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Good Old Day's Pilsner

Pre-Prohibition Lager. Do not confuse this with your typical lawn mower beer. Well worth the effort.

Brewer: Darren Gaylor Email:
Beer: Good Old Day's Pilsner Style: American Pilsener
Type: All grain Size: 10 gallons
5 HCU (~4 SRM)
Bitterness: 36 IBU
OG: 1.054 FG: 1.009
Alcohol: 5.9% v/v (4.6% w/w)
Grain: 15 lb. American 2-row
1 lb. 8 oz. American Munich
8 oz. Dextrine malt (Cara-Pils)
4 lb. 4 oz. Corn (grits)
Mash: 70% efficiency
Grits need to be gelatanized. Requires a double mash. Conversion at 152. If you want to avoid double mashing, replace grits with flaked maize and do a simple infusion. If you want to double mash and don't know how, e-mail me.
Boil: 60 minutes SG 1.045 12 gallons
Irish moss added.
Hops: 2 oz. Hallertauer (4% AA, 60 min.)
2 oz. Hallertauer (4% AA, 40 min.)
1 oz. Hallertauer (4% AA, 20 min.)
1 oz. Saaz (4.4% AA, 20 min.)
1 oz. Hallertauer (aroma)
1 oz. Saaz (aroma)
Yeast: Wyeast 2124 in a gallon starter.
Log: Brewed on 2/14/98. Fermented at 48. Racked after two weeks to secondary. Lagered a month. Been enjoying it since.
Carbonation: 2.7 volumes Keg: 13.3 psi @ 38F
Tasting: Second time I've made this recipe. Excellent results both times. Took this to my local homebrew club meeting and it was very well received. It will be made again. Thanks to Jeff Renner for turning me on to this under appreciated style.

Recipe posted 05/15/98.