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Castlerock 80 schilling

I recently spent two days in Edinburgh, Scotland on a trip to the UK. I greatly enjoyed sampling the scottish ales in pubs and wanted to make something similar. The best beer that I had was cask-conditioned Caledonian 80/- and this recipe is based on that beer. The rock that Edinburgh castle sits on is called Castlerock, and the town in Colorado that I am from is called Castle Rock, so I thought that this was a good name. I will serve this beer from a party pig and bottle the rest. The pig does a pretty good job of replicating real ale if primed lightly and stored at about 50 degrees.

Brewer: Christopher McMath Email:
Beer: Castlerock 80 schilling Style: Scottish Export Ale
Type: All grain Size: 6.5 gallons
37 HCU (~18 SRM)
Bitterness: 24 IBU
OG: 1.059 FG: 1.015
Alcohol: 5.6% v/v (4.4% w/w)
Water: Added gypsum to the mash. Well water, filtered and treated with a water softener.
Grain: 6.5 lb. British pale
0.50 lb. Wheat malt
2.0 lb. British Munich
2.0 lb. British amber
0.50 lb. Dextrine malt (Cara-Pils)
1 lb. British crystal 70-80L
2.0 oz. British chocolate
0.50 lb. toasted pale ale malt
Mash: 80% efficiency
Step infusiuon mash with rests at 130, 156 and 170 for mashout.
Boil: 90 minutes SG 1.042 9 gallons
Irish moss last 20 min of boil.
Hops: 1.3 oz. Fuggles (4.75% AA, 90 min.)
.5 oz. Kent Goldings (5% AA, 25 min.)
.5 oz. Kent Goldings (aroma)
Yeast: wyeast scottish ale(1762) in a one quart starter.
Log: Mash, sparge and boil normally. I plan to take a few quarts of wort and boil it down in a sauce pot to add caramelly flavors to the beer, then return it to the main boil. Ferment cool,around 55, to accentuate the malt and keep esters medium-low.

-note- the recipe shows a F.G. of 1059. The target gravity is 1048. I plan to brew with this amount of malt and then adjust the gravity in my fermenter to hit my target gravity. I get more beer this way. :-)
Carbonation: carbonate with 1/2 cup corn sugar to achieve low carbonation. I will put 1/2 in my party pig and bottle the rest.

Recipe posted 04/03/99.