I noticed a bunch of wild black raspberries in my back yard along the wood line. I'm not a huge fruit-in-beer person, but I thought it would be cool to use wild fruit growing on our property.

Beer: BLACKBEER' D Style: American Pilsener
Type: Extract Size: 5.5 gallons
7 HCU (~6 SRM)
Bitterness: 13 IBU
OG: 1.044 FG: 1.011
Alcohol: 4.3% v/v (3.4% w/w)
Water: Good ol' Upper Augusta well water.
Boil: 60 minutes SG 1.098 2.5 gallons
6.6 lb. Light malt extract
I used 6 1/2 lbs of black raspberries. I mashed them up really well & tossed them into the wort @ the end of the boil. I then covered it & let it steep (pasteurize) for 20 min.. Then the whole mess went into the fermentor & was topped to ~5.5 gal.
Hops: 1.5 oz. Hallertauer (4.25% AA, 60 min.)
0.5 oz. Hallertauer (aroma)
Yeast: White Labs WLP 800 - Pilsner Lager. Ready to pitch & works great.
Log: 16 days in the "Lagering Chamber" @ 50 F for primary ferment. Secondary for 13 days @ same temp. and then bottled. My basement is a constant 58-60 F. That is where the beer is stored.
Carbonation: 3/4 C. corn sugar
Tasting: The fruit taste is not overwhelming by and means - more of an aftertaste, which is what I was looking for. This is my first true lager in the Chamber. My wife is not a real homebrew fan - Ales are too heavy for
her - she really likes the Lagers. Lagering Chamber was a good investment. (freezer w/ ext. thermometer) PROSIT!!

Recipe posted 11/28/02.