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VF (Not enough)-Red Ale

I tried to copy a Kilkenny irish ale and til now it seems like it is getting good.
Colour was too weak, it reminds me more of a pale ale....

Brewer: Robert Lundblad Email:
Beer: VF (Not enough)-Red Ale Style: Red ale
Type: All grain Size: 20 liters
13 HCU (~9 SRM)
Bitterness: 19 IBU
OG: 1.040 FG: 1.010
Alcohol: 3.9% v/v (3.0% w/w)
Water: I added 1 tsp of gypsum in the mash since our water in Gothenburgh is very soft and to accentuate the hops better
Grain: 2.79kg British pale
0.19kg Dextrine malt (Cara-Pils)
46g Roasted barley
0.28kg Corn (raw)
93g Flour
Mash: 75% efficiency
Single step infusion at 67C. Dough in at 54C with 5 liter 65C water.
Raised temp to 67C with 4,5 liters boiling water.
Lautered with 75C water.
Boil: 60 minutes SG 1.036 22 liters
Irish moss was added the last 10 minutes only because I forgot to add it sooner(???!!!).
Hops: 4.9g Northern Brewer (10% AA, 60 min.)
3.9g Target (13% AA, 60 min.)
2.9g Kent Goldings (6% AA, 30 min.)
2.9g Target (13% AA, 30 min.)
2.0g Fuggles (4% AA, 5 min.)
2.0g Kent Golding (6% AA, 5 min.)
Yeast: I used a British ale yeast which I have used several times before from a starter of 1/2 liter of boiled water with 3/4 dl liquid malt extract in it. I boil my starter for 20 minutes.
Log: I made a 20 liter batch and there was lots of evaporation...4,5 liter approximately. I boiled 22 liters.
Brewing day was 980514
Fermentation was made without a secondary one, since I didnt have any more carboy. It was done at 23C and was completed 980528.
Carbonation: I boiled 100 grams of dextrose powder with 2 dl of water. That makes roughly 5-6 g/l
Tasting: After two weeks of storing it tastes great, but I'm a bit disappointed about the colour. Next time I will use 100g of Roasted barley insteead of 50g.

Recipe posted 06/08/98.