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1.055199  ag11/29/15The Yodeler Chris Ungvarsky
1.0582610  ag11/11/15I'll be Bock Chris Ungvarsky
1.053278  ag05/21/15MotherFucker Lager John Albert
1.0441411  pm09/26/12Bourbon Oaked Pumpkin Ale Ali Youssefi
1.0573311  ag06/15/12Winter Lager Chris Graham
1.0552311  ag04/05/12Longbottom Lager Soylent
1.044436  ag02/14/12HairyFishnuts (and other cults pondered) tinman
1.0502614  eg04/11/11graffianna JJ
1.056288  ag04/11/11Dreher Delight #2 JJ
1.050278  pm01/25/11Double Nickel Lager Sons of Atilla
1.0542610  ag12/15/10Johann Lager John Albert
1.052299  eg04/25/10Larslager Frazier
1.0613412  ag04/10/10Fiesta de Mayo West Wind
1.056288  ag05/13/09Firehouse Ale GATOR
1.0542112  eg04/15/09Negra Modelo Clone Evstakiev's Pivo
1.0522710  ag03/06/09Dos Itchy Juevos BBQ Bob
1.0502011  ag01/20/09Negra Modelo Clone TX BREWER
1.0502011  ag01/20/09Negra Modelo Clone TX BREWER
1.0401810  eg12/02/08ABITA AMBER CLONE TXBREWER
1.053309  ag11/06/08Ist Das Nicht Ein Wiener Bier? Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Brewer
1.0471610  eg09/04/08Father's Day Cerveza R3 Brewery
1.054226  ag04/26/08Granny Beer Larry Maler
1.0542512  ag04/06/08Dreher delight Jim Johnson
1.0542915  ag12/25/07Dark Lord Vienna Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Brewer
1.050259  ag04/28/07AA Vienna Matt Herrold
1.0451613  ag01/03/07BEFANA 2007 IVO
1.051245  ag11/06/06Mauler Lager L M K
1.055297  ag11/03/06Great Vienna Lager Bob
1.055218  pm07/27/06ScandiaGlow Bob
1.0522410  ag06/25/06Winter dreaming Pot of Grass Productions
1.047225  ag06/21/06Mild French lager Bob
1.0603212  eg05/31/06Itchy Juevos! McKinney Brothers
1.0562410  eg02/16/06Muskego Vienna Bitte Ken Bitter
1.059269  eg02/12/06Muskego Vienna Ken Bitter
1.045256  eg03/26/04Vienna Voluptuous MacPhisto
1.053258  pm01/29/04Vienna-Stlye Lager Steve Presley
1.045256  eg01/16/04Vienna Voluptuous MacPhisto
1.0532012  ag01/12/04Dos Esquis Andy
1.060488  ag12/25/03Linz Marzen Petey
1.0511810  pm07/14/03Mexican Lager Senor Tony
1.050246  ag05/28/03Rockin Vienna style Jim Johnson
1.042244  ag05/22/03Viennese Mild II John Tossberg & George Aux
1.056286  ag05/08/03Dampf auf der Donau Brown Brook Brewing
1.058458  ag05/07/03Vienna Steamer Brown Brook Brewing
1.0523010  ag12/14/02RIMS #31, Christmas in Vienna shillingbrau
1.0523010  ag11/24/02RIMS #31, Christmas in Vienna shillingbrau
1.054455  ag11/20/02Vienna Cream Ale Derric
1.0523010  ag11/17/02RIMS #30, Christmas in Vienna shillingbrau
1.052236  ag07/02/02Viennese Mild John Tossberg & George Aux
1.0522710  ag05/03/02Cinco de Mayo Amber Chris Knight
1.057206  ag02/24/02RIMS #18, Lizard Head Lager shillingbrau
1.051199  ag02/14/02Negra Clone Tom Daniels
1.0503711  ag08/18/01#105 Vienna Fest Olde Phenomian (RJ)
1.0573610  eg08/14/01Vienna Ale P. Smith
1.046178  ag07/16/01Negra Clone Tom Daniels
1.0572810  eg07/08/01Vienna Ale P. Smith
1.054246  ag11/10/00Pumpkin Lager How232
1.0511813  ag09/29/00VienNO? Dave Fujiyama
1.053269  ag09/13/00Honeycomb Lager A. Mayes
1.0512410  ag04/13/00Mike's vienna Mike Porter
1.0512612  ag04/13/00Fat Cats Dark Amber Lager Mike Porter
1.0621912  ag07/07/99Stingerbrau Oktoberfest Terry Stinger
1.1262743  e12/18/98Alemagna Massimo Nargiso
1.0503711  ag02/01/98#105 Vienna Fest Olde Phenomian

Type: ag=All Grain, pm=Partial Mash, eg=Extract w/Grain, e=Extract