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Red Ale

1.037238  ag09/13/16Amber Light Ale Fede
1.0638914  ag11/02/15New Hop Red Rick Rogan
1.0609418  ag02/25/15American Amber Ale Tom Healy
1.0715513  ag11/04/14Red Feety PJs KOBB
1.0494810  ag09/19/14Fire J
1.0624815  ag08/16/14Garnet Rick Rogan
1.0572111  eg02/14/14Tipp Hill Stumbler's Ale GB
1.0655617  ag09/07/13Red IPA Joe
1.0625817  ag08/25/13Red IPA Joe
1.0648314  ag06/29/13Drop Dead Redhead III Rick Rogan
1.0574913  ag06/22/13Drop Dead Redhead III Rick Rogan
1.0695215  ag06/05/13Sauce Soylent
1.1015925  pm04/09/13Imperial Red Ale Greg
1.0552010  eg02/25/13Tipp Hill Stumbler's Ale GB
1.0482112  ag01/27/13big brothers barley bomb gibby's brewhaus
1.0464021  ag01/20/13Small Batch Wred Ale MadInstincts
1.0625417  ag12/26/12Double Red 3 Barry Tingleff
1.0695117  ag12/23/12Double Red 3 Barry Tingleff
1.0663523  eg12/02/12Cajsa Wred Ale MadInstincts
1.0593924  eg12/02/12Cajsa Wred Ale MadInstincts
1.0593924  eg12/02/12Cajsa Wred Ale MadInstincts
1.0673828  pm10/21/12Cajsa Wred Ale MadInstincts
1.0604217  ag09/28/12Lakefront Fixed Gear Clone from Northern Brewer Gary
1.0693522  ag09/25/12Red Rump Soylent
1.0734917  ag06/26/12Red Rump Soylent
1.0533617  ag05/18/12Irish Red Ale john mcdonald
1.0648717  eg04/28/12Bucky's Rippin' Red Ale Rocco
1.0684511  ag04/20/12Red Rump Soylent
1.0597024  eg02/28/12St. Hoprick's III Carl Hansen
1.0442514  ag02/28/12St. Pat's Irish Red Matthew R.
1.0704921  pm02/06/12Rump Trap Soylent
1.0534813  eg12/21/11Rincon Red Ale Bob
1.0832019  eg10/03/11Marc-ee-Poo's Irish Red Honey Ale Derek Barrington
1.0584125  eg10/01/11Harvest Red Carl Hansen
1.0612113  eg08/26/11Tim Finnegan Whitehead Brew
1.0613419  ag05/16/11red chocolate jojoHED
1.0512012  ag04/23/11Irish Red Ale Derrick
1.0583016  eg04/11/11Earth Day Amber Carl Hansen
1.0554311  ag03/20/11My Rye The Flaming Cheetah
1.0543613  ag02/18/11Hot copper wire mike
1.0647024  eg02/11/11St. Hoprick's II Carl Hansen
1.0492515  ag01/06/11St. Pat's Irish Red Matthew R.
1.0643312  eg12/30/10red#3 cannon
1.0704916  ag12/26/10Double Red Barry Tingleff
1.0621718  eg10/26/10American Red H.Bomb Brewery
1.0672916  eg10/01/10HouseRed cannon
1.0686417  pm09/07/10West Coast Red Ethan Gray
1.0554422  eg09/04/10Harvest Red Carl Hansen
1.0502714  eg08/18/10Far West Irish Red Ale cannon m
1.0653232  pm08/17/10screaming irish red cannon m
1.0572112  ag08/15/10RedRazor Gus
1.0474111  ag08/13/10Red Rooster Red Barn Brewing
1.0521213  eg08/04/10Redbeard Scottish Pirate Ale Hickory Bluff Brewing Co.
1.075217  pm07/09/10Lil Red Riding Hood Captain Ruary
1.0733421  eg07/06/10Lil Red Riding Hood Captain Ruary
1.0452611  eg07/04/10Dawson's Multigrain Red Felix Stoddeay's
1.0543316  pm06/12/10Werning Wedding Ale Chris Johnson
1.0522513  pm04/28/10High Speed Ale Chris Johnson
1.0641442  eg04/13/10San Francisco Red Droidiphile
1.0473817  eg03/28/10Rooster Red Red Barn Brewery
1.0626616  eg02/18/10St. Hoprick's Red Carl Hansen
1.0644012  ag12/17/09Red Headed Step Hog Twisted Snout Brewery
1.0754622  eg11/05/09Baboon Red Hullabaloo Brewing
1.0622611  eg10/31/09The Red Sea Fab
1.0584014  pm10/30/09Brew City Amber Chris Johnson
1.0857514  ag10/16/09The Reaper - Red Harvest Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0613114  ag10/07/09Spruce Lee Coop and Carl
1.0602014  ag09/27/09Irish Red mE
1.0562314  pm09/25/09Colorado Nights Two Scots Brewing
1.0482812  eg09/06/09Alternate Awareness Amber Ale Adam
1.0512912  ag08/30/09John Britt's Red Chris Ungvarsky
1.0611411  ag07/28/09Naomi's Red MadMaltMasher
1.0611411  ag07/28/09Naomi's Red MadMaltMasher
1.0512013  eg07/13/09Done With The Corp Tom Botting
1.0518910  eg06/07/09sorghum real pub pale ale slippybear
1.0634311  ag05/09/09Recession Red West Wind
1.0701812  eg02/25/09Red Trolley Clone darrell
1.0621329  eg02/22/09Rylee's Red Test 1 St.John
1.0512521  pm12/12/08Red-Headed Stepchild Wayne
1.0582718  ag11/17/08The Grinch Emancipator Phil's Brew Pub
1.0655327  eg09/18/08Dublin Dew BBQ Bob
1.0642514  eg09/15/08Hurricane Red Ale Lilipad Saloon
1.0725522  eg08/29/08THE THING ALEX
1.0675811  ag08/11/08Red C,s of Rye Poidog
1.0683312  eg07/23/08Big Red CyberQuog
1.0727123  eg05/10/08Celebration Ale Clone Gary Slafka
1.0542211  eg05/09/08Sunburn Red Ale Uncle Ralph
1.0631613  eg05/02/08Bella's Sedona Ale DogBone Brewey
1.0574020  ag04/07/08Rousse crémeuse Neilson Marcil
1.0483013  ag03/26/08Precious Amber Gris Andy Strodtman
1.0522827  eg03/19/08Britt's Irish Red Chris Ungvarsky
1.0462010  ag01/29/08Amber Ale EJG
1.0564613  ag01/05/08cleveland steamer Bill Vaughan
1.0666115  pm11/25/07Drop Dead Redhead II Rick Rogan
1.0794313  ag10/08/07Imperial Irish Red Tip Back
1.0481818  ag09/19/07Smithwick's (Smiddick's), Perhaps... F&J Brewery
1.0492611  eg08/18/07Haidee Red V-2 Jim Mechtly
1.0582414  eg08/11/07Ruddy ale Don Blake
1.0543414  ag07/20/07Amer Amber Christo
1.0662119  eg05/31/07Red Sox Red Valley Brewing
1.0671319  eg05/31/07Vermont Barn Red Valley Brewing
1.0532015  ag05/31/07Experimental Red Ale
1.050345  pm05/27/07Strawberry Blond Bob
1.0513212  eg04/21/07Jim's Fat Ale 2007-04 Jim Mechtly
1.0501713  eg04/07/07Conor & Finnegan's Irish Red B. Smith
1.0594311  ag04/01/07red rider2 Jim Johnson
1.0502214  eg02/18/07Haidee Red Ale Jim Mechtly
1.0602610  eg02/10/07Berwyn Bohemian Red Mr. Rogers Neighborhood brewer
1.0594311  ag02/02/07red rider Jim Johnson
1.0582612  ag01/23/07Kiss Me Blarney Rock Your World Brewing
1.0471114  eg01/13/07Red Quill Ale Texasflyguy Brewing
1.0602821  ag01/03/072BG Irish Red 2BG
1.0535824  eg12/21/06Lil' Red vs. Herbie Husker Biff Brew
1.053327  ag11/18/06Red Heartland Ale Bob
1.0704512  ag10/22/06O'Cluanian Red BBQ Bob
1.0774512  ag10/07/06Banshee BBQ Bob
1.0513416  eg08/28/06Ol' Sean Paul's Irish Red McKinney Brothers
1.0592910  ag07/29/06Yankee Red Bob
1.0661611  ag06/22/06Biere de Sedan Bob
1.0482613  ag06/22/06Mild Red Prairie Roots Bob
1.0576211  pm06/09/06Drop Dead Redhead Rick Rogan
1.0582611  ag06/01/06FrenchBrownAle Bob
1.0522514  ag06/01/06BritBrownAle Bob
1.0494512  eg04/24/06Susana's Red Ale Kiko
1.0584915  eg04/04/06Rappahannock Red Ale myLHBS
1.0584915  eg04/04/06Rappahannock Red Ale myLHBS
1.0582325  eg04/03/06Urine Charge Red Ale J Nizzle
1.0612610  eg03/20/06Kiss My Blarney Rock Your World Brewing
1.0613611  pm03/20/06Kiss My Blarney Rock Your World Brewing
1.0482113  pm02/18/06Double Dog Irish Red Matt
1.0582511  ag02/18/06They Killed Kenny! Irish Red Ale Ken
1.0582711  ag02/16/06St Pats Irish Red Ale Ken
1.0643633  ag02/04/06Tahoe's Cream Porter Shermbrew
1.0574722  ag01/30/06IRA Car Bomb McKinney Brothers
1.052235  pm01/21/06Grogoch Red Ale Maple City Brewing Authority
1.076379  pm11/03/05Ameican Amber Colby Fry
1.0613312  eg10/01/05Amorous Amber SleepingSaguaro
1.0543611  ag06/26/05Red Tide Ale Jose' Mojito
1.056369  ag05/19/05Independence Honey Ale MacDuff
1.0522510  ag04/29/05Ibads Red Ben Schy
1.0453116  ag04/23/05Clifford the Big Red Ale Small Dog Homebrew
1.0723113  ag04/17/05Altstadt Spokane Alt Mike Collins
1.0624813  eg01/22/05Rappahannock Red Ale mcgdo
1.0624813  ag01/22/05Rappahannock Red Ale mcgdo
1.0452919  pm01/08/05Sierra Estrella Arroyo Brown Ale ArizFlash
1.0522218  eg11/15/04Red Headed Step-Child Lucky Chuck
1.053309  ag10/18/04Brodie's Secret Stash Brew Askew
1.0512311  ag04/27/04J Pat's Irish Red Steve Presley
1.0523711  ag04/26/04Raider Red Steve Presley
1.0532614  ag03/04/04Wild Things WackAMole
1.0552311  ag02/14/04Big Irish Red Dave Giblin
1.0542514  pm02/13/04International Communist Conspiracy WackAMole
1.0492117  eg12/21/03Prairie Village Red Carpenter
1.0757926  eg11/27/03Celebration Ale Gary Slafka
1.0543215  pm11/19/03Scorn WackAMole
1.0584416  eg11/06/03Brick Red Hec the tec
1.0748923  eg09/25/03Celebration Ale Gary Slafka
1.0562822  eg08/19/03Irish Red Ale B.A.B.K.
1.0502612  eg08/12/03Hare of the Dog Red Ale Mark Sparge
1.0522510  ag05/29/03irish red CPB
1.0564715  eg04/28/03Red Ale Adam L. Crawford
1.0494131  eg04/28/03Blueberry Ale ROKSNGR BREW
1.0472615  eg11/21/02Red Ale Larry Belding
1.0524128  eg11/07/02Red Baron Ale Orion Kingman
1.0703813  ag10/22/02Harvest Red Rod Milligan
1.0442810  ag10/04/02Red Rascal Setanta
1.0524128  eg10/01/02Red Baron Ale Orion Kingman
1.061168  ag08/09/02The Red Eye Colby Fry
1.0482011  ag07/31/02Copperhead Setanta
1.0442011  eg07/16/02TIMOTEA Lover Beer
1.0635110  ag05/16/02New Barrel Red Colby Fry
1.0591914  eg04/30/02Buffalo Rose Red tom beito
1.0564215  ag12/31/01Irish Red Ryes Abbey Tun Brewery
1.0662814  eg12/23/01Jack's Red Smiling Goat Brews
1.0593617  eg11/16/01Amber Waves of Grain Gary Slafka
1.0493810  eg11/15/01Smedick's Red Handed Spillane
1.0561316  eg11/06/01Ole Irish Ale Brian
1.0461913  ag08/30/01Wicked Red Fall Ale Randy Champagne
1.0502612  eg06/27/01Hare of the Dog Red Ale Mark Sparge
1.0677820  eg02/23/01Celebration Sensation Gary Slafka
1.0592613  eg02/16/01Red Ale P. Smith
1.0653912  ag02/02/01HammerHed Red Jim Lanning
1.0492113  eg01/22/01rappy's red mike rapp
1.0581513  ag01/20/01Acer rubrum ale GB
1.0482812  ag01/13/01Charle's Red Pascal Desbiens
1.0552812  eg12/10/00St. Stan's Red Sky Ale Philip Kennedy
1.0502612  eg11/28/00Red Ale Mark Sparge
1.0651112  pm10/31/00Red Amaranth Ale Scott Holub
1.057018  e10/23/00Summer Adventure Hangman
1.0565010  eg10/10/00Andy's Amber Ale Dan Eble & Scott Robedeau
1.0646614  eg07/22/00Rayface Ale Marc Rehfuss
1.0504525  ag07/20/00Hubster Ale Stinky El Gato
1.0582912  ag07/16/00Red Randy's Irish Ale Randy Champagne
1.0654723  eg05/26/00Celebration 3 Gary Slafka
1.0462812  eg04/27/00Simply The Best Simple Red Wes Burk
1.0542512  pm02/05/00Baile Dearg Leann Beer Lords
1.0553912  ag10/17/99G's Anniversary Red G MAN
1.0574214  ag06/30/99Irish Red Eye Rye Ale John Altman
1.0643324  eg04/01/99Hammer Head Red John Alden
1.0583413  pm03/27/99RED'S IRISH 42 G MAN
1.0565012  eg09/29/98Red Ale Bret's Brew
1.0442613  ag09/21/98Kiljohan Robert Lundblad
1.040199  ag06/08/98VF (Not enough)-Red Ale Robert Lundblad
1.040199  ag05/20/98VF Red Ale II Robert Lundblad
1.0675919  ag04/28/98Newts Delight Amber The Newt King
1.044238  ag02/20/98McGinty's Irish-American Ale Phil Wilcox
1.0604222  ag11/12/97O'Livo's Wild Irish Red Rye Strange Brewer
1.036247  ag08/09/97Red River Ale Chris Ryba
1.0707721  ag07/22/97Newts Delight Amber The Newt King

Type: ag=All Grain, pm=Partial Mash, eg=Extract w/Grain, e=Extract