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Flanders Brown/Oud Bruin

1.0611811  ag06/02/15Flanders Cloudy Hazel Brewing
1.0541520  ag09/05/13Jo-Jo and ya-ya's wedding sour Matthew R.
1.0532113  ag06/03/12Sour Red Ale Maple City Brewing
1.0731113  e08/03/11MrB Grand Cru Justin
1.0662013  eg01/30/10ODB Fab
1.0662013  eg01/29/10ODB Fab
1.0772311  ag10/12/09Barrel aged Flanders red ale Chris McMath
1.0813118  ag06/10/07Even More Subite Larry Maler
1.0813118  ag05/29/07Even More Subite Larry Maler
1.0772516  ag11/11/06The Sour Scorpion BBQ Bob
1.0762414  ag11/06/06The Tart Toad BBQ Bob
1.0374012  eg05/27/05GB Shaw's Witty Red Cdh
1.045235  e02/16/05Tart Blonde Alex van den Broek
1.0582017  pm01/06/05"Fidelio" (rev.1806/14) (Op.72) Alex van den Broek
1.0651719  ag03/28/04Flanders Sour Brown #2 Eric
1.0512719  ag11/27/03Downtown Brown MacPhisto
1.0512719  ag11/27/03Downtown Brown MacPhisto
1.0551822  eg01/27/03Oud Bruin II Tony Von Meister
1.0551212  eg11/22/02Oud Bruin Tony von Bruin
1.0642726  ag01/26/01Quicksand Ale Jim Lanning
1.0541317  eg07/02/99Bruin Part 2: The Sour Experiment William Solomon
1.0562116  eg07/02/99Bruin Part 1 William Solomon
1.0542734  ag07/07/98Cherries in Flanders Christopher McMath

Type: ag=All Grain, pm=Partial Mash, eg=Extract w/Grain, e=Extract