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Fruit/Vegetable Beer

1.067635  ag08/19/16Citrass Down and Drink This Chris Ungvarsky
1.032195  eg04/03/16Grapefruit GF Fab
1.0811914  ag11/09/15Whiskey Drunk Punk Chris Ungvarsky
1.067635  ag08/31/15Citrass Down and Drink This Chris Ungvarsky
1.068789  eg08/28/15Pineapple Mango IPA Chris Ungvarsky
1.0831720  eg08/13/15The Headless Horseman - Imperial Pumpkin Ale (extract version) Chris Ungvarsky
1.05377  ag07/31/15Peach sour Cloudy Hazel Brewing
1.067635  ag05/22/15Citrass Down and Drink This Chris Ungvarsky
1.045113  ag05/19/15Wit's Berry is it? R4 Brewery
1.066299  eg10/13/14Saison Pomme Chris Ungvarsky
1.0643818  ag08/31/14Cindy's Whip KOBB
1.0643818  ag08/25/14Cindy's Whip KOBB
1.0821714  ag08/10/14The Headless Horseman 2014 - Imperial Pumpkin Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0643818  ag08/04/14Cindy's Whip KOBB
1.0643818  ag08/03/14Pumpkin KOBB
1.0622632  ag02/03/14Punkin Ball Porter Chris Ungvarsky
1.0613619  eg10/21/12Spooky Pumpkin Ale (II) Fab
1.0631828  eg10/20/12Spooky Pumpkin Ale (II) Fab
1.0572828  eg10/13/12Chocolate Pumpkin 2012 Carl Hansen
1.0712310  ag10/04/12Drunken Pumpkin #1 Matthew R.
1.0692810  ag09/24/12Drunken Pumpkin #1 Matthew R.
1.0673213  ag08/23/12Sweet Potato Pie Justio
1.044205  ag04/25/12Space Cadet Strawberry Blonde Chris Ungvarsky
1.0651212  pm04/23/12raspberry lambic Stephen Bialkowski
1.0651212  pm04/23/12raspberry lambic Stephen Bialkowski
1.047166  eg12/24/11kumquat ale kyle
1.0672533  ag11/08/11Punkinball Smoked Porter Chris Ungvarsky
1.0541915  eg10/07/11The Great Pumpkin 2011 Carl Hansen
1.052246  eg06/20/11Tradewinds Mango Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.052144  eg06/13/11Blackberry Weizen Rico
1.0702811  ag03/28/11Butternut Maple Ale justio
1.04615823  ag03/18/11Fig IPA Kent Mosher
1.052184  ag02/19/11Nectarine KTbeer
1.0562535  ag11/28/10chili porter slipetzky
1.0861822  ag11/22/10HOLY $H!T, It's Christmas (again). Chris Ungvarsky
1.0563134  eg10/21/10Coconut Porter Clone Ian Trollope
1.0492613  eg09/28/10Kristy's Pumpkin Pie 2010 Carl Hansen
1.0622632  ag09/21/10Punkin Ball Porter Chris Ungvarsky
1.0672113  ag08/13/10The Headless Horseman 2010 - Imperial Pumpkin Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.039104  eg07/23/10Real Mango Beer Gal & Omer
1.081167  pm07/14/10C.C. Rider Cranberry Trappist Stolen Face Brewery
1.064276  pm07/14/10St. Stephen Saison II Stolen Face Brewery
1.041106  eg04/05/10Mango Wheat Beer Omer Tal & Gal Cohen
1.051266  ag03/10/10Tradewinds Mango Pale Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.034164  eg01/14/10Belgian Pear Ale Omer Tal
1.0823411  eg12/19/09RHCP (Red Hot Chili Pepper) Ale dagan
1.051236  ag11/23/09AG No 9 Chris Ungvarsky
1.07631>50  eg10/06/09Cherry expresso stout NicNoals HomeBrew
1.0742413  ag09/15/09The Headless Horseman 2009 - Imperial Pumpkin Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0461215  eg09/13/09Winter Warm Up Cletus and Nicole Brewery
1.0561414  eg08/30/09Rosh Hashanah Pomegranate Ale Noam - Modiin
1.051106  pm07/19/09Strawberry Blonde Social Experiment Brewing Co
1.05377  eg06/18/09ApPale Social Experiment
1.05177  ag05/18/09Purple Mountains' Majesty Chris Ungvarsky
1.05384  pm03/29/09Razbarb Wheat Social Experiment Brewing Co
1.05894  ag01/16/09Honey Strawheat Social Experiment Brewing Co
1.060237  eg12/17/08Blue Moon Clone TXBrewer
1.110010  eg11/26/08Apple Jack jonlouisville77
1.110010  eg11/24/08Apple Jack jonlouisville77
1.060237  eg11/21/08Fruit Treat Wheat TXBrewer
1.055147  eg11/16/08CranBeery Haw Creek Brewery
1.064178  eg11/14/08pumpkin pie ale Zach
1.0641213  eg11/09/08Spooky Pumpkin Ale Fab
1.0601614  eg11/02/08MPA TBone
1.060267  eg10/26/08One Apple Short Fab
1.060267  eg10/19/08One Apple Short Fab
1.050119  ag09/19/08Maple Pumpkin Ale A-Way Brewery
1.07032>50  eg08/29/08Gilligans Island Porter ALEX
1.0722613  ag08/29/08The Headless Horseman - Imperial Pumpkin Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0643210  pm08/23/08Punkin' Ale! Jacobs Brewing
1.0541017  eg08/03/08Rowdy Raspberry Paradis Pub
1.052155  e08/03/08Mandy Heff Paradis Pub
1.128016  eg05/09/08Raspberry Malt Mead Scott
1.060217  ag05/06/08Summer Belgian Apricot Ale JC
1.056196  e05/04/08Mango Tango tim
1.059228  eg05/02/08Makiti's Wheat - BluBery Style DogBone Brewey
1.0752340  ag01/20/08New Moon Porter Rock Your World Brewing Co.
1.0744046  ag12/18/07Santa' Death with Cranberries Randy m and Drew C
1.052127  eg10/07/07Pumpkin Ale Bassman
1.051166  e09/05/07Blanche au coing JB
1.0612535  ag08/30/07Ichabod crane Pumpkin Ale Bill Vaughan
1.0782812  pm07/30/07The Headless Horseman - Imperial Pumpkin Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.11467>50  eg07/20/07Blood Of The Dark Knight Bryan's
1.0703415  eg06/28/07Apple Pie Ale Hometown Brewing Company
1.060237  eg06/12/07Phoenix Lemon Pabsy
1.0813118  ag06/10/07Even More Subite Larry Maler
1.0813118  ag05/29/07Even More Subite Larry Maler
1.053278  eg02/21/07Limelight Ale Kevin Lindblom
1.041105  ag01/25/07Razzberry Ale Brewpilot
1.060218  e12/03/06Kristy's Pumpkin Pie Carl Hansen
1.0672034  eg11/14/06Raspberry Porter Adam L. Crawford
1.041105  ag11/09/06Razzberry Ale Brewpilot
1.060218  e11/08/06Kristy's Pumpkin Pie Carl Hansen
1.0535313  eg11/07/06Bog Monster (Cranberry Ale) Biff Brew
1.0612811  ag10/16/06The Funky Pumpkin Ale Maple City Brewing Athourity
1.0672114  ag09/27/06Witches Brew Pumpkin Ale Lonnie Schott
1.067244  ag09/26/06raspberry honey ale mike
1.067244  ag09/26/06raspberry honey ale mike
1.0641213  eg09/16/06Dudes "Shady" Pumpkin Ale Dancing Dude
1.093149  ag09/04/06blue meanie pokro
1.053244  ag08/31/06Apache Tiswin Art Shipley
1.0562110  ag08/20/06Ichabod's Spiced Pumpkin Ale BBQ Bob
1.054185  eg08/08/06Honey Apricot Ale ChriSto
1.0501410  pm07/17/06pumpkin ale rob
1.13308  ag07/06/06My Honey Berry Eric D.
1.046343  ag04/02/06Ale abricots, Brassin 59 2B & G
1.058187  eg01/02/06Peach Pale Ale Art Shipley
1.082211  ag11/11/05fruity pebbles eric
1.08554  e11/06/05Berry-Wheat Summer Ale Harry's Homebrew
1.09000  e11/05/05Fruit Metheglin Harry's Homebrew
1.08074  e10/31/05Raspberry Summer Ale Harry's Homebrew
1.08074  e10/31/05Raspberry Summer Ale Harry's Homebrew
1.1171343  eg08/16/05Power Pumpkin Denis Hurley
1.046293  ag07/14/05Raspberry Wheat Ale Peter 'The Kid' Roman
1.0691317  eg07/12/05PumpKing Ale 2 Gary Slafka
1.066207  eg11/20/04Cheery Wheat Gary Slafka
1.067197  eg11/20/04ApriCat Wheat Gary Slafka
1.106109  eg10/09/04Pom d'Ensolleile Doc Arnold
1.0752337  eg10/09/04Cherry Garcia Cream Porter Doc Arnold
1.0612211  eg09/05/042004 Halloween Pumpkin Ale Jon
1.055249  ag08/19/04Ambrosia R. Farias
1.051127  eg07/19/04Blackberry Weizen Ben Van Dusen
1.0695112  eg07/16/04Smokin' Chile Ale Mark Zgarrick
1.041327  eg04/24/04Bada Bing Soapbox Brewery (Mikey Darden)
1.1147520  ag04/11/04Blueberry Barley Wine Alex Baillieul
1.08074  e04/03/04Raspberry Summer Ale Harry's Homebrew
1.08074  e03/18/04Raspberry Summer Ale Harry's Homebrew
1.09686>50  eg03/03/04Blackberry beast II Greg Kessler
1.04373  eg02/13/04Peach Wheat Bill Baldwin
1.064285  e01/10/04Erdbeere Honig Lager (Strawbeery Honey) Trip Rice
1.06365>50  eg01/08/04Blackberry beast Gregling
1.0695112  eg12/09/03Smoked Chili Ale Mark Zgarrick
1.1147516  ag12/07/03Blueberry Barley Wine Alex
1.058166  pm11/03/03Pumpkin Ale Brownbeard
1.054335  ag11/01/03Amazing Framboise, Brassin # 36 Philippe Bonneau, Jacques Bonneau et Tony Gaudette
1.050115  pm10/30/03Pumpkin Ale Brownbeard
1.0902811  ag10/16/03Acmgdlfo Jim Johnson
1.1021411  eg10/08/03BeerBera II Lover Beer
1.050115  pm10/07/03Pumpkin Ale Brownbeard
1.0902612  ag10/03/03pumky Jim Johnson
1.050125  pm10/01/03Pumpkin Ale Brownbeard
1.064227  eg09/25/03Red Raspberry Wheat Gary Slafka
1.0901011  eg08/28/03GatorAssberry SwampAss
1.050326  pm06/24/03Apricot Pale Ale Piscassic River Brewing
1.073218  eg06/19/03ApriCat Wheat II Gary Slafka
1.116689  eg04/19/03Blueberry Barley Wine Alex
1.041153  ag02/25/03Hanger 1 Raspberry Wheat Orion Kingman
1.057267  ag12/13/02Poop Diddy R.P.A. (Rye Pumpkin Ale) Ophiodon
1.0441513  eg12/08/02Dust Bunnie Blackberry Ale Chris Reynolds
1.062108  e11/06/02Gina's Raspberry Wheat Funky Monk
1.055197  ag10/27/02Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Ale St. Arnold
1.0482410  ag10/21/02P. Diddy P'kin Pie Ale ophidon
1.053209  eg10/17/02SILENT NIGHT WINTER CHERRY ALE Tim Cynor
1.0632916  pm10/02/02Framboozin Grog
1.0633511  pm09/11/022002 Halloween Pumpkin Ale Jon Glommen
1.046236  eg08/08/02Dry Heat Chili Wes
1.055285  ag07/03/02Aprihop Ale (Dogfish Head Brewing) N8
1.0942616  ag06/01/02EDGAR'S APRICOT ALE scott edgar
1.050379  ag05/07/02Pumpkin Ale John Tossberg
1.053264  e03/27/02Red's Very Cherry Ale Chris Pabst and Mindy Lacher
1.07295  e03/18/02Chay's Strawberry Bliss Colby Fry
1.0602431  pm03/15/02Blackberry Porter Paul K
1.0601819  eg03/11/02Asparagus Ale Josh
1.03995  eg03/04/02Rasberry American Wheat Thom Moore
1.050379  ag03/03/02Pumpkin Ale John Tossberg
1.0522714  eg02/23/02Butt Burner Special Ale SteveO
1.0561510  eg01/15/02Warmer in the Winter Ale originally from Maryland Homebrew
1.06248  e11/03/01Gina's Anniversary Raspberry Wheat Funky Monk
1.12303  e10/25/01Holiday Cider Funky Monk
1.00000  e09/30/01Bevingtons Blissful Cider Druid
1.0651914  ag09/28/01Witches Brew Pumpkin Ale Lonnie Schott
1.0662324  eg09/25/01Pump Kin Colby Fry
1.0521533  pm09/24/01Apple Pie Rob Vest
1.044213  ag09/16/01Green Chile wheat Mike Desautels
1.03804  ag09/03/01New Home Fall Cider Kristopher J. Nolan
1.047328  eg07/05/01The Deacn's Blackberry Porter DeacnBleu
1.049184  e06/01/01Merry Berry Brew Nutty Squirrel
1.05003  e05/21/01Summer Apple Beer Ted Newman
1.0452113  eg05/20/01Ass Berry Amber A Friedl
1.0601215  pm03/01/01Grand Cran sean r.
1.0573531  ag02/08/01Pumpkin Ale 2000 Clbe
1.058226  eg11/11/00Strawberry pale ale Dubie
1.061278  ag10/19/00Flaming Pumpkin Todd n' Dave
1.137010  e10/06/00Easy Apple Cider Scott Holub
1.069119  eg08/18/00Flat Tyre Revisited (Apricot) Brian Sales (original recipe by Roger Grow)
1.079328  eg06/28/00Double J Cherries "SURPRISE" Jim Johnson
1.044156  e04/29/00Amazing Apricot Jason Hebert
1.057177  eg02/20/00Bluberry P.D. Ale BiggB
1.0512723  eg02/06/00Brown Cherry Buster BiggB
1.068119  eg01/13/00Southwest BeeButt Love JB Akin
1.09700  e01/08/00Brewshack Metheglin Tim G. Bate
1.0541712  ag12/16/99Pumpkin Brew Schaefer/Grazier
1.0431310  e03/01/99Blueberry Ale (Panty Remover) Matt Lennox
1.0601823  eg10/18/98Pumpkin Ale Shawn
1.0572123  eg09/23/98Blackberry Porter Bigjohn
1.0552424  eg07/27/98Bigjohns Blackberry Porter BigJohn
1.0432224  eg07/16/98Dirty Cherry BigJohn
1.036225  ag02/13/98Razzie Pale Rider Dan Johnson
1.053147  eg11/06/97Peachy Keen Wheat David Dover
1.0551419  ag09/25/97Pumpkin Ale Phil Wilcox

Type: ag=All Grain, pm=Partial Mash, eg=Extract w/Grain, e=Extract