Pound Brau III

Brewer: John Tossberg Email: -
Beer: Pound Brau III Style: American Pilsener
Type: All grain Size: 12 gallons
5 HCU (~5 SRM)
Bitterness: 27 IBU
OG: 1.051 FG: 1.009
Alcohol: 5.4% v/v (4.2% w/w)
Water: 1 Tbls CaCl2
Grain: 5 lb. German Pilsner
5 lb. German Vienna
5 lb. German Munich
2 lb. Rice (raw)
Mash: 95% efficiency
Dough in aprox. 5 gal. 70C H2O. Temp hit aprox 50C hold 10
minutes. Add cooked rice temp hit approx 60C. Pull decoction
approx 1/4 of mash. Bring decoction to a boil and boil 10
minutes temp stablized about 63C. bit low. add 3 gals of 80C
h2o. Temp stablized abount 65C hold 20 minutes. Recirculate
approx 5 gals. and start wort collection.
Boil: 60 minutes SG 1.047 13 gallons
Hops: 4 oz. Liberty (4% AA, 60 min.)
2 oz. Ultra (2.1% AA, 20 min.)
1.5 oz. Ultra (aroma)
Yeast: 1.4 liters of Wyeast American Lager to each carboy.
Also gave the wort a good shot of pure oxygen
Log: 11/1/02

Recipe posted 11/01/02.