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Belgian Lambic

1.069188  eg08/08/16Cherry Kinsman (II) Fab
1.069188  eg03/05/16Cherry Kinsman Fab
1.07308  eg09/01/15Bundy Hollow Cider Fab
1.0501614  ag07/22/13First sour red Matthew R.
1.0641411  ag11/16/12blonde aux mures pilou
1.0471914  ag09/21/12Flanders Red Lambic Blender wthoward
1.045123  ag09/15/12Clono lambic cervecería Cantillon Guindilla
1.0532113  ag06/03/12Sour Red Ale Maple City Brewing
1.0513815  ag02/14/12Sours tinman
1.0551612  ag02/01/12blanche fruits rouges pilou
1.055195  ag12/04/10The Volunteer 3# The Pioneer
1.055166  ag10/06/10Plambic Kriek Yoko
1.060645  ag08/21/09Aniversary Lambic Nick & Michelle
1.056458  eg08/16/08AppleBeerDay Dogleg
1.07248  eg03/01/08Lambic Rev. Tom
1.0712112  e06/03/07Bluberry Farmhouse Jim Massa
1.072157  eg10/28/06Cranbery Lambic Art Shipley
1.0522110  ag06/23/06Strasbourger Blackberry Bob
1.057178  ag10/17/05blue berry ale ken(alabama)
1.092108  e11/20/04XmasSpice Gary Slafka
1.067166  e10/03/04Fieldpointe Lambic Fieldpointe Brewery©
1.05884  ag12/12/03Cranbeery 2004 sean
1.07388  eg12/02/01Pie Girl Peach Lambic Clumbsydog
1.1031410  ag08/19/00adam's apple hank broussard
1.067199  eg08/12/00Red Hed Lambic Jim Lanning

Type: ag=All Grain, pm=Partial Mash, eg=Extract w/Grain, e=Extract