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English Old/Strong Ale

1.0732523  eg12/12/15Comin' Thro' the Rye - Darkly Larry Maler
1.0541828  pm09/28/151503 English Beer Kris Blouch
1.108389  ag04/30/14Liberty Warrior Wheatness Terry
1.0881815  ag04/15/14Berserkers Bløød Eagle Beør Chris Ungvarsky
1.0593625  eg02/21/14Dark Herbal Roasted Smitty's
1.0593625  eg02/21/14Dark Herbal Roasted Smitty's
1.0693211  ag02/14/14Raposa (Fox) Leandro "Grilo" Piffer
1.0743114  ag12/08/13Wintry Mix Chris Ungvarsky
1.0682718  ag11/27/13Poor Richard's Tavern Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0808927  ag01/25/13Bastardo Bizzarro Chris Ungvarsky
1.0623014  eg10/11/12Red Nose Ale Gillaroo Brewing
1.0532819  ag10/02/12Hobbly Gobbly Steve Knowles
1.0811417  pm10/01/12You'll shoot your eye out ale Jacob Pyle
1.0813012  pm09/03/12Burbon Oaked Winter Warmer Ali Youssefi
1.0767513  pm12/27/11Pothead's American Strong Ale Huge Head
1.0692214  eg11/27/11Sam Smith Christmas ale ARM
1.0685416  pm11/25/11Extra Strong Special Bitter (ESSB) Huge Head's Brews
1.08212230  ag11/21/11Thanksgiving Ale Tom Healy
1.08212230  ag10/03/11Thanksgiving Ale Tom Healy
1.0743528  eg09/03/11Whiskey Cask Old Ale Casse Sitnik
1.0753123  ag05/19/11MVP Ale Shady Lane Brewing
1.0753715  ag02/03/11Reading Ale Fish-Port Brewery
1.0685111  eg01/29/113 Swallows Extra Special Bitter kromond
1.0875620  eg01/22/11weyermann warmer Zodo
1.0806523  ag10/17/10Surly AHA Rally 2010 Barry and Richardson
1.0804235  ag10/17/10El Pedro Negro dugg
1.0633032  ag08/27/10Ben Franklin's ale(Poor Richard's) Tinman
1.063285  ag08/27/10Thomas Jefferson's ale Tinman
1.0622913  eg07/29/10Hobgoblin BYO Gus
1.0582511  ag04/03/10Pumpkin Ale Stoney Well
1.0744412  eg01/26/10Bullmoose Strong Ale (Name changed to protect the innocent) George with John and Andrew
1.0857617  ag11/16/09Pompous A$$hole Chris Ungvarsky
1.0778423  ag11/04/09WINTER WARMER Bart Ball
1.0703412  ag10/27/09Holy $h!t It's Christmas!!!!! Chris Ungvarsky
1.091314  eg10/16/09Bulldog & Bella's Ale Scottie W.
1.0603015  ag09/26/09Spiced Winter Beer billy
1.0533016  ag09/23/09Spiced Winter Beer billy
1.0582915  ag09/02/09Hobgoblin clone Ryan
1.0712124  pm05/02/09J Ale Jeffrey Hall
1.0712124  pm05/02/09J Ale Jeffrey Hall
1.0844717  ag03/20/09Old Ale Josh Jensen
1.0813915  eg03/01/09Beginners Luck Josh
1.0844610  ag01/11/09King and Barnes Christmas Ale Graeme Coates
1.0684236  e10/17/08Quick Small Batch Old Strong Ale Will Brook
1.0504812  eg10/15/08Hob Goblin Clone Gav Mc
1.0894221  eg09/05/08big sarge's big brown ale Robert
1.0902910  eg07/17/08Beneficial Blunder Belgian Adam Johnson
1.108708  pm06/27/08Hardly Thomas Ale Christo
1.158915  eg03/19/08? Unicorn Brewing Co.
1.0653044  ag02/21/08bread in a bottle Stephen Bialkowski
1.0663119  ag12/13/07Lazy Elf Tim Livingston
1.0653528  pm12/10/07Winter Solstice Miguel
1.0483916  ag11/12/07Best Effort
1.0612316  eg11/05/07Ogden-Mallet Old Superior Sprog
1.0772645  pm10/27/07Holiday Warmer John McGuire
1.071368  pm10/23/07Strong Arm Ale magnumice77
1.0751811  eg10/21/07winter welcome wvbraumeister
1.0693823  pm09/27/07Winter Ale Colby Fry
1.0728334  ag09/25/07Winter warmer Alex Nichols
1.0795227  eg09/01/07english old tip back
1.0815427  eg08/31/07english old tip back
1.076359  ag07/23/07Sommerøl juli 2007 Per Arne Helsem
1.076294  ag05/29/07Cats and Myces - lagered ale Larry Maler
1.0753610  ag04/14/07Viccy old bitter thornp
1.0677421  pm03/07/07Our Mother of Good Counsel Strong Ale Tom Healy
1.112349  ag03/02/07Old Saggy Ass Rock Your World Brewing
1.0873432  pm01/29/07Strong Scotch Ale Tip Back Brewer
1.0612410  pm01/15/07Jim Scotch Ale 2006-12 Jim Mechtly
1.0502120  ag12/19/06Hob Goblin Clone Orfy
1.0514710  ag12/18/06Old Speckled Hen Orfy
1.0734410  ag12/11/06Matts English Ale Matt Williams
1.069348  ag10/08/06Helldiver Strong Ale L M K
1.059359  ag09/09/06Dragon's Tooth PoG
1.0786229  pm07/20/06Custers last stand Arrogant Bastard Clone Mike @ Indianola Brewing coop
1.058238  ag06/22/06Dry British Rye Bob
1.0663114  eg05/06/06Olde Red Stone Ale the Red Stoners
1.0753019  eg03/22/06Carmen's Old Ale Christo
1.0733421  pm03/20/06Edgewater strong ale Christopher McMath
1.1054023  pm03/13/06Ella (Anniversary Ale) Dierksenkougan
1.0644437  eg03/10/06Bama Pride brewer Andrew .
1.0982513  eg03/07/06Road Soda Zzz...
1.0754215  ag02/10/06Bugger Off! McKinney Brothers
1.0691633  eg02/07/06Old Yorkshire Ale Jon
1.0691639  eg02/06/06Old Yorkshire Ale Jon
1.0643020  ag11/12/05Old Monster Larry Maler
1.0844711  pm11/11/05Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad Peyote
1.0725219  ag11/08/05Old Weirdo Braden
1.0794412  eg07/17/05Rogan's English Old Ale Rick Rogan
1.0908018  eg04/08/05malicious mischief malicious brewing
1.0753019  eg04/05/05Carmen's Old Ale Christo
1.073719  eg03/25/05Resurrection Beer noonancm
1.0571430  eg03/03/05Valentines Ale John McAdam
1.0713219  eg01/08/05Carmen's Old Ale Christo
1.064327  eg12/06/04B3SQADEPA Axis714
1.0694931  eg11/08/04Cathedral Ale Basement Floor Brewing Co.
1.0713519  ag10/08/04Shrivelled Old Willy Ben Van Dusen
1.0772418  eg10/07/04Rage Monkey Strong Ale cseefurth
1.0772418  eg10/07/04Rage Monkey Strong Ale cseefurth
1.0832118  eg08/19/04Old Peculiar Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0673122  eg08/19/04Old Soldier Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.0643020  ag08/13/04Old Monster Larry Maler
1.0772418  eg03/28/04Rage Monkey Strong Ale cseefurth
1.0711419  eg02/27/04Ole Satty's Strong Ale Matt
1.0718717  ag01/31/04Evil Genius Ale (Arrogant Bastard Clone) Brian Cooper
1.055457  ag01/12/04Betty's Ford Beer Matt Phillips
1.0583021  ag12/21/03AG_24 Peculieur Porter Trevor A.
1.065026  pm11/13/03young old doglicker Darrindog and bungholio
1.0704040  eg10/08/03Wintertime Ale ROKSNGR BREW
1.0934743  eg07/31/03Old English Barstard Alex van den Broek
1.0803423  eg07/23/03Old Thumper Audi Daniels
1.0684113  ag04/04/03Rogan the Red Rocket Ale Peter L. Berghold
1.0843514  pm12/22/02Whiplash Winter Ale Ian Watson
1.0573217  ag12/15/02Old Arrogant (Brit Mollifier) Larry Maler
1.0592810  eg11/19/02Raider Red Funky Monk
1.0722826  ag11/15/02Big Trishna HAPPY BUDDHA BREWERY
1.0933343  eg09/12/02Old English Barstard Alex van den Broek
1.0771811  eg09/09/02Freddies Winter Warmer #10 Fred Flippen
1.1153618  eg06/12/02Olde Moses II Wade Jensen
1.1421036  eg05/30/02Muleskinner Blues Old Ale Brad Wright
1.076549  ag04/11/02Special Victoria Ale Hadley
1.0723911  ag04/01/02QUEEN MOTHER 101 Ronald Park
1.0744019  eg03/19/02I Wish I Were In Katahdin Ale Peter L. Berghold
1.079 -14  ag03/13/02Thanks, Tom Healy
1.0623413  ag03/05/02Old Butt Whisker Oatmeal Old Ale Setanta
1.0722912  eg12/21/01Base Honey Old Ale Smith
1.0623512  eg12/21/01Drac's Revenge Garlic Old Ale Smith
1.0674016  eg12/21/01Grandma's Best Old Ale Smith
1.1255711  pm12/18/01Old Man Winter 2002 Colby Fry
1.0663313  ag12/02/01MOLLY Cherrvallian
1.0761910  eg11/26/01Lookout! Strong Ale Chris Schachte
1.0693117  pm10/30/01Great Lakes Christmas Ale Clone Matt W. Smith
1.0884317  ag08/31/01AFJ Brew #3 Jim Johnson
1.0582918  ag08/24/01Old Pecker Shawn Miller
1.0541523  eg04/24/01Limerick Nuclear Ale Mike L...
1.0471421  eg02/05/01Dr. Brown's beter late then never brown ale Chris Chow
1.073489  pm02/02/01Treeman Strong Ale Michael Joslin
1.09514912  ag01/23/01First Born Barley Wine Tom Healy
1.0835717  pm01/15/01Ugly Turkey Old Ale David Adkins
1.0612024  eg11/15/00Olde Reliable Smokin Joe
1.0693713  pm10/20/00Histon Rd Winter Warmer Chris McMath and Scott Oberlin
1.0801712  pm10/17/00Owain's Old Anglesey Ale J. Darren Maule
1.0663510  ag08/20/001/2 BBL Stock Ale John Alden
1.09514912  ag04/20/00First Born Barley Wine Tom Healy
1.075378  pm03/23/00Gulf Cost Strong Ale Rick Patterson
1.0605312  ag02/24/00Nu Olde Ale Scheele
1.0703022  eg01/16/00Winter Ale (Tremont Style) DJV
1.068710  e07/26/99Creamy English Ale Tim
1.0592917  eg07/09/99Cinnamon Vanilla Strong Ale Kevin Bradley
1.0792828  eg07/01/99Mighty Old Ale Kevin Bradley
1.0741726  eg03/28/99Keith's Old Ale Keith Aschinger
1.0683523  ag11/24/98Old "Grump" Winter Warmer Big Daddy
1.0583626  ag09/09/98Old P Tom Fries
1.0923916  eg08/25/98St. Nicks Winter Warmer Fred Riech
1.1124625  ag05/28/98Big Old English Ale Tom Fries
1.0787019  ag05/14/98Big Brown Brew Marshall
1.058109  eg08/02/97London Red Ale Jonathan S. Reid

Type: ag=All Grain, pm=Partial Mash, eg=Extract w/Grain, e=Extract