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The all-in-one ingredient page is back! This should make it easier for you to get your recipe off to a quick start. Just fill in the information below and check off the ingredients that you want to use in your recipe. Then press "Continue" to proceed to the spreadsheet.

New Users: Each section of the spreadsheet has a seperate help page. Just click the help icon (right) to get help on that section.


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Select which measurement units you want to use by default. When entering quantities in the spreadsheet, you can always mix and match units if you prefer. To do this, you just type the units suffix after the number. For example, if your default setting is "pounds & ounces" and you wanted to add 500 grams of an ingredient, you could type it in as "500g". In this example, amounts like 12 ounces wouldn't need a suffix and can just be entered as "12".

In addition, you can enter numbers as fractions. For example, to enter "0.75", "2.25", and "1.5oz" as fractions you could type them as "3/4", "2 1/4", and "1 1/2oz", respectively.

Category Unit Suffixes
Volumes: gal, imp, l
Grain, extract & sugar: lb, oz, kg, g
Hops: oz, g
Temperature: F, C
Extract potential: ppg, %

Make these my default units in the future


This is a list of some common grains with their typical extract and color values.

Name Extract
Pale malts
American 2-row371.8
American 6-row351.8
Belgian pale373
Belgian Pilsner371.8
British lager381.4
British pale382.5
British Pilsner361.8
German Pilsner381.6
Wheat malt382
Light colored malts
American Vienna354
American Munich3310
Belgian Munich388
British mild374
British Munich376
German Vienna373
German Munich378
Dark colored malts
American victory3425
Belgian aromatic3625
Belgian biscuit3524
British amber3235
British brown3270
Caramelized malts
American crystal 10L3510
American crystal 20L3520
American crystal 40L 3440
American crystal 60L 3460
American crystal 90L 3390
American crystal 120L33120
Dextrine malt (Cara-Pils®)331.8
Name Extract
Caramelized malts (cont.)
Belgian CaraMunich3375
Belgian CaraVienne3422
Belgian Special B30220
British Carastan3534
British Carastan light3515
British crystal 50-60L 3455
British crystal 70-80L 3475
British crystal 95-115L 33105
British crystal 135-165L33150
Roasted malts
American chocolate29350
American black patent28500
Belgian chocolate30500
British chocolate34475
British black patent27525
Roasted barley28500
Other grains
Barley (flaked)322.2
Barley (raw)322.2
Corn (flaked)400.5
Corn (raw)400.5
Oats (flaked)332.2
Oats (raw)332.2
Oats (rolled)332.2
Rice (flaked)400.5
Rice (raw)400.5
Rye (flaked)362.8
Rye (raw)362.8
Wheat (flaked)342
Wheat (raw)342

Extract & Sugars

This chart lists extracts and sugars that can be added to the boil. Some of these ingredients have varying color values, so just use your best judgement when entering a Lovibond rating in the spreadsheet.

Name Extract
Liquid Malt extracts
Light375 - 7
Amber3712 - 16
Dark3730 - 50
Dry malt extracts
Light456 - 8
Amber4515 - 35
Dark4540 - 100
Other extracts
Rice extract340
Wheat extract372
Name Extract
Brown sugar4515
Belgian candi sugar46?
Cane sugar460
Corn sugar370
Maple syrup30?


The range of alpha acid content for each hop variety is shown in the following table. When you select one of the hops, an average value will be entered which will help you determine the approximate quantity required. Once you have the hops in hand, change the alpha acid ratings to the value given by the supplier and adjust hopping rates to reach the desired bitterness.

Name Alpha
Brewers Gold8 - 9
Bullion8 - 9
Cascade4.5 - 7
Centennial9 - 12
Chinook11 - 13
Cluster6 - 8
Eroica11 - 13
Fuggles4.5 - 5
Name Alpha
Galena12 - 14
Hallertauer3 - 5.5
Hallertauer Hersbrucker4.5 - 5.5
Hallertauer Mittelfruh4 - 6
Kent Goldings4 - 6
Liberty3 - 5
Mt. Hood4 - 7
Northern Brewer7 - 10
Name Alpha
Nugget11 - 13
Perle7 - 9
Pride of Ringwood7 - 9
Saaz3 - 4.5
Spalt6 - 7.5
Styrian Goldings4 - 7
Tettnanger4 - 5
Willamette4 - 6

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