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Red Amaranth Ale

Amaranth is a nutritional grain available at your health food store.
Papazian mentioned it in his book so I thought I would try it.

Brewer: Scott Holub Email: -
Beer: Red Amaranth Ale Style: Scottish Heavy Ale
Type: Partial mash Size: 5 gallons
21 HCU (~12 SRM)
Bitterness: 11 IBU
OG: 1.065 FG: 1.015
Alcohol: 6.4% v/v (5.1% w/w)
Water: Charcoal filtered water
Grain: 2 lb. American 6-row
2/3 lb. American crystal 10L
1/2 lb. Rice (boiled)
1/2 lb. Melatoiden (specialty malt)
2 1/4 lb. Amaranth (Boiled)
1/4 lb. Flaked triticale
1 1/2 oz. Roasted barley
Mash: 75% efficiency
120-122 F for 30 min
148-152 F 1 hr 45 min to pass iodine test, plus 10 minutes
170 F for 10 min to mash out
Boil: 60 minutes SG 1.093 3.5 gallons
3.5 lb. Light malt extract
1/2 lb. Fructose
2/5 lb. Corn sugar (for bottling)
1 tsp Irish moss
Hops: 1 oz. Fuggles (4.75% AA, 60 min.)
1/4 oz. Fuggles (4.75% AA, 2 min.)
Yeast: Edme dry ale yeast in 5 cup starter prepared by removing 3 cups of wort before it boiled and putting it in a suace pan with 2 c of water and 1/4 tsp yeast nutrient then boiling it for 10 minutes. Then I cooled it to 100 F or so and pitched the dry yeast. After 1.5 hours when the big pot of wort had been boiled, cooled, and racked to the primary. I pitched the yeast in the carboy. It was bubbling within 30 minutes and had the fastest fermentation I've ever seen. It bubbled and swirled so much it seemed my airlock could hardly keep up. It was done in 12 hours.
Carbonation: 3/4 c corn sugar

Recipe posted 10/31/00.