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Granny Beer

My grandmother, in Lodz, Poland, was a homebrewer in the 1930's, before the world went mad.
This Granny beer is an original-type Vienna lager: light amber, with a refined maltiness.
The Polish hops make this a Polish-style Vienna lager; I imagine my grandmother might have brewed this in the 1930s.

Brewer: Larry Maler Email:
Beer: Granny Beer Style: Vienna
Type: All grain Size: 26 liters
8 HCU (~6 SRM)
Bitterness: 22 IBU
OG: 1.054 FG: 1.016
Alcohol: 4.9% v/v (3.9% w/w)
Water: Soft water, with 270 mg/L gypsum and 200 mg/L chalk.
Grain: 5 lb. German Pilsner
5 lb. German Munich
1 lb. Toasted German Pilsner
Mash: 90% efficiency
Rests at 122F (30 minutes), 145F (30 minutes), 154F (60 minutes), then mashout at 170F. Two decoctions: first to get from 122F to 145F and the second to get from 145F to 154F. Heat is maintained with a temperature controlled hot-plate. First quota of hops were added to sparge output (i.e. first-wort hopping).
Boil: 60 minutes SG 1.050 28 liters
Irish Moss 15 minutes before boil end.
Hops: 14g Marynka (6.5% AA, 90 min.)
14g Lublin (3% AA, 90 min.)
5g Marynka (6.5% AA, 40 min.)
5g Lublin (3% AA, 40 min.)
5g Marynka (6.5% AA, 20 min.)
5g Lublin (3% AA, 20 min.)
5g Marynka (6.5% AA, 10 min.)
5g Lublin (3% AA, 10 min.)
Yeast: SafLager dry yeast. It was rehydrated, and a 1-liter starter was made.
Log: Start date: Jan. 4, 2008
Siphoning date: Jan. 13, 2008
Bottling date: Apr. 26, 2008
Carbonation: 2.0 volumes Cane Sugar: 53.0g for 23 liters @ 44F
Tasting: At May 25, I have already had a few of these. They are wonderfully malty, and the hops play a supporting role. It is an elegant beer for contemplative sipping.

Recipe posted 04/26/08.