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Re: Beer Recipator Update
Posted by fat smitty - Sat 12/6/97 21:42 - 1 of 5

just used your replicator again to check a brew in my
fermentor. The program worked very well on my netscape 3.0 browser.
also the spreadsheet program seems to be mostly right on the actual
measurments i'm taking from the brew. cool tool! glad its online.
fat smitty

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Re: My Specific Gravity didn't change!
Posted by Bob C. - Mon 1/5/98 11:57 - 2 of 5, Reply to 1

If your airlock really poppped and was doing 60 beats a minute at 80 degrees I would suggest that things fermented as they should. Your original s.g. should have been well over 1.013, most likely in the 1.040 to 1.050 range. Your current reading is about right for the finished brew. You probably read it wrong the first time. The temperature effect at 80 degrees would only make a 4 or 5 point difference in your reading. The next time you brew I would suggest that you cool the wort to 70 degrees or less before starting the fermentation.

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Re: Anchor Liberty Ale Recipe?
Posted by Stewart Nevling - Sun 6/28/98 18:51 - 3 of 5, Reply to 1

I found 2 recipes on Cat's Meow 3.
Sorry but I couldn't figure out how to send a link on this reply form.

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Re: Any receipe or kit that will brew like a Corona???
Posted by Ed Seaman - Tue 2/1/00 16:31 - 4 of 5, Reply to 3

Gee Brian would you really ruin your Corona by placing it in direct light? Probably not. Unfortunately, the American consumer is uneducated when it comes to beer packaging. A properly protected, fresh Corona is quite refreshing. You ought to try and brew one yourself. Brewing a North American Lager can be quite a challenge. Go ahead, see how good of a brewer you are.

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Re: help me with my grain
Posted by bearcat - Sat 7/14/01 13:07 - 5 of 5, Reply to 4

Yeah, even though the XLs say they are pitchable, they really are far less yeast than is optimal.
that being said, I've had good ferments with only a smack pack and bad, I've had good ferments with a two-step starter, and bad.
I've just ordered an O2 system, because I have been experiencing high finishing gravities lately. My areation technique has always been poor, hopefully this will help bring those gravities down!