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Red Headed Step Hog

The wife wanted a red so I give you Red Headed Step Hog. We try to
keep most of our brewing simple. This was our first attempt at a red ale and is starting out quite nice.

Brewer: Twisted Snout Brewery Email:
Beer: Red Headed Step Hog Style: Irish Red
Type: All grain Size: 22 gallons
21 HCU (~12 SRM)
Bitterness: 40 IBU
OG: 1.064 FG: 1.063
Alcohol: 0.1% v/v (0.1% w/w)
Water: Good water - a little high in pH but that shouldn't affect this beer
with its relatively low hoppiness.
Grain: 44 lb. British pale
1 lb. American chocolate
10 lb. Carared
Mash: 70% efficiency
Simple step mash. Strike water heated to 168 then grain added - maintain at 153 for 40 minutes - step up to 160 for 40 minutes - sparge with 180 degree water.
Boil: 30 minutes SG 1.056 25 gallons
5 lb. Honey
No added ingredients - actually forgot the Irish Moss I was going to
add.... Oops! Short boil due to no bittering hops - only flavoring hops.
Hops: .6 oz. Fuggles (4.7% AA, 30 min.)
1 oz. Kent Goldings (5% AA, 30 min.)
5.6 oz. Newport (11.2% AA, 30 min.)
Yeast: London Ale 3 was used. We took yeast from primary fermenter on last
batch (ESB) and used it. This was third batch off this yeast after cleaning and reculturing.
Log: Put in primary fermenters on 12/17/09 - will likely transfer to secondaries on 12/20/09. From there the brew will go to kegs in approx 10 days.
Carbonation: Transfer to kegs - put 20 lbs of CO2 for 7 days, reduce to 5 lbs for 7 days - ready to start drinking. All carbonation done at 41 degrees.
Tasting: Starting out nice. Will possibly make additional notes as it develops.

Recipe posted 12/17/09.