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Welcome to the Beer Recipator! This is an interactive set of web pages that homebrewers can use to formulate their recipes online.

Calculations for original gravity, color, and bitterness are all carried out on the same web page, much like a typical spreadsheet program. In addition, you can:

Convert a recipe to a different batch size
Use English, Metric & Imperial units
Scale grains/extract to achieve a different OG
Scale hop quantities to achieve a different bitterness
Compute your mash efficiency after the mash
Generate a finished recipe report
Post your recipe for others to use

Recipe Database (frames version)
Check out the online database of recipes created with the Beer Recipator. If you have a favorite recipe, you can post it by selecting the "Post Recipe" option from the spreadsheet.
Discussion Group
There is now a discussion group here so you can talk with others about recipes and recipe formulation.
Hydrometer Correction
Bookmark this page so you can quickly perform temperature corrections for your hydrometer readings.
Carbonation Table
This page helps you achieve the perfect carbonation level for your beer. Use it if you're kegging and/or bottle priming.

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