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Belgian Reserve Ale

I found this recipe on the Beer Hunter Online web site.
Alan Moen wrote a nice series on the six Trappist monistaries and
provided a recipe that is representitive of each. This recipe is in
the article about the Rochefort brewery. I have scaled it a bit to fit
my brewery effeciency. I recommend checking out the

Brewer: Tom Fries Email:
Beer: Belgian Reserve Ale Style: Belgian Tripel
Type: All grain Size: 5 gallons
15 HCU (~10 SRM)
Bitterness: 19 IBU
OG: 1.089 FG: 1.012
Alcohol: 9.9% v/v (7.8% w/w)
Water: Mash and sparge water treated with lactic acid to achieve a pH 5.6
Grain: 11 lb. British Pilsner
3 lb. American Munich
4 oz. British crystal 95-115L
Mash: 79% efficiency
131F for 30 min
151F for 90 min
165F for 10 min

Sparged with a bit more that 4 gals @168F
Boil: 90 minutes SG 1.064 7 gallons
1 lb. Belgian Dark candi sugar
Hops: 1 oz. Styrian Goldings (5.5% AA, 60 min.)
.5 oz. Hallertauer Tradition (4.25% AA, 10 min.)
Yeast: White Labs Trappist Ale yeast in a 1 qt starter.
Log: Brewed 12/16/97. Primary ferment 68 for 7 days. Secondary ferment
68 for 14 days.
Carbonation: Primed with 1/3 cup corn sugar. I kegged 3 gallons and bottled the
Tasting: Tapped the keg on 2/28/98. This beer is very tasty. My Belgian beer
expert friend commented that with another month of aging this beer
will be great.

Recipe posted 03/30/98.