Strong Happy Toby Doggie Lager - 2010

Named after our strong happy yellow mutt, Toby.
Made with a variety of left-over ingredients, just like Toby.

Brewer: Larry Maler Email:
Beer: Strong Happy Toby Doggie Lager - 2010 Style: Classic American Pilsener
Type: All grain Size: 25 liters
6 HCU (~5 SRM)
Bitterness: 70 IBU
OG: 1.062 FG: 1.015
Alcohol: 6.0% v/v (4.7% w/w)
Water: Soft water, no adjustment.
Grain: 3.1 lb. 2-Row (Briess)
2 lb. Pale malt (Maris Otter)
2 lb. 6-row (Briess)
1.5 lb. Flaked corn
1.2 lb. Pilsener malt (Rahr)
1 lb. Rice
1 lb. Flaked barley
1 lb. Powdered malt (Korean; not DME)
9.6 oz. Wheat malt (Rahr)
1.6 oz. Carapils (Briess)
1.2 oz. Crystal 60L (Briess)
0.56 oz. Victory malt (Briess)
Mash: 81% efficiency
126F 30 minutes, 150F 2 hours.
Boil: 60 minutes SG 1.056 27.4 liters
First quota of hopes added to sparge runoff: i.e. "first-wort hopping" At 10 minutes before end of boil, 1 teaspoon of Irish Moss was added with the hop quota for that time.
Hops: 14g Summit (18.5% AA, 90 min.)
14g Summit (18.5% AA, 30 min.)
14g Summit (18.5% AA, 20 min.)
14g Summit (18.5% AA, 10 min.)
Yeast: SafLager Munich yeast, saved from the bottom of the fermenter of a previous batch; a 2-quart starter was made.
Log: Started: 31 Dec 2009 Fermented at 56F.
Siphoned: 24 Jan 2010 Lagered at 50F.
Bottled: 3 Apr 2010
Carbonation: 1.8 volumes Cane Sugar: 58.1g for 23.5 liters @ 52F
Tasting: Fabulous hop bitterness. Enough hop flavor to let you know it's there, but without resiny overkill. Very drinkable. Not overly carbonated, which makes it even more drinkable.

Recipe posted 04/25/10.