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Firehouse Ale

Nice full flavor Beer, I have had much success with this recipe, I worked it up early winter of 09. You might add 1/2Lbs flaked wheat for a more rounded feel. And maybe one-two table spoons Irish moss for that little extra touch as well...... enjoy!

Brewer: GATOR Email:
Beer: Firehouse Ale Style: American Pale Ale
Type: All grain Size: 6 gallons
12 HCU (~8 SRM)
Bitterness: 28 IBU
OG: 1.056 FG: 1.015
Alcohol: 5.3% v/v (4.2% w/w)
Water: decanting filter
Grain: 10 lb. Belgian pale
8 oz. American crystal 10L
8 oz. American crystal 20L
8 oz. American crystal 60L
Mash: 80% efficiency
143F for 30min and step up to 152F for 60min
Boil: 60 minutes SG 1.052 6.5 gallons
Hops: 1 oz. Hallertauer (4.25% AA, 60 min.)
1 oz. Kent Goldings (5% AA, 30 min.)
1 oz. Saaz (3.75% AA, 15 min.)
Yeast: Dry Ale Yeast
Log: primary 60-70F for one week
Secondary 60-65 F for two - three weeks

Carbonation: 2.5 volumes Corn Sugar: 4.17 oz. for 5 gallons @ 62.5F

Recipe posted 05/13/09.