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Helles Bock/Maibock

1.061416  ag05/01/16My Neck...Maibock Brandon Johnson
1.072257  pm04/09/15Bock You II ifr33
1.074319  ag02/17/14maibock chumley
1.066336  ag05/27/13Oktoberbock Ralph N
1.0722310  pm03/08/13Honey Maibock Bryan Dore
1.069327  eg05/01/12Frühlingssonne Buster William Brewery
1.070327  eg04/26/12Frühlingssonne Squad 190
1.048209  eg05/06/10English Honey Ale - 25ltr Gal & Omer
1.071289  ag02/10/10Mybock Chris McMath
1.073289  ag09/14/09HamRiver Maibock(2010) Mark Haislip
1.073289  ag09/14/09HamRiver Maibock(2010) Mark Haislip
1.0571711  eg03/13/09\m/aibock 2009 West Side Brewing
1.060306  ag12/31/08Maibock Rev. Tom
1.060306  ag12/31/08Maibock Rev. Tom
1.067298  ag03/21/08To Helen Bock Christo
1.071337  ag02/02/08Thunderbolt Helles lmk/Red Road Brewing
1.065187  pm12/12/07Quaaflac Killer Blond Bock Quaaflac
1.062325  ag08/11/07Killa B Honey Blonde Ale Dangerous Dave
1.074378  ag07/20/07Lattenmitfahrer (Pale Rider) BBQ Bob
1.069337  ag06/18/07Blonde Bach Bob
1.079277  ag12/23/06Bock You Too! BBQ Bob
1.071257  ag09/24/06Page 79 Maibock Pot of Grass Productions
1.0633910  ag09/09/06Day of the Dead Guy Ale Derek - myLHBS
1.050325  ag08/06/06Golden Landbier Bob
1.0743010  pm07/16/06Honey Wheat Maibock Gary Frankhouse
1.059247  ag06/26/06May Buck Bob
1.055194  pm03/18/06Unicer Super Bock clone
1.055307  ag11/29/05dead guy clone chris
1.074229  ag11/10/05three chimney helles bock naked brewmeister
1.0672910  ag05/15/05Trickster Bock Stuart Grant
1.0592311  eg03/04/05Maibock Spring 05 West Side Brewing
1.071359  eg01/08/05Maibock Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.066357  ag01/07/04my bock Jim Johnson
1.060217  ag08/18/03Moe's Mai-mai st_james224
1.068277  pm11/18/02Rock MaiBock Tony Meister
1.0662911  eg02/14/02Maibock Al Beers
1.071258  ag04/21/01Evil Creek Helles Bock Jim Lanning
1.073255  ag04/18/01Hellesbock #2 Rod Silverwood
1.067127  eg04/17/01BIGHAM STRONG ALE A.C.B.
1.068278  ag02/19/01Gimme Maibock Aaron Moore
1.067358  ag12/22/00Blizzard Bock M Winter
1.0682810  ag11/29/00Vodeez Can't Fail Pale....Bock! VODIE
1.062574  ag08/24/00Mexican Malt Liquor wally
1.070285  ag05/08/00I'll name this later if it turns out good Rod Silverwood
1.065299  ag02/28/00Spectrebock Bill Bunning
1.068209  eg01/18/00Maibock is Killing Me Michael Kudlacik
1.066257  ag01/02/00MY BOCK G MAN
1.075418  ag10/30/99My Oh Mai Bock Franzkeller
1.073309  ag11/20/98It's not yours, it's maibock Christopher McMath
1.077237  eg10/18/98Helles Bock Shawn
1.0703610  ag03/03/98Newts of Spring The Newt King
1.056349  ag02/06/98#121 Mai Bock Olde Phenomian
1.071348  ag01/28/98Mybocker Mark Riley

Type: ag=All Grain, pm=Partial Mash, eg=Extract w/Grain, e=Extract