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Big Irish Red

Making this beer for St. Patty's day. I took a couple of recipes and added/subtracted a few things to make it my own. We will see how it turns out.?

Brewer: Dave Giblin Email: -
Beer: Big Irish Red Style: irish red style
Type: All grain Size: 10 gallons
19 HCU (~11 SRM)
Bitterness: 23 IBU
OG: 1.055 FG: -
Alcohol: -
Grain: 17.3 lb. American 2-row
1.20 lb. American crystal 60L
3.8 oz. American chocolate
Mash: 80% efficiency
Mash grains at 154 F for 50 mins. Mash out at 167 F for 10 mins. sparge at 167F. Total Boil should be 90 mins. Add irish moss 15 mins before end of boil to clarify wort. Chill and pitch at 66 degrees and ferment at 66-68 F. Condition secondary at 45 F.
Boil: 90 minutes SG 1.046 12 gallons
Hops: 1 oz. Perle (7.1% AA, 75 min.)
.50 oz. Hallertauer (5.4% AA, 25 min.)
2 oz. Liberty (4% AA, 10 min.)
1.50 oz. Hallertauer (aroma)
2 oz. Liberty (aroma)
Yeast: I recieved some yeast from my local brewer. It is similar to White Labs california ale yeast.
Carbonation: 2.0 volumes Keg: 9.0 psi @ 45F

Recipe posted 02/14/04.