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Dos Esquis

Very nice Vienna Lager. Next time will make 50 L. Tastes unbelievable from a keg.

Brewer: Andy Email: -
Beer: Dos Esquis Style: Vienna
Type: All grain Size: 23 liters
21 HCU (~12 SRM)
Bitterness: 20 IBU
OG: 1.053 FG: 1.012
Alcohol: 5.2% v/v (4.1% w/w)
Grain: 3kg American 2-row
300g Wheat malt
500g American Vienna
500g American Munich
300g American crystal 40L
400g Belgian CaraMunich
40g American black patent
Mash: 80% efficiency
Decoction Mash:
Heat Water to 54C and add with grains (except Black) to mash tun Hold for 20 mins
Take off a third of the mash and heat to 72C and hold for 20 mins
Bring to a boil, stirring regularly for 15 mins.
Add back to the origional mash to achieve a temperature of 66C
Hold for 30 mins
(stir) Take off a quarter of the mash and boil for 15 mins
Add back to the origional mash to achieve a temperature of 72C
Add Black Patent Malt to the mash
Hold for 15 mins
Boil: 90 minutes SG 1.076 16 liters
20g 1 Stick of Fresh Vanilla
30g Juice of 1 Lemon
5g Irish Moss
Irish Moss added with 15 to go.
Juice of 1 lemon with 15 to go
1 stick of fresh Vanilla at 0 mins, leave in fermenter during primary.
Hops: 29.0g Hallertauer Mittelfruh (4.5% AA, 60 min.)
21.6g Saaz (4.0% AA, 15 min.)
10g Saaz (aroma)
Yeast: WYeast 2565 - Kolsch. Starter at 1.040 for 4 days.
Log: Primary 20C for 10 days.
Secondary for 2 weeks at 20C, adding isinglass. (Lager if you have a fridge for it!)
Carbonation: 2.4 volumes Keg: 10.8 psi @ 4C
Kegged: Force Carbonated to 2.4 CO2 Units.

Tasting: Brilliant.

Can't say enough about this beer. Hard to believe it went out of fashion in the 1900's!

Recipe posted 01/12/04.