512  eg07/06/02Old Sock Brown Henry Finklestein
1.0631624  ag06/03/02Homie's Downtown Brown Charlie Gray
1.0591928  eg05/19/02British Amber-Red Ale Brian
1.0563019  ag04/21/02Ingleside Brown Ale Shem Johnson
1.0522131  ag04/12/02Olde English Brown Ale Keith Choquette
1.0551913  eg03/11/02New Castle (Clone). DJV
1.0491825  eg02/17/02YABA (yet another brown ale) Chris Chow
1.0301518  eg01/28/02Hermione Brown Ale #1 George Howell
1.0583020  ag01/18/02Little Doggy rockwell d. fisk
1.0513139  eg01/12/02Bright Angel Brown McMillan Mesa Brewing
1.0521210  eg12/23/01Solstice Lager Randy Champagne
1.0571732  ag11/13/01a-NUT-her Brown Ale Dave Hill
1.0592516  ag11/04/01Honey Brown Jeff Waller
1.0631920  ag10/06/01Just a Brit Brown Too Marty Mac
1.0542113  ag10/05/01We Be Brown Balgan II Ed G
1.0621219  eg09/12/01Will Get You Laid Brown Ale Trevor Porter
1.0562128  eg08/13/01Yorkshire Nut Brown BigGuy
1.0512118  eg06/27/01Brown Eyed Brown Erik Rittenhouse
1.0482418  eg06/16/01Cotswold Lion Brown Ale John Markert
1.0583412  e06/01/01Strange Bitter Joe Gherlone
1.0521517  eg05/10/01Mild Brown for Chris Jeffrey Gordon
1.0452415  ag05/07/01Brown Bag Brown Ale Young Buck Brewing
1.0541523  eg04/24/01Limerick Nuclear Ale Mike L...
1.0574920  ag04/14/01xxx Jim Johnson
1.044421  eg04/14/01Coopers Nut Brown Ale Fitz Roy
1.0581528  eg02/14/01Burton Brown Mike Buchanan
1.0471421  eg02/05/01Dr. Brown's beter late then never brown ale Chris Chow
1.0532519  ag02/04/01Yo brown!!! Pascal Desbiens
1.0502317  ag01/14/01New Year brown G man
1.0472318  ag01/03/01Charle's Brown ale Pascal Desbiens
1.0551618  ag01/03/01Old Reliable Brown Ale Bill Cain, Jr.
1.0502317  ag01/01/01New Year brown G man
1.0452324  e12/08/00Hump's Mild Brown Ale Joshua Humphries
1.0563112  ag10/28/00southern star red dave tease
1.0532817  eg10/06/00English Brown Pub Ale Jonas
1.0521033  pm09/20/00Chelsea Square Chocolate Ale Colin Smith
1.0502017  eg09/19/00Byrne's Birthday Brown Ale David Conger
1.039226  pm09/17/00Porphery Perle Colin Smith
1.0491734  eg09/10/00Chocolate Hazelnut Brown Scott Holub
1.0522714  ag09/09/00big brown red Dave Tease
1.0551917  eg04/22/00New Castle (Clone) DJV
1.044139  e01/19/00Brown Ale Two TKE's Brew
1.0531910  pm12/28/99Hazelnut Brown Ale Beer Wolf
1.0751827  eg09/05/99Shaved Nut Brown Ale The Shaved Beaver Brewing Co.
1.0472322  ag08/09/99Too Late Nut-Brown Steve Ripple
1.068710  e07/26/99Creamy English Ale Tim
1.0553311  ag04/04/99Teays Valley Brown Ale Teays Valley Homebrewers
1.0601917  ag04/02/99Nut Brown Ale Jeff Waller
1.0503217  ag03/08/99Hising Island brown ale Robert Lundblad
1.0721521  eg02/19/99Nut Brown ale Keith Dallmer
1.0522716  eg01/01/99Bruin Brown Ale John Alden
1.0816524  ag11/10/98John Barley #5 J & C
1.0391712  eg09/21/98R.O.B. (Roberts Own Brown) Robert Lundblad
1.0482522  ag06/01/98N-U-T Brown Ale Waltermark Brewery
1.0563916  ag05/28/98Stagger Lee's Honey Brown jonathan edwards
1.0773318  ag04/11/98Spank Chim Ale David Winkelmann
1.0573215  ag03/20/98Toady's Nut Brown Ale Bob Cunningham
1.0512227  ag03/13/98Clifton Gardens Brown Ale Christopher McMath
1.044238  ag02/20/98McGinty's Irish-American Ale Phil Wilcox
1.0433813  ag12/14/97Red English Ale Bob Cunningham
1.0544211  ag12/09/97Pearl Harbor Salute Dan Johnson
1.0522519  pm11/11/97Dark Amber Ale - Brits Delite Mr. Sammy
1.0502313  ag10/02/97North Coast Brown Ale Christopher Ryba
1.0592412  ag08/25/97Willow Spring Brown Ale Dan Johnson
1.0592520  ag08/23/97B&J's Honey Brown Bruce Wigton

Type: ag=All Grain, pm=Partial Mash, eg=Extract w/Grain, e=Extract