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Ty Cobb Wheat

A great "unfiltered style" wheat beer. Named for the legendary "Georgia Peach," this brew is great as a summer refresher.

Brewer: Jay Anielak Email:
Beer: Ty Cobb Wheat Style: American Wheat
Type: Extract w/grain Size: 5 gallons
4 HCU (~4 SRM)
Bitterness: 15 IBU
OG: 1.057 FG: 1.015
Alcohol: 5.5% v/v (4.3% w/w)
Grain: .5 lb. Dextrine malt (Cara-Pils)
1.0 lb. Flaked wheat
Steep: Place grains in steeping bag. Steep at 155 degrees for 30 minutes.
Boil: 60 minutes SG 1.057 5 gallons
1.0 lb. Light dry malt extract
6.0 lb. Wheat extract
Hops: 1.0 oz. Tettnanger (4.5% AA, 60 min.)
1.0 oz. Tettnanger (aroma)
Yeast: Wyeast American Wheat
Log: Primary Fermentation--10 days @ 68 degrees
Add 4 oz. Peach extract at bottling
Carbonation: 2.4 volumes Corn Sugar: 4.13 oz. for 5 gallons @ 68F

Recipe posted 04/24/02.