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Herb/Spice Beer

1.054216  ag05/21/16Orange flower Pale Ale YanBeer
1.056213  ag05/10/16Orange flower Golden Ale YanBeer
1.056143  ag05/10/16Citrus+Herb Golden Ale YanBeer
1.0811914  ag11/09/15Whiskey Drunk Punk Chris Ungvarsky
1.0831720  eg08/13/15The Headless Horseman - Imperial Pumpkin Ale (extract version) Chris Ungvarsky
1.054143  ag06/22/15Golden Herb Ale YanBeer
1.048136  eg06/04/15Duchess of Earl (III) Fab & Grant
1.057928  ag01/01/15Three Mile Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0821714  ag08/10/14The Headless Horseman 2014 - Imperial Pumpkin Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0881815  ag04/15/14Berserkers Bld Eagle Ber Chris Ungvarsky
1.057195  e10/25/13Sauge-Grenue Pascal
1.051275  ag07/30/13Pale Ale Aroma Donpepone
1.045195  ag04/23/13ginger beer Matthew R.
1.049438  eg09/03/11Mexican - Agave Ale Cassie Sitnik
1.046175  ag06/16/11Uncommon Hubris - Vanilla Wheat Chris Ungvarsky
1.053219  eg06/12/11GinGi BorderHopper
1.046134  eg06/08/11GinGi BorderHopper
1.14565  ag05/07/11Honey Lemon Chamomile Wheat mE
1.0702811  ag03/28/11Butternut Maple Ale justio
1.0421714  ag12/29/10Vanilla Mild Christo
1.0861822  ag11/22/10HOLY $H!T, It's Christmas (again). Chris Ungvarsky
1.054155  ag10/26/10Honey Lemon Chamomile Wheat mE
1.0764910  ag09/07/10Gotlandsdrika SchnauzerHaus Homebrew
1.0672113  ag08/13/10The Headless Horseman 2010 - Imperial Pumpkin Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0764910  ag08/08/10Gotlandsdrika SchnauzerHaus Homebrew
1.057928  ag08/06/10Three Mile Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0701637  ag06/19/10Vanillicious / Neopolotian Malt Beverage MaltMasher
1.057155  eg02/08/10Duchess of Earl (II) Fab & Grant
1.0791626  eg01/19/10Winter Wonderland (II) Fab
1.0791626  eg01/01/10Winter Wonderland (II) Fab
1.0725118  eg11/27/09Steve's Yule beer Tuba Brewer
1.0561410  pm10/01/09WinterGlow Little Green Brewhouse
1.0742413  ag09/15/09The Headless Horseman 2009 - Imperial Pumpkin Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.10436>50  pm08/04/09Black Cat "Oatkin" Stout Bill Carleton
1.0831614  pm05/02/09Wee Heather II mE
1.048199  eg03/10/09Harvey's Home for the Holidays CFLY
1.0682015  ag12/15/08Nicholas' Nightcap Christo
1.0942012  eg12/13/08Conspiracy Theory Abbey Ale Twelve Steppe
1.0652811  eg12/13/08IZ MALI Chai Tea Ale Twelve Steppe
1.0792327  eg11/09/08Winter Wonderland Fab & Trish
1.052359  pm11/08/08White Pumpkin Ale RJKSKI
1.0762813  ag11/04/08christmas ale greatlakes duncan
1.0562831  eg09/22/08Lazaretto Vanilla/Amaretto Brown Porter Christo
1.050119  ag09/19/08Maple Pumpkin Ale A-Way Brewery
1.0722613  ag08/29/08The Headless Horseman - Imperial Pumpkin Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.0643210  pm08/23/08Punkin' Ale! Jacobs Brewing
1.0521813  ag07/09/08Do Wa Ya Wanna (Rosemary's Baby) Christo
1.0421643  pm06/12/08Dark Spruce Ale Social Experiment Brewing Co
1.0512339  eg02/18/08Dark Gingered Lager Miguel
1.0594128  eg10/30/07Weinachten Spruce Ale von Rycknell Brewery
1.0623512  ag10/12/07Yule Love It timbrewer
1.05405  ag10/12/07Heather Ale timbrewer
1.04106  e09/14/07Scarborough Faire Ale TARogue
1.0692421  eg09/05/07Le Ct Obscur JB
1.0782812  pm07/30/07The Headless Horseman - Imperial Pumpkin Ale Chris Ungvarsky
1.065012  ag04/24/07Heather Gale Ale David Stead
1.0692432  eg10/04/06XMas Ale ChriSto
1.0532314  eg09/24/06PumpkinHead The Kraut Bros.
1.052183  ag07/23/06Rooibos Beer Bob
1.0613715  eg07/23/06Chipotle Amber jetzler
1.054243  ag05/01/06Summer Weizen Vetch
1.0541712  eg03/29/06Ginger Miami Julio Monteiro
1.0201117  eg02/20/06Crimbo Brew Sampson Brewing Co.
1.054257  ag02/18/06Ginger Ale Riley Greenwood
1.0533611  e08/27/05Cinnamon Honey Ale Gary D. Foster
1.0682513  eg07/31/05Burning Hat Ale Jon
1.0612211  eg09/05/042004 Halloween Pumpkin Ale Jon
1.055228  eg08/03/04good luck green chile nathan benscoter
1.050227  eg07/27/04good luck green chile nathan benscoter
1.0493436  eg07/22/04Black As Your Heart / Black Heat Alex van den Broek
1.0591913  eg03/22/04Chai'd up ale bradybrew
1.075208  pm03/11/04Spicy boy Rob & Des
1.0581914  eg11/16/03Gingerbread Beer Trip Rice
1.0751110  eg11/16/03Season's Best Sabrills
1.0704040  eg10/08/03Wintertime Ale ROKSNGR BREW
1.04939>50  ag08/09/03christmas stout Paul Gallagher
1.0732914  eg06/29/03HolidAle Trip Rice
1.0843514  pm12/22/02Whiplash Winter Ale Ian Watson
1.044176  eg12/08/02Chulita Mia Chris Reynolds
1.0721912  ag11/16/02Spicy Winter Ale Cheesehead Mike
1.0412519  ag11/08/02special christmas bitter kevin kovacs
1.0451415  eg11/08/02Mr. Mayor's Holiday Ale George Howell
1.1248911  ag11/05/02Gaz de course Brouemaster
1.0574615  ag10/24/02Old Barley Fart
1.0661618  eg10/23/02Steve's Chrismas Ale Steve Jensen
1.0633511  pm09/11/022002 Halloween Pumpkin Ale Jon Glommen
1.0422240  pm09/09/02Cardamom Stout BrewMaxer
1.1248911  ag07/10/02Gaz de course Brouemaster
1.065622  eg04/14/02Steve's Chrismas Ale Steve Jensen
1.0561510  eg01/15/02Warmer in the Winter Ale originally from Maryland Homebrew
1.0623512  eg12/21/01Drac's Revenge Garlic Old Ale Smith
1.0492716  eg12/03/012001 Halloween Pumpkin Ale Jon Glommen
1.0671511  ag11/12/012001 Christmas Special Spice Ed G and Marty Mac
1.0542714  ag11/09/01Xmas Ale Coon Bottom Brewery
1.0693117  pm10/30/01Great Lakes Christmas Ale Clone Matt W. Smith
1.062339  ag10/03/01Haloween ale Griswold
1.050258  ag07/04/01Stonewall Ginger Ale Bob Klokis
1.0532423  ag05/25/01Bepi's spruce beer pete
1.067127  eg04/17/01BIGHAM STRONG ALE A.C.B.
1.06386  eg11/25/00Snow Wheat Paul Hird
1.065622  eg11/05/00Steve's Chrismas Ale Steve Jensen
1.061278  ag10/19/00Flaming Pumpkin Todd n' Dave
1.054189  e01/16/00Full Magazine Ginger Beer Morgan Pierceheart
1.057449  pm01/03/00Christmas Ale Stephen Pisuk
1.0531910  pm12/28/99Hazelnut Brown Ale Beer Wolf
1.061306  pm12/27/99Pumpkin Pale Ale Beer Wolf
1.0801135  eg12/24/99BahHumBrew Heim's SudHaus
1.0541712  ag12/16/99Pumpkin Brew Schaefer/Grazier
1.052119  e11/24/99Full Magazine Ginger Beer Morgan Pierceheart
1.067149  eg11/13/99Fall Fest Ale '99 Dogmar of Bicker Brothers Brewery
1.0592917  eg07/09/99Cinnamon Vanilla Strong Ale Kevin Bradley
1.0622941  ag01/31/99Honey and Spice Porter Brandon Williams
1.05093>50  ag12/29/98Christmas Dry Stout Chris Overbeek
1.0642847  pm11/29/98New Year Stout Doug Kunc
1.050469  eg11/07/98Jimum's Holiday ale Lewis Jenings
1.0593331  eg08/26/98January Fest Lothar
1.0563633  eg11/15/97King Wenceslas Ale David A. Gruber
1.05093>50  ag11/04/97Christmas Dry Stout Chris Overbeek
1.0551419  ag09/25/97Pumpkin Ale Phil Wilcox
1.0622618  ag07/21/97Scottish Spiced Ale Kathryn and Larry Moss

Type: ag=All Grain, pm=Partial Mash, eg=Extract w/Grain, e=Extract