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English Pale Ale

1.044287  pm08/05/16Bruh Matt Ford
1.057339  ag11/19/14X KOBB
1.0523612  ag05/13/14Alt Beer/Amber Ale Jason Rudkin
1.057369  e04/06/14Cooper's Sparkling clone ifr33
1.0563837  ag03/09/14Cairish Wred MadInstincts
1.063329  e03/06/14Cooper's Sparkling clone ifr33
1.051327  eg03/04/14Pail Ale ifr33
1.0543812  eg02/20/14'Small Critters' Pale Ale ifr33
1.043277  ag01/14/14Arsenal Ale Ales of Anarchy
1.0534212  eg11/15/13Hooligan BBQ Bob
1.0453420  ag09/25/13xicuc pale ale jourahan
1.0531914  ag05/13/13hidalgo pale jourahan
1.062456  ag05/06/13Old Fashioned Pale Ale jim massa
1.0643312  ag04/11/13Two Brothers EPA Gifflar Brewers
1.049398  eg02/08/13Poppinjay Pale Schuylkill River Brewing Co.
1.0616010  ag12/10/12Lucky Cat Ale Jim Massa
1.056265  ag08/29/12Return to Forever Pale Ale Gord
1.056265  ag06/08/12Return to Forever Pale Ale Gord
1.0533617  ag05/18/12Irish Red Ale john mcdonald
1.039287  ag03/11/12Styrlicius Bobgod
1.069439  ag03/04/12R's Pale Ringle
1.0675311  pm02/27/12Pale Hell Soylent
1.062428  ag12/03/11Pale Ale jim massa
1.062456  ag11/21/11Old Fashioned Pale Ale jim massa
1.0603611  eg05/13/11Redhook ESB Clone TP
1.0493513  eg04/07/11Red Yeti English Pale Ale Buzzerj
1.042316  eg03/26/11Little Stephen's Blonde Ale Alf
1.052319  ag03/24/11EPA WTH
1.052319  ag03/24/11EPA WTH
1.0543112  ag03/06/11EPA Poidog & Rooz
1.0493513  eg02/26/11Red Yeti English Pale Ale Buzzerj
1.056419  ag02/17/11Pale Ale jim massa
1.0565912  ag02/01/11Choka BobO
1.036249  ag12/20/10SessionAle Gus
1.069385  ag11/30/10USP Monmoth
1.050239  ag11/18/10Tiny Tim Chris Ungvarsky
1.044188  ag11/03/1003112010 Bern
1.050405  ag10/26/10Old Speckled Hen clone Tinman
1.0542110  eg07/23/10English Sedan Ale Gal & Omer
1.044218  eg06/10/10Classic English Pale Ale Felix Stoddeay's
1.0374513  ag05/28/10dark bramling bitter III glyn nelson
1.048209  eg05/06/10English Honey Ale - 25ltr Gal & Omer
1.046488  eg03/28/10Old Bull Pale Ale Red Barn Brewery
1.0603813  ag03/26/10Cascadian Pale Ale
1.0552312  eg02/24/10English Ale - 2nd Strike Gal & Omer
1.0522410  eg12/15/09English Ale - Test (23ltr) Gal & Omer
1.052229  eg12/10/09English Ale - Test Gal & Omer
1.0582110  ag11/15/09Little Dragon ESB Ferrari
1.0654211  eg10/21/09Irish Ale jim massa
1.0563520  ag09/22/09Amber Ale Noc
1.0543611  e06/20/09Chug-A-Lug Not-So-Pale Ale Schuylkill River Brewing Co.
1.049306  ag05/11/09FWH or Not Summer Ale Christo
1.061167  pm04/27/09The Commonwealth Extra Pale Ale CAN-AM Kitchen Craft Zymurgy
1.0574510  ag04/12/09Pale Ale jim massa
1.0595710  ag04/06/09Barrington Pale ale Chris McMath
1.0561414  ag03/29/09Molly, Queen of Scots Chris Ungvarsky
1.0583213  e02/23/09Sterling's Pale Ale Sterling
1.055297  pm01/27/09The Commonwealth Extra Pale Ale CAN-AM Kitchen Craft Zymurgy
1.0552510  ag01/16/09Crass Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.054367  ag01/10/09Bips Bass Clone Bips Brewing
1.0512521  pm12/12/08Red-Headed Stepchild Wayne
1.060407  eg10/19/08Margeret Thatcher DaveofSherwood
1.053306  e09/14/08Sterling's Pale Ale Sterling
1.051288  eg06/21/08EPA (8-4) DA Brewing
1.0483712  ag06/11/08Amber Ale Michael Butchard
1.062445  eg05/26/08Extract EPA timbrewer
1.068388  pm05/16/08Extract EPA timbrewer
1.050203  ag03/14/08ale peter
1.058336  ag02/28/08SMaSH Maris Otter and Fuggles Lucky Bastard Brewing Co.
1.048324  ag01/14/08Blonde d'ete fleurie 2BG
1.044329  eg12/10/07Joe's Ale Stephen Spinogatti
1.047304  ag12/01/07pale2 thornp
1.044387  ag11/30/07P-P (Phils Pale) thornp
1.046228  pm11/14/07Your Name Here Beer!! Three Guys Discount Brewing
1.042264  eg11/02/07Ringneck Session Ale (Extract Version) Ringneck Brewery
1.041244  ag11/02/07Ringneck Session Ale Ringneck Brewery
1.063378  ag10/12/07English Pale Ale timbrewer
1.056369  eg07/25/07Potter's Pale BBQ Bob
1.048218  ag07/25/07English Pale Ale Matt
1.050227  ag07/12/07English Pale Ale Matt
1.062399  ag06/28/07Par-Shooter's Pale Ale Matt Ayers
1.0825414  e04/23/07#2 ScAle of Justice ver 3 BLBC
1.082285  pm03/30/07Strong American Pale Ale Tip Back Brewer
1.060419  eg03/05/07Uncle Petes English Pale Ale magnumice
1.054295  ag02/06/07Extra Ball Pub Ale West Wind
1.077209  eg01/21/07Heavy Pale Honey Ale Mike Burgiel
1.046367  ag12/11/06Matts EPA Matt Williams
1.058335  ag12/10/06Pale ale Orfy
1.050163  ag12/03/06dew drop ale doug
1.048456  e10/16/06Promenade Pale Biff Brew
1.062399  ag08/11/06Par-Shooter's Pale Ale Matt Ayers
1.056297  eg07/09/06Dude's Dancin Summer Ale Dancing Dude
1.0542410  ag06/01/06BritLiteBrownAle Bob
1.0483314  ag05/20/06Blackstrap Mild Dierksenkougan
1.055268  ag04/02/06Goldfinger Ale McKinney Brothers
1.046343  ag04/02/06Ale abricots, Brassin 59 2B & G
1.0535510  ag03/26/06Black Bear Pale Ale BrewAskew
1.0753019  eg03/22/06Carmen's Old Ale Christo
1.058307  ag02/25/06Head in a Basket McKinney Brothers
1.056811  eg01/29/06Mill Creek British Ale Greg Griffin
1.056219  eg01/15/06SNPA inspired West Side Brewing
1.058247  eg01/14/06Mesa Moonlight Ale The Tuckers
1.0691718  ag12/31/05New Years Eve Ale Cptsparkle
1.0615011  eg12/28/05English IPA ChriSto
1.053187  eg11/02/05Coopers Sparklin Ale Clone Beau's Badass Brews
1.0553611  e10/25/05Bass Clone South Boston Brewers
1.068911  pm09/20/05Pumpkin Head Ale Muzzlehead
1.0503610  pm08/20/05Colorado Pale Ale Mckinley House Brewing Co.
1.061349  ag05/21/05La cervesa Catalana it's a good one, and brewed in Catalonia
1.0551211  eg05/07/05Some Kind of Bass CMC Brewing
1.0551211  eg05/07/05Some Kind of Bass CMC Brewing
1.0463510  ag02/13/05Boardwalk Pale Ale Cameron Dougall
1.0463510  ag02/09/05Boardwalk Pale Ale Cameron Dougall
1.0693611  eg01/15/05Vintage Ale Fieldpointe Breweryİ
1.048358  ag12/29/04DammetJanett IPA JackAss Brewing Corp,
1.064327  eg12/06/04B3SQADEPA Axis714
1.057419  ag11/24/04Knee Biter Bitter Joel Plutchak
1.050368  eg11/21/04Session Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.041547  ag11/15/04BB (Bill's Bitter) Bill Sommers
1.0562512  eg11/08/04bass ale chuck
1.053307  ag09/10/04Top Notch English Pale Brian Cooper
1.0492510  ag09/07/04Good ole Ale Pete Strunk
1.054528  ag08/04/04Charlotte Pale DogLog
1.050484  ag08/03/04All Grain Pale Ale 4.0 West Side Brewing
1.064339  eg04/29/04B3 ( B cubed) or The BBC Soapbox Brewery (Mikey Darden)
1.0706023  ag04/25/04Charlotte Pale DogLog
1.0532115  pm04/22/04Smittick's Two Bastards
1.046235  pm04/21/04Not-for-sale Pale Geoff Saunders
1.054569  ag04/21/04English Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.052369  ag04/09/04Burton Style Pale Ale Scorched House
1.057249  eg03/24/04Ishi pale ale too Rathole
1.049298  ag03/22/04British Pale Ale John Tossberg
1.049319  ag03/21/04Simple Bitter P Hoey
1.0576712  ag02/27/04SPA Charlie Gray
1.0541812  eg02/19/04Mountain Woman English Pale Mauro
1.047256  ag01/20/04Homie's Pale Ale 11 Charlie Gray
1.053219  eg01/10/04Ass Bale Ganjaman
1.048299  eg12/30/03Classic English Pale Ale
1.0524010  ag12/04/03Three Dart Pale Brewer Brian
1.054335  ag11/01/03Amazing Framboise, Brassin # 36 Philippe Bonneau, Jacques Bonneau et Tony Gaudette
1.052329  ag10/29/03Standard Pale ale Bill Bunning
1.043244  ag10/19/03Harvestberry Amber clanton goldman f.b.b.
1.052268  eg10/18/03Ishi pale ale Rathole
1.01633  e10/09/03#3 Cascade pale ale - light Mark V
1.048327  ag10/05/03Homie's Pale Ale 9 Charlie Gray
1.058410  e07/17/03Nut Bag Ale Matt & Steve
1.047278  ag07/12/03Homie's Pale Ale 7 Charlie Gray
1.048269  ag06/20/03Homie's Pale Ale 6 Charlie Gray
1.039259  eg05/15/03Paler Ale West Side Brewing
1.0553311  eg04/28/03Hank's Pale Ale West Side Brewing
1.053378  ag04/01/03Two Blonde Cocker Pale Ale Peter L. Berghold
1.0694212  ag01/15/03Par-Shooter's Pale Ale Matt Ayers
1.048209  ag12/09/02Homie's Pale III Charlie Gray
1.053774  ag11/25/02Golden Centennial Mat Jolly
1.0572722  eg11/24/02Oak Frost Irish Red Brian Schoolcraft
1.0643710  ag09/26/02Garland Garage Pale Ale Steve Huddle
1.0584311  pm09/22/02English Pale Ale (3) Mike Atkins
1.0502410  eg09/13/02ODDS ON FAVE Glyn
1.0563411  eg09/12/02Bass Variation #1 Josh Johnson
1.048355  ag09/03/02paleface ale rob and rob
1.0563910  ag09/01/02Back to School Pale Ale Steve Huddle
1.057337  eg06/12/02Monk's Pale Ale FunkyMonk
1.0582710  ag06/10/02Homie's True PaleAle Charlie Gray
1.053479  eg06/05/02Mr. Eliot's ESB Matt Benzing
1.0623834  pm05/24/02Honeymoon Irish (no. 10) Paul Trunfio
1.0582212  eg05/19/02English Pale Ale #7 Fred Flippen
1.046237  ag05/12/02Poppy's Pale Ale Nathan Shackelford
1.061248  ag03/22/02Homie's Glory Days Ale Charlie Gray
1.0442116  eg03/09/02Wonderbeer Mark and Dave
1.047429  ag03/08/02Pale Ale Colby Fry
1.0553312  pm02/16/02Oatmeal Savage Irish Ale Coon Bottom Brewery
1.052297  ag12/17/01Justmadeitup Pale Ale Bersh
1.050368  ag12/01/01Homie's Holiday Ale Charlie Gray
1.0513111  ag11/16/01Small Mouth Ale The Sloth
1.0554611  ag10/21/01Brew #35 Charlie Gray
1.0564115  pm10/12/01Ext exp Jim Johnson
1.060139  eg09/15/01Mightbe English Ale Brian
1.0621821  ag09/04/01Kickin' Kilkenny (Smithwick's Irish Ale Clone) Paul Trunfio
1.049259  eg08/28/01Sunday Pale Ale Colby Fry
1.0502118  eg08/28/01Honeymoon Irish Ale (Smithwick's Clone) Paul Trunfio
1.0554112  ag08/24/01Grasshopper Ale Charlie Gray
1.055388  ag08/05/01Garlic 2001 Slip
1.0582412  ag07/29/01Honey Pale Ale II Jeff Waller
1.0585610  eg07/25/01Leapin Lizards Australian Ale Big Daddy T
1.0712713  eg07/18/01Bass-alike Rick Rogan
1.0503310  pm07/14/01Trout Ale Newbrew
1.041354  ag06/27/01Pale Ale Hawkeye
1.044228  ag06/05/01Stars & Stripes Ale Shawn Miller
1.075458  ag06/03/01spring valley pale ale rob and rob
1.059327  ag05/21/01Small Mouth Ale The Sloth
1.052319  eg05/11/01Cotswold Lion Ale John Markert
1.045239  eg05/05/01Brewers Best Classic English Pale Ale Fred S.
1.0577710  eg05/04/01Made you ask why Stinger
1.054327  eg05/02/01O Canada! Folkeye
1.052388  ag04/12/01Pale Your Ale Charlie Gray
1.0687616  ag04/03/01Dead Dog IPA Chuck Noll
1.0504612  ag04/01/01Numero uno Jim Johnson
1.052289  eg03/28/01Red Bettle Brew Chris Chow
1.052297  ag03/12/01Herf'n Pale Ale Dan Johnson
1.0412811  eg02/04/01Old Pale Ale Alan McLeod
1.041388  ag01/31/01Adkins Ale House Best Bitter David Adkins
1.061287  pm01/12/01Monk Ale Drunk Monk
1.053488  ag01/07/01Adkins Ale House ESB David Adkins
1.052358  ag12/30/00Charle's Pale ale Pascal Desbiens
1.053258  eg12/08/00Hump's Atlanta Pale Ale Joshua Humphries
1.0823623  ag09/27/00Scotch Ale Brew Dad
1.049378  ag09/22/00G's Best Bitter GD
1.0583013  e09/13/00One Bitter ESB McConnell
1.0564910  eg08/30/00No Name Pale Ale Big Shot Breweries
1.049434  ag08/28/00esp(emma's special pale) bob in san diego
1.049407  ag08/20/00kpa(katie's pale ale) bob in san diego
1.052274  ag08/04/00English Lawnmower Tom Forgey
1.0553311  ag07/17/00Cavan Swamp Ale Chris Storey
1.0582912  ag07/16/00Red Randy's Irish Ale Randy Champagne
1.0786310  eg05/30/00Bosley's Black Dog IPA Michigan Braumeister
1.051313  e04/20/00Toddius Adams Todd Coleman
1.006576  e03/31/00Shipyard Clone Todd Coleman
1.041196  eg03/03/00Honey White Beaker
1.063612  e02/20/00Sc-Ale Of Justice Batch #1 mike edwards
1.066508  ag11/30/99Big Bitter Shoot Gahm
1.063867  eg10/10/99Bodacious Ale Dean Salvadore
1.046337  eg05/23/99Pale #2 William Solomon
1.051319  eg05/09/99Burton Pale Ale Greg Henley
1.062298  eg05/03/99Orange Coriander Pale ale Keith Dallmer
1.042268  pm04/11/99Partial Pale Ale Doug Gould
1.048347  ag03/18/99Renton Pride VII Alex Gross
1.045187  eg03/02/99Procrastination Ale Jeff Bryant
1.057428  ag02/11/99Balladine Ale Ben Jones
1.055198  ag01/19/99English Pale Ale Jeff Waller
1.051507  ag12/11/98German Pale Ale Andrew Ager
1.0581912  ag10/29/98Irish Red Ale Jeff Waller
1.0442613  ag09/21/98Kiljohan Robert Lundblad
1.0493414  ag08/13/98Grizzly Beer Pale Ale Jay Pemberton
1.048477  eg06/29/98Adnams Suffolk Strong Clone Mat Farrington
1.040199  ag06/08/98VF (Not enough)-Red Ale Robert Lundblad
1.0551112  e06/04/98Bass Lake Ale AL
1.0613011  ag05/06/98lesh ale jonathan
1.0483110  eg04/24/98Fat Elvis' Pale Ale Hans Peterson & Mike Sixel
1.055304  eg03/27/98The Great B.O.C.K. Pale Ale Experiment I Brewers Of Central Kentucky
1.055297  ag03/27/98The Great B.O.C.K. Pale Ale Experiment I Brewers Of Central Kentucky
1.0473413  ag03/21/98Waltermark EPA G Walter Connors and C Mark Patterson
1.0543612  ag03/15/98Kalamazoo Bass "Sir" David McCommons
1.048358  e03/09/98ESB John Alden
1.043478  ag03/02/98DJ Bitter III Dan Johnson
1.0513210  e02/21/98Hog Town ESB John Alden
1.049509  ag02/01/98DJ Bitter Dan Johnson
1.0514410  ag12/29/97National Shag Ale Dan Johnson
1.051337  ag10/03/97Pale Fall Ale Dan Johnson
1.048347  eg09/02/97summertime ale oleyale
1.0625815  ag08/29/97Simple all grain IPA Frank Sweigart
1.066209  eg08/26/97Bass Ale Clone Jim Bunch
1.055387  ag08/09/97Pale Ale Dan Johnson
1.0612610  eg07/25/97English Cream Ale Trevor Bernier

Type: ag=All Grain, pm=Partial Mash, eg=Extract w/Grain, e=Extract