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Flying Monkey Wheat Ale

Brewer: Fab Email: -
Beer: Flying Monkey Wheat Ale Style: American Wheat
Type: Extract w/grain Size: 2 gallons
10 HCU (~7 SRM)
Bitterness: 9 IBU
OG: 1.054 FG: 1.004
Alcohol: 6.4% v/v (5.1% w/w)
Grain: 61g American crystal 10L
75g Rolled oats
113g Banana Mash
75g Flaked barley
52g Dextrine malt (Cara-Pils)
Steep: Steep grains at 155F for 20 minutes. Add extract and brown sugar when temperature reaches 185F.
Boil: 30 minutes SG 1.086 1.25 gallons
0.33kg Light dry malt extract
0.54kg Wheat extract
0.20kg Brown sugar
Banana mash will be added in the last 5 minutes of the hop boil. Brown sugar will be added with the extracts at the start of the boil.
Hops: 7.2g Kent Goldings (5% AA, 60 min.)
8g Amarilo (aroma)
Yeast: Munton Dry
Log: Primary Fermentation: 7 days.
Optional Secondary: 7 days.
Brewed: 2/01/09: Total time: 1hour 50 minutes
Bottled: 2/07/09
Carbonation: 2.3 volumes Cane Sugar: 42.4g for 2 gallons @ 70F
Used 1-1/2 teaspoons of granular sugar per 22 oz bottles.
Tasting: Hazy light tannish color due to the unfaltering. Did not put it in a secondary fermentation, should had to make the brew clearer and to get the banana sediments out of the brew. However, the brew it self turned out to be an excellent smooth and light body feel, with a scent of banana and maltiness. The taste was one that can be enjoyed over and over.

Recipe posted 02/01/09.