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Patriotic Sum'Bitch Super Premium American Lager 2011

A pre-Prohibition pilsener, made on Memorial Day weekend with all American ingredients.

Brewer: Larry Maler Email:
Beer: Patriotic Sum'Bitch Super Premium American Lager 2011 Style: American Pilsener circa 1880
Type: All grain Size: 6.2 gallons
2 HCU (~2 SRM)
Bitterness: 46 IBU
OG: 1.062 FG: 1.014
Alcohol: 6.2% v/v (4.9% w/w)
Water: Soft water; all mash and sparge water was treated with FiveStar 5.2 Buffer.
Grain: 10 lb. Briess Pilsner malt
1 lb. Briess Organic Carapils
0.25 lb. Briess flaked barley
1.5 lb. Briess flaked corn
Mash: 81% efficiency
Adjunct mash: Flaked corn and flaked barley were boiled and left in liquid overnight. Grain from the main mash was added to it and raised to 153 for 20 minutes. In the mean time the main mash was undergoing a protein rest at 131F to 123F. The adjunct mash was heated to near boiling and added to the main mash. Saccharification at 153F to 147F for two hours. Raised slowly to 168F mashout temprerature.
Boil: 70 minutes SG 1.060 6.4 gallons
Hops are added to sparge runoff: "first-wort hopping".
Five Star Supermoss with 15 minutes left in boil.
Hops: 28.g Summit (16% AA, 70 min.)
Yeast: Wyeast 2206 Bavarian Lager; a 3-liter yeast starter was made three days ahead of time.
Log: Yeast starter; started on May 25, 2011
Brew day: May 30, 2011. Pitching temperature: 80F.
Primary fermentation temperature: 50F
Siphoned on: June --, 2011 Lagering temperature 42F
Carbonation: 2.2 volumes Cane Sugar: 71.5g for 6 gallons @ 43F
Batch primed. The sugar was boiled and cooled before being added to the batch. The batch was stirred to mix, with minimum aeration.
Tasting: TBD once it's ready to drink in September 2011!

Recipe posted 06/01/11.