JR's CAP with Calilfornia Lager Yeast

Following Jeff Renner's original essay and posts on HBD for Classic American Pilsner. I'm using Wyeast California Lager # 2112 for the first time with this recipe, hoping for some latitude with lagering at the random winter temperatures in my garage. Weyerman's Floor Malted Bohemian Pilsner and Czech Saaz hops used for flavor and dry hopping.

Brewer: wthoward Email: williamtrhoward@yahoo.com
Beer: JR's CAP with Calilfornia Lager Yeast Style: American Pilsener
Type: All grain Size: 5.5 gallons
3 HCU (~3 SRM)
Bitterness: 30 IBU
OG: 1.052 FG: 1.012
Alcohol: 5.2% v/v (4.1% w/w)
Water: 1 tablespoon light DME per gallon of mash water added to filtered New Jersey tap water(idea from Ken Schwartz).
Grain: 8 lb. German Pilsner
2 lb. Corn (raw)
Mash: 75% efficiency
2 lbs yellow corn mash 30% malt by weight, at 153 degrees, then boiled and added to main mash holding at 145-149 degrees for a final mash period at 158 degrees.
Boil: 60 minutes SG 1.044 6.6 gallons
Wort held at rolling boil for 60 minutes. I use a gas stove top, 2-3 pots for boil, reducing to a final two pots for end of boil and cooling in cooling ships.
Hops: .3 oz. Cluster (7.7% AA, 60 min.)
.4 oz. Cluster (7.7% AA, 45 min.)
.3 oz. Cluster (7.7% AA, 30 min.)
.5 oz. Saaz (3.5% AA, 30 min.)
.5 oz. Saaz (3.5% AA, 15 min.)
1.5 oz. Saaz (aroma)
Yeast: Wyeast California Lager # 2112 will be pitched into wort aerated with aquarium pump.

Recipe posted 12/16/12.