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St James Simple Wheat

This is a simple wheat beer recipe, all extract, with the ability of flavoring with fruit. It is simple -- maybe too simple -- but it's a good way to start with this category of beer. Also, the smaller batch size makes for good experimentation.

Brewer: Justin St. James Email:
Beer: St James Simple Wheat Style: Weizen/Weissbier
Type: Extract Size: 3 gallons
4 HCU (~4 SRM)
Bitterness: 14 IBU
OG: 1.045 FG: 1.004
Alcohol: 5.3% v/v (4.1% w/w)
Water: I used tap water for this recipe. My tap water has a good balance of minerals, and I'm not too fussed with head and foam and whatnot.
Boil: 60 minutes SG 1.045 3 gallons
1.32 lb. Light malt extract
1.98 lb. Wheat extract
0.3 lb. Honey
Irish Moss could help to make a clearer beer, but with wheat beer, why bother?
Hops: .5 oz. Hallertauer Hersbrucker (4.7% AA, 60 min.)
.25 oz. Hallertauer Hersbrucker (aroma)
Yeast: I used a dry yeast, 11g package, Danstar "Munich" type. I hydrated them in a glass of lukewarm water, but you could just as easily sprinkle the dry yeast across the top of the wort (after it chills, of course). Any yeast appropriate for a wheat beer could be used.
Log: Brewed: 5-15-10
Boiled: 60 min.
Final Volume: 3 gal.
Measured OG: 1.040
Tasting: I haven't tasted it yet, but since I fermented it at about 70F, I expect there should be some good notes from the yeast being stressed out.

Recipe posted 05/19/10.