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The finished volume is: 5.25 gallons  Low  High 
The original gravity is: 1.081
The alcohol is: 6.5% v/v (5.1% w/w) 4.5%8% v/v
The color is: 41 HCU (~19 SRM)
812 SRM
The bitterness is: 31 IBU
2530 IBU

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All sections Description Batch Size Mash Boil Bitterness


Enter a brief description of the beer for this recipe.

Beer Name:
All grain Partial mash Extract w/grain Extract
Enter the expected final gravity. (Style range: -)

Batch Size

Enter estimated volumes (in gallons). Important: Fill in these fields first so that the calculations in the tables below can be carried out properly.

Sparge runoff: Leave this blank if doing an extract only recipe.
Boil volume: Enter the volume of wort you will be boiling.
Final volume: Enter the total batch size.


Enter your typical mash efficiency for recipes of this type.

Mash efficiency (%):

Enter the grains to be used in the mash or use the "Add Grain" page to select the grains.

Grain Lb. Oz. % Extract
Points Color
- - -
54% 45.1 4.6
41% 32.0 4.6
5.1% 3.4 31.4
- - -
- - -
14.8 lb. 80.5 40.6

Given the mash efficiency, the estimated runoff SG is: 1.053


Enter any malt extracts or sugar added to the boil.

Ingredient Lb. Oz. % Extract
Points Color
- - -
- - -
- - -
0.0 0.0

The starting boil volume is: 8 gallons
The specific gravity for the boil is: 1.053


Enter hop varieties and alpha acid ratings or use the "Add Hops" page to select your hops. Place a "p" under the "PB" column for pellet hops and/or "b" when using a hop bag. Specify the quantity of hops (in ounces) under the column indicating the time (in minutes) boiled. Modify the minute fields if you use a different hopping schedule.

Hop Variety Alpha
PB Hop Additions IBU Contributions
Aroma 60453015
- - - -
- 31.1 - -
- - - -
- - - -
Utilization (%):
22% 21% 17% 11%

The estimated bitterness is: 31 IBU

Enter hops by: Weight IBU
Utilization method: Tinseth Rager Custom
Custom factor:

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