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Brewing Widgets 11/98
These are a set of JavaScript applets ("widgets") that perform many of those irritating calculations that we homebrewers come across from time to time.

Force Carbonation Chart 11/98
A chart to help determine the pressure setting to achieve the right level of carbonation when force carbonating a keg. Also, carbonation guidelines for the various styles of beer.


Brewing Fridge Thermostat Coming soon!
Ferment or lager in a spare refrigerator or freezer by building yourself an electronic thermostat.

Tips & Tricks

Nothing earth shaking here, just some simple ideas to make brew day a little easier.

Thermometer Float 8/98
Tired of burning your fingers checking the mash temperature? Try this one.

Other Shtuff

The Beer Recipator
This is my other homebrewing page. It will help you formulate your recipes online using just your browser (no additional software necessary). In addition, you'll find a recipe database (over 300 recipes) and a discussion group on recipe formulation.

Homebrew Search Engines
Bookmark this page! You can access the most popular homebrewing search engines - all from a single web page.

Homebrewing Links
Gotta go? This is an annotated list of my favorite homebrewing sites.

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