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Munich Helles

1.050253  ag12/17/11Shoot Hell Fire Petey
1.0422212  eg01/22/10Lager Mit Kaffe Art Shipley
1.057244  ag03/23/09Barrington Hellesbier Chris McMath
1.049214  ag03/05/09Helles Belles Christo
1.046226  ag01/25/09Johnny Lager Jeff Luksch
1.049195  ag11/22/08Clubhouse Helles Jeff Luksch
1.047206  eg06/30/08I Smell Helles Shaun McKendry
1.051305  ag06/10/07American Helles Bob
1.048223  ag05/16/07Helles Bells Pilotkid
1.048223  ag05/08/07Helles Bells Pilotkid
1.049244  ag12/16/06American Helles Bob
1.088497  ag11/22/06Parti-gyle Helles Bock/ Kolsch Nathan Shackelford
1.0422212  eg08/15/06Lager Mit Kaffe Art Shipley
1.056318  eg06/05/06hells bells Jim Johnson
1.050247  eg08/18/05Munich Helles Art Shipley
1.044184  pm05/19/05Windy as Helles Dave Sill
1.050205  ag04/05/05Munich Helles Hybrid Beer Stuart Grant
1.048194  ag01/13/05Helles Yesh Andy Barkley
1.048194  pm01/29/04Just Helles Steve Presley
1.063107  e12/15/03Schlag Hinter ROKSNGR BREW
1.045213  ag09/16/02Helles Ale Charlie Gray
1.044163  ag04/01/02Petite Helles Dan Johnson
1.046254  ag02/19/02Froschspeichel Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin
1.048225  ag02/10/02What the Helles This? Erik K
1.051219  ag01/26/02Munich Plzner Benno the clown
1.048223  ag11/09/01Volksfest Helles Chris Knight
1.045223  ag05/29/01Memorial Helles Danny Johnson
1.050205  ag04/17/01Kultura Helles Fitz Roy
1.053174  ag03/26/01Herf'n Helles Dan Johnson
1.050346  ag01/16/01DasBeer Allen Timm
1.043203  ag06/29/00north and south dave tease
1.048313  ag06/08/00Herf'n Helles Dan Johnson
1.054276  ag05/17/00HellRat Sauce
1.050257  ag12/21/98Friend Of Fatty Foods (FOFF) Winstead and Vachow
1.048183  ag10/16/98Sue's Helles II Mark Riley
1.052173  ag11/29/97Sue's Helles Mark Riley
1.046217  ag05/25/97Wahoo Helles Christopher Ryba

Type: ag=All Grain, pm=Partial Mash, eg=Extract w/Grain, e=Extract